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Is My House Haunted By A Ghost? [Latest Update October 2021]

Is My House Haunted By A Ghost?

The Only Guide You Need to Work Out if Your House is Haunted!

Updated: October 2021

It was a dark and stormy night. I looked out the window and saw my neighbors, an old man and his grandson. The boy seemed to disappear as he walked down the street. Suddenly, there appeared a white stag with golden antlers that ran after him, but it passed through a wall and disappeared again.

I turned away from the window just in time for lightning to illuminate their forms as they walked up to my walkway. The old man knocked on my door as the rain poured down all around us. His face was obscured by shadow until I opened my door fully when the light fell upon him at just the right angle to show me his true visage: A terrifying skeletal figure with hollow eyes that stared into my soul!

If this is you then I would say there is a good chance you live in a haunted house!

My haunted house is awesome, well it would be if I knew for real that it was in fact haunted! If I knew my house was haunted I could charge admission, RIGHT?

YES you could and we will tell you how!

But first – We need to work out if your house is haunted. SO we have put together this exhaustive resource so that you can once and for all determine if your house is haunted.

Are you r ready?

Is My House Haunted? This Guide Is So Complete It’s Scary!


Answering the question is my house haunted can be rather tricky in some situations however sometimes the signs are so obvious that you have a live-in ghost that you can’t deny the fact.

Before I even introduce this Ghoulish Guide I am going to jump ahead, just in case you are in a hurry, and you are scared out of your brains, and show you two examples that are conclusive evidence that your house is haunted.

Your house is definitely haunted if....

Your house is definitely haunted if you have someone over and they say this to you. It doesn’t matter who they are but you know it’s a real deal haunting if when they say they look scared and they whisper it (True ghost fact!)

Second test to know your house is haunted...

This haunted house test is a little difficult but if you concentrate hard try to hear what’s happening in the background and watch the top right of the screen you will see what I mean.

I suggest turning up the audio to ensure you can hear it, and be sure to share it with your roommates and friends and ask their advice. 

I guarantee you will like the results!

link to share with your friends…


This 2nd test is a definitive test your house is haunted!

NB: watch type right of tv and turn up the volume to see if you can hear it… your house haunted?

Please share the link with your friends. It Will help me entertain others a lot – you know pay the bills etc so I can buy a big fancy yacht and bath in NV Krug Champagne which apparently is $1,350 a bottle… HOLY GHOST CRAP!!!


Did you share this article or the video… pretty please…

OK, enough of that let’s get to the meat on the bones…

Table of Contents

Intro to My Paranormal Background and thoughts...

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been scared of the dark. Not scared like I have to go see a psychiatrist scared, but if something goes bump in the night, or there’s an unexpected unexplained creak downstairs my heart starts racing.

I never had any idea why until I started reading about ghosts, spirits, what happens to our souls when we die. It’s hard to deny the possibility which lead me to ask is my house haunted?

OR even more so has every house I have ever lived in been haunted?

Is that why the hair stands on the back of my neck all the time. Is it because I have been around ghosting my whole life that I am tuned into their presence?

AND if that’s the case then there are ghosts and spirits all around me. Not just is my house haunted but so is the supermarket, the movie theatre, and even my local home depot is haunted!

Learning and understanding the history of your house can be really fun and you might be surprised what you find. 


If you’re reading this and rolling your eyes it’s ok. So much of what we believe in comes from past experiences, right?

But for those of you who have had that feeling that you’re not alone when physically you were or that maybe some spirit or ghost is in your house then I encourage you to read on.

Spot the Difference in this Colorado Ghost Town

Download button just below…..

Spot the Difference Test Your Skills

Download the full size images for spot the difference below NO email or info needed to download. ENJOY!

I do this as I wish to share a couple “ghost stories” from earlier in my life. They may be stories to you but as I was slid out of my bed, into the courtyard while still lying on my back, 30 feet above the ground, staring into the eyes of a withered old face, it was as real as you and me!

My friends tell me this story was a dream or a hallucination. But to this day, still felt like it happened. At the time, I woke up safely back in my bed thankfully, but absolutely terrified and in fact couldn’t sleep for the rest of my stay at the residence (more on this shortly).

