How to Sell My House in Denver Without A Realtor Successfully


Here are 5 easy things you can do to help you sell your house in Denver without using a realtor. 

Selling your house by yourself? Avoid Costly Mistakes and Sell For a Good Price!

5 Practical, Cheap, and Easy Steps to Sell Your Denver House Without A Realtor.

Do you want practical easy advice to help you sell your Denver property by yourself?

Are you wanting to make a few simple repairs to maximize the return on the cost and effort?

As real estate professionals, we have been buying and selling houses in Denver for a long time. Today we will share with you some great advice that will absolutely help you sell your house in Denver successfully.

AND by successfully we mean you can sell it as quick as you need, sell it easily and still get a good price.

What more could you ask for right?

So you live in Denver and you’ve decided that it’s time to sell a house. However, you don’t want to pay the high agent fees, so you take it upon yourself to get your house sold. So that you don’t have to pay those annoying fees.! Well. That is fantastic news, and we can certainly help you get your place sold!

Today I give you a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process of selling your house without a realtor in Denver. And not only will you sell your house. But you sell it fast and you will get a great price.

Are you ready?

However, before we drop right into how to sell it I believe we need to go through the process of selling a house without an agent so we have a clear understanding of what is involved.

There is a reason that agents charge a large commission, and that is because. There are many pieces to the puzzle to get a Denver property sold. It can be a terrible amount of work selling and it can take a really long time to get your property sold, especially if you don’t have a professional on your side.

That’s where we step in. We are real estate professionals that have been buying and selling property. For over a decade. And today we’re going to give you and share our experiences and guide you to help you sell your Denver home.


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Table of Contents

Should I get my home inspected when selling it?

Should I get my home inspected when selling it?

Is a home inspection worth it?

We are often asked the question should I get a home inspection when I’m selling my house? And my response is, what is your motivation to not get one?

Many people look at the cost of getting an inspection and shy away from them. I get it. You want to save money? That’s why you selling your property by yourself. However. I highly recommend getting an inspection and This is why.

Imagine this scenario. You just spent a ton of money doing renovations and fixing things to sell your house.. You had completed tasks like:

  1. Painting
  2. Upgrading some lights
  3. Maybe you replaced a window
  4. OR underwent a kitchen renovation.

These are items that can definitely increase the value of your home. But what if you did all this? Got your property under contract? Only to find out. It was a major issue with the sewer line. Or there was termite damage in some of the support beams in the basement?

Believe it or not, these things happen.  Getting an inspection prior to selling your house. Will enable you to get ahead of the problem.

The typical cost for getting an inspection in Denver, Co is around $400. A pre selling inspection is just the same as a post contract inspection. The inspector will spend several hours running through your property identifying potential issues. And making suggestions based on their opinion.

Once you have this report, it is up to you how you would like to action it. If you do find any significant issues, I would highly recommend you disclose this to any potential buyers. If you haven’t had them fixed to get your house sold. The reason this is good a good idea is because most likely the buyers inspector will find this issue too. And if the buyer believes you were hiding this from them they may back out of the deal.

What are other houses selling for nearby?

What are other houses selling for nearby?

And what upgrades have they made?

Checking out the competition will give you a good understanding. Of how competitive your house is. You can start this research online by looking at, Trulia, or any other real estate platform.

Ideally, you will look at homes that are just one-quarter of a mile or less from your house and. The properties that are being sold should be similar in size and condition because Then you know. More clearly, if your house is listed for a good price.

Obviously, if you look and compare your house to houses that are for sale 5 miles away, it can be in a completely different neighborhood. Another obvious fact is if your house is 3 bedrooms and another house is 1, but in the same neighborhood, there’s a good chance, or it just is common sense that your house will be valued higher.

Now, let’s say you found a house that is exactly the same layout and exactly the same size, maybe even built the same year by the same builder.

Now I want you to pay attention to the level of finishes, and by this I mean how Is the condition of the house they are selling?

Have they renovated the kitchen?

Are the bathrooms upgraded?

Or maybe they’re selling the house as-is.

Spending some time seeing what other houses are selling for will give you confidence. To do the right upgrades, fix the right things, and price it right.

Click on the guide above to learn more about selling your house in Denver as-is.

Can I sell my house as-is by myself?

Can I sell my house as-is by myself?

You can certainly sell your house as-is. But this is dependent on what your ultimate goals are.

