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Genius Idea to Sell a House Fast in Denver, Colorado Numero Uno (Number 1)

Entreprenuer, real estate seo expert and all round super guy Travis talk candidly to Watson Buys

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This is a conversation I had recently with Travis who is an SEO expert in the WE BUY HOUSES. We talked for over an hour and I learned a lot. It was awesome.

I am personally a self-professed SEO hack in the WE BUY HOUSES space. 

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In summary of Carrot i want to be clear that I think they provide a great service for those who want a we buy houses website adn I hope they don’t get upset about me using the word carrot and cry TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT…

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Side note: If anyone is interested I did talk to a trademark lawyer the other day because caveman is saying I cant have the word ugly on my site. 

Here are a few examples emailed to me as part of their evidence that I am infringing on their trademark and are continuing to threaten to sue me. NB: they did the highlighting not me. 


Let’s get off my RANT!

Enough about the bad guys. I want to highlight one of the good guys.

SO here we go.


Below is the complete transcript of my conversation with Travis of Thrive By Web - a real estate SEO specialist

QUICK INTRO: I have to say this.

  1. Travis did not pay me to put this out there. He is so cool, modest, and transparent that I just felt I needed to tell anyone that is interested how freaking awesome he is!
  2. Travis specializes in providing SEO to we buy houses and sell my house fast businesses that want to rank higher on search engines. 
  3. If you need your we buy houses webpage to rank better you have to talk to Travis. 



Hey, my name is Sean, is this Travis? 



Whats going on man. 

Not much, not much what’s going on with you. 

Yeah, I got a. 

Vacation next week, so I kinda kinda. 

Wrap up. 

Things and even order form. 

Right on wait, where are you going? 

We’re just picking up. 

So we got to Montana, maybe a little. 

Checking out in Missoula, yes. 


Dude, I mean they weren’t this that that that’ll be so gorgeous, but won’t there still be a lot of snow? 

Off at the Glacier National Park there will snow, but we’re kind of hoping on it. 


Which is fun, but is it? 

No, I I’m they. 

I had this horrible habit of interrupting. 

So yeah, you keep speaking. 

I’m sorry. 

Should be perfectly fine. 

We’ve been having some pretty good. 

Weather Yep, Yep. 

What tell me about Missoula, like how high is it? 

How much snow? 

How much sun? 


I don’t really know. 

She’s never actually. 


Yes, how many people? 

I don’t know Mom. 

Missoula is that like one of those famous universities like do they have like a basketball team or something? 

I’m not a huge sports guy but. 

I’ve never heard of any hobby or OK, yeah? 

Will work. 


And then. 



Yeah, yeah. 

And so where were you before Seattle? 

From New Jersey 

OK, I don’t hear it. 

Yeah, that’s what everyone says, but. 

Everyone you know everyone. 

I grew up with around. 

There had talks the same, it’s like. 

Central and South Jersey and then you know, certain parts of New York City where you where you get that strong accent, but. 





Most people say that to us, but. 

Yeah, I. 


Everyone I grew up with. 

Grew up with. 


You know has the same. 

Accent or no accent or. 

Whatever, yeah, so I I I wouldn’t say pride myself, but I I typically can pick. 

The northeast versus the South versus the rest of America, like West Coast. 

And you know which is just general, and I would say you have a general American accent. 

Uhm so yeah, but yeah normally it’s anyway we’re so so me. 

I have a New Zealand American accent and you may not hear it, but everybody else in the world does. 

Well, it’s certainly people from home think I sound like an American. 

It’s funny, huh? 

Yeah, well, it’s my fiance was here she would. 

She would know immediately she she lived in New Zealand for about 6. 

Months right on where? 

And why I mean it, why not but why? 

Yeah, well it was just Jennifer is a. 

You know she had disappointed that. 

Before we got together and like a. 

2017 so her plan was to travel to Australia and New Zealand for a full year millimeter. 

He wasn’t Australia a little bit. 

She did the whole. 

She camped on the field. 

Great great. 


Great Barrier Reef. 


Went on all these adventures around there and then. 

She lived in New Zealand, Charlotte, Auckland that she’s working at a University bookstore. 

Isn’t it? 

She’s got some random job there. 

Yeah, cool, yeah that’s right, I did. 

It’s it’s a great place and if you’re into Montana and you know if you can get down to New Zealand. 

And be a tourist down there. 

It’s cool and. 

Like some of my best vacations growing up with just me and me and a buddy and a little Japanese car and attends in the back and you just, you know, drive around and anytime you find a cool place you just stop and it’s have a fishing rod or surfboard. 

And yeah, it’s cool it. 

It’s a cool fetch. 

I am not the guy that sees America socks and you know, home so much better. 

In fact I’m like dude over here. 

You’ve got all that and more like every every you know there’s so much here and they think it’s interesting. 

It’s not the American way that it’s the. 

It’s almost a western world way we look. 

Out and we don’t. 

Look at what’s like right here, like you’re going to Montana dude Pete Glacia part like National Park like it is. 

I’ve only seen pictures. 

It’s on my list. 

It’s gorgeous like it. 

It’s top 100 in a weird kind of places to go, and 99 of them are right here in the states. 



It’s where you grew up with that. 


I think just naturally you start to use or prepare. 

For sure you know like I was talking to. 

You guys seen company a couple weeks ago. 

In Argentina not be used in the corner. 

Years later. 

But you know? 

Beautiful, I love it there eventually. 

You know me, my my wife. 


You know, like when you grew up there. 

Yeah, and. 

Oh, everyone says that wherever you’re from. 

