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Cash Home Buyer Near Me - Our Locations in Colorado

Who is the best cash home buyer near you? Who is the best cash home buyer in CO? 

Need a Legit Cash Home Buyer Near You in Colorado?

Watson Buys Houses for cash from 2 Denver locations!

You have found the best cash for houses company in the Mile High City right here! 

Get your cash offer today by filling out the form just below the maps

Your solution to get a cash offer today [Denver]

To get a cash offer today all you have to do is fill out the form. We’ll look at your address and run the numbers. Then we’ll talk to you about the condition and your plans for the house. Next, run comps and give you our best cash offer. 

A Legit Cash Home Buyer Near Me Must Have Local Offices!

Watson Buys has 3 Colorado locations - 2 on the Front Range. What other cash for houses company is committed to Colorado like us?

For starters, we have 3 locations right here in Colorado! No other cash home buyer can say that! Can you find our 3rd location on the map? It’s in Avon, CO?

We are the best cash home buyer in Colorado and we will explain why!!!

The Best Cash Home Buyer Near You Must Have Great Reviews.

Let’s continue with proof we are the best cash home buyer in Colorado. There is no better cash for houses company – I guarantee!

Spoiler alert: Watson Buys has some of the best reviews known to all cash home buyers in Colorado and beyond!

We are the best cash home buyer near you and we have real reviews to prove it.

The way to get great reviews as a we buy houses company is to buy houses fast, make selling to us easy, and of course, always pay cash. 

Watson Buys is the best-reviewed company that buys houses using cash money. Click on the images to see reviews about how good we are at buying houses for cash. 

Sell My House as Is for Cash in Denver Colorado

Our Locations in Colorado

To Be the Best Cash Buyer Near You We Must be Based in the Centennial State!

Before you check out our 2 Denver locations let me ask you this.

If you are working with the best cash buyer in your neighborhood do you think you would have to do any cleaning?

If you didn’t notice the banner above it says that as a cash for houses company, we do everything for you, including the cleaning! 

Watson Buys is based in Denver, CO. In fact we have 2 locations on the front range of Colorado!

Denver, CO


We buy houses for cash in Denver and across the front range of Colorado. We love the Mile High City and everything it has to offer. As a company that pays cash for houses, we are 100% committed to The Centennial State.

Golden, CO


With a second Denver location conveniently on the west side of town in Golden, CO. We are ready to purchase your house for cash today! Don’t accept any offer until you have one from the best cash home buyer in Colorado!!

We Pay Cash for Houses in Colorado

We're just two cash home buyers exploring Colorado

Hi there, Shaun from Watson Buys. We work hard to be Colorado’s Best Cash Home Buyer. We have several locations to make selling to us convenient!

If you need more proof that we are committed to Colorado take a look at the photo and see the joy in our faces. We invest cash in Colorado because it is so magnificent.

Selling Your House for Cash Has Never Been This Easy

You can sell your house for cash knowing you are in the best hands in the real estate industry - hands down!

Reviews are not the only way to tell that we are the best cash buyer near you. 

Give us a call and have a chat. We will give you all of your options including a great cash offer! Our offer includes selling to us as-is. The cash sale will eliminate realtors and the commissions. Because we pay cash there are no banks involved either!

You will learn that we are sincere, transparent and legit. More reasons we are the best buyer near you. 

We're the house for cash company!


Here is Proof that Watson Buys is 100% Commited to Buy Your Houses in Denver, Colorado - for Cash

Cash home buyers commited to Colorado must be here.

If you search on Google for Watson Buys – best cash home buyer in Colorado, you will see we have a massive local presence. We buy houses from our east Denver office and west Denver location. 

To get the fastest and best cash offer on your house work with us because...

You can sell your house to Watson Buys faster because we are local and here is why:

  1. We understand the value of Denver’s neighborhoods so can give you a cash offer on your house fast!
  2. As locals, you know that we care about Colorado and our cash offers reflect that.
  3. If you win we win and Colorado wins so you can trust that our cash offers and the process we use to purchase property for cash are tailored to suit the sellers of the Centennial State!

Sell Your House to the Number One
Cash Home Buyer

We have been voted the best local cash for houses company


Watson Buys was voted by Denver as the best Real Estate Company as of July 2021. The reason we are the best cash home buyer in Colorado is that:

  1. We buy houses in any condition
  2. We buy houses no matter what the situation is
  3. You can sell your Colorado house for cash to us every time
  4. Selling a house in Colorado to Watson Buys is easier and faster than all of the other cash home buyers combined!

100’s of homeowners across Colorado trust Watson Bus. We have bought many houses successfully, for cash. This is because we are the only company that specializes 100% in buying homes for cash. We focus completely on giving the person selling their house the best cash offer each and every time. 

How To Get A Fair Cash Offer from a Cash Home Buyer?

You need to sell for cash so this is how you ensure you get a great price when dealing with a cash for houses company

The best way to know if you are getting a great cash offer is to understand what your house is worth as it stands today. 

To work out the current cash price for your house you can run comps.

Look for houses that have sold recently in your neighborhood. Ideally, if you are needing to sell as-is, the homes you compare too must have sold as-is also.

Talk to us, and we will give you the comps for free. We do this so you can trust our cash offer is a fair cash offer. Of course, when you get a cash offer for your house from you are under no obligation to accept it. 

If you are fishing around for a fast and great cash offer on your house do not accept any until you have seen ours. 

It might just be the best you get!



The most important thing to know when you need to sell your house to a cash home buyer is the current market cash price of your house. 

You can learn how to run comps on your own by clicking on the image below. It just takes a minute and you will be in more control when selling to a cash for houses company!

click the image to learn how!

click the image to learn how!

What is the Best Cash for Houses Company to Sell My House to that is Located Near Me?

If you are selling a house anywhere in Colorado and you want the best cash buyer located in your area then look no further than us!


This is Jenn and me at the Breckenridge ice sculpting competition. Colorado is such a great place to call home!

Another reason we invest cash in Colorado!

The REI Commission is a governing body for real estate investors. Each year the REI Commission gives out an awrd for the best real estate company that pays cash for houses.

Guess who won the award for 2021?

That’s right. Watson Buys won it!


Sell to a Colorado Home Buyer that Cares for Your Community

Here's how you know if the Colorado home buyer cares about you and your community


At the Colorado State Games – Super fun!

Bike Practice with the “Wolf Pack”

As a Colorado home buyer, Watson Buys gives back to the community. 

A passion of Shaun and Jenns is the Colorado Special Olympics Program. 

We are coaches for biking, skiing, and swimming.

When we are not out searching to make a deal on our next property you can find us with some of the most dedicated and appreciative athletes in the world!

You can always learn more about what we do when we are not buying houses for cash 

Cash offers on houses are most certainly legit when you work with a buyer that is based near you!

If you are not in Colorado we can still help you through our network or Cash Home Buyers. 

When selling your house for cash it’s important that you sell to a company that knows the market. A company that knows your market will appreciate the real cash value of your house. Therefore you will get the fairest cash offer available to you.

AND don’t be fooled into thinking you have to work with a National We Buy Houses company when selling your house to get the best cash sale available.

In fact, research shows that smaller companies have much smaller overheads and costs. Because of this they are more efficient and can afford to pay you more money when they buy your property.

Get your no obligation cash offer today

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