I would love to hear about experiences too. Did you see a ghost in your house? A spirit lurking in your backyard? Shoot me a message and I’ll add it in here!

So, my spooky friends, shall we dive a little deeper into the mysteries of the other side?

Or maybe it’s this side just a little more transparent.

Either way I really want to know once and for all IS MY HOUSE HAUNTED?

By the way – We reveal the actual true back story to Casper the Friendly Ghost! While Joe Oriolo and Seymour Reit were credited with his creation the real story is significantly more interesting.

casper the friendly ghost

This is actually the original drawing made of Casper for his first public appearance (maybe). I have obtained this original and it is currently for sale for a bargain price of $190,000.00. If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind (and signed original piece of ghost history email me at [email protected]

I am now 42 years old. I live in a wonderful town with my beautiful wife and 4 cats, Von Barron-Trough (he goes by Bb for short, Olive, Watson, and Matilda. I have a full-time job and in my spare time, I like to exercise and keep fit. I particularly enjoy mountain biking. I pay my taxes, abide by the law, and like any true-blooded person promise that one day I will lay down and give up the ghost…

Give up the ghost? Now that’s an interesting term – Is there a ghost living inside me? Am I haunted?

Anyway… I am telling you this as I want you to understand that I am a “normal” person and I reckon I have decent common sense…

Which makes what I am about to tell you even harder.


Because it defies what I consider sane thought and behavior – I think?!?

The story starts over 20 years ago.

I was young, excited and just finished my first year of College. I decided to take a year off, and I was going to see the world!

The next 9 months were amazing!

Skiing, biking, hiking and eating my way from place to place. Meeting fantastic people. What an experience. My next destination was England.

Now in hindsight if I had to name the top three places in the world that I thought I would see a ghost England would be number one. I’m not sure if its all the stories about haunted houses, ghost sittings, the mysteries and dark history of the past, but for whatever reason is there’s going to be a haunting then England, or the great UK, is where it will be.

Now, remember that me talking with hindsight!

Now back to excited me. I landed at Heathrow, gathered my backpack, and off I went to find my friend’s place. We had gone to high school together so was going to be great to catch up!

Every time I looked at his address I had to giggle – he lived on cock lane – te he he he. Cock lane – still makes me giggle.

Anyway, so I headed to the train to get to cock lane.

Now, if you are an “other world” aficionado you might just be saying, why do I know the name “cock lane”?

Well, let me jog your memory.

The year was 1762 (ooohhh that’s why it was hard to remember). Kent and Elizabeth Lynes were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the child. Unfortunately, Elizabeth died during childbirth. After this Kent became romantically involved with his deceased wife’s sister – Fanny (more giggles). Canon law didn’t allow them to wed however they still moved in together. Their home was on Cock lane.

While there they did not get along well with their landlords, the Parsons. They moved out with no major incident however after Fanny died the haunting of Cock Lane began in earnest. Note this was also after Kent (the man who now had lost both sisters) had successfully sued the homeowners for an outstanding debt. Quite possibly something he repaired on their house while he was a tenant.

The ghost of Cock lane claimed that Kent had murdered Fanny! Poisoned her with arsenic no less!

The town was most interested, and it was standing room on Cock lane as everyone wanted to see the haunted house. (remember this interest in chapter 10)

However, after investigation, it was concluded the statement that their house was haunted was found to be false. Mr. Parsons, one of the guilty parties, was pilloried and sentenced to 2 years in prison.”

Yes, so once again I was headed, or being led???, to another property that was haunted, or at least had a history of potentially being a haunted house!

That aside, my stay with my buddy was a blast. No ghost sightings, we didn’t even talk about ghosts, spirits, demons, or any of the after-life nonsense.

Instead, we hit all his favorite clubs, bars, and dance venues. We were young, dumb, and full of something… out for a good time. And a good time we had.

So much so that after 2 weeks I decided to hit up the English countryside for a little R and R.

After some research, I decided on a “working farm” situation. The farm had roughly 15 other travelers in a beautiful country setting. We were given room and board, 3 meals, and a small hourly wage. For that, we had to work roughly 5 hours a day.

It may not sound like fun to you, but it was to me. Especially in the evening when we would sit around a fire and talk of our experiences, past present, and where we hoped to head in the future.