Yeah, yeah, and that’s why I said as a tourist, ’cause that’s how for New Zealand. I would love to go back. But yeah, you know I grew up in the suburbs and 95% of my life. It was just like living in any suburban city or suburb of the city. 

Like it doesn’t matter and and my go to line. 

Why are you here in New Zealand so beautiful like? 

Yeah, yeah, well if you lived anywhere for 20 years you know that’s kind of my which you know, it’s just another way of saying what you just said. 

Uh, but yeah, yeah, right on, that’s cool. 

So what do you do? 

Focus on. 

I focus on so I I’m a real estate investor my. 

Goal is or or what I have to do. 

We have a a small portfolio of of rentals. 

My wife and I. 

And I. 

And directed to upgrade those rental properties using 1031 exchanges. 

Uh, and you know maintaining or increasing wealth by just selling a a cheap ring tool and then buying a much better rental for the same price? 

Because it’s off market because it’s distressed, that kind of thing. Yeah, so you know we, I’m not your 10X real estate investor like like I get caught up in that sometimes they I’m 42 and read some blogs or. 

Yeah, you you hear about this kid made 20 million bucks last year or blah blah you know and and I get caught up in it sometimes and I question like what’s wrong with me if I work in honest 40 like why aren’t I? 

But then I bring it back to reality and I’m like dude, I I like the outdoors. 

I like to have my time and you know, we I’m not taking it with me when I die. 

Uhm, the Universe is a massive place. How significant is $1 trillion on Earth compared to $1.00, really? 

Uhm, I mean you need money to get by and I get that and it’s nice to be able to do a little more. 


But, you know, take a trip to Montana for example. 

And not everybody can do that. 

And but yeah, so I focus on upgrading our real estate. 

I do not need to do hundreds of deals, so the majority of my time I would describe myself as. 

I I spend most of my time as an SEO hack and by by that I mean like. 

I I just try and rank up a few of my sites for different things. 

Yeah, so I’ve been doing that for about a year. 

I’ve learned a lot and I still don’t know a ton, but more recently I’ve had a few epiphanes that. 

It’s just so simple, UM, which I used to do, and then I stopped doing and now I’m doing it again and it, it’s yeah, it’s kind of like the why. 



Why did I stop doing that? 


How do we? 

I’m typing. 




And then you find out there’s a better way to do it. 


Like what the file now? 

There is an ACO in my eyes is still in its infancy and the World Wide Web is, you know, there’s so many guys and gals out there. 


Like trying stuff and and thinking it works versus actually having a direction and and and objectives which you know I’m not saying that’s you by any any means, and I overtime have have developed my own list of you know, these are things that I must do. 

Uhm, but like I’ve talked to a number of different ICO companies across the world at various times just to get a different set of eyes. 

And they all have their own set of. 

This is what works. 

It’s kind of interesting, and what I found is you. 

You work with someone and and you can pick you know different pieces up and no one seems everybody has the answer right but. 

In reality, nobody does. 

Uhm, you know Google? 

I think doesn’t even completely understand their results because they have such a powerful algorithm. 

That’s probably trillions of lines of code that they don’t really even know who’s going to show up well. 

They don’t. 

’cause they don’t know what’s on your site, but you know as much as they understand. 

It’s just yeah, it it it’s it blows me away. 

It’s fascinating, I love it because it’s. 

Measurable, it’s a science. 

Despite you know you’re not the scientific process. 

Make make a change. 

Hypothesize about like create an experiment. 

Make a change, hypothesize, test, measure the result. 

It’s cool, I love it and. 

And you know the result can be another deal for me. 


Learn it and do better and better. 

Yeah, yeah, so haro. 

Let’s jump. 

’cause that’s how we met. 

Do you? 

I can’t remember. 

I think you were responding for a we buy houses client, is that correct? 

And you know, I had my clients. 

You know, I just try to try. 

To get them back. 

I started with this around. 


The one thing I do this is that. 

Cream hands off my customers where I’m handling everything. 

User website. 

Something like this? 

Also, but 

Uhm, you know I’m an expert in that. 

They’re an expert in the real estate investing in cash, buying science things. 


Carol work. 

Yeah, oh. 

That response you got from. 



You know, I send it off to them, they make it back and I. 

I told them that the. 

A well thought out reply. 




Yeah, you got it, so that’s the first ever request. You know my friend was like why aren’t you doing those? I’m like, yeah yeah, OK, so I sent one out dude I got like 100 responses in 12 hours. 


What what’s that sorry? 

Well, I I can probably get. 

Through a majority of that. 

One of my competitors, yeah? 


Yeah, what’s the? 

Yeah, it’s the oh for investors, Jared. 

Gerald yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. 

So I. 

I haven’t researched all the responses. 

However I did notice like I. 

I did notice they were because one of the I I myself have done a number of like tons of Howard responses, so I tried to. 

I tried to use this experience. 

As you know, respect people as I wanted to be. 

But part of my process was going to a website and vetting the website because they you know it. 

It’s Google sees the relationship between me and where it’s going, and I don’t want some spammy 3 month old Carrot website. 

And I I and and I guess I mean, I guess it’s beyond spammy carrot. 

It’s just a 3 month old Carrot website like I like to see that the business has been going. 

I I look up reviews like I I. 

It’s like taking on a tenant. 

You know it’s a business partner. 

No, uh. 


It’s a relationship. 

In anyway, so wouldn’t it isn’t that time of looking probably 3 out of the first ten were. 

Uh SCO for investors at the bottom. 

I mean, yeah, what a way to get some links for him, right? 

And it’s cool. 

Yeah, he could do his name at all. 

Mm-hmm yeah, and some people like that. 

It’s not. 

It’s not my goal but. 

Yeah, OK, so you you what’s your experience with how are returned and responses and all that kind of jazz? 


