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We are local to Denver. Therefore, we know what your house is worth. With locations on the east and west side of Denver we are here to serve the greater Denver, and Colorado, communities.

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We Buy Houses FAST,

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and if you sell us your house there will be no cost to you. FREE of fees and FREE of commissions.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions like…

1. How much is my house worth in today’s market?

3. How can we provide an accurate estimation of what your house is worth?

4. Once I know how much my house is worth can I then sell my house fast?

1. What is your house worth in today’s housing market?

Our house value calculator takes into consideration many factors. First, we must determine what other houses are currently worth. This process is called running “Comps”. To run comps, we look at what homes sold for that are nearby. For example, if you are in Denver, the capital city of Colorado – we would look at your neighborhood. The value of houses in Arvada can be different from the value in Lakewood and different again in Castle Rock, an area just south of Denver. By looking at the specific area of Denver that your house is in our house value calculator will provide you with the most accurate estimate of your home’s current market value.

2. Does this calculator provide me with an accurate estimation of what my house is worth?

Not only will we tell you what your house is worth, but we will take the time to show you how we came up with the current valuation of the home. Simply it involves looking at the value of houses in your neighborhood. Because “the market” determines the value of a house we check all the houses that have sold recently within a short distance of your home. This is public knowledge. Our house value calculator takes these home values and compare them to the current condition of your house. Because we only use the value of a house that was recently sold the estimation, of what your house is worth , that we give you is perfectly accurate and up to date. AND to put our money where our mouth is, the estimation you receive is basically what we will offer to buy your house for TODAY! Yes, we want to, and can, buy your home right now

3. You are much smaller than Zillow. How can you give an accurate estimation of what my house is worth?

We are in Denver, Colorado – in fact, we have 2 offices in Denver. One on the east side at 16506 W 14th Place, Denver, CO 80401, and another on the east side of Denver at 12915 Pensacola Place, Denver, CO 80239. We buy houses from both Denver locations so if you need to sell your house fast give us a call. Our local knowledge will ensure that we understand the true worth of your house. We live here so we know exactly the value of your house right now. AND we want to buy your home now and we will do so with our own cash, as is, no repairs. When you sell us your house, we can close quicker than anybody because we use our own cash. No investors getting in the way and because we are from Denver the money stays in our Denver community. No shipping profit overseas.

4. Once I know how much my house is worth can I then sell my house fast?

Yes, you can! An important factor in selling your house fast is pricing it correctly. Once you have answered the question “What is my house worth?” you can negotiate with an individual, or a company like Watson Buys, to ensure the deal works for you.

“Where do We Buy Houses?” People regularly call us wanting to sell their house fast and…

often the first question that they ask us is where we buy houses. Simply put, we most commonly buy houses in the Denver and surrounding areas. We have bought in other parts of Colorado. So, if you have a rental in Lakewood, house in Arvada, home in Westminster, Littleton, or Centennial we can help.  We have 2 office locations in Denver, one on the east side in the awesome community of Montebello, and the other on the Westside in Golden. This should tell you we actually here in Colorado, we are local and we are 100% committed to giving you our best cash offer every time. So please if you or someone you know wants to sell a property because we are ready to buy right now.

The Team at Watson Buys.

2 locations in Denver for you. Therefore if you need to sell your house fast we can get to you faster than anybody else.

We buy houses all over Denver. Check out the video to see if we buy houses in your neighborhood.

Learn more about what your house is worth by checking out the latest monthly Denver housing market report OR learn what color to paint your front door to sell your house fast.


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