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About Us

'We are professional house buyers"

The Watson Buys Story


We went to Breckenridge, CO to see the ice sculptures. Long drive but really cool (and cold… Brrrrr)

Sell my house for cash - watson buys owner

This is when we were lucky enough to drive to Sedona, AZ. A really long drive but a very beautiful spot. Highly recommend it if you can get there.


Thank you for being here. Today we invite you to learn about us. We will be sharing:

  • Who we are
  • Why we do it
  • How we do it
  • How did Watson get his name?
  • What we do at Watson Buys
  • Is Shaun really from New Zealand?
  • Are there really dragons that cry jelly bean tears of joy in NZ?

“We will give you a fair cash option when you need to sell fast”

Our goal today is to give you insight into our company. I hope this will help you decide if we are the right fit for you. Here is a summary of the services we provide.

We buy houses

You can sell your house fast to us

You can sell your house as-is

Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1

Mission and Purpose

Chapter 1 details

The Watson Buys Way:

Our Mission and Purpose

  • What we do:
  • Why we do it – 5 key reasons
  • How we do it
Chapter 2
Meet the team

Chapter 2 details

The Team

  • WHO is Watson
  • Watson’s story cont…
  • How did he get his name?
  • Who is Shaun
  • Why did he move from NZ?
Chapter 3
Organizations we Support

Chapter 3 details

  • Special Olympics
  • The Feline Fix
  • Vail Barracudas
  • Wolf Pack Mountain Bike Team

Watson Buys always pays cash for houses in Denver. We can give you an offer today if you like. We work hard to serve you. 

“We can not do any of this without your support. We thank you for your kind words. We are so very grateful for trusting us and giving us the chance to work with you all.”


Sincerely, Shaun Martin

“Watson Buys made selling our Denver inheritance property easy.  I found them to be friendly and professional”

“I would highly recommend them. Shaun was easy to work with. He said he would buy our house fast and he did. Thanks”

Mission and Purpose cont…

The Watson Buys Way: Mission & Purpose

Here we describe our mission and purpose. This will shed some light as to why we are in the “Sell My House Fast” business. None of us thought we would be buying and selling houses for a job. When I was five, I am pretty sure I wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut.

Before I tell you what Watson Buys is about I want to say this:

I want to say that We cannot do this without you and your support. So a big THANKS to you and your families and friends. Thanks so much for your time and help.

Are you ready?

Mission and Purpose cont…

What Do We Do At Watson Buys?

We problem-solve. 

And the problem we solve is: “How do I sell my house fast in Colorado?”

Our Solution:

We buy Denver homes with the prime directive of making selling a house to us easy. You can sell your house to us easily because we buy them as-is, for cash, and fast.

We buy houses Denver for cash and we buy houses as-is. We buy houses fast also.

However, before we buy your house we can tell you about all safe and fair options to sell:

  • Sell with an agent
  • FSBO
  • Sell to a Denver We buy houses company like Watson Buys.

We are a great option but maybe not the right fit for you. SO let’s work out what it is you need.

Mission and Purpose cont…

Why we buy houses fast

Why do we want to help people sell a house fast?

There are 5 key reasons we do this.

1. We want people to feel safe, especially if they are in a vulnerable position. We never want a homeowner to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people. 

2. We believe all people should be treated with fairness, honesty, dignity and respect.

3. We love helping people.

4. We love helping animals.

5. The money that we make in this “JOB” allows us to help more people and more animals in our community. 

Watson Buys is your solution to sell your house in Denver, CO no matter the condition, situation, or location because we buy any houses on the Front Range and we buy ugly homes.

Mission and Purpose cont…

How we do it

How do we give homeowners a safe way to sell fast?

We have a 4 step method. Our method is easy. Our method is fast. Finally, our method ensures you get treated fairly.

Our method is called the Mile High Method TM. The Mile High Method TM allows Watson Buys to give you a fair cash offer fast. We purchase houses in the Mile High City with this method to guarantee you are happy when your sell your house to us. 

If you decide our offer is right for you we will close fast (less than 30 days or faster if you need).

However, that’s not the best part:

The best part is we give you the Mile High Method TM for FREE. This means that even if you don’t sell us your house, you will have the tools to sell fast and for a great price.

You will be able to sell fast if you sell by yourself (FSBO).


You will be able to sell fast with a real estate agent.

That’s how we buy houses fast. We use a simple, easy, practical, 4 step method that you can do too!

Next, we introduce you to Watson, Shaun, and more of the team. But first a quick message from our sponsor (i.e. us.)

Selling Your House Fast Has

Never Been Easier

We Buy Houses in Denver. Sell To Us And Pay:

No agent Fees

No Repairs

100% FREE!


Meet the team

WHO is Watson?

Our team is made up primarily of Shaun and Jenn

Watson, is my nickname. I got this nickname from the character Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Homes character.


Well, I am hardworking, I am loyal and I care about peopel. Well that’s what Jenn says anyway. She goes on to say…

Shaun is smart, I will give him that but I wont go as far as saying he is a genius. Don’t wont to give him too much of an ego. Therefore he is Watson and not Sherlock 🙂

We have many more important team members but let’s start here, for now. 

IMAGE: That’s me (Shaun) without glasses

Who is Shaun?

As you can tell from the size of the heading my story is less exciting that Watson’s.