I mean, I’ve done it 12 so far in the past couple months work work. 

You know we’re in the testing phase of this, you know, I’m. 

Trying to find some good backlink outlooks. 

To use my platform so. 

That’s an arrow for a couple months now. 

Involved and they’ve all been published. 

However, oh wow. 

12 out of 12. 

Yeah dude, that’s phenomenal, I mean. 

You’re the first person that I’ve actually got a response from I. 

I have never yet received response saying, hey, 

We accepted this and it’s good to go, OK? 

Uh, so they typically will just. 

Publish it and then you know a couple. 

Weeks later, while my tools will. 

Let me know. 

And then I’ll say, oh. 

Wow, that’s I remember I remember somebody in that office. 

Yeah, I see I haven’t had nearly that success and I put my heart and soul into Hara. 

I would say one out of 10 at best. 

And just like my response, like I’m sure you know, I didn’t just cookie cut it like I truly get into. 

Like I really try and create, but I. 

I wonder sometimes if nine out of 10 of them are just looking for a couple lines of. 

You know Nuggets versus detailed. 

I’m not sure what. 

How would you comment on that? 


We approach it and I come. 

I told my customers so. 


Responding to a query like it’s something that you know when you’re an extranet or professional staff. 

Make sure that when you’re responding. 


There’s nothing in there where you’re talking about yourself or what you do for. 

The most part millimeter. 

That’s funny, ’cause yeah, sorry. 


The response. 

For other email. 

Important for reporters, Mahara is. 

It’s it’s meant to be. 

It’s meant to be a resource and tend to be helpful for people who are in custody or it’s just the general recent article. 

This meant to be helpful. 

You know, and I think a lot of like we. 

We want to invest during response with my. 

My guess is that that’s probably yeah. 

The number one thing you always have to, we always have to think. 

About when you’re responding to just about anybody. 

This is where you’re gonna work with is. 

How is what I’m giving to you? 

Deliver value. 

How can I help you? 

Yeah, and I. 

Specifically, what I’ll do is I don’t think. 

Experimenting with our sponsor her over and then. 

And then the third. 

The third. 

Section of top, I’ll say, hey, you know, here’s some Bolt. 

Here’s some quick bullet point answers. 

For your query and if you are looking for more content in more details please. 

See below that way they can just look. 

The bullet points and then they can ignore the details. 

Yeah yeah. 

No, I I like that and and just to to jump back, look at me at is a memorable someone sent me like 5 lines but it was like you should use me because I’ve been featured on and they sent me a link and it’s like. 

It it’s like the first backlink anyone buys in real estate. 

We buy houses. 

You know, I’m like, I don’t know I I can’t even remember. 

But like active rain. 

Sell my house fast, didn’t blah blah blah and it’s like look at me. 

I was featured on and it’s like wow. 

I mean, but even then I was like I, I responded to him. 

I was like, I, I I really appreciate your response. 

But quite frankly you need to provide more value. 

Certainly to me. 

I’m not sure if this will work for other people either. 

Like I, I don’t know I’m trying. 

One of my mantras and excuse my language that is don’t be * **** 

But I also like to give feedback and I sometimes I think people get annoyed ’cause it sounds like I’m trying to school them and I’m truly not like I myself would prefer to get that feedback, especially after a lengthy effort. 

And if I get nothing. 

I don’t learn anything. 


I’m with you on that like providing feedback. 

Pretty good. 


Yeah yeah, So what do you so you do you, you said? 

I think you specialize with wholesalers or we’re in real estate industry. 

Did you say that or am I making that up? 

Or am I making it? 


Yeah yeah my my entire platform is. 


What is the name again ’cause I wanna I think it’s thrive yes right by William right on yeah. 

So how did you get into it? 

What’s your background like computers or? 

So I mean, I, I didn’t. 

I’ve been doing graphic design and website development and. 

Go for probably 20 years now, wow. 

Yeah, yeah, so you know, I’ve I’ve had a you know experience but. 

I I guess you know, we really started to where I really started to find my areas of expertise. 

Mernel I was I was living in Scranton PA so. 

Scraping at the office right? 


Yeah, did you ever watch the UK version? 



Alright, so I’ve actually. 


Oh OK, yeah yeah. 


I I mean I got. 

So annoying. 

And also when I was living there ’cause all these guys and they were there. 

Never in sales. 

Guy was on the phone with a potential customer. 

He would say, yeah, yeah, you know the office brand. 

I think I just got so tired of hearing that. 

I never wanted to watch it. 

Yeah, right on. 

But anyways, I I was I I joined a company out there in the startup phase. 

But anyways, I. 


There’s five or six lesson a little office and we had a website and Internet marketing platform for, you know, independent tire and auto repair costs. 

So it was just the whole platform for that, and when I joined we had a I do any customer #67 and uh, you know by the time I left five years later we had we had gotten acquired by another company. 

Uhm, in Los Angeles and we had we had 5000 customers so. 


Yeah, we were doing pretty damn good and get a lot of we we we were medicine. 

Good partnerships to we we were. 

You were the one and only. 

Uhm, recommended website union and the marketing platform that Michelin recommended for All Star dealers and here. 


So we had some really strong partners and that’s why we fast. 

So we had to. 


But anyway, so when I was there I was the you know, I started as a graphic designer and then I I moved. 

Or to be creative Director, I was involved in everything. 

Graphic design and building in website. 

Coding the back end coding and then. 

My last year there I moved. 

Director of Internet Marketing where I was heading up the rescue. 

Team as well so like that. 

How many people were there? 

There sounds big. 

Yeah, when we left when I left. 

We had over. 

Oh gosh, huge. 