On one such night, our hosts joined us and told us of the story of the Old Spinning Nun”

Oh, I forgot to mention that the boarding house was a converted nunnery, that was 300 years or more old, with a checkered past! Yip, there I was again smacked in the middle of ghost-ville!

I can’t actually remember why the nun chooses to haunt this particular lodging beyond that she had been a nun there and she liked to spin wool. And of course, on some nights you could hear here in the attic spinning wool. It would be a distinct tap tap tap tap sound our host explained.

SO, for the first week, I thought about it occasionally but never really bothered me.

Then on Tuesday night – I heard it – I shit you not!!! TAP TAP TAP TAP – PAUSE – TAP TAP TAP TAP

Now maybe the host was playing games I don’t know but it took me a while to get to sleep, but I did.


The next thing I know I am being dragged out of my bed by my feet, through the red brick wall and into the courtyard of the building. I was being held 30 feet above the ground by the OLD SPINNING GHOST LADY.

I was freakin terrified – the dream was so real – at some point I woke up and it seemed like it was right after the spirit had “attacked me” Or maybe the ghost was communicating with me?

I don’t know – but whatever the Ghost wanted it scared the S$%T outta me!

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep for over a week! The ghost encounter was real. I mean if I think I saw a ghost then I bloody well saw a ghost, right?

What are your thoughts?

Have you seen a ghost?

Please share and I will add it to your ghost encounters for everyone to read

Don’t miss out on your free downloadable checklist below!

Please bear with me on this section. The information is a real TRUE fact to guide you. BUT… I did not want to cheapen the facts with silly images so for the next part of the reading, there are not many images. It is an encyclopedia of info to determine if indeed your house is haunted.  

Just like any studying and tests you need to put in a little effort. This will take 90 seconds roughly.

Despite this over the next 90 seconds, you can learn things you dare not miss out on. 

It was a time long ago learned ghosts were real. Yet, unless is you have had firsthand experience, like me with the spirit world, I can understand you asking if ghosts are real?

I used to no belief in the spirit world, or the soul departing and being stuck in limbo.

SIDE NOTE THAT IS SUPER IMPORTANT: The ghosting community of the living is still undetermined as to why some souls or spirits become ghosts and some move on. There is a lot of speculation between the true pioneers in the community but until they truly understand the facts, they will not comment officially.

haunted house for sale tenant occupied

Before we dive in, I need to tell you this. If you can honestly say your home experiences 3 or more of these ghost signs, then you are officially allowed to say you have a haunted house.

If this is the case the next step is to tell everyone you know “I have a haunted house”, Scream it from the rooftops “My house is really Haunted” and send out flyers.

Immediately following this action read chapter 10! You must cash in! Besides it’s a known FACT that getting a haunted house gig for a ghost that is legitimate is really hard. But they really really want them!

Just ask Casper. Casper the friendly ghost was a nobody for 300 years until he was found by Robert Morris in 1928. Once Casper got the courage (he had been shot down so many times by producers – and funnily enough that was also his original demise – he was shot!) he agreed to be introduced to Joe Oriolo. Joe was friends with Seymour Reit and the two of them were credited with the “creation” of Casper.

Now you know the Casper Story!

So 3 items:

1. You have seen a ghost and your friend has also seen the same ghost and you have captured it on a camcorder, presented it to the nation and they also corroborate that yes you have a ghost in your house!

2. Video number 1 has happened to you (a guest states they see dead people and they are 100% serious.

3. Video Number 3: Something like this happens when you are watching tv, alone or with other people. (NOW DID YOU SHARE IT? REMEMBER I WANT A YACHT AND $1300 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE!)

HERES THE LINK (above to copy and paste and share on Facebook, with your friends with everyone. You know if your making a difference because this page will become number 1 when you search for “is my house haunted” – you did that!!!

AND by sharing you will know that you truly made a positive difference in someone’s life 🙂 – remember me wanting a massive super yacht and $1300 bottles of champagne – you did that too!

I promise i will name it “Ghost Boat” for real! and everyone is welcome for ghost parties!

Ok lets get serious again – back to the FACTS about ghosts.

Let’s layout 34 items to help you understand if your home is haunted.

I like to think of this as a is my house haunted quiz.