But here we go.
Hi, I’m Shaun. Sometimes I’m the goofy glasses guy. On the left is a younger photo of me. Before I needed the goofball glasses.
I was born in New Zealand and yes New Zealand does have dragons that cry jelly bean tears of joy. New Zealand is a wonderful place.
I first came to the States 20 years ago after my first year of University. I took a semester off and worked on a ski resort (Keystone) in Colorado. I fell in love with the country. I fell in love because the U.S is also a wonderful place full of great people and places.
After finishing the Colorado winter I returned to New Zealand to continue my education. At the end of each school year, I traveled back to America for another ski season.
After 6 years in college, I graduated from Auckland University as a Physical Therapist. I chose Physical Therapy because I have always enjoyed helping people. After graduating I worked in New Zealand for 3 years in schools and private practice. It was a great time but I missed Denver and the Colorado Rockies. So… I gave notice and headed back to the land of opportunity. This time I moved to Vail, Colorado.
After another awesome winter I was asked to stay for the summer. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with the summers. And then it wasn’t long until I fell in love again.
If you are into Disney movies then you will love this story.
It was during this first summer that I was learning how to Kayak. A friend and I were on the Upper Colorado River. After floating down the river in our kayaks weI needed a ride back to the car. We dragged our kayaks to the side of the road and stuck out a thumb.
After a while, a fair maiden (and her friend) pulled over and offered me a lift back to my car. We chatted during the 10-minute car ride and somehow I managed the courage to get her number. (Well actually the true story is I chickened out but my friend who I was kayaking with got her phone number for me instead, I owe Tim more than a lot).

So now I had Jennifer’s phone number. And as they say, the rest is history. We fell in love, were married, have had a few arguments along the way, but remain devoted and in love with one another.

A few years into marriage we adopted our first cat. His name is Von Barron-Trough or BB for short. He is Watson’s oldest brother and dear friend. More on BB later. Then came Olive, Watson (named after the same person as me), and Matilda. 

After adopting 4 rescue kitties we decided that was enough in our smaller house. However we have tried to be contributing members of the greater Colorado community.
We still support organizations that help people and animals alike. Jenn and I coach a few local Special Olympics Teams. We coach the “Wolf Pack” which is our Mountain Bike Team. We also coach the “Barracudas” which is the swim team.  We are hoping to volunteer with the Ski Team also. Watch this space.

We continue to donate to animal shelters too. There are many great animal shelters. The one we focus on currently is located in Denver. It is called The Feline Fix.

Organizations and Teams we sponsor

The Feline Fix.

The Feline Fix exists to champion the welfare of all cats, especially the most vulnerable.

The Feline Fix is Colorado’s leading spay/neuter source for free-roaming “community” cats and a significant provider of quality and affordable spay/neuter services for pet cats. To date we have spayed/neutered over 42,000 cats at our clinic, preventing the births of hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats in Denver and its surrounding areas. 

The Feline Fix is a proud member of the Metro Denver Animal Welfare Alliance and the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies.

The Feline Fix, 6075 Parkway Drive, Unit 185, Commerce City, CO 80022 • (303) 202-3516

Vail Barracudas Swim Team.

The Vail Barracudas Swim Team is located in Eagle, County Colorado.

During the spring months, a dedicated group of athletes, parents, and coaches, get together each week at the Avon Rec Centre to train. During swim season we train hard, physically and mentally.

The goal is to do our best and represent ourselves in the best possible way in everything we do. To do this we must push our limits at all times including:

  • Swimming hard when in the pool
  • Understanding the importance of nutrition
  • Maintain schedules to fit in work, training, and fun stuff.

We learn how to take care of ourselves individually and as a team.

The Vail Barracudas are part of the Colorado Special Olympics.

They are in Denver at: 12450 E Arapahoe Rd suite c, Centennial, CO 80112

The Wolf Pack Mountain Bike Team.

The Wolf Pack Mountain Bike Team is also part of the Colorado Special Olympics.

Each summer a large group of Eagle County athletes gets together to form the Wolf Pack Mountain Bike Team.

Once a week coaches, athletes, and parents come together to improve bike skills, get fitter and stronger, and have a bunch of fun while doing it.

Each summer the Wolf Pack plans to compete at regional and state-level bike races. These events give everyone the opportunity to learn new things, make new friends, and reacquaint with old ones, and just have a darn tooting good time.

Colorado Special Olympics Denver Address: 12450 E Arapahoe Rd suite c, Centennial, CO 80112

What do we stand for?

A Watson Buys we believe that in this amazing country no-one should be left behind. This county is the richest in the world and therefore we should find a way to share that. Watson, the cat, embodies our passion to be kind, inclusive, and to never discriminate in any area of our lives.

OUR GOAL is to help people make the best decision for their families when they sell their houses. When people choose to sell us their house, home, or property we will make it simple, fast, and fair. 

OUR MISSION involves freely giving the best information to people selling their houses. This information will be both practical and relevant.

PRACTICAL: The information that we give will be able to be used by normal people like you and me. For example, if you need to sell your house fast we are not going to tell you to do a massive kitchen remodel for 2 reasons:

  1. A massive kitchen remodel will take along time
  2. Who has the money to spend $50,000 on a kitchen?

RELEVANT: If you are telling a house in Denver, then the information we provide will be “tagged” properly so that information that is about Denver will show up. Cool huh?

What is Practical Information?

What do we mean by relevant information?

More INFO about Watson Buys.

We will buy your house, but first, we will listen.

What is most important to you?

We buy houses, that’s important, right? Yip, that’s what we do.

We spoke to your community and this is what they told us were important to them.

We are a small local company that buys houses. Therefore, all the money stays in our community.

We have been in business since 2011.

If you choose us to buy your home, we give you our best cash price. Cash and best.

If you need to sell your house fast we can close as quickly as you want.

We work fast, we treat you fairly and when we buy a house, it doesn’t cost you and the seller a dime. Yip, it’s free!

If that’s what you want, us to buy your house, no-frills, then give us a call or fill out the form.

We will get it done for you.

We are local house buyers. We will treat you fairly. We will give you the best cash price. If you need anything else we will ask and we will listen.