I know it’s not huge huge but like for me that’s huge. 

Me what? 


So then the past the so from then 20. 

But then the. 


15 till last year I was, I mean that Seattle friend of mine. 



Small E Commerce business again in automotive where? 

We just had our own line of. 

Auto parts wheel accessories. 

Will factory civically and we had our own all we have her, they had her online online store sold on Amazon, eBay, Walmart all that stuff. 

You gotta run all week. 


So I was basically Jack of all trades there. 

Everything related to like Tekken system. 


I hate E Commerce and I’m tired of automotive so. 

Is that? 


Right, my my buddy in Florida. 

Mind you, I’ve worked with Pennsylvania. 

He called me up and said, hey, I. 

Need your help 0. 

You worked in Pennsylvania. 

Have you ever heard of that TV show called the Office? 

You get, I don’t get you gotta learn to hate me if we ever talk. 


I have such a crappy shoots of Hume. I just asked my wife that I think I’m funny and I come up with something and I just hit you on it. Caught like it’s like dumb anyway sorry Florida framed end of 2019. 

Yeah, ’cause I’m just not that good. 

My buddy called and said hey, you know I’m getting. 

You know before they get involved in real estate, and, uh, I’m hoping I wanna. 

I wanna go after, uh. 

From Indiana and Florida, can you? 

Help building websites. 

I said yeah, of course so. 

You know, obviously I at that point I. 

Had no idea. 

What’s this site? 

I wanna know how good you are. 

How long how old this site? 

Couple years now it sounds. 

That’s the first one. 

Oh, OK. 

Yeah, but anyway. 

Yeah, but anyways. 


And plus he got hard for free, so he’s he’s he’s last time. 

Yeah, I hate. 

I hate you. 

Start going out. 

I need to know how to. 

Effectively, it wouldn’t be online, so I started noticing that every single one of his website says exactly the same. 

By the same company, Carrot. 

And dumb, and they looked like they were. 

20 years old millimeter. 

There’s something here like I I it’s time to work myself I’m tired of making others. 

I want freedom. 

I started doing this for a couple months and then you know early March I made a decision that we keep the company I was gonna build. 

To go after. 

No, this is like a week before I wrote it. 

Or I mean, that was me and I was gonna quit. 

My job time. 

But uh, because I coded and I didn’t wanna, you know really hurt my buddy and his. 

Alright, hold on. 

With signing in. 

Combining information. 


But anyways, I stayed on. 

I stayed on working there until. 

Here just the you know help. 

Transistors and stuff but. 

I was working like nowadays last year. ’cause you know just working with him and then I go and then you know the rest of my night off in total 8 hours I spent the entirety of last year with one customer. This building just building my platform. You know like I think I went through probably 7 or 815 or 18 so that I could be building a platform. 

It’s a good looking site I I love some things on it. 

I love your cost and services. 

Ask versus carrot versus lead propeller versus works. 

I think that skill. 


No, yeah, thank you. 

Oh yeah, thanks. 


Actually I finally caught a carrot checking it out last week, so I guess they’re looking at it. 

Now yeah, yeah, well you that’s you know you know you’ve made it when, uh, you know you start getting next you’ll get. 

Uh, uh, latest thing. 

You’re not allowed to have the word carrot on your site. 

Because it’s many times. 

By that 

Yeah, well, you know I get. 

Way back when I had we buy ugly houses, and of course, that’s trademarked. 

As I’ve growing, they have continually hounded me to. 

Now they’re basically saying I can’t have the word ugly and it’s getting to a point that. 

You know my wife is. 

Why do you bother but that I am contemplating going after them? 

Like with a whole new website? 

Not after we buy ugly houses, but. 

I’m a wholesaler. 

Let’s get 1000 wholesalers together. 

Put 200 bucks in each and destroy their trademark ’cause I’ve actually reached out to a trademark attorney and he said yeah, I’m I’m very confident you could take that down but you’re gonna have to spend 200K. 



Yeah yeah, uhm, and yeah, it’s just it’s it’s ridiculous. 


Yeah, the the most recent ’cause I I I just don’t want to deal with it, but the most recently it was about three weeks ago. 

I now have. 

I think the word ugly four times on my website. 

That’s it. 

And never in the same sentence is house never in the same sentence as home property, real estate, or anything like that. 

And I’m just curious if you’re gonna hit me up yet again. 

But least thing is, I’m probably going to create a blog. 

Just a post. 

And publish all the emails that they’ve sent me for people to see. 

Yeah, and and like with absent me. 

Examples this is TM and they’ve just circled the word ugly in the sentence. 

It’s like, do you have a property that you want to sell that is ugly? 

OK, yeah, no it’s yeah. 

And and then it becomes the attorney was like. 

Well maybe you want to go after them for stress and you know overreaching and. 

It’s just yeah, it’s it’s out of control that anyway. 

So how do carrot? 

Yeah, uhm so. 

Yes, so I mean I. 

If it’s legal. 

Well, those violent ones in there. 


With Violet or purple boots, did you get those assets? 


The bulbs yeah. 

Black Wireless working hours. 

Ranking really well this past week. 

I’m coming in. 

I’d like it if you want to put that oh sorry, I just said someone turned up to my house service but you good? 

Yeah, keep going. 

So you know I I don’t. 


The other half. 

Yeah, I make sure that whenever. 

Yeah, your your platform. 



If I add that part. 


Malware cost. 


OK, that’s cool. 




It’s like I’m building it right now. 


It’s on my computer. 

Go right through the back. 

And you know everything. 


Most of my time when. 

Don’t care. 

I get back home so long. 

So a lot of my. 

Come back to me when they come back to me with ideas and. 

Suggestions all the time and. 


