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A complete guide on how to sell inherited property successfully. Of course at Watson Buys we buy houses for cash – this includes inherited houses. Therefore if you want to discuss selling in the most convenient way don’t hesitate to contact us. Even if we don’t make a deal we love helping to point people in the right direction. 

We can buy your inheritance today

We can buy any inherited property, house or land for cash.

You can sell to us AS-IS. Selling your inheritance to us as is means you don’t have to repair the light switch, water heater or even the roof that will need replacing! 


We buy inherited properties FAST, which means you don’t have to pay any more property taxes or another months insurance!


You don’t even have to clean it out and you can sell it even if there is a tenant in place!

We make selling your inherited house fast, simple and easy!

We can absolutely help you, 100%! It’s what we do!

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best Selling inherited property cash buyer

If you need to sell an inheritance we are here to help. We specialize in buying Inherited Property.

Our mission is to make selling your inherited place easy. In fact, you can sell your house quickly no matter the situation or condition. 

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We are a legit cash buyer in Colorado and we specialize in buying inherited property.

When selling an inherited house you need to work with a team that knows all the rules and regulations. Our reviews show we are honest, transparent, get the job done fast and fair, and are 100% legit!!!

Finally an easy way when selling inherited property!

Review on inherited townhouse we bought

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“Watson Buys bought my house for cash. I didn’t have to make any repairs and the offer was based on the current market value. As a we buy houses company, they really listened to me and my situation. The property was inherited by me and my siblings. Watson Buys sorted the tile out (still showed Dad on the deed) and helped with the power of attorney stuff to make the process really easy for us! Joy – Denver, CO  

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VIDEO EXPLANATION: What happens if you send us your address. BEHIND THE SCENES ACTION!

Or watch the next video on how this guy negotiated for $12,000 more when selling to a cash buyer!

As a Denver-based company, we make selling inherited property in Denver to us simple and easy. 

We're the Best Sell Inheritance for Cash Solution!

We buy inherited property for cash and we buy as-is. I know I have said this already but I want you to trust that we are legit buyers. 

We are ready to buy today so are you ready to sell and move on to your next chapter?

Just imagine selling your inheritance now and using that cash for a college fund, paying off your mortgage, or taking a memorable vacation. All in the memory of your loved one.

I have gifted a small inheritance myself once and in the will it clearly stated the gift was to be enjoyed, right? 

So what happens when you send us your address?

First, there is no obligation. We are just here to give you options.  Then, we will research the property, look at comps, learn the condition of your real estate and even tell you what we can pay for cash.

If you are serious about selling this will be a great place to start. Who knows…Our cash offer might be better than you would think!

Lets us help you sell your inheritance today!

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If you want to know more about how we buy inherited houses keep scrolling. We have videos on selling inherited houses and other great content for you.

We have searched far and wide, talked to lawyers, title companies, local government and more to bring you a comprehensive site for all your How to Sell Inherited Property Solutions!

We work hard to be the best selling inherited property solution… EVER!


Table of Contents for Sell Inherited Houses

VIDEO: Sell inherited house cash & good price!

Did you watch the quick video? 

If not, take a moment.

You don’t want to miss it. 

Watson Buys: Selling inherited property to us

We buy inherited houses AS-IS so no repairs for you! This also means you don’t have to clean!

We purchase inherited houses cash paid directly to you. This means no bank fees eating your profit!

Also, banks require certain repairs. By paying you cash directly you avoid those too!

As professional house buyers, we can close fast. We can close fast because we have a checklist that has all the details. We will take care of all the details for you including:

  • Inspections and costs (fast)
  • Title work (our team starts this immediately)
  • We will help clear the title of anything that would prevent the sale (remember we specialize)
  • Closing documents (we arrange this all)
    • We communicate with banks
    • Attorneys and lawyers
    • Local government (unpaid taxes or liens)
    •  Need power of attorneys as siblings out of state? We can help with this too!

We will communicate with the following people to make selling to us convenient!

  • Banks and lenders
  • Attorneys
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Local, State, and Federal Government
  • City and any other agency or person that is involved.

Watson Buys can 100% take care of it all for you. All you have to do is let us know how we can help.


Please Understand: This information is not legal advice. Always consult an attorney. I suggest writing down some good specific questions for clarification by the real estate lawyer. Watson Buys has bought many inherited properties successfully so we are comfortable talking in depth about it with you. 

