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We Buy Denver Houses AS-IS

We will buy your house as-is. 

Selling AS-IS means no costly repairs. 

Not only do we buy AS-IS but…

We Buy Houses Fast

We can buy your house fast. 

Need to stop foreclosure? 

Houses we buy close very quickly. 

Sell with tenants in the property? 



Hi, I’m Shaun. We want to buy your house

No Costly Repairs

Some houses we buy have tenants.

Tenants can break things

We get it. So, let us help you.

Houses we buy need repairs. 

That’s O.K

We can start your cash offer TODAY! 

What do you have to loose?

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We Buy Houses Denver

Negotiate with Cash home Buyer in Denver for $12,000!

Buying or Selling a House? You need a Plan!

We Buy Houses in Jefferson County.

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Watson Buys bought my house for cash. I didn’t have to make any repairs and the offer was based on the current market value. As a we buy houses company, they really listened to me and my situation. Jan – Lakewood, CO  

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Houses we buy are also located in Applewood which is a neighborhood to the west of Downtown Denver that people really like. 

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Houses we purchase

Houses we acquire

We Buy Houses in other neighborhoods and towns in Colorado other than Silverthorne so if you want to sell my house fast and I’m looking for the best way to sell your house fast then as cash property buyers Watson Buys can help because if you asked “How do I get fast cash for my house in Belmar, Colorado or how do I perform a cash sale of my house?  You are totally in the right place.

Is a cash home buyer Watson Buys will purchase houses all over Denver including the ZIP code 80215.

Watson buys will also purchase homes in the zip code 80214 and we do this because we really like buying houses in Denver and we believe that if we stay true and are a fair local company that we will be rewarded.

Denver is just such an awesome place to own property so another ZIP code or area and neighborhood that we like to purchase homes is 80212.

Did you know that the closest ski area to the Denver metro area is only 40 minutes away?  this is one of the huge draws for people to Denver and the greater Denver region. Its  a big part of why people want to buy houses in Denver and live here. On the western side of Denver tucked under the Front Range and part of Jefferson County is the City of Lakewood which is comprised of a number of sub-neighborhoods and houses that have been built over the past 50 years or so and it has really become a super popular place to buy and sell real estate and for people to access all great things about Colorado outdoors and also access to Denver’s parks and events areas like Red Rocks Amphitheatre or Estes park and even Summit County and Eagle County where you find ski resorts like Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mountain all towns that we buy houses in so if you are needing to sell fast or just sell for a great price and you want to do so with stress and hassles then Watson Buys is the best choice for you as a cash home buyer. 

Closer to downtown Denver, in fact much closer to downtown Denver is a great neighborhood with houses to buy cold sunny side which is a small historic area with great diversity and real estate that people need to sell and sometimes they need to sell the houses fast so might be looking for a real estate investor to come in and when they do coming by your house they fix them up really nice and rejuvenate the neighborhood and ultimately create a bit of space do people to live in and around Denver and another great thing is it’s within walking distance of Coors Field which is home to the Colorado Rockies one of Denver’s National professional sports teams.

Watson Buys focuses on buying houses in Denver because we love to buy property in Denver because we think Denver is amazing and we love the houses in Denver we love the people in Denver and we just think Denver is going to keep growing because of access to the Rockies and all the outdoor activities and historically Denver is just a great place to live with over 300 days of sunshine every year which you cannot deny is a wonderful thing and makes for a great place to call your home and buy or sell real estate in.

Recently we bought a great townhome and Westminster which is a neighborhood to the north of Denver and is sandwiched conveniently between Boulder another of Greater metro Denver areas in downtown Denver with great access to both of them so buying houses here is always a good idea.

Some other Front Range cities which have houses we buy Colorado Springs, Boulder, Lakewood, Fort Collins which all have a great real estate market that is thriving and house prices are healthy and we instantly ready and willing to buy houses for cash in these areas particularly if you need to sell my house fast or if you want to sell your house as-is we can be there for you that is what we are all about at Watson Buys.