In fact, click here for the official PDF, print it off, share it with your friends. Each time you answer yes equals one point.

If your house scores more than 3 – then guess what – your house is probably haunted.

If you score more than 10 then you better hope, they’re friendly.

More than 20 is your haunted house is fake and maybe your friends are messing with you.

OK – So let’s get on with it, on with the haunting test.

Questions to know if my house is haunted

  1. The history – of the 10 previous owners said it’s haunted then it bloody well haunted!
  2. You see a ghost! If you literally see a ghost, then friend your house is haunted!
  3. You wake to see your dog floating through the air
  4. You wake to see your pet turtle floating through the air
  5. You wake to see anything, defying gravity, and floating through the air for no reason…. Get my drift?
  6. The local ghostbusters crew has set up next door
  7. Your dog is acting weird, scratching at nothing, maybe scared in a corner – they know!
  8. This kid has been staying at your house for a few nights and calls you into the guest room and makes the following statement…
  9. You walk past a mirror but there is no reflection (in this scenario you might actually be the ghost that is haunting the house – nevertheless if you own (owned) the house your house is still haunted…
  10. Chills for no reason – especially if they are in the same spot
  11. The hair stands up on the back of your neck
  12. At random times at night, you hear rattling chains yet there are no chains anywhere in your house. In fact, the nearest chain factory is 50 miles away!!!
  13. Things often go missing – particularly things like chains, white sheets, and chocolate pudding. It is a well known fact that ghosts enjoy chocolate pudding!
  14. Your amazon account is being used to order chocolate pudding and you hate chocolate pudding!!! (FYI if you hate chocolate pudding then in my humble opinion your biggest problem is not that your house is haunted. Choco pudding man!!! CMON – it’s delicious!)
  15. Here’s a classic sign letting you know your house is haunted. Your lights flicker. Now that said it’s not to be confused with flickering lights due to a poor contractor doing a bad renovation. Another note – if you recently bought the house if your inspector didn’t pick up on this issue during the home inspection you need to give them a call!
  16. You know there is a ghost if the temperature changes more than 17 degrees Fahrenheit without adjusting the thermostat (or again during the remodel the HVAC guy messed up!)
  17. Your TV keeps going to the blue screen or the fuzzy weather grey screen – dead give away of spirits in your house (or your partner didn’t pay the cable bill – ouch!)
  18. Unusual smells – not this one is tricky because ghosts’ smells are not dissimilar to chicken in the way that well they smell like everything just as chicken does. So, it’s hard to tell if your house is haunted purely on smell – however, if a ghostly smell is present (subjective) and there are at least two other signs then you can tell the local news “My house is haunted” at which point jump to chapter 10.
  19. A door that was definitely closed opens for no reason (especially significant if it creaks while opening but when you open it, it makes no sound, SPOOKY!)
  20. Ectoplasm – this is a no-brainer – but only for those who truly know what ectoplasm is – Ghostbuster the movie got it pretty good with Slimer – but that fake slime goop – nope!
  21. You feel like you are being watched (and it’s not the creepy scary neighbor this time because the security light didn’t go on
  22. Spikes in electromagnetic fields – harder to detect but totally possible (see top 4 best ghost detectors in chapter 3)
  23. Doors slamming shut – double sign if again the hinges creak but the creak sound not necessary with the slamming door that is unexplained when you slam the door.
  24. Same can be said for kitchen cabinets
  25. Same can be said for bathroom cabinets
  26. Actually, any cabinets in any room EXCEPT – THE LIVING ROOM – Ghosts are not allowed to go into the living room! Ghost Law.
  27. You have 2 shadows as you walk down the hallway – definitely a sign of a haunted house.
  28. Another true is my house haunted test is if overnight your windows turn red (this is 100% legit and also signs of an unfriendly or angry ghost. In this situation leave immediately!
  29. You hear your name being called (particularly between 1 am and 4 am) It’s a known fact and my own experience from my house being haunted – that ghost and spirit activity is at its highest in the early morning hours.
  30. You hear footsteps enter the room, yet no one is there
  31. The gas burner on your stove lights by itself
  32. Electricity shoots through the air from one side of the room to the other – twice – it has to be at least 2 times to be considered a haunting sign
  33. A ball of light or electrical charge is suspended in front of you (just once is enough to know your house is haunted)
  34. Your address is on the “My house is haunted registry

Haunted house quiz FREE to You

What did the quiz tell you? Did you score more than 3 on the quiz?