If your ultimate goal is to sell your house fast, then selling it without making repairs (AS-IS) is a good idea, because renovations and repairs can take a long time. In fact, research is showing the average homeowner will take a minimum of one week for every $1000 they spend on fixing up their house.

If you want to get the highest contract price, a premium price for when you sell then it will be required that you fix up absolutely everything.

Either way, this is where having checked out what other homes are selling for comes in real handy. You now know exactly what you should fix to get the price you want.

Regardless, if you are selling your house fast or you want to get that maximum bid price, I would highly recommend that you fix some of the more simple and obvious items. Some of these items will include:

  1. Replace any cracked or broken outlets or outlet covers.
  2. Fix any holes in the drywall and paint them.
  3. Give your carpets a good clean.
  4. Do a quick walkthrough of your house and just create a list of the top 20 things that you see easily and just clean them up.
  5. Make sure first impression curb appeal is also tidy.

Spending even just a small amount of time preparing your house for sale will make a huge difference. Remember first impressions last!

You absolutely can. But first things first…

What does it mean to sell a Denver house fast?

Just how fast can a house be sold?

What is the fastest way to sell a house?

So many questions, right?

The more experience you have the faster you will sell your house because you will:

  1. Price it right
  2. Fix only the things you need to
  3. List it at the right time
  4. Understand how to negotiate with a buyer
  5. Be able to complete all the necessary legal docs

And of course, the list goes on.

If you want to chat with us we can help you answer the question of how to sell my house fast Denver and it won’t cost you a thing at there is o obligation at all.

Will painting my house help me sell it more quickly?

Painting the inside of your house is something most DIY’s can do very easily, and it is a cost effective way to really freshen up and modernize a home.

At least the house is being painted in the last couple of years. Add a minimum. I would suggest that you touch up the inside and repaint. Any scuff marks to really make it shine.

If you are repainting the complete inside of the house. Be sure to do some online research. However, the general rule of thumb is the lighter color, the color, the larger the space will feel.

Be aware, however, if you are painting a light color over a very dark color, you may have to do extra coats, so be sure to give yourself some more time.

If you believe the exterior of your house requires painting then this is also a task the average DIY person can do easily.

Regardless of painting inside or outside the key to a good job is preparation. Preparation on the exterior of the house can be as simple as a really good power wash. However, if it hasn’t been painted for a long period of time, it may require some of the exterior surfaces to be fixed, replaced, and sanded down before new paint can be applied.

I do warn you, there is nothing worse than a bad-looking paint job, so if you aren’t going to do it property I would suggest do not do it at all.

Know what your house will sell for!

Knowing what your house will sell for. Is closely related to the research you did on your competition. Working out what your home will sell for. It is called doing a competitive market analysis or often called running “comps”

Simply running comps is about looking at what other houses have sold for so you know what your house will sell for. By looking at what other homes have sold for you can estimate what your house will sell for.

Ideally, the house that you compare yours to is on the same street, same size, same layout, and same condition. That would be the perfect house to compare yours to!

This is not often the case, however, so some important guidelines you should follow are:

  1. Make sure the homes you are comparing yours to within a one-quarter-mile radius.
  2. You want to be sure you’re not crossing. Railway tracks or going undernDo you want your free eath big highways.
  3. Try to find houses that are the same size, number of bedrooms and baths
  4. If the property that you are selling has a garage, you want to find and compare it to other properties that sold with the garage.

Real estate agents and other real estate professionals. Can make you feel like running comps is some magical thing, but it’s truly an objective process anyone can achieve especially with all the information we have available at our fingertips these days.  

In Conclusions

Selling your house by yourself is absolutely something that you can do if you need to get rid of a house. It is truly a good option. However, I would highly recommend that you are experienced when doing this. If you are not experienced in selling a house by yourself. I do want to spend more time doing some research.

If you want to sell and get a good price, you clearly need to understand what your house is worth. You don’t want to overspend on fixing things. This is where working with a good professional can help you.

Another topic that we haven’t really got into today is what happens after you receive an offer, and this can seem daunting for a lot of people, especially if they haven’t done it before.

Any issues can be circumnavigated, or costly mistakes avoided by using a real estate attorney. A real estate attorney will help you understand what you’re signing and what will happen if certain things occur. At $300.00 an hour or more may seem like a high price. However, if you go prepared you can easily get everything you need to be done. Answered in less than an hour, and it is totally worth it.

So good luck with selling your house. I hope this is home out. Be sure to check out more of our great Guides on how to sell real estate in Denver or other cities.

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