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We Buy Houses in Colorado

We Buy Houses for Cash

We buy houses as-is and pay cash. It's easier for you!

NO Realtors, Fees, or Commissions. NO Repairs or cleaning.
Zero cost to you. This makes selling to us 100% FREE and much faster!

You can sell your house to us starting right now. We will tailor a cash offer solution for you.  Fill out the form to get a no-obligation cash offer on your home started. 


We are the best local cash buyer in Colorado

AND we have reviews to prove it!!!

Watson Buys gets reviews from all our clients. We read the reviews about the house we bought. They are a great learning tool for us. They teach us what works and what doesn’t. The reviews help WatsonBuys.com to become a better “We Buy Houses” business. 

We Buy Houses in Colorado

Sell your house in Colorado. We will buy it in any condition. We'll pay cash. We eliminate realtors and inspections.

That's why people like selling to us.
We are ready right now to give you an offer.

We buy houses in Denver, CO just like the heading says. We are prepared to buy any house, home or type of property. We can buy it in any condition too! And of course to make the sale fast and easy we always buy for cash. 

If need need to get rid of a house quickly we are the answer.  Sell house for cash

Just let us know you need to sell it then we’ll take care of everything else! 

Leave anything you don’t want behind. Sell to us and you will not regret it. 

Sell Your House to Denver's #1 Cash Home Buyer - We Are Ready!

We are the only cash buyer that specializes 100% in buying houses direct from the owner. That’s why 100’s of sellers have voted us the best cash home buyer in Colorado.  

And when you sell your Colorado house to us you'll get more cash at closing!


The best part is we guarantee a great cash price if you sell to us. 

How do we guarantee? We know our offer is legit because it’s based on current market value. 

AND THIS MEANS… You get more cash at closing!

We Buy Houses in Colorado and we want to give you a cash offer today!

Your Colorado Cash Home Buyer

Hi there. I’m Shaun. My nickname is Watson. How did I get that nickname?

It comes from the great detective Sherlock Holmes. His trusty sidekick is Dr. Watson.  

My friends think I’m just like “Watson”. I’m honest and hardworking. I like to help. Shaun AKA “Watson” buys houses and real estate is my heart and soul. I know we can get together and make a deal that works for you. 

Watson Buys is a Denver based cash home buyer ready to purchase any type of property in Colorado today

We are located right here in the Mile High City. Contact us to sell any house in Colorado. You can absolutely sell it to us. You’ll be happy you called because the sale will be fast and easy. AND IT WILL BE EASY!

Selling to us will be fast and easy because we will buy your house:

  • AS-IS – no repairs, any condition, no hassles.
  • Close on your schedule – as fast as you need to sell
  • We pay cash (eliminated the middle people which makes selling to us way quicker).

AND THE BEST PART IS… You get more cash in your pocket! Get started by filling out the form. 

We Buy Colorado Houses In Any Situation!

You can sell a foreclosure, rental, divorce or inherited property for cash to Watson Buys

We will buy any property no matter the situation and we will buy it for cash. Selling your house for cash is way more simple that using lenders and mortgages. SO MUCH RED TAPE WITH THE BANKS!

AND We can pay cash for your house no matter what the situation is. 

FACING FORECLOSURE? We’ll work with the bank, stop the foreclosure, save your equity and you get to pocket the rest! We have purchased many properties in this situation and can help you too!

SELLING INHERITED PROPERTY? We buy inherited houses too. We pay you cash for your inheritance, as-is and you split the money between your family. You don’t have to fix anything or even clean out the place! It doesn’t get easier!

LANDLORD OR RENTAL PROPERTY needing a quick and convenient way to sell? Without or without tenants, deferred maintenance or leaky roof we’ll buy the rental for a cash price based on current market conditions.


IF YOU’RE OUT OF STATE and are looking to sell your rental house, investment property, or house you inherited property it can be tough. BUT Watson Buys will help you. Deal or no deal, we’ll run by the house for you, take photos, videos, even do a live call. This will help you understand what to do next to get the place sold. We are investors too and understand that a friendly set of boots on the ground can make life much easier!

GOING THROUGH A DIVORCE is tricky. If your looking for a cash house buyer to sell your house too so you can split up the assets and start a new chapter we can help. We buy houses in Denver that are part of divorce settlements too!