If so then your house is probably haunted! Share the quiz with friends. Do they live in a haunted house?

If you are asking any of the following questions, then you must read this chapter. AND I will explain why but first the questions….

  1. Is my house haunted
  2. How to tell if my house is haunted
  3. Is there a test to determine if my house is haunted?
  4. How do I know if my house is haunted?

You get the picture, right?

So, if you are asking this question then keep reading.

Don’t you wish there was a definitive way, using technology to determine if you have ghosts in your house?

Well, here’s the thing.

Thanks to modern science we now have access to real live ghost detectors. Devices that detect the souls that roam the earth (for whatever reason). 

And if you are going to buy a ghost detector don’t you want the best ghost detector for your purposes?

Now let me say this.

You may be asking – why do I need a ghost detector. I already completed the free checklist and I know my house is haunted.

AND you would be right. Our checklist is indeed proven by science as a gold standard of determining if your house is haunted and thanks for acknowledging this.

But don’t you want to prove it to your friends too?

A ghost detector can do that. 

AND the best ghost detectors on the market will help you cash in – you can rent them out even (see chapter 10)

The is my house Haunted PDF we gave you is scientifically proven and if you performed that with complete honesty you already know if you have a haunted house.

But if you want to double-check – here is our ghost detector reviews just for you.


At only $34.87 the Multi Meter from Paranormal Electronics is a screaming deal! With a high degree of accuracy at a bargain price this ghost detector is true value.

Paranormal Electronics is based in the UK so you know its legit. That place is full of haunted houses and ghosts!

Powered by 3 AA batteries it is 100% and easily controlled in one hand. Again, very effective for keeping your other hand free to run the appropriate recording device.

This happens to be my favorite because blue happens to be my favorite color. Plus, if you ask my wife I’m a cheap bastard!

For a sale price ghost detector sale with plenty of practical applications, this is a true value option. 

Link to purchase here.

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The ghost detector that has the best range from our review of ghost detectors is the K2 EMF Detector.

This K2 meter is a popular, easy-to-use tool to detect spikes in electro magnetic energy. These spikes indicated by the multi-colors lights at the top of the meter may signify activity or communication from spirits from the other side.

This NEW model has the same great, easy to use and quick function of the past model with a great new look in black. This model also has the toggle on/off button, so you no longer have to hold the button down to keep it on like past models.

You can find the K2 EMF Ghost Detector at or at the link below.

Link to purchase here

Best for the Ghost Hunter PRO!

Para4ce PMB Poltertune can be found at

If you are more than just an amateur ghost hunter and want serious pro-level equipment, then you can’t go past the Para4ce PMB Poltertune Ghost Hunter!

This just-released version of the super-popular spirit detector original PMB is a fraction of the original price.

If you think you have seen this device before then you probably have as it’s been on many paranormal shows and is a must-have for any ghost hunter that is serious.

The Poltertune is 100% portable and has the capacity to take 2 9-volt batteries to ensure you don’t run out of juice.

When anything seen or unseen passes in front of the front of the POLTERTUNE, its red light lights up and a creepy tune begins to play. This makes it very easy to know when something has triggered the PMB POLTERTUNE!

The POLTERTUNE doesn’t have to be stationary during an investigation as the Original PMB. In other words you can carry the PMB POLTERTUNE around and investigate!

The POLTERTUNE requires no calibration before you begin to use it.

For more information on this best-in-class ghost, hunting machine is sure to check it out here.

The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor is a simple one handed operation that works in low or no light, and has a fully adjustable audio tone.

You can find this ghost meter at

The Ghost Meter has been calibrated to ignore the extremely subtle EMF emissions surrounding the human body, yet is still sensitive enough to detect the small, distinct, erratic EMF energy fluctuations frequently found at reputed haunted locations.

The Ghost Detector provides three corroborating indicators of EMF emission strength. A needle based display, LED lights, and an adjustable audio signal. The response time of this meter is excellent, easily outperforming more expensive EMF meters. It can also be operated in silent mode so it doesn’t interfere with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings or distract other investigators during an investigation.