Inherited houses we buy review #2

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“I really was so stressed when selling my house. I was nervous, felt vulnerable, even scared. Watson Buys ran comps and showed me the results. They showed me a video of their process too. This really helped me. As a cash buyer, they were so honest, transparent, and trustworthy. They treated me with respect. I am very grateful. Thanks, Watson Buys.”  Neil – Denver, CO

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Can I Sell My Inherited House?

YES. Of course, you can. However…

When selling a property you inherited there are extra steps you need to be aware of.  You do not want to make a costly mistake!

However, it is basically the same as selling any property. 

When selling your inheritance it is important to know all parties involved. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Who gifted you the property?
  2. Partied that inherited the house
    • including siblings, family, friends
  3. Executor of the will
  4. Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies
  5. I.R.S (very important to get this right… RIGHT??!)

Once you know all the parties involved you can begin communication and discuss how you want to sell. 

Hopefully, everyone is in agreement. If this is the case…AWESOME!

AT THIS POINT if you all want to sell then you need to work out what your house is worth. This is a topic we discuss elsewhere. 

If you want to sell it without hassle, stress-free and still getting a great price now would be a great time to contact Watson Buys.

PRO TIP #1: Inheritance Insurance


It is vital that the house you inherited is insured. Insurance will protect your asset in case of fire, theft, flood, or any other damage that could occur. 

Potentially after inheriting a property, you may be inundated with emotions and tasks. To make this simple contact your current insurance agent. Let them insure it for you, even just for a short time until you make other arrangements

If nothing else make getting insurance for the house a high priority!

“But Shaun” you say… “I plan to sell my house fast and just need to find someone that purchase inherited homes as-is” 

Great! Sell it as-is for a fast sale. That’s a perfect option. But it doesn’t change the fact you need to get insurance. 

inherited houses tax time

If I sell my inherited house do I have to pay taxes?

Simply put, if you sell an inherited house you are subject to taxes

Let me explain the slight difference between subject to taxes versus having to pay taxes. It actually makes a huge difference for you!

SIDE NOTE: If you chose to sell a property you inherited to a cash buyer it is very important you work with someone who understands the difference. Do you really want to risk making costly mistakes?

Ok, so explain what I mean by “you are subject to taxes” when you sell…

I use the term “you are subject to taxes” instead of “have to pay taxes” because when you sell an inherited property it doesn’t automatically mean you have to pay capital gains tax. Sweet right?

Whether you pay taxes comes down to the tax basis OR in the matter of inherited homes the “Stepped Up Tax Basis”. 

So what is a stepped-up tax basis and how does it affect selling the inheritance?

This is more simple than it sounds, I promise!

Shall we?

Check this out for a complete guide on capital gains tax in Colorado and how it figures into selling and real 

Selling Inherited Property Cont...

Stepped up tax basis means zero taxes when you sell!

First, What is a stepped-up tax basis?

Stepped up tax basis means that the “tax basis” for the property is reset. It is reset on the day that you inherit the house. It is reset to the fair market value of the day. 

BUT WAIT!?! What the heck is a tax basis?

Tax basis is the number that is used to determine if you pay capital gains when you sell the house. For a house, you buy in normal circumstances tax basis equals the price you paid for the house. An inheritance tax basis is the fair market value on the day you inherited it. 

SO, let say your Parents bought a house. They paid $50,000 for it.

Your parents left the home to you in their will. The day you inherit the house the fair market value is $500,000. You decide it is best that you sell the property. 

You sell it successfully for $500,000. 

Most people will then think they have to pay taxes on the capital gain. In this case, the gain is $450,000 (i.e. $500,000 – $50,000). 


This is why working with people who know what is going on is SO important!

Let’s apply the stepped-up tax basis rule. The capital gains are calculated on the fair market value of the house the day you inherited it.

Tax to Pay on Sold Inheritance

In this example, that means you would have to pay taxes on $0.00!!! 

I don’t want to pay taxes when I sell… Are you sure?

YES! Absolutely. 100% Here is the calculation…

$500,000 (stepped-up tax basis) 

MINUS $500,0000 (sold price)

EQUALS capital gain of ZERO meaning you pay NO TAX!

ZERO, Nada, Nothing, Zip. 

No can you understand why knowing the rules are so important!

Pro Secret #2: Avoid taxes when you sell OPTION 2...
1031 Exchange


Did you know it is against the law to avoid paying taxes? Therefore you must use workaround terms like delay paying taxes or not subject to taxes. 

O.K then. Now the PC crap is out of the way. On to the good stuff.