If you need to sell quickly and conveniently Watson Buys is the cash home buyer of choice for homeowners across Denver, the Front Range and Colorado! We will buy your house fast, for cash and solve your problem, TODAY!

This Is How Easy You Can Sell Us Your House for Cash

We buy houses in Denver using a simple 4 step process.

Step 1

Call us or complete form

To start the process give us a call or fill out the simple form. 

No Obligation

Step 2

We'll talk about your house

What’s the condition? Did you update stuff? What did nearby houses sell for? What is your’s worth right now?

Step 3

Get your cash offer

We will email you our cash offer. Take your time to review it. Negotiate the terms of the sale then sign it. 

Step 4

Close fast &
zero cost

After accepting our offer you pick the closing date. We’ll do everything else! At closing the cash is paid directly to you. 

We have successfully bought many properties with our method.
Let's work together and get your house sold too!

The process we use to buy your house makes selling to us fast. You know it’s fair because we show you real comps. You know it’s free of any costs because we buy as-is (NO REPAIRS), we buy direct (NO COMMISSIONS) and we buy for cash (NO BANK CHARGES).

Denver Suburbs Where  
We Buy Houses.

You really can sell any house, in any neighborhood of Denver, Colorado to Waston Buys!
Here is a list of neighborhoods we buy houses in, on the Front Range. The list is not exhaustive as there are so many neat areas of Denver. This is to give you an understanding that we are open to purchase your house, for cash, no matter where it is located in Denver.

You can sell to us if it's in Denver

We buy houses on the Front Range


Alta Vista Area
Athmar Park
Bear Creek
Belmar Park
Castle Rock
Chaffee Park
Cherry Creek
Cherry Hills Village
Commerce City
East Pleasant View
Federal Heights

Governors Ranch
Harvey Park
Highlands Ranch
Ken Caryl
Kendrick lake
Lamar Heights
Mar Lee
Morse Park
Ralston Valley
West Highland
West Pleasant View
Wheat Ridge

We buy houses anywhere in Colorado!

When I say we buy everywhere in Colorado I 100% mean everywhere.

We buy houses anywhere in Colorado. 

  • Selling a Breckenridge condo ot townhome? We’ll buy it!
  • Keystone condo? We buy in Keystone too
  • Frisco single-family? We buy single families in Frisco
  • Avon, CO duplex? We buy duplexes in Avon too.
  • Eagle-Vail, Minturn, Edwards, Eagle and Gypsum. Summit County, Eagle County, Denver County, Jefferson County…. Do I need to go on?

Shaun Explains How Watson Buys Will Buy Your House Quickly, AS-IS, For Cash

A video explanation of how you can sell your house to us fast, without having to repair anything, and for cash money.

As a real estate investing business we are here to serve you. Our specialty is buying houses that you want to sell quickly and want to get paid cash.
I invite you to watch the short video then contact us to talk about the plans for the house you are selling.
Thank you for your time.

Shaun Martin

We buy houses as-is. We buy houses for cash. We buy houses in Denver, Colorado

Updated Intro: Watson Buys owner talks about how we purchase homes for cash.

We Give You the Simplest Selling Solution

No Realtor | No Repairs | No Bank Fees | #nocost2u

The solution to sell your house for cash, AS-IS, real money!

We buy houses in Denver differently than the others. NO JARGON, NO FALSE PROMISES either. Our process is simple to understand. Our process is FREE to you.  

Your search for “I need to sell my house fast for cash” is over. We have the solution!


You can Sell Your House in Colorado for cash!

We will pay you cash for your house no matter the reason for selling. We buy houses in any condition and we can close fast. As a Denver-based cash buyer, we can act faster and make selling your house simple and easy. That’s what we do!

Listen to what Gloria has to say about us…

Denver Home-Owners Review Watson Buys

As a Denver-based company, we work hard to offer you a better, faster, and easier way to sell. THE PROOF WE’RE LEGIT? Check out these kind words from other Denver residents about Watson Buys.

We buy houses in Denver as-is because that saves you time and money. 

We will buy without you fixing anything. When we buy your house you don’t even have to clean!


We buy houses in Denver and make selling easy because...

Watson Buys is a professional business and we have been buying Denver houses for almost 20 years!

