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Fastest Way To Sell A House. Cash, Agent Or FSBO?

We compare the 3 quickest ways to sell a home in today's market

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What is the fastest way to sell my house

We have researched and presented the FACTS about the quickest way to sell a home

IS selling my house to a cash home buyer faster than selling to an agent?

What if I sold my house by myself? 

We have researched the facts and present them in this short video for you. 

We reveal the average time it takes to sell your house using the three different options:

  1. Sell with an Agent.
  2. Selling your house by yourself (for sale by owner AKA FSBO) AND
  3. Selling your house for cash.

We cover the FACTS. We reveal the time it takes to sell using each option and describe the process briefly to give you insight. 

SO are you ready to find out the quickest way to sell your home?

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Fastest way to sell your house, FSBO versus Cash Home Buyer versus Agent complete text

73 days more than 100 days or less than 7 days. So what am I talking about?

This is the average time it takes to sell a house

Now if you want me to give you one single number I can’t.

AND let me explain why

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Now there are 3 ways to sell a house.

You can sell your house with an agent.

You can choose to sell it yourself OR…

You can sell it to a cash buyer like me.

And for the purpose of today’s discussion we’re purely talking about the average time it takes to sell the house.
We’re not going to get into other pros and cons.
Those are for a later video which I really encourage you to watch
Because each way definitely has its benefits.

Selling with an agent is definitely the most traditional way to sell your house.

You call an agent you talk about your house.
They run comps.
The house is listed.
You have a bunch of showings.
You receive offers & negotiate those.
Then there’s some inspections, renegotiations.
You’re going to do some repairs.
Then you’re going to move into title work.
AND finally, once the seller’s financing comes through you can sit down at the closing table and sign on the dotted line.

On average the time it takes to sell your house with an agent is 73 days.

Now please note this does not include the time it takes to repair or renovate the home prior to listing it.

The second path you can choose to sell your home is by yourself.
Also known as for sale by owner or FSBO.

FSBO involves all the same steps as selling with an agent but now you have to do it all by yourself.
As most people do not have the same experience or resources as an agent, selling by yourself will always take longer, it’s always going to be more stressful

Depending on who you talk to if you sell it by yourself you’ll get a lesser price.
That’s arguable. I guess it comes down to experience.

The average time it takes to sell by yourself is greater than 100 days though.
the point here is definitely that it takes a lot longer to sell your house by yourself than if you use a real estate agent.
Plus there are all sorts of risks that you take on.

We’re not going to discuss all those in this one that’ll come in a later clip.
But, quietly there’s a lot of legal stuff you need to be aware of.

The third way is selling your house to a cash buyer.
Also known as a real estate investor.
This is easily the fastest way to sell your house.
After calling a cash buyer you can have your house sold in less than seven days.
So simply the process goes like this.
You call us and tell us you’re interested in selling.
We take your address ask some questions about the condition of your home.
We go away and do some research.
Run comps, and within a short space of time call you back.

Now on the second call, we can negotiate a price with you and if we come to an agreement we’ll email you a contract.

Once that contract is signed our team takes over,
does a quick walkthrough to make sure the house is what you say it is.

We do the title work and the legal docs.
If that all matches up to what you say this can all be wrapped up in less than seven days!

So in summary, on average the time it will take you to sell your house is 73 days.

More than 100 days OR

less than 7 days.

Now, do you understand why I couldn’t give you that one number?!?

So there you have it.

There are 3 different ways to sell your house
AND each way is going to take a different amount of time to get it sold.

Just because selling to a cash buyer is the fastest way to sell doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice for you.
So you definitely want to hear subsequent videos that we put online
AND we’ll discuss some of the other benefits of a cash buyer.

BUT also the benefits of using an agent or selling by yourself.

So I really hope you found this useful this is Shaun with Watson Buys.

Have a wonderful day and hope to hear from you soon.



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What is the fastest method to sell a house?

The fastest way to sell a house is to sell to a cash buyer, also known as a real estate investor. A cash buyer can buy your house faster than anyone else because:

  1. They do not use a bank loan or mortgage.
  2. Cash buyers have systems to quickly work out how much they can pay for your house.
  3. Investors can quickly determine if your house meets their criteria.
  4. Cash buyers will have trained staff available at all times with the ability to discuss your selling options, negotiate a cash offer and verify and inspect your house
  5. The best cash buyers will also have professionals on on-call for title work, legal issues, and closings.
  6. AND the best part is Cash Buyers will buy your house as-is meaning you do not spend time making repairs or doing renovations.

For these reasons the fastest way to sell your house is to sell it to a professional Cash buyer or Real Estate Investor. 

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