Another way that you can “delay paying taxes” when you sell a house you inherited is by using a 1031 Exchange.

A 1031 Exchange involves selling one house and re-investing that money in another house. This is a great tool if you have been renting the property and you would like to buy a different rental property. 

We will talk about 1031 Exchanges in detail on another page. This will include interviews with:

  • Probate Attorneys
  • Accountant specializing in inherited property
  • 1031 Exchange Expert
  • Title companies that work with 1031 exchanges. 


Fastest Way to Sell Inherited House

The fastest way to sell a house that you inherited is to sell it to a legit cash buyer like Watson Buys.

This is what we specialize in!

We will buy the house:

  • AS-IS
  • Fast
  • for CASH
Selling an inheritance to us is as easy as trading in a car. We do all the work for you!

But how do you know selling to us for cash is a good idea?

Good Idea to Sell Inherited House Cash?

It is a good idea to sell for cash if:

  1. You want to sell the house conveniently and easily
  2. You don’t understand how to sell an inheritance
  3. Selling the fast is a priority
  4. Getting it sold for a fair price is also a priority

Selling for cash is not for everybody, I will agree. BUT…

Unless you want to become a landlord or do a bunch of renovations then list it on the MLS selling to us is a great solution!

Turn Inheritance Into Rental Income

Should I turn my inherited house into a rental property?


Do you have time for another job because managing a rental house and the tenants is another job?

YES, it can be a good choice for some people but too many potential landlords don’t take all the possibilities into consideration. For example:

  1. What is the plumbing blocks at 2 am?
  2. What if rent doesn’t cover all the bills?
  3. What happens if the renter doesn’t pay on time… OR AT ALL?
  4. How do I evict a tenant?

So many things to think about and this is just the start. 

If you are thinking about becoming a landlord I applaud your decision. AND…

Let me offer this piece of advice. Read at least 3 books on landlord and owning rental property. Find 3 books that get good reviews or join a landlord group online and ask questions. There is a wealth of information out there waiting for you!

Can I sell my share of the inherited house?

YES. You can sell your share of the inheritance. Most commonly you would sell it to another party who already has part ownership.

Generally, if you want to sell to a cash house buyer or real estate investor they will want to buy the entire property. 

That said if you do want to sell your share of the inherited property for cash call Watson Buys.

Watson Buys can buy your share of inherited property. 

We can buy any part or kind of inheritance because we are specialists.

Is the property unattractive? Heck even if it is an inherited house that is unattractive we will buy it because we buy houses FULL STOP!


While many have not seen first hand a ghost we recently visited a property, to buy, that the heir, insisted was haunted! As I pride myself on having an open mind, I did not count this out and in fact, used it as a fun piece of history after we bought the house. We used the ghost of the home as an attraction that truly generated a ton of interest! So don’t be afraid to try and sell your house if you think it’s haunted. We will definitely buy it!

If you sell to us we will do everything for you.

You don’t have to clean or fix anything! THAT’S RIGHT! You can sell your inherited property AS-IS!

We will have the difficult and confusing conversations with:

Watson Buys can 100% take care of it all for you. All you have to do is let us know how we can help.

Watson Buys is the solution if you want to sell your inheritance, you want to sell it easily and you want cash for it that you can do with you what you want and have none of the cash wasted on bank fees and agent commissions. 

We buy your inheritance directly from you because:

  1. We buy houses without a realtor
  2. We eliminate bank fees
    • No Bank fees when you sell us your house
  3. We pay cash directly to you

Form to ask us any question

If you have any questions about selling inherited property, how to sell, taxes on selling inheritances, etc and we haven’t answered them clearly just shoot us a message. 

We are here to help you!

Selling Inherited house blogs for you!

Don’t miss even more great info to help you sell your inheritance real estate.

Watson Buys wants to be more available

Watson Buys is a legitimate cash home buyer based in Denver and we pride ourselves on being transparent, respectful of you and your house, and honest 100% of the time. 

If you want to sell your house fast, sell it as-is for cash, and be treated with respect and honesty then we are your best solution in Denver or anywhere in Colorado and beyond!

Watch the video then if you want us to work together, find out what your house is worth, discuss your options all you have to do is fill out the no-obligation form. What have you got to lose?

SOLD Property in Denver:

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This is our attempt to expand upon services you will find us for because we buy houses

VIDEO: How to Sell My House Fast ?

Learn to sell your house fast and for a great price! This method to get your house sold really works!