How we make it easy for you when we buy your house is: 


We purchase property in Denver direct from the owner because that eliminates the middleman (no fees no commissions).

Our team of specialists can buy your house quickly because sometimes you need to sell fast, right?

We can absolutely help if you need to sell your house in Denver fast!

Hi again. We want to buy your house.

We make selling simple and easy so you can RELAX

How our process works when we buy a house in Denver

Talking to us is Simple, Easy and No-Obligation


How do we buy houses in Denver, Colorado? 

We explained how we make selling your house easy. To quickly recap we make selling easy because we:

  1. Purchase the house as-is. This makes selling easy because you don’t have to fix, repair, or even clean your house!)
  2. We buy houses direct eliminating the middlemen like realtors and banks because then you don’t have to pay commissions and fees.
  3. Our team of experts can buy your house fast if you need it. Either way, we make selling easy because our house buying specialists follow our simple and easy process to make it work for you!

Now let me describe our simple process.


Step 1: We talk directly to you, the seller

Who knows the most about your house? YOU DO! Therefore when we buy houses we talk directly with you. Why would we put anyone in the middle? Doesn’t that just complicate it?

When we talk we ask about the condition of your house. We ask about your plans. You tell us what you want and need from us so we can buy it. SIMPLE RIGHT?

Knowing the condition of the property is key when purchasing and leads us to step number 2.

But first…



Let me say this. The truth is buying or selling a house isn’t that difficult. Other companies will try to confuse you and pretend it is. They will act like they are doing you a huge favor! Maybe they even think it is hard!?!

But here’s the deal. Buying or selling a house is a process that requires certain things to be done. At Watson Buys we have written those things down on a piece of paper. 

This means when we buy a property we do it efficiently and correctly every time!


Step 2: We run comps

The next step is really easy for you. WHY?

Because we take care of it. We’ll pull comps (you can run your own comps for free if you like too!)

After we run the numbers then share them with you. Now, isn’t that easy?



You can run your own comps for free. Simply go online and find homes that are just like yours that sold recently. 

Calculate the average sold price and there is your “COMP” value. You just ran comps!

When negotiating with a cash home buyer it is important that you know what your house is worth because then you can be sure to get a fair deal!

Check this out for your guide to run your own comps for free.


Step 3: We tell you we want to buy your house

The 3rd step on how we buy houses is that we tell you we want to buy your house!

We email you a legitimate purchase agreement. This will include:

  1. How much we will buy your house for
  2. The conditions about the house sale (You know, we will buy it AS-IS etc)
  3. The date we will close by (you can tell us to change that!)
  4. If you like the offer then we buy your house. After signing the purchase agreement we do the rest of the work for you!

That’s is how we buy houses. SIMPLE AND EASY!

  1. We talk directly to you. 
  2. We work out what your house will sell for
  3. Then we give you an offer.
  4. You accept the offer and we do the rest!

We can buy your house for a fair price, TODAY!

Call Now


We have 2 offices in Denver

Watson Buys – We Buy Houses in Denver

AS a Denver cash home buyer we proudly serve all of Denver, and Colorado’s diversity!

Address: 16506 W 14th Place, Golden, CO 80401
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (720) 418-8670
Appointments: https://watsonbuys.com/

Watson Buys – Sell My House Fast in Denver

Address: 12915 Pensacola Place, Denver, CO 80239
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (720) 418-8670
Appointments: https://watsonbuys.com/sell-my-house-fast/

Services Offered:

  1. We Buy Houses that are unattractive in Denver. We Buy unattractive Condos and we buy unattractive Apartments too.
  2. We Buy Houses in Denver for Cash
  3. Best Service and Solution to Sell Your House Fast in Denver
  4. We Buy Inherited Houses – We specialize in buying Inherited and Inheritance Property in Denver and Colorado
  5. We buy houses quickly to Stop Foreclosure in Denver County, Aurora, Adams and Jefferson County too!
  6. We buy houses in Denver
  7. We provide a service for you to sell your house fast in Denver
  8. Cash Home Buyer Denver
Unique Selling Proposition.
Watson Buys is a local cash home buyer right here on the Denver Front Range in the fabulous town of Golden, CO.  
Golden is famous for COORS Brewery, its unique, and picturesque main street and, the Colorado School of Mines is also located in Golden. 
Further Description of services provided by Watson Buys. 
Watson Buys is a Denver-based real estate investment company looking to make win-win deals on property in and around Denver. 