Compare the value this meter offers compared to other brands. There is no other offer that comes close to providing these levels of features and performance for the price. You’ve seen television ghost hunters use similar detectors. Now you can get your own and start investigating the unknown.

You can find this ghost detector on sale and more information right here.

In the beginning there was “GAST”

Do you know the origins of the word ghost? I didn’t but I was certainly interested and here is what I found.

But before that what is a ghost?

Well in folklore a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal. To be a ghost it must appear to humans – I guess that’s a situation of a you really a ghost unless you get seen?

Descriptions of ghost range wildly! We have translucent or barely visible shapes to more humanoid shaped figures.

If you are trying to contact a ghost deliberately you are participating a necromancy or séance. You know like what you see on tv when they are sitting around wondering if they can talk to uncle frank who’s been haunting the place since he died because, well who knows why.

Despite an overwhelming body of evidence many scientists deny the existence of ghosts. However, as they are not willing to completely write it off (I’m sure many have had ghost encounters themselves) ghost hunting is firmly in the real as a pseudoscience.


Ok so the origin of ghost.

The origin of ghost, like many modern English words can be traced back to Germanic which led to and old English word GAST. Not unlike Ghast as in

“Ghast! I saw a ghost!

There you have it.

Two origin stories.

GAST become ghost

And Casper the Friendly Ghost.

My House is Haunted – Who Should I call?

Is there any professional out there who can help answer my questions about ghosts?

SO, if your house is infested with bugs you call an exterminator.

If your house is haunted with a ghost, who can you call for that?


Well, while the ghostbusters don’t exist, I highly recommend you watching, or if you are like me watching it for the 12th time! It is the best!

Now if you really think you have a haunted house and you want some real-life experience with real deal ghost hunters you need to reach out to Ghost Hunters of Asheville Montford and Black Mountain. This crew is the real deal.

Made up of 4 highly experienced and talented mind and leader in the world of the paranormal and ghosts these gals are a real force of nature!

Pepper has been amongst ghost since she was a little girl growing up in Asheville. Since then, she has spent time in haunted lands in Dublin, home to many famous spirits, before returning to her original haunt in Asheville where she shares her expertise of the paranormal with the discerning public.

Alicia brings a sensational knowledge of the old ways and the old world to the team. She grew up I the mountains of Western North Carolina where she mastered her craft. Her syncopation with the spirit world and nature is one of a kind and must be witnessed.

Deb is a blood and guts real deal ghost hunter. With an open mind and bounds of enthusiasm she is fast becoming world renowned in her abilities as a ghost hunter and brings that never say die attitude to the team.

Lindsey joined the team because of her lifelong passion for the unknown and the paranormal. Because of this she has worked in Asheville’s 2 most haunted buildings and is willing to share all of her experiences and stories. They are truly entrancing!  Lindsey is constantly studying and keeping up to date with all things ghosts and is a valuable asset to the Ghost Hunters of Asheville!

So, if you a wanting to know if you have a haunted house you need to call these ladies!

If you are looking for a second opinion, then about ghosts then I highly recommend you reach out to the Boo Crew at Houston Ghost Tour

The boo crew will take you on real live ghost tours that will enable you to experience what it is truly like to be in the presence of a ghost. Now while your ghost may be of a different lineage the experience will be sure to be unforgettable!

With a number of options depending on your level of experience Houston Ghost tour will provide you with an ultimate spirit experience you will not soon forget!

From the Old Town Spring Ghost Tour to real deal Ghost Hunts this is no doubt a fan favorite!


Finally, a real crowd pleaser and my favorite comes to you from the ghastly ghost experience at the 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver, Colorado.

The 13th floor haunted house is a place people of all ages can enjoy a night out.

While they cater more to the scarier side of the ghost world it is an experience every discerning ghost hunter or person suspect of having a ghost in their house.

Even if your ghost is more friendly than this spectacle than these specters the 13th Floor haunted house is a must do attraction bucket list item next time you are in Denver, Colorado!

I’m in love with the Ghost that haunts my house! (it really happened!)

I didn’t mean to fall in love with Frank. And quite frankly it was not love at first site!

