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Denver, Colorado

We Buy Denver Houses AS-IS

We will buy your house as-is. 

Selling AS-IS means no costly repairs. 

Not only do we buy AS-IS but…

We Buy Houses Fast

We can buy your house fast. 

Need to stop foreclosure? 

Houses we buy close very quickly. 

Sell with tenants in the property? 


House We Buy Include Rentals

Some houses we buy have tenants.

Tenants can break things

We get it. So, let us help you.

Houses we buy need repairs. 

That’s O.K

We can start your cash offer TODAY! 

What do you have to loose?


Hi, I’m Shaun. We want to buy your house

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We Buy Houses Denver

Negotiate with Cash home Buyer in Denver for $12,000!

Buying or Selling a House? You need a Plan!

We Buy Houses in Denver County.

Don’t miss the great video. 

Learn how we buy homes near you.

Legitimate: We Buy Houses Legit!

We ask for reviews when we buy houses. These are reviews from houses we bought. Watson Buys is a legitimate cash home buyer in Denver.


Watson Buys bought my house for cash. I didn’t have to make any repairs and the offer was based on the current market value. As a we buy houses company, they really listened to me and my situation. Jan – Lakewood, CO  

We Buy Houses Free Guide Begins.

My guess if you are reading this is you are thinking to Denver sell your house


You want to know more about “We Buy Houses” companies and how they work. This best guide starts now. 

Watson Buys Presents: Guide to how we buy houses in Jefferson County, Colorado

You have lots of choices when selling your house. When looking for a home buyer where do you start? The team at Watson Buys wants to take you through the maze of options. Let’s talk it out.

So you have questions. You want to know your options. You are doing research and that is S.M.A.R.T. – SMART!

So what’s the first question?

Are Denver County We Buy Houses Companies legit?

But, we cant speak for everyone else. 

There is always ugly business going on in every industry. AND we are not afraid to talk about it. 

I will say though that when we buy houses we are open, honest, and fair. We 100% know that we can’t buy any house unless we have the homeowners trust. 

Watson Buys is not a franchise. We are owner operated. We are in the smae grocery stores in your neighborhoods. We always work honestly and with total respect for you – the homeowner.

Some buy we houses companies aren't legit and some are. How to tell the difference?

What makes a company legit?

Is it trust? Honesty? Do we do what we say? We are fair? Loyal and empathetic? We walk the walk and talk the talk?

We buy houses in a way that has people giving us those reviews so we 100% know that we are legit. The cash we offer is legitimate. The contract is legit. The process and our people are all legit. 

Simply put, just because companies that call themselves “We buy houses” or “We buy bad-looking houses” doesn’t mean they are good at it. 

Nor does it mean they are honest or that they are trustworthy.

However, I can tell you as a 100% fact that more than once when reviewed, Watson Buys has been called we buy houses company that you can trust. 

The houses that we buy can be blue.

We buy houses that are green.

We buy homes that are red and sometimes we purchase white houses. 

All Houses that we buy have windows and all homes bought by us must have a front door and a back door. 

What else must houses we buy have?

When we buy your house we would like it to have a Kitchen.

That said houses we buy don’t have to have anything. WHY?

Because we buy houses in any conditions.

That’s right we buy homes as-is. Sell to us without doing any repairs.

Sell to us as-is or in other words sell your house to us as-is. 

Our process of buying houses is simple. 

Therefore selling to us is easy, fast, and convenient. 

Other cities and towns we buy houses, condos, land, and townhomes in

We Buy Houses in other neighborhoods also so if you want to sell my house fast and I’m looking for the best way to sell your house fast then as cash property buyers Watson Buys can help because if you asked “How do I get Fast cash for my house in Denver, Colorado or how do I perform a cash sale of my house? You are totally in the right place.

How do I know that you are in the right place? Well, search engines like Google are very smart and they know where you are and so when you search for I want a fast cash sale of my home in Denver or Belmar the resulting house cash buyers that show up should have information relevant to you area. 

What is a We Buy Houses Company?

A “we buy houses’ company in Denver is a person, or group of persons, investors, or megacorps that buy houses for cash. This means they will not be using a bank loan to purchase your house. 

These are different from wholesalers who don’t buy your house but only get it under contract to sell it on to someone else. 

You’ve seen the signs littered around your Denver neighborhood right? And stuck to posts like graffiti? Kinda UGLY if you ask me. Watson Buys Houses DOES NOT LITTER in your neighborhood.

Yip – big ugly signs and advertising all over the neighborhood all saying the same old thing…

“We pay cash” and “Accept Our Cash Offer Now”.

That’s your typical wholesaler. 

Watson Buys is a legitimate we buy houses company that can and will close on your house. If for whatever reason we can’t make a deal at a price that works for both of us we can still help. Maybe we have an associate that would buy you a home instead. 

Watson Buys uses money that we have ready to invest in your area. So when we make an offer to buy your hosue you know the cash is 100% guaranteed and ready to be transfered to you. 

Working with us gives you selling options. 

Many cash for home businesses will put pressure on you using tricks like “Don’t Miss Out” and “Limited Time Cash Offer”. 

Firstly, we do put our signs up anywhere. We use word of mouth – because we do a great job and people tell their friends and family.

Don’t be fooled by all the noise. Quite honestly we can offer you cash too. And note – they aren’t going to turn up with a briefcase full of money.

When they say they will “buy your house for cash” they are saying that they don’t have to use a bank loan to purchase your property.

This is good as it eliminates one potential reason for not closing. We will talk about that later.

Please be assured we can buy your house for cash too. We aren’t pushy like some companies.

But in their words we can close now. We will pay you cash and the cash offer we give you is what we will pay you when we you close”.

Cool? Yes? O.K…what’s next

Next came the I-Buyers – a hybrid version of those companies.

I-buyers are large multi-million and billion-dollar companies in Silicon Valley that use algorithms to give you offers.

It’s you against a robot. that does not sound particularly fair to me.

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