Properties We Will Buy

Inherited Property

Foreclosure House

House in Disrepair


“Watson Buys bought my house for cash. I didn’t have to make any repairs and the offer was based on the current market value. As a cash home buyer, I feel like they really listened to me and my situation. Jan – Lakewood, CO cash-home-buyer-colorado

If you need to get rid of your house fast then send us your address because we will buy your house as-is. That means:

  1. We will buy your property without you doing any repairs because…
  2. No repairs mean selling much faster AND
  3. You save a bunch of money!
  4. We’ll buy it and you can leave any unwanted stuff too because…
  5. That makes it easier for you.

When we buy your house just take what you want and leave the rest.  AND DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE BEST PART? You don’t even have to clean!

Yes we are a Denver Cash Home Buyer. We buy houses for cash in Denver. We use our own money to buy Denver houses and when we close we pay it directly to you!

We buy houses for a living. We renovate them making them a new home for someone.

We buy houses in Denver because we love Denver. It’s that simple. Because we live here, we know exactly what your house is worth, so when we buy, we buy for a fair price!

No need for you to do any repairs because we buy houses as-is. 

When we buy houses in Denver, Colorado, we buy them based on the current market value. Many Denver Companies claim that when they buy houses, they offer the highest price. But how can they all offer the best cash deal?

When we buy houses, we find out what other houses have sold for and base our offer. Make sense?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Watson Buys pay cash for houses in Denver?

Does Watson Buys pay cash for houses in Denver?

Yes. Watson Buys is a Cash home buyer in Denver. We buy any property in any condition. We make selling a house in Denver simple and Easy

What types of property does Watson Buys pay cash for?

What types of property does Watson Buys pay cash for?

We buy houses and we buy apartments and we always pay cash. If you want to sell your house for cash we can buy it for cash. In fact if you want to sell any real estate in Denver for cash we are the best solution for you.

What areas does Watson Buys purchase houses in?

What areas does Watson Buys purchase houses in?

We buy houses in all areas of Denver. We buy houses in downtown denver. We buy houses in Lakewood, Colorado. We buy houses on the eastside of Denver in Aurora too. We buy houses anywhere in Colorado and we pay cash. We will buy your home as-is and we buy houses as fast as you need. If you need to sell your house in Denver then Watson Buys can help you. If you need to get rid of ir and looking for the BEST Company to Buyout your house you have found it. We are Denvers leading Cash home buying solution.


Watson Buys is ready to buy your house as-is. Our team can buy your house fast. If you are looking for a solution then submit the form for a no-obligation offer from Denver’s best cash home buyer. 

What makes us Denver’s best cash buyer?

First, we do what all legitimate cash home buyers should do. We Buy Houses AS-IS. We buy houses FAST. There are NO FEES or Commissions. We do all the work. 

However, we go even further!

Our enhanced buying process is simple. Our cash offers are fair and 100% guaranteed. 

If you don’t like free and no obligation is too much of a commitment skip straight to the videos. However, why not find out what your house is worth?

Why do we tell you all our we buy houses selling secrets, tips and tricks?

We are open and honest about how we buy houses to build trust. In the past, this trust has lead to many homeowners asking for a cash offer.

AND the best part? Sometimes they accept it!!!

Of course, there is no obligation to accept our offer. Sometimes people do. Sometimes they negotiate. AND Sometimes they walk away. That’s how the process works. 

Now the videos (as promised).

Want to sell your house fast?

Well, we buy houses for cash and fast so you are in the right place.

The fastest way to sell a house is with the help of a real estate investor or “cash buyer”. 

Watson Buys is a cash buyer. We have money ready to buy your home now.

We buy house as-is. We buy fast and of course we pay cash direct to you to avoid bank fees etc. 

But is selling your home for cash a good idea?

Are we buy houses legitimate? Are cash home buyers for real? 