More great house selling information

Below you will find:

  • A short video flow chart to help you decide if selling your house to a cash buyer is the right choice.
  • SECRETS REVEALED! We interviewed an employee of a we buy houses company.
  • Learn Cash home buyer secrets about foreclosure. You can use these secrets to help you sell for a good price!

What is the best and fastest way to sell my Denver property while still getting a good price and selling it as-is? Is this your question?

Sell My House Fast

If you need or want to sell a house fast, sell as-is and you wanted to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect you need to talk to the best cash buyer in the real estate investing business and that is Watson Buys because we are here to help you as professional house buyers and we buy house fast and you can sell house for cash and ensure the fastest way to sell my house is performed no matter where in Colorado we are ready for you to sell to us. Sell home fast for cash in Denver or anywhere in Colorado and beyond with Watson Buys. We are the quickest buy your house option and solution!

Selling Inherited Property

BTW this information is applicable regardless of where the inherited house is. Is it in Denver, Colorado? Avon Colorado? Maybe you inherited a condo in Breckenridge? Did you inherit a condo in Edwards, CO? The type of property you are selling like if you are selling inherited property and the inheritance is unattractive you still need to decide if selling for cash is the best choice for you to make and our video content teaches you about cash buyers versus wholesalers and who is better to sell your house too and we cover how to sell inherited property and how to sell an inherited house that you inherited with your brother’s siblings or with anyone. Selling inherited property like a condo in Breckenridge, a condo in Keystone or Dillon? Is selling inherited property in the quickest fashion your goal?

Watson Buys: Best Cash Buyer 

The best way to sell a house quickly is to reach out to the best cash buyer in all of Colorado and that is without a doubt Watson Buys! So if you are looking for a quick sale real estate then don’t hesitate to contact Watson buys today as we are the best cash buyer, we buy as-is and you can sell to us fast because we are professional house buyer local to Colorado and Denver. Quick question you ask? Who is the best fast cash home buyer near me

We Buy Houses

We buy houses that are located anywhere in Colorado and we pay a fair price for any property that we purchase and not only that but we buy houses fast and we do all the work making selling to Watson Buys extremely easy and when we buy your home our mission is to make the selling process very easy so don’t miss out on your chance for the quickest way to sell your house. 

Sell House

Do you need to sell the property and you are wondering the best way to sell a property like you ask what is the fastest way to sell my house or is selling to a we buy houses company really a good idea because how do I know if they are truly legitimate people to sell to?

We are a cash buyer called Watson Buys and We buy houses for cash in Denver, Avon, Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Vail and more and we buy condos for a fair market price so if you need to sell your house fast sell to us without fair of being taken advantage of by the best we buy houses company so is you are looking for the fastest way to sell your house and how to sell as-is for cash now look no further. 

At Watson Buys we want to give you for FREE the best sell house info so you can sell an inherited property, inherited condo, townhome you inherited or even a duplex or land, in Denver and house you inherited and if you need to stop foreclosure we have information and guides to help you there and if you want to know what a cash buyer is or if selling for cash is a good idea then we have brought together the best information online just for you to sell fast, sell as-is and sell happily. 

I need to sell my house fast in Denver OR “I have land I want to sell now” is commonly said to us here at Watson Buys and our mission is to give you a safe place to learn how to sell a house or property regardless of the reason or condition like if you are an out of state landlord needing to sell quickly to avoid insurance costs or property taxes on the rental or if you are in a hurry to sell because you got a new job and you are moving out of state or maybe selling fast is your best choice to stop foreclosure and save your equity instead of giving it to the bank, we can buy your house fast so sell us your home as-is and sell to us for a good fair price today!

Watson Buys specializes in buying condos, land, and homes in Denver that people inherited from loved ones regardless of the condition and it doesn’t matter if you inherited the house with siblings or if you adhere to the home by yourself we are still able to buy it and a huge advantage of this is if you sell to us you can sell us the inherited house as-is which means you don’t have to spend any money doing costly rip his which can really be a great thing because if you are out of state, for example, trying to complete the renovation can be very difficult especially because you can’t see what God is going on and if you get a bad renovation expert they may take advantage of you.

We buy houses in Denver and condos, duplexes too and we buy houses as-is and we buy houses for cash so if you need to sell a property fast Watson Buys is your number one solution to get the deal done and this is regardless of the condition of the house for example if the house is unattractive or if the home is old we will still purchase the property because that is what we do at Watson buys and that is we buy homes!

Selling inherited property? We have you covered!