Is My House Haunted? 13 Ways to Know Your House Is Haunted

Is My House Haunted? 13 Ways to Know Your House Is Haunted

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This is how you know if your house in haunted

What, exactly, is going bump in the night in your home?

Are you hearing strange knocks or maybe even voices? Are there odd smells or items out of place? Does all not, well, feel quite right? 

If you have experienced any of the above, what’s going in your home may just be paranormal — and you aren’t the only one coping with a potential haunting. 

 According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 people in America believes they have lived in a home that is haunted. More than half of those responding to the survey said it was “strange noises” that led them to think they were living in a haunted house.

But how can you tell if what you’re hearing or sensing is actually something ghostly or unearthly? Here are 13 ways to know if your house is haunted.

Mysterious Noises


Nothing is creepier than hearing a noise in the middle of the night that you can’t quite place. While most noises are decidedly not paranormal, hearing weird noises is one potential sign that your house is haunted.

This can include anything from footsteps to falling books and even music suddenly playing. People have reported even hearing knocking, pounding, or scratching sounds that they couldn’t explain.

According to ghost hunter Greg Newkirk, such noises could simply be somebody — or something — sending a message, not necessarily to be scary.

Cold Spots


Another common sign a house is haunted: encountering inexplicable and noticeable chilly spots. Sometimes this means you personally get an odd body shiver or that an entire room in your house is far colder than other places.

Other reports something similar to an icy breeze moving through a home. Paranormal experts believe that such cold spots are actually an endothermic reaction to the presence of the supernatural.

Actual Ectoplasm


It’s not from the movie “Ghostbusters.” You may have a haunted house if you encounter actual ectoplasm, which is the supernatural world refers to the slimy, sticky substance given off by ghosts or paranormal mediums.

Some paranormal experts have even reported seeing and feeling such fluid in haunted homes that were investigating. Newkirk described it as similar to the look and drippiness of raw eggs.

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Thanks for your patience. Now back to the 13 ways to know that your house is haunted.

Feeling Like You’re Being Watched


Many who have said they’ve lived in haunted houses commonly say that at any given time they have felt a strange sensation that they are being watched or followed by something unseen, often close to them in a room.

This feeling can be associated with the aforementioned chills that accompany you as you move around the house or just simply sensing that someone you don’t know is standing by you, especially in the middle of the night.

Odd smells

Even the cleanest homes can come with some not-so-pleasant smells now and again. This is different.

If your house is haunted, you may encounter a range of smells to indicate a ghost’s presence. Sometimes they can be “nice,” such as perfume or flowers. You may smell something less nice, such as a sulfur stench, says paranormal investor Zak Bagans.

One thing to keep in mind is if the smell comes and goes out of nowhere or is just not something that can be attributed to the home’s earthly inhabitants, such as a tobacco smell in a non-smoking home.

Electrical issues


Electrical glitches can be common in homes, especially if they are older and dealing with failing wiring.

But odd experiences related to electrical appliances are a common telltale sign of a potential haunting. Homeowners have reported everything from kitchen appliances randomly turning on to lights dimming and flickering and the TV shutting on and off randomly.

Sometimes, devices such as phones or radios lose their charges suddenly. Paranormal investigators attribute this phenomenon to ghosts attempting to manifest and using high amounts of electrical

A Shady History

The whole “home built on top of a Native American burial ground” has become a cliché in scary movies, but there’s it’s rooted in paranormal truth.

One way to tell if your home is haunted is if it’s connected to some kind of horrific or sad history, such as murder or another crime.

Perhaps previous homeowners dealt with a painful heartache. Such history can linger in a home and fuel hauntings, especially from ghosts with some kind of unfinished business on Earth.

Odd Pet Behavior

Pets have been associated with some interesting behavioral traits. Studies have shown that many animals can sense when bad weather or earthquakes are imminent.

And some pets, well, seem to see ghosts.

Bagans says pets seemingly reacting to something you can’t see or spending most of their time in one place in a home can be a sign your house is haunted and your pet is perceiving some sort of energy or entity.

Owners of haunted homes have said that their pets regularly bark or hiss at something unseen or run to protect them unexpectedly. 

Touching sensations

Sometimes a sign of a haunted house isn’t just feeling like someone is watching you — you can also feel as though you’re being touched by something not there.

These sensations can be a light touch on your back or a tug on your shirt, but they can also be more malevolent, like a harsh push or a deep scratch.

Paranormal expert Mary Amy says a sign of haunting may be waking up with bites, bruises, and scratches.

Personality Changes


There are different types of ghosts, ranging from ‘friendly” to mere nuisance and violent. Ghosts can also be emotionally destructive to homeowners.

If your home is haunted, you may experience significant personality changes personally or witness it in your spouse, children, or roommates. Haunted homeowners have even reported feelings of general sadness and depression, which have been often linked to “oppressive hauntings.”

Newkirk reported a deep mood change with disorientation while investigating New York’s Hinsdale House, a famous haunted spot.

Spiritual empath Tracee Dunblazier says people who are typically happy can suddenly become introverted while living in a haunting house or having thoughts of pain and trauma that they normally do not have.

You Experience Nightmares

Bad dreams or nightmares can be commonplace, but if you are experiencing them more frequently and they’re more vivid and graphic, then you may be in a haunted house.

Some paranormal experts believe that spirits become more visible to your consciousness while sleep, and some may even appear to you in your dream if they can’t reach you otherwise.

In addition, emotions experienced by living in a haunted house, such as stress, depression, and anxiety can also trigger nightmares, especially in those who usually don’t experience them.

Things Move Around


Those with haunted houses frequently describe inexplicable movements of objects, everything from a cabinet door being open that they swore they closed, chairs being stacked on tables, or items such as books being forcefully thrown through the air.

That’s right, it’s not just fodder for haunted house movies.

Sometimes the thing being moved around is the person themself. Psychic medium Patti Negri says she visited a home once connected with the infamous Black Dahlia murder and was thrown against a wall.

“Imaginary Friends”


Many young children grow up having imaginary friends, a byproduct of a growing imagination. But sometimes the sudden appearance of an imaginary friend can be connected to a haunted house.

Paranormal experts say young children are often more open to seeing and interacting with ghosts or welcoming to paranormal energy in general.

Children who may be interacting with ghosts and calling them imaginary friends may include very specific and strange details connected with them, like a traumatic history or if they’re hurt or telling them about something that once happened in the home.

So...Is my house haunted?

Did you run through the 13 things to know if your house is haunted?  Does your home have any of these? OR maybe your house has all of these spooky signals?

Don’t confuse a haunted house with a scary basement. A scary basement or spooky dark space is much easier to remedy, it requires a lot less thought compared to having to understand what your ghost tenant needs or wants. 

Useful Resources

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If a house is haunted is this a situation of buying a house as-is or is it more about buying a tenanted property?


Buying it as-is. When we talk about buying a house as-is it’s more about not making repairs. It’s about not having to fix anything. 

If you have a ghost in your house is the house broken? Is a ghost something that needs to be fixed?

I guess it may depends on who you are.

Now what about thinking of it like you are selling a house that has a tenant. I know, the ghost is probably not paying rent but it/he/she/they are still occupying the house. 

Does having a ghost living there make you a landlord?

Some interesting questions for sure, don’t you think? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or via the form and we will post them.

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