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Watson Buys
Legitimate Real Estate Investment Company

Watson Buys is a Denver-based real estate investment company. We buy houses, renoate them and then rent them out or resell them. 

We employ a number of strategies when we buy homes so that we can give homeowners in Denver the highest cash offer, the easiest selling process and the fastest property sale available in Denver, Colorado.

Watson Buys maintains the highest level of standards. We are a no-nonsense house buying company. We are renowned for being honest, fair, and transparent. 

Honesty, fairness, and transparency.  That’s how we will stay on top!

We have many reviews from people who sold their homes to us. These reviews can be found on Google, BBB (we have an A+ rating), TOP Rated Local and Facebook. 

Most recently Watson Buys was awarded a Finalist position in the BBB Torch awards for ethics. We are so proud to receive this distinguished recognition. 

Watson Buys was awarded the REI Commission Certificate of Excellence

We are a real estate investment and house buying company the attains excellence AND Our great reviews prove it!

We give you the highest level of service for every real estate transaction we are part of. The reviews we kindly received from homeowners agree.

You can have peace of mind when you sell your house to Watson Buys because we follow all Local, State, and Federal laws ensuring all sales are legal and transparent.

Need to sell fast, or as-is? We’re house buying professionals, we buy houses in Denver, CO, and Watson Buys is 100% committed to making the deal work for you every time with the highest cash offers, easiest selling process, and fastest sale – every time!

We pay cash for houses in Denver no matter what condition they are in. All you have to do is let us know you are ready to sell. 

We Fix It Up Tastefully

After we purchase a house we fix it up tastefully according to the neighborhood and local community trends

To the right is a duplex we purchased. We renovated the outside of the house in accordance with the City. They were excited that Watson Buys breathed new life into this property. 

We also tackled the interior of the property… both sides needed SO MUCH HELP – wouldn’t you agree? (see below)

Simple tasteful rehabs

This is a great example of a house someone didn’t want to renovate. It needed so much work! 

Watson Buys bought it for cash and fixed it up tastefully. The previous owner, new residents and our team was ecstatic with the result!


Watson Buys is fully registered with the Secretary of State of Colorado. Watson Buys is fully insured and compliant with all laws and statutes of Colorado. As a real estate investment company, we are approved to conduct business, legally in Colorado. 

To ensure compliance with all Colorado Local and State Agenices Watson Buys practices ongoing policy and procedure review.

Watson Buys is fully registered with the State of Indiana Office of the Secretary of State.

We do not have to be however to maintain the highest level of practices and compliance we work closely with all States across America. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how we buy houses anywhere do not hesitate to contact us at a location near you. 

Certificate of Good Standing Indianapolis Watson Buys

We're a BBB Accredited Cash Buyer


Thanks for all the support over the years. Your trust in Watson Buys has allowed us to buy many houses and make many deals. We promise to keep working hard to earn your trust, respect, and fantastic reviews!

Watson Buys is renowned for being an honest and fair real estate company. This is a hallmark of how we have successfully invested in real estate in our/your community. 

We update our processes so we can navigate good and bad real estate markets. We have thrived through Great Recessions and a Global Pandemics.

Sellers have always found Watson Buys to be a reliable source for cash in the past, currently and we will be in the future too!

Our specialty is buying houses, our offers are legit, and our cash is always good!

Watson Buys process focused

Watson Buys is a verified cash buyer in Colorado

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A Word from Shaun - The Owner of Watson Buys

Hi there.

As you read this I hope you are well and safe. As too, your friends and family. The world we live in is a fantastic but difficult place to navigate sometimes. 

That’s why I decided to create an easier, safer way for property owners to sell real estate. Watson Buys makes the process of selling easier by:

  1. Purchasing houses AS-IS
  2. Buying homes direct from the owner
  3. Paying cash for every deal

These 3 elements eliminate:

  1. Time-consuming and costly repairs.
  2. We eliminate banks and realtors and any associated fees or commissions.
  3. Sales falling through or being delayed because of funding.

If you or someone you know would ever like to talk about how to sell your house to a cash home buyer I invite you to reach out to us. Regardless of whether you sell to us, we are here to help you.

Thank you for taking the time to engage with my company Watson Buys.


Shaun Martin 2

Sell My House Fast for Cash - Watson Buys Owner

Watson Buys Can Buy Your House Today

Wastson Buys is a cash home buying company in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in buying houses for cash, but sometimes a cash offer isn’t the best fit. We have other solutions to help home sellers beyond a typical cash sale. We are here to help. No realtors and no repairs necessary! You can sell your house as-is and close on the day of your choice.

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