Anytime online. 

Yeah, so I mean you’ve already answered this to. 

A large degree. 

But how are you different from general? 

Jared, Gerald Jared. 

Well, first I’d like. 

I said I am. 

I’m open to being proved wrong. 

Thank God, right? 


Hey Dan. 

I don’t like being in the limelight. 

I I rather I rather be A and I’d rather have my customers do this thing would be good. 



Yet better than. 

Everyone else is putting your head down. 

Your head down and getting it done. 

Getting paid, making fun, having fun. 

Having fun, yeah I do all my customers. 

Yep, him. 


She’s very much look at me, yeah, yeah? 

Yeah, I’m scientist who like. 

I’m scientist who like. 

Yeah, robots rocket science might like he he feeds and maybe he’s done this on purpose. 

Maybe this is part of his thing and he’s that smart, but he feeds into the you know the the the demographic of 20. 

Church A 35 year old white guy that wants to make a million bucks with no money down in real estate. 

Exactly like this is that probably a fear. 

You know summary of of him and and I’m not heading him up on that. 



That might be his tactic. 

If he is that smart. 

I mean why not, right? 

I I I don’t know him personally and. 

I have nothing bad to say about having the. 

Same like I mean yeah, yeah yeah, that that’s. 

This customer base. 

Customer base. 


Yes, that’s not my Cup. 

Yeah yeah. 

So who are you allowed to tell me who your customers are? 

Or is that like? 

I can tell you a couple of you know I have. 

Some of them on my website. 

Well, I guess I know one of them. 

Oh yeah you do. 

Yeah, you do have a couple on your website. 

FW and. 

Then yeah. 



Yeah, what’s up? 

What’s up? 

Yeah, there’s a few on. 

My side, what kind of expectations do you give your guys? 

Like if I came to you and said look I got like like go to do have you seen my website? 

I have 

Yeah, like if I came to you and said hey man Travis I need to rank number one for sell my house fast and Denver take a look at my website. 

How like I’m not gonna ask you to to guarantee it, but you know, and this is one thing actually that annoys me with a lot of weird guys that I’ve talked to they. 

This so. 

Dismissive of setting expectations now I’m not business, but my wife is all about process development, business management, technology management. 

Stuff like this and she’s all about setting expectations and so I’m like even if you think it’s eight weeks, tell me 20 I don’t mind and and just but and and lay out a map for me like these are the things that we’re going to do and this is. 

This is how long like I know how long it takes Google to search my, you know crawl my site. 

And things that we emotions matter and those things give you an understanding of how quick you can make changes. 

So what’s my question? 

Yeah, how do you? 

How do you deal with a guy like me that Travis, yeah, let’s let’s work, but how you gonna help me? 

And how fast can you get me to rank to sell my house fast enough? 

Does it? 

Does that make sense? 

Perfect then, so the first thing I would. 

Tell you is you know I. 

I would turn on your apartment so I answered that. 


Question yeah yeah yeah. 

Assume that I do. 


Alright, let’s assume that I did that. 

OK, I can tell you a few answers if you needed them, but and I’m not hey, stop me like I’m genuinely interested but stop me if you feel like I’m trying to get information for free. 

That’s not totally like I’m excited that a legitimate SCO person. 

Is willing to talk to me and just have a conversation. 

I’m not trying to. 

Does that make sense? 

Like I think I am fascinated by I am so in awe. 

Nisio it it gets me excited and when I learn something and then I see it happen on. 

It’s like dude, that’s cool. 

Yeah, I mean it’s it’s very repetitive too. 

And and that can that can be a downfall for me. 

Like that consistency side, I always want to do something different, UM? 

And that’s not always appropriate. 

With easier like you know, some things don’t change that quick and you kind of anyway, so. 

No, I don’t understand. 


Just ignore, ignore it. 


Yeah, oh wow, that’s not good that’s. 

Not a good business plan dude. 

I’ve never made a single, so. 

Yeah, now I’m I’m not. 

I’m trying to be funny I. 

I do **** yeah? 

Yeah no. 

Some free consulting. 



In New Jersey right now. 

He’s a very end business. 

And I like talking to her. 

Yeah, I would watch it. 

Sounds great, I’ll see if he has a parasite and. 


We talked about when I get back, I gave her homework for a month and she. 

Works, yeah, and I guess it’s sounding the kind of person that you are. 

If someone asked for advice does it, and then comes back and you can see that they actually did it. 

Yeah, you get you get. 

A sense of achievements yourself in that, UM. 

I like helping. 


How old are you? 

OK, yeah, makes sense. 


Different generation though. 

Yeah yeah yeah, awesome person. 

We have a little bit. 

Years ahead, yeah? 

So I just mean as dates go. 

And I think I’m the last year of X and then, so you’d be the next whatever came after X. 

Yeah, exactly. 


Think about like right on the cusp. 

Yeah, yeah. 


I’ll go back to answer your question. 

People dance around it, so yeah. 

Talking and you tell me that we wanna get ranked for it’s all my house fast Denver. 

We buy house he’s done for you know whatever the three. 

Or 4 meters? Yeah, right. 

In general, I would say. 

You’ve been out there. 

On Friday. 

The one thing I could tell you. 


You know, not just my customer. 

I am working on part of it, yeah. 

I’m gonna bust my ask. 

Do a better job for you than anyone else out there in housekeeping especially. 


That’s the first thing what I will say is. 

So they asked me. 

How fast can you get me ranking later? 



The most realistic? 

Yeah, I have a customer he saw who’s going after. 



Very specific. 

I took him live and I got him on page one in two weeks. 

But that would be expected to be going in because it’s smaller, like there’s no competitions. 

