What Happens After You Submit Your Address To A Cash Home Buyer (i.e. Watson Buys)


VIDEO CONTENT: Behind the Scenes Step by Step Guide on what we do after you send us your address.

NUMBER 1: We never share your information with anyone!!!

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Hi there. As you can tell, we’re all pretty excited for you to watch this video. AND in this, we will show and tell you what we do after we receive your address.

Firstly, when you submit your address to us, we will never share that information with anybody. Also, we’re not going to add you to one of those annoying text message lists or random calling lists, either.

Okay, so once we have your address, we want to work out your home’s value, and this is how we do this.
First, we get online and verify how many bedrooms bathrooms your house has.
Does it have one car or two car parking?
Does it have a pool?

Next, we have to find other houses in your neighborhood that have sold recently. This gives us an idea of the value of your property. This is called running comps and running comps is how we determine the current market value of your home. AND current market value is what we will base our cash offer on, so it’s crucial we’re accurate for you.

After running the numbers, we would like to pull you, the home owner, back into the loop. AND by this I mean I want to call you and tell you about what we found out.

We will show you the other houses that are sold nearby and then ask you a few questions about your house. Things like the roof’s furnace age, and we want to know about any other renovations you may have done recently.

After we have this information, we’ll go away one more time run the final numbers verify it with a team member and then we’d be ready to send you a cash offer if you wanted it.

So that’s what happens after you give us your address.

Thank you so much for watching and I really hope we can get together and make a deal high fives everybody

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