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We Buy Houses in Indianapolis, Indiana

You can get your house sold fast right here!


Selling your house to Watson Buys is faster, easier, and you get more cash!
To get your house sold simply fill out the form and we'll start give you a no obligation offer.

We Buy Houses in Indy for Cash!


We pay cash for houses because...
it makes selling so EASY!

Watson Buys Houses for cash because it makes the process simple. It makes selling simple because:

  1. Selling for cash eliminates realtors, inspectors & banks
  2. Therefore when we buy homes, we can buy them as-is.
  3. No middleman and no repairs mean the fastest sale.

To summarize how we buy houses…

  1. We buy directly from you, the property owner.
  2. Sell to us and you don’t have to repair anything.
  3. AND because of this, we buy houses faster and it makes selling to us really easy. 

Hi there, we are Shaun and Jenn. Together we will bring our best offer to the table that works for you! 

We INVEST in the communities we believe in AND we 100% believe in Speedway, Haughville, Stringtown, Arsenal Heights, Brookside Park, Windsor Park, Hillside, and Garfield Park to name afew great neighborhoods we buy in.

Sell your house in Indianapolis, in any condition, for a great cash price to us, because We buy houses in Indianapolis!


Get Your House Sold Right Here

If you want a fast and fair offer to get your house sold you are in the right place. We take the stress out of selling by:

  1. Getting rid of realtors and dealing with showings
  2.  We show you REAL Legit Comps so you know 100% what your house is worth
  3. We don’t require you to fix anything AND you can even leave your junk behind!
AND THE BEST PART? You sell your house for cash and pay NO fees! That’s right when you sell to us you don’t have to pay for anything! No repairs, no commissions, no inspections, AND not even the cleaning! You can sell your house today by filling out the form!

Selling to us is the easiest, fastest and best method!

Start that sale process by simply filling out the form above. You're under no-obligation to accept our offer but aren't you curious what we will give you?
The offer will be to buy your house as-is. We will close when you want. We will pay cash. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to sell!

Reviews From People Who Sold Houses to Us. You Can Too!

Working with Watson Buys is working with an honest team of legit professionals. The owner really cares about the client. They give fair cash offers based on what the house is currently worth and are efficient and effective in closing on the property…    Dorothy Vance – Indianapolis Realtor.

Shaun is extremely professional and empathetic. He is knowledgeable about Indianapolis real estate and I highly recommend his services if you are selling a house and you want to sell it easily. After our initial conversation about my plans to sell my house right up until I got my money at closing, everything went smoothly. The entire team at Watson Buys is fantastic. Thanks for buying my house. I wish you the best going forward. P.S Don’t forget to send me pictures once you have fixed it up. Thanks       Alison Underwood – Indianapolis Home Owner

I sold my house to Watson Buys about 4 months ago. They were great. They said they would buy it fast and they did. They said they would pay me a fair cash price and they definitely did that too. Throughout the entire process, I felt good because they were transparent about everything.    Mike Knox – Indianapolis

We Can Buy Your House in Indianapolis No Matter Your Reasons For Selling!

You need to sell your house and we buy houses. We can help each other! Don’t hesitate to call because it doesn’t matter what the situation is we can buy your house! As professional house buyers, our team of specialists has bought 100’s of houses. We have bought houses in every situation imaginable. We are your one-stop house buying shop!

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Any house, any condition, anywhere in Indianapolis a you can sell it to us starting right here on this website.

How Do I Sell My House Fast in Indianapolis?

You can sell us Your Indianapolis house without fees, fast and 100% free... Because we buy Indianapolis houses!

Selling your Indianapolis house fast and for cash is quite easy, if you work with a legitimate cash buyer! And Watson Buys is a legitimate cash home buyer. We invest our own money to buy property in Indy. This gets rid of ALL third parties and middlemen (realtors, banks, inspectors). 

AND THE BEST PART? It eliminates all delays and all fees! So what’s next? 


Watson Buys:  This is how you get your house sold faster, easier, and for more money! Get you offer started!


Watson Buys has Indiana Secretary of State approval, BBB A+ rating, is the Top Rated Local Cash Buyer and more!


Join all the others that have got a great cash offer from Watson Buys. Don’t miss out on the best!

Right Here You Can Join Everyone Else Who Sold Their House in Indianapolis to Us.

This is where you can sell your house in Indianapolis, Indiana AND feel great about it!


You will feel great about selling your Indy house to WatsonBuys.com because:

  1. No Realtors so NO COMMISSIONS
  2. We buy property as-is. NO REPAIRS
  3. No Closing Costs. 100% FREE

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a great cash offer on your house from right here on this website!

Watson Buys is based in Indianapolis, Indiana

You can sell your Indianapolis house to a trusted local cash buyer as soon as you need to.

Based in Indianapolis we can pay cash for your house and fast!

ADDRESS: 1437 King Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

PH: (317) 836-2026

Learn how to sell your house for cash in Indianapolis

We can help you because we buy houses for cash. We buy houses as-is. We buy houses fast.

Selling to us is how you sell your house fast for a great cash price!

Sell Us Your House And You Will Be Glad You Did!

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We'll but it as-is. Just look at all the junk when they sold us this house!

The next house we bought in Indianapolis required so much work! We had to remove asbestos all the way back to the studs.

The previous owner had dreams to gut and renovate but it just cost too much. 

We bought it from them in its current condition and we paid them the money that they really needed!


A duplex we bought in Arsenal heights. It has been a difficult property but with hard work and determination, it is now a great rental and a great place for 2 families to call home!


We're The Only Way to Sell Your House Fast AND For a Great Cash Price in Indianapolis, Indiana

You one stop place to get your house sold anywhere in Indianapolis. We buy houses all over Indiana including...

If your Circle City neighborhood is not listed, don’t worry! Watson Buys Houses all over Indiana. Lust contact us and we will get it done for you!

You Can 100% Sell Any Indianapolis House to Our Company

We will buy your house no matter where in Indianapolis it is!

You can be assured that wehn you sell to WatsonBuys.com you will be happy that you did. And here's why.

You’ll absolutely be happy you sold to us because you won’t have to lift a finger. There will be no delays. Selling to us is stress-free. We make selling so simple for you. Don’t miss out on getting a great cash offer on your property started right here, right now. 

Watson Buys Houses so You Can Simply and Successfully Get Your House Sold!