Alright, yeah? 

Hi my guy in Tulsa who was customer. 

It’s the past 2 1/2 months. 

And my guy in Dallas right now, which? 



Uhm, I have him going back and forth. 

Between Page 3 and. 

Page 4 right now he can live two months. 

We talk a lot. 


And a lot of customers. 

Normally we collaborate and you know he’s very hands on the arrow stuff. 

He, him and I are in agreement that he was gonna take any work. 

Four or five months to get him on page. 

One to Dallas area because of how competitive? 

I I promise everyone that I I will, I will get them on page one. 

But it depends on how competitive it is. 

Are you in front of a computer right now? 


I wanna toot my horn search. 

We buy houses Denver and Google. 

I wanna see if you get the same results as me ’cause you’re in Washington, right? 

Right, yeah, yeah. 

OK, so skip past the ads and I’m curious what you see. 

Oh, you still have certain local back. 

You don’t have second inorganic. 

Is there a little map there too with my address? 

Yeah, your third. 

But so in my local pack above the local pack. 

There is a map. 

And my business is the only one that shows up in that map. 

Do you get that? 

OK, yeah, so I consider that another hit. 


You are great section and organic for me. 



So so. 

Page one took about four months in Denver. 

The top three took about 6. 

Then I took a yeah. 

Then I took a hit. 

Uhm, but now, uh, no, it’s my website, it it would I I took someone on who basically gave my website access to my website to somebody else and you know it took me about four weeks to pick up on it. I had literally had 100 pages, 200 pages. 

About real estate they. 

Created about 5000 pages. Selling kitchen utensils. 

So and it wasn’t in my it’s you probably know this. 

I’m not really versed and and but it wasn’t anywhere in my files or anything. 

It was this way that they were redirecting but still showing as you know, getting my juice anyway it took me, you know it was up on my site probably for eight weeks. 

Before I just killed the site because I couldn’t work out how to get rid of it. So in my mind for eight weeks Google thought I was 100% or 99.9% about kitchen utensils. 

Right, I mean confused the **** out of Google. So then if I I’d rebuild the site and dumb but then languished in the top team. But you know, for me, I’ve got to be top three. I I. I want to be #1. Obviously I don’t mind anywhere in the map. 

Pat, my understanding is it basically is cut into 3. 

And in fact, actually one one thing I read said #2 actually gets slightly more than everyone else. Have you read that? 

Yeah, but you know it’s all. 

Yeah, it’s basically third cut into thirds as my understanding, but. 

Yeah, you need to get the first two because there is talk about. 

Oh, So what do I do anyway? 

No, I don’t want to hit that I’m I don’t yeah. 

Yeah, exactly UM anyway. 

So yeah, they they. 

You know I I it and and I just stole doubt it but it was brutal. 

I stood out at like 1. 

Of the four for. 

Two or three months, whereas previously I moved up. 

You know, I just couldn’t move and I swear it was because of that. 

I mean, I just keep trying to. 

By the way, I did and now I’ve started moving again. I’m like I’m. I’m really hoping that I have a a $5 bit with a friend that in two weeks I’ll be #1 for that search term. 



Yeah, we’ll and, and I’m not change. 

I’m building more content like posting more, but I’m not changing anything in regards to eceo for the particular pages I’m trying to rank, if that makes sense. 

Uhm yeah, sorry. 


Yeah, and and I’m hitting schema hard like I am. 

Certainly compared to schema experts that I tried to hire. 

Uhm they yeah they they they just wouldn’t add that. 

Pages that I’m editing or going up new now. 

Like the post that I just did has five different rich pieces of content that Google can read up. 

You know article local business. 

Things like that. 


Just a I don’t know. 

They say that that’s how they read it more easily, so why not? 

Yeah, they have directly impact this year. 

The price for that one yeah which. 

Going back around then those affected. 

Exactly, you get that you get that relevant traffic and you’re number one, and they stay for one second longer than and it just snowballs UM, like once you get #1. If you keep doing what you were doing going forward, then no one will ever take that from you. That’s I mean, that’s very simple. 

But you know, it’s kind of true. 

Like if you in, in my mind anyway, uhm. 

Like if if all? 

If all things are equal, like if I become number one and then going forward I like I get a month ahead and then #2 does exactly what I do and I keep I do exactly what they do. 

I will stay number one because I always get it. You know 17 more clicks every day. Out of 100 you know, so I’ll get that relevant traffic and Google will see that. And yeah, so. 




I mean my hats off to you. 



And yeah, you wanna get it warm, just keep getting. 

It’s working out pretty well. 



Yeah, it just takes time. 

It takes patience. 

That’s the one thing I always talked about. 

Like I’m gonna get grumpy tomorrow. 

How long? 

Yeah, you know but. 

Two or three months. 

Uhm, you gotta be patient like you got. 

People, small limbs so. 

You know this week I tell you that this is the word you’re on. 

Page 10 and then we talk next week. 

Yeah, this is sort of. 

Trump 2020 yeah. 

Yeah, if you’re moving up, that’s a good thing. 

And then once you’re on team, I might feel anyway, once you’re in the top teen it it’s it moves around a bit, but certainly month to month, UM? 

Depending week to week, if you’re doing a ton month to month, if you’re not, if you keep moving up and yeah. 

Yeah, and then sometimes. 



You might be on Page 1. 

First slot and then. 

For a couple weeks you are in. 

What 345 and? 

Has nothing to do with what your name Google. 

You’ve had the spotlight for a little while now. 

Put them in slot one for like. 

See what happens. 



Yeah, yeah. 


Man like I like I said I. 

Pressure, like when you’re done. 

And hold on there on there. 

Working out 

Need more deals though gotta pay for it, right? 