My name is Sasha, I’m 38, I live in Denver Colorado on the west side of town in Morrison. Morrison is definitely off the main path a little but its super cute, its my home and as it turns out also the home to the love of my life Frank, who happens to be a ghost.

I first meet Frank after living in my 3 bed, 1 bath cute cottage on the river for about 9 months. Before I ever saw him, I often felt like I was being watched, there were unexplained orders of chocolate pudding on amazon, and often my brand new doors would open and close on their own – which a bone chilling creaking sound.

It happened to be 10 days before Halloween and a full moon. I later discovered he was much easier to see with good moon lighting.

I was sitting out on my back porch around 9 pm when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt an extraordinary shiver to my bones – yet it still 70 degrees! This really messed with my head which also became quite foggy, and I became extremely agitated.

Because of this I tried to stand up, but I couldn’t move. Not even turn my head! I could move my eyes and I looked as far left as I could toward the door and that’s when I screamed!!!

Right, there was a person, but I could see right through him/it! He was there but he wasn’t. He didn’t move or make a sound he just stood there. I was terrified – like I said definitely not love at first site!

Eventually (probably only 3 seconds later I’m not totally sure) I was able to move and make a dash for the door which I slammed and double bolted. In hindsight as he can drift through walls didn’t really help me much.

Now for zombies you do want to double bolt. Ghosts though my understanding is you need 3 feet of lead or something like that to keep them out. Not very practical.

I didn’t see Frank for the next 3 weeks. But on the 22nd day I woke to my shoes on the back porch having been arranged in a very obvious capital F. I didn’t realize this until on the 3rd day they shoes were now in the shape of a capital A. You might see where this is going. 2 days later he had spelled out Frank – his name.

The very next evening he appeared to me again.

This time, while not exactly normal, I was more prepared.

He had prepared me.

His paranormal spelling of his name after his previous presentation I thought to be very sweet and kind way of introducing himself. My fair had turned to fondness.

Since then, Frank and I have had many experiences together. We go to the movies, take walks, and sit out on the back porch of my cottage, me pondering life and Frank, well I don’t totally know what he’s thinking and that’s ok.

I love Frank and I hope he finds what he needs but if he does and that takes him away form me, while I will be most happy for him, I will have lost the love of my life – Frank the Ghost.

How to Draw a Haunted House

BONUS: How to Draw a Ghost!

Do you want to know how to draw a haunted house? That’s super cool!

I love drawing haunted houses. Drawing them is super fun and imaging what’s inside even more so!

Drawing a haunted house is something anyone of any age can do and if you spend a few minutes right here you will become a haunted house drawing expert.

I have searched online and found the best guides on how to draw a haunted house including videos and step by steps. Enjoy!

  1. My House is haunted – How do I tell if the Ghost is Friendly?

My house is haunted and that isn’t a deal breaker, but I want to know if my spirit bud is friendly.

So, I ask how do II tell if a ghost is friendly and in good spirits? (good pun there!)

On first encounter most people a very afraid of ghosts. They get a bad rap. Because most of us haven’t lived in a haunted house or in close proximity the lost souls that survey your area, it makes sense.

What we don’t see or understand makes us afraid.

However, believe it or not most ghosts are friendly!

In-fact I would argue all ghosts have good intentions and if not, they are categorized more toward the demon side of the coin.

However, to answer your questions here are 5 ways to tell that you are living with a friendly ghost.

  1. You know your ghost is friendly if they always leave at least one chocolate pudding for you.
    • By now you know that ghosts find chocolate pudding absolutely delicious. Therefore, if they are willing to leave you one you know you are on their good side.
  2. The ghost you live with is friendly if they are a loved one who has passed away – even if you did have disagreements. If you are being visited by a deceased love one, then this is definitely a friendly spirit. Maybe they are trying to warn you of something, apologize for something or just let you know they are there watching over you and love you.
  3. Your ghost is friendly if they are not waking you up every night at 3 am with rattling chains, creaky doors and loud ghost noises! We know for a fact that ghosts like to hang out and be active in the early hours of the morning. If your ghost is respectful of your sleep time, then you know you have a friendly ghost.
  4. Your ghost appears under a white sheet sometimes – this is definitely a friendly ghost because well this is just fun right? They are playing with you.
  5. You ghost is Casper. Casper is 100% a friendly ghost.
  6. Your ghost looks like Casper. As Casper has trademarked his brand, he only lets other friendly ghost be part of the crew. In fact, there is a Casper the Friendly Ghost licensing department. So, if they resemble Casper then you can rest assured you have a happy friendly ghost.