Watson Buys is a legitimate cash buyer however we can’t speak for everyone else. There are other We Buy Houses companies that are completely legit. However, unfortunately, there are some scammers out there too! You must do your due diligence which can include:

  1. Checking online reviews
  2. Understanding the buyer’s process
  3. The buyer must use a title company.

A key component to knowing the buyer is legit is they will use a registered 3rd party title company for the closing. In fact, you should be given the opportunity to choose the title company to be sure it is also legit.

Who is the best We Buy Houses Cash Home Buyer in Denver Colorado?

We are the best we buy houses in Denver Company AND HERE’S WHY!

Watson Buys is the best cash buyer because:

  1. We buy houses as-is
  2. Our reviews show when we buy houses we are honest, transparent and fair.
  3. The process we buy houses with is simple and easy
  4. Because our process is simple and easy it makes selling your house to us simple and easy too! 

Make sense?

Watson Buys mission is to help you sell your house fast in Denver for cash. In fact we will buy any property in Colorado and beyond. 

If you want more sell my house fast Denver information then we have it for you! In fact we have an entire guide on how to sell my house fast with the title:

What Should I Do to Sell My House Fast In Denver?


But is selling your home for cash a good idea?

Selling for cash is a great idea for some and not so much for others.

Of course, we buy houses Denver Colorado for cash but let’s work out if it’s the best option for you. 

We have made several to help you. The titles include:

  • How to Sell My House for Cash and Get a Good Price
  • What happens if i send my address to a cash home buyer (in this case us)
  • Is selling my house for cash a good idea

We filled these videos with FACTS (not b.s marketing stuff)

We put tons of practical stuff in them

We sincerely hope they are easy to understand and useful.

Don’t miss them – they are on this page. They are free and of course…

Are you looking for more information on cash home buyers?

I thought you might, so…

We have more even more videos, more content, and more answers.

Are we buying houses for cash in your Denver area? (VIDEO CONTENT)

The videos so far have touched on subjects like:

  1. How to sell my house as-is?
  2. Who are cash home buyers?
  3. How do I sell my house for cash?
  4. If I sell for cash can I get a good price?
  5. How we buy houses Denver Colorado
  6. How to negotiate the price when you sell to a cash buyer. 
  7. How to get a cash offer and work with a cash home buyer.

In other videos, we cover similar questions like:

  1. Are companies that buy houses for cash legitimate?
  2. Is Watson Buys a cash home buyer near me?
  3. What’s the fastest way to get a cash offer and sell my home?
  4. What does it mean to sell my house as-is (is that like an unattractive property or just one that needs lots of repairs?)
  5. A step by step guide for selling inherited property for cash.
  6. Can I really sell my house to a cash home buyer fast? Like really?
  7. We buy houses Denver Colorado – Let’s tell you how
  8. We buy houses Denver Colorado – How to Guide

WARNING: Do not read the next few lines as it is B.S sales stuff!!!

Below is a quick sales pitch, you know the “sell us your house, we pay cash and buy as-is stuff” (feel free to gloss over it and go to the behind the scenes video). We do have to include it because this is how we keep the lights on. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

Let us prepare a no-obligation cash offer for you. Even if you don't sell your house to us... What have you got to loose?

Can I ask you a question, please?

What do you think of the reviews from people who sold us their homes? If you want to talk to some of these people we can get you in touch.


More rent-paying sales stuff. 

I hope you see that as a cash home buyer we are legitimately trying to help you. 

We are trying to help by answering your questions honestly, with facts and truth.

We are friendly. No Pressure. No Hard Sell.

Let us help you get your house sold for cash to a “we buy houses company”. Ideally, that would be us, Watson Buys.

However, even if we don’t buy your property we will still give you:

  • Real facts about what your house is worth (you can verify yourself after)
  • Free information on what to expect when you work with a “we buy houses for cash” biz.
  • We can run comps and show you how much cash you can sell for. 

No-obligation cash offer from the BEST Denver Cash House Buyer. Don't miss out on this (FREE) opportunity

We buy houses for Cash in Denver, Colorado. Another review form another actual Denver home owner who decided to sell us their home for cash

For the record the review you are about to read is for a house that:

  • the owner sold to us for cash
  • we bought as-is
  • the owner was able to sell to us without any cost, fees, or commissions
  • was a fast home sale (from the first phone call until closing was 8 days! – Now that’s quick!)