Offline stop signs and. 

I am, you know I I am 100% in on eceo at the moment Denver, you’re not allowed to do like bandit signs, that kind of thing, no, no. I’ve contemplated like on a few neighborhoods. 

That I really want to be involved with maybe? 

Knocking on doors and asking if people would put up like a for sale sign in their yard for 50 bucks a week or something like that. 

Uhm, or 50 bucks a month, I mean. 

The thing is, you. 

Can spend so much money so quickly. 

And and. 

I’ve done direct mailers with pretty much little to no success. 



I’m I’m part of Darrell Norton Group on on Facebook, so I I see the stuff that he he tells this group and everything and. 

Uh, but this this isn’t about him. 

That’s just an example, but. 




Tells his people that direct mailers don’t work right. 

Yes, two weeks ago I signed up a new customer in Kansas City. 

He goes after Kansas City, Mo and Kansas and Kansas, yes. 

It could be on that. 

He’s been doing this for 25 years. 

Yeah, he tells me. 


I wanna have a website that looks really nice from you because it gives me credibility and overtime I can start getting a lot of like organic results but he goes. I’ll tell you I’ve been just doing this 25 years. 

He goes 95% of my deals come from my direct mailers their gold and they work. They work perfectly and then and then but but he’ll tell me. And then this guy will tell me. But a bandit signs **** They don’t work. And then yeah. 


And then coming back. 


A guy from Washington state. He tells me 95%. 

Of the bandit. 


All this stuff works. 

It just depends on timing, yeah? 

I’m doing that execution process, all that stuff and I think if you have the time and you have the funds to do everything. 



You’ll crush it. 

But who has the time? 

Yeah, and then it comes back to my why? 

Like why am I doing it? 

Do I want what is crushing it and to me? 

Like it if I can upgrade, you know half a dozen ring to it like buying sells 6 ring tools a year. 

Yeah, and and increasing my equity. 

Let way like it’s not cash flow. 

Maybe doing the same wholesaling six. 

I mean to me that’s crushing it and. 

My take is that. 

And I may be wrong, but. 

Engineering in some form and you know direct access is only going to get more intense and as as time passes more people will be doing that. 

Like I I have done some research recently and my take is that and I could be wrong too, but that. 

You know the little old lady, your classic person that you know has tons of equity? You know? Textbook story. She is more likely to respond to a Mailer where the 35 year old is probably more more likely to respond to the into. 


Uhm, so that’s kind of my take. 

If I wanna do some, you know, really good deals. 

A few a year for the next 30 years. 

Being online in whatever form that is, and I don’t think a new one will just appear. 

I think it’s just going to keep evolving right and not not anytime soon anyway, and as long as they stay somewhat current I I think I’ll be able to get those deals. 

Enough to use them. 

But who knows, we’ll see. 

I try and do the same either, so I’m not going to say I’m not going to do mailers again. 

I do wonder if mailers will bandit type signs, you know and that kind of thing might work much better for me anyway. 

In a serious downturn. 


And you know me and my friends talk about that. 

Certainly in regards to in Denver there hasn’t or. 

Greater Colorado, really. There hasn’t been a home, sold almost for 15 months through foreclosure. I mean, they just backing up like nobody’s business. You know people or people ignore that and say whatever you know, I believe in cycles and that could be. 

Certainly something to to keep it on, and maybe when that’s happening, maybe I I need to test mailers again. 

I I don’t know. 

Yeah, once the one one thing I lost every few that I’m doing is. 

Just to prepare for thought, I’d say. 

You know, taking into consideration all the pages and the content. 

All my customer sites, I’d say 5050% of my effort right now is getting put into getting them ranked or foreclosure chambers, even though yes. 

Not gonna have an impact right now, but. 

When the time comes around. 

Yeah dude, I just launched up half a dozen. 

Stop foreclosure Denver type pages on my site. 

So that, like I already had one, but then I’m like OK, I’m gonna put half a dozen out there just so ’cause website age. 

But my understanding is page age Mate Matters 2. 

And I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it, but I just, you know, basically dictate it into into the computer. 

Or you know, a few 1000 words on each page. 

Just real quick, nothing, nothing exciting. 

And and yeah, just this season those pages and it it’s on my list of top things to do is to get those number one, or at least one of them number one. 

At least. 


Like like you say, because I I believe it’s gonna come back around UM. 

Plan for the long term right, yeah? 



You can prepare for that stuff right now. 

You might not see results for a few months. 

But yeah, when the time comes. 

Everyone else then you’re on your on top. 

Yeah, actually this you you you’re gonna go Oh my God, what an idiot. 

One of the pages. 

One of the pages stop foreclosure. 

12,000 words. 

Why not working I? I completed that about a week ago. I don’t think it’s gonna hurt. It’s 100% unique ’cause I just I just kept talking and talking. There’s not a whole lot of planning to it. No one. 

Ever gonna read it? The only one that ever is is Google right? UM but yeah. And then I put the IT was one H11H21H31 picture, UM? 

12,000 words. 

Uh, and then the the appropriate schema. 

And yeah, I mean it, it it indexed? 

That’s one of the like. 

My side is strong enough. 

Now I can get anything indexed and like less than 12 hours it seems, which is kind of fun like they they. 

They crawl fast you know it used to be. 

Josh, it used to take two or three weeks and then Google broke so no one got a fixed income. 

Yep yeah and then when it came live again like I put one out there and I checked like I anytime I try and end dates I don’t always check back but I I just tried it on a board like what day I submitted it and I had chicken back in a week and everything was so then I started checking things back four days and. 

More recently, I’ve I checked back in one day and it was index, so it’s like wow. 