7 Tips for living in a haunted house

If you are living with a ghost or in a haunted house, then wouldn’t it make sense to get along?

How to live in a haunted house and become friends with your ghost!

Think of co-inhabiting with a ghost just as you would with any other roommate. While most ghosts don’t pay rent (the occasional ghost has been known to leave out gold coins) if you give a little you will be amazed at the benefits.

These can range from scaring friends to scaring criminals to having a shoulder to cry on and some being to talk to.

So here are 7 tips for living in your haunted house and how to get along with your ghost pal.

  1. Be respectful: Let your ghost come to you in their own time and don’t use your ghost as a party trick against their will. If you want to hold a séance talk to your ghost first. Drawing a ghost into the light without their knowledge is an extremely stressful event however if you work together, it can be fun for all beings involved!
  2. Practice your reaction to your ghost in the mirror so that when they do appear you are not terrified. When a ghost sees that you are trying, they will reciprocate and your friendship will flourish
  3. Take the time to learn about the ghost you host. While we don’t yet understand completely why some souls remain and appear to us learning about the history of the house, town or state may give you some insight that will enable you to sympathize on a deeper level with you ghostly roommate. Your ghost will see your efforts on the paranormal spectrum and appreciate what you are trying to do.
  4. Talking to your ghost, even if they cannot respond will definitely help to grow the relationship. Talk about your day, tell them about your research on them, confide in them and don’t forget to ask them about their day too!
  5. Be grateful and thank your ghost for being so courageous as to introduce themselves to you and appear to you. There is a ton of bad press for ghosts, and it takes a lot of courage for them to reach out to you. Be sure to voice your gratitude and acknowledge that it is an uncertain thing for them too!
  6. Keep the home clean for your ghost friend just as you would a lover. Despite many ghosts being depicted in old spooky creepy houses ghosts are in fact by nature very clean beings. This can be seen very visually with their affinity of white sheets. The whiter the better! Try to keep spiders to a minimum. Ghost absolutely abhor spiders and their webs. While Ghosts are inclusive and respect all life and death for some reason spiders just give them the creeps… GO FIGURE, right?
  7. Finally, the 7th tip for getting along with your ghost is to have fun with it. As your relationship grows keep the lines of communication open. Even if you can’t see them talk to them. Ask them to hang with your pets. Just like you, your cats and dogs may be afraid initially but with the right introductions they can be great pals too! No more need for a dog sitter because if you do this right your ghost will happily feed water and walk your furry friends and even clean the litter box while you are away. Not only is this beneficial for you but your ghost will enjoy feeling needed and useful!

Are you Host to a ghost?

Step right up and learn how to cash in on Casper!

Cashing in on your ghost is only advisable once you have developed a very strong bond with your ghost. It is very important to have lengthy discussions about what they are comfortable and not comfortable doing.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT shortcut the process and draw them unwillingly into view with ouija boards and seances. While this may get you some initial public interest your ghost will quickly turn on you, cause you sleepless nights, and ultimately move on to find a new house to occupy a “haunt”.

Now I put haunt in quotations because as you may realize by now is that in reality, ghosts are not there to haunt or scare you. Just like you they are searching for something and are trying to better themselves.

IN conclusion:

Like any situation, I encourage you to enter the realm of the spirit world with an open mind. Be accepting of all beings despite some obvious differences.

If you give people, ghosts, any living or unliving being respect and the attention they deserve you will create a mutually beneficial relationship that can last for a very long time!

Renting out accessories when people visit such as ghost detectors is a fabulous way to cash in further.


And not because the ghost is bad. In fact, the ghost has been fantastic company. Over the years we have developed a great relationship.

FOR SALE: My Haunted House

  • 2 Bedrooms 1 bathroom
  • Original and Beautiful hardwood
  • Over 100 years old
  • Home to 1 friendly ghost (Casper registered and authenticated)
  • Great Schools and local Community

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