“I wanted to sell my house fast and I wanted to sell it for cash. Watson Buys gave me a fair cash offer. They were very transparent. I would absolutely recommend them.”

Final Words

Let’s talk more about this.
DENVER, COLORADO: We buy houses, condos, and apartments all over Denver, Colorado no matter what your reasons for selling are:
Your moving out of state
You’re an out of state landlord wanting to sell
You are relocating for a new job at the end of the month so need o get your property sold in a hurry.
You don’t want hassles when you sell. Selling your house easily and conveniently is a big deal to you.
You want to just get your house sold now!
No matter what Watson Buys takes the hassle out of selling. Selling to us for cash is fast, simple and you will get a fair price.
Maybe you are trying to sell a inheritance house.
Want to sell inherited property or a house you inherited?
There are things you need to know when selling an inherited house.
As a cash home buyer, Watson Buys, specializes in buying Inherited homes. Therefore we make selling your inheritance really easy. We do all the work for you.
Here are the best parts:
We will buy the house as-is
You don’t even need to clean it.
If you are out of state we can go there and take videos and send them to you.
We could do a live video chat!
We will pay cash.
We will talk to the attorneys to work out the legal docs.
We will work directly with the title company to ensure the deed is correct.
We make selling inherited property really easy. If you have a house in Denver that you would like us to take a look at do not hesitate to call.
Watson Buys: Selling Inherited Property Made Easy
Are you selling to avoid foreclosure?
Want to sell without listing?
Have a house or property (maybe a rental) you need to sell fast?
Are you an out of state landlord?
Mold, water or fire damage?
Questions on how to sell a house in probate?
Pros of Selling for Cash
If you sell to a cash buying investor you will sell much faster. With a cash buyer company, you may close significantly faster than you would with an open-market sale. Watson Buys can close for cash in less than 7 days. This is compared to 68 days for the average sale on-market -not including inspections etc.
Higher certainty. With a “we buy houses for cash” company, the likelihood of your sale falling through is lower; you don’t need to worry about your buyer failing to qualify for a mortgage, changing their mind, or arguing with you over repairs.
Lower fees. When we say lower fees I actually mean no fees. If you sell your house to Watson Buys for cash you don’t have to pay any real estate commissions or closing costs.
No repairs. Most “cash home buying companies“ will purchase your home “as-is.” You don’t need to make any costly and time-consuming repairs.
Cons of Selling for Cash
Lower price. With a “we buy houses” company, it’s highly unlikely you’ll receive top dollar for your home. It’s a trade off for the convenience and speed of these no-hassle sales. Knowing this you must make a choice between selling easily or selling on the M.L.S. The choice is yours.
Lakewood Westminster Aurora Littleton
Centennial Lakewood Arvada Golden
Wheat Ridge Commerce City Edgewater Bow Mar
Ken Caryl Sunnyside Berkeley Boulder
Broomfield Louisville Lafayette Thornton
Adams County Denver County Denver Arapahoe County
Jefferson County Eagle County Englewood Downtown Denver
Sell your house fast to a cash home buyer. Is it really a good idea?
Selling your house fast to a cash home buyer can be a good decision for some home-owners according to real estate industry experts. It does depend.
A few words from Shaun and Watson.
We are Denver based real estate investors and we buy houses for cash. We can make quick decisions so you can get your house sold fast. Depending on your situation selling your house fast can be very important.
Cash home buyers have been proven time and time again to be the fastest way to sell your house. The advantages of us paying cash for your home our:
No costly bank fees – because we purchase homes for cash – no mortgage or loans.
No delays due to regulations.
No government requirements or inspections needed.
What this means is you can get paid as soon as the title company clears the title. Clearing the title can happen in less than a week. This means if you sell us you have the cash price may be deposited into your account in a matter of days.
Now here’s another advantage. There is absolutely no need for you to clean the house. We want to make selling us your home as easy as possible. The first step is paying cash and we have agreed on that, right?
The next step is letting you sell your house to us as-is. This means no repairs, zero, zip nada. We will take responsibility for fixing the house. Of course, we will do a very quick home inspection to make sure the property is what you say it is.
After the inspection and we have a purchase agreement in place we would be quite willing to give you proof of funds.
Proof of funds is showing you that we have the cash to buy your home. Now selling us your house as-is does mean you won’t get the highest price. If you want to get top dollar you need to make all the repairs yourself. After you make all the repairs then go ahead and listed on the M.L.S, arrange showings of the property, negotiate the contracts, and get your house sold. Selling this way you can probably see is going to take a lot more time, effort, money, and definitely a lot more stress.