So then I check back at the end of the day and sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not. 

But it’s like **** This is cool like they’re looking at me, which means I gotta behave, but. 

At the same time, I don’t know, but yeah, so I’m super super stoked to hear that you think stuck foreclosure might be a good thing to. 

To do, in which case if you’ve got clients doing that and they’re not competing with me and they they wanna create some unique content and collaborate, let me know. ’cause, uh, yeah, if you get 567 people collaborating, you know, and I and I think like even, let’s say you do. 

A video call with for 10 minutes with five different wholesalers right? 

And you haven’t had one item that you’re going to talk about and then you each put that video. 

You subtitle it on on your YouTube channel and then post. 

I always put the video and then the. 

The script, the transcript on my site. 

’cause then it’s again it’s unique content now. 

Maybe someone won’t read it, but Google sees it and they do. 

I believe that creates. 

It may only be minuscule, but it’s a form of. 

Uhm, authority, and if you’re consistent with that, then I don’t know that that’s kind of my take on it. 

A lot of people that I work with don’t see that, but I I reckon it could work. 

And and sorry, I’m not trying to sell you on it, but it’s an idea that I pushed to people for sure. 

’cause as well I think. 

Talking content dictating content. 

I’m a **** typer. 

But I can talk 300 words a minute. 



Yeah, and and. 

Word I use word or Google I should get dragon but you know you I I, I find personally that’s. 

That’s that’s a big part of what I do. 

It’s unique content. 

It’s not nothing lightning, but you know you see these guys like Dave Ramsey who ranks for all sorts of crap and you know that’s he just has these blogs that. 

Video blogs if I find terribly boring, but I think some people occasionally bounce through it and you know I just his consistent and overtime, Google Rewards that. 

And because it’s him talking, he could talk about the same topic. 

You know the exact answer exactly the same question. 

50 days in a row, but if he, if he does it without a script, it’s going to be different every time. 

Uh, yeah, so put that in the back your mind if you have guys that are more into being more, more more hands on, I I’d. 

I’d love to kind of be complete the heart of something like that, especially around foreclosure. 

This is not to say I had to hop off. 

Oh yeah, sorry. 

Yep, get back to Ricky. 

Baby shower like this person. 

Alright can I? 


Right on cool. UM the other one that you should get your clients this season over the next 40 years. No, sorry. Over the next 30 years. 44 zero. 

Trillion now if you’ve never written that number down, do it, but over the next 30 years, $40 trillion worth of wealth will be inherited. 

Selling inherited property. 

Selling inherited properly easily. 

It’s already, you know, a higher topic, but most of the ranking stuff is lawyers and stuff like that. 

Not that hard to rank with a unique take. 

You know, coming from a we buy houses company and and and and another one to season I believe. 

That you know and. 

Yeah uhm anyway. 

So I’ll let you go man. 

I really appreciate you talking with me dude. 

I was gonna say Travis but I I hate it when people drop names and like you know some some sales guys are. 

Hey Sean, how’s it going? 

Sean, I’m really glad you talked to me today Sean. 

And what are you trying to do with your business? 


Because Sean this is what I can do for your business because Sean we work they hate that and I almost use your name. 

Not like mark. 

I’m going to use dude instead, so. 

Yeah, but then I’ve this is who I am. 

Then I was like oh maybe he doesn’t think I respect him enough to remember his name. 

So then that’s why I told you that story. 

’cause I do remember your name and I. 

I’m a worry, I mean. 

Alright, well yeah, good luck. 

Keep in touch and you what a great conversation. 

I really appreciate your time. 

I’m just talking to you and I will definitely do that. 

Yeah, have fun. 

If you have kids. 

No kids, no. 

We are living the life right? 

Now do you want kids? 

How we don’t? 

We actually don’t want cats. 

They are all over the place again, I. 

Don’t think yeah. 

My friend brought me a sweater cats, not kids. 

I have 4 cats. 

Beautiful wife, 4 cats. 

I love cats. 

I mean I love kids but I my wife and I on our second date were like do you want kids and that she was like no do you? 

I was like no and I was like well I guess we can have a third date. 

Yeah, I mean if you want kids, cool, but yeah that’s cool alright. 

Cheers dude sorry cheers Travis. 

I I really appreciate your time. 


You too, man, I’ll talk to. 

You soon alright thanks bye. 

 Next time we talk I need to tell you about my latest endeavour and that is a marketplace for investment properties for sale to be sold directly from small wholesalers to investors and buyers from across the entire USA and this is available right now for investors to find the best deals for investment properties and they can find their next rental house and buy it from there. 

Cool right?

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How a house can steal the spotlight of buyers?

Do you want to present your house in a way that it steals the spotlight. Want to make those heads turn? If you are smart like me (well I think I am smart) then you said YES!

So, without any more delays here are:

3 Genius Idea to Sell a House Fast in Denver, Colorado.

Genius Idea to Sell a House Fast in Denver, Colorado Numero Uno (Number 1)

Share Personal Stories and Experiences to attract Buyers

It might sound cliché but, “Facts tell, stories sell”. Have you heard this quote before? I hadn’t but I think its neat! 

So how do we put this into practice?

Stories stick. They persuade. They generate a behavioral and emotional response. That’s one of the human psyche facts. 

If you can understand this you can use this fact in your favor.

  • How to narrate a story?

To get buyers attention, you should include a personal story about your home. A good one of course. 

I believe writing it yourself is the best way. Tell the story from your heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it needs to be real. Include personal experiences. These are unique to you and will stand out. If you have photos to compliment the story that would be great too

If writing is really not your thing you could always get help from a professional writer.

So that is tip number 1.

What are your thoughts?

Be sure to comment below.