Westminster Denver Townhouse Off Market Wholesale Deal


Please read the contents of this carefully. If you have further questions please submit comments below and we will respond asap.


Westminster Denver Townhouse – Great Buy and hold Rental Opportunity


The H.O.A is very involved and keeps the place immaculate. The grass is super green, the pool area super clean (although closed right now – covid and all)

If you are an out of state investor looking to get into a great rental property, rehab can be minimal, then set and forget.

RENT: $2000

Purchase Price: $270,000

Rehab: $10,000 (rental grade)

3 bed 2.5 bath

1564 sq feet

less than 5 miles to wholefoods


roof replaced 2016

new soffits etc

reserved carport parking and additional visitors spots

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1. Right below, this is a lot – like a lot of photos… There is also a link to a dropbox folder with even more.

2. COMP (pretty much a paint job)

3. Map showing the location

4. Estimated Returns as Buy and Hold

If you have any questions, please submit them through the comments, and we will respond asap.

1. A ton of photos of the Town-home.

Remove high cabinets blocking the view in the kitchen, remove pony wall at the entrance, and you have a modern layout.

Add 4th bedroom downstairs – there are 250 sq feet finished already – easy access to plumbing too…

SIDE NOTE: Out of State looking for great rentals or flips?

Watson Buys can put you in touch with people we work with. We do this because we like the people we work with. If you need a hand with a renovation or rehab on your next property, let us know. Happy to take pics or video for you to help you sleep at night.

We know… we invest out of state too. You only get fooled once with a person taking a picture of a corner of a room, and they say the whole house is painted…. right?

COMP for the property below. This property was sold basically after receiving a quick facelift. Original cabinets repainted.

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