Compare that to selling a home for cash. A cash sale will reduce the time to get it sold by more than 60 days. A cash sale will also give you more day-to-day time. The effort to sell houses for cash is so much less than selling a property the traditional way. It’s just easy to sell for cash.
Have you ever wondered who would buy a house for cash?
You are talking about cash home buyers. Cash home buyers are typically real estate investors. in the case of Watson buys we are a small local company deeply embedded into Denver’s community and the Colorado way of life. Work hard, play hard, and be kind.
Wondering how to sell a house for cash?
Easy. Call Watson buys. We are here to help you get your home sold. Even if we don’t make a deal we would love to be able to help you make the best choice for you and your family. If you do choose to sell your property in a cash transaction we would be most honored. We will work very hard to make it as easy and convenient as possible. As a home cash buyer in Denver, we can buy houses very quickly. If you call us we can be at your house very fast.
Is sell my Denver house fast home for cash the best option for you?
It really depends on what your goals are. If you want to get top dollar as we mentioned you need to make all the repairs possibly remodel the kitchen or bathroom and then list on the M.L.S. On the other hand if selling your house fast, selling it easily, while still receiving a fair cash price, sounds good to you then I believe you would be happy if you sold for cash.
Shaun and Watson.
As previously stated all of the content that you find in this article is relevant to towns, neighborhoods, and counties in Colorado such as:
Colorado Counties:
Denver County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Boulder County, Broomfield County, Douglas County, Eagle County, Jefferson County.
Nearby Denver Cities and neighborhoods we are actively buying houses for cash:
Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Westminster, Denver, Englewood, Littleton, Ken Caryl, Green Mountain on the westside of Denver, Broomfield, Boulder, Lafayette, Thornton, Aurora, Centennial.
At Watson Buys we buy houses Denver Colorado for cash
We provide you all the information you need on the housing market and more.
We are a community based local company that buys houses in Denver, and all of Colorado. You know the drill – we are cash home buyers, buying properties, as-is. But first, we chat.
When we talk or you send us your property address there are never any obligations. We will never put the hard sell on you to sell us your home or property.
Honestly, we want to know what you want? AND we want to know what you need. Once we know what you need we can negotiate a fair cash price. Next, you pick a closing date.
Closing is the day that we transfer your money directly to you. 100% guaranteed cash funds. When you sell us your house there will be ZERO cost to you. We will pay for everything.
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We Buy Houses Denver Colorado for Cash.
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Thoughts of a cash home buyer
We talked with a cash home buyer and this is what they wanted to tell you.
What exactly is wholesaling a house? Wholesaling is where one real estate investor places a home under contract with the homeowner, and immediately sells that contract to a different investor at a higher price. The spread between the higher price and the original sales price is the income earned by the wholesaler. That is the simple definition of wholesaling.
There are many pros to selling your home to an investor/wholesaler. The price you agree upon is the price you get at closing. You won’t be charged any fees, commissions, or asked to complete any repairs. You are truly able to sell the home as is. In addition, closings are typically fast if there are no title issues. The only con that comes with selling to an investor is you will not get market value for the home. Many people enjoy sacrificing a small amount of market value in exchange for a fast/cash sale.
If you are wanting to sell your home to a “We Buy Houses” company, do your research before hand. If they are truly a legitimate business, they will have a respected website, customer reviews, active on social media showing their flips, and will be registered with their respective state. Do a quick search in your state’s business database to verify the company is active and in good standing. A legitimate company will also keep you informed and will be transparent. If they plan to wholesale your home, they should be transparent about that.
My company buys houses to flip and we also wholesale a few if we have too many houses in progress. To stand out from the other companies, we take a personal approach. We only buy homes in the area we operate in and attempt to make a personal connection with our clients. We have an excellent website that shows exactly who we are, what we do, and where we do it. We always attempt to go above and beyond for the homeowner no matter their situation. We also help several people even if we don’t buy their home!