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We Buy Houses

We buy houses simply and fair. We buy houses as-is. We buy houses fast. We buy houses that need repairs.

When we buy houses there are no hidden fees, no agent commissions, and our team does all title work and closing stuff.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We buy houses direct so the cash goes straight to seller.


To Sell your house fast simply fill out the form for a no-obligation offer.

Sell As-Is, No Fees or Commissions, No BS, SELL FAST!

Legitimate: We Buy Houses Legit!

We ask for reviews when we buy houses. These are reviews from houses we bought. Watson Buys is a legitimate cash home buyer.

we-buy-houses“I really was so stressed when selling my house. I was nervous, felt vulnerable, even scared. Watson Buys ran comps and showed me the results. They showed me a video of their process too. This really helped me. As a we buy houses for cash type company they were so transparent and trustworthy. They treated me with respect. I am very grateful. Thanks, Watson Buys.”  Neil – Denver, CO


Watson Buys bought my house for cash. I didn’t have to make any repairs and the offer was based on the current market value. As a we buy houses company, they really listened to me and my situation. Jan – Lakewood, CO  

VIDEO CONTENT: How We Buy Houses Near You

The Mile High Method Guides You to Sell Your House Successfully

We want to buy your house...

AND We buy houses in a simple way

Our process starts with your address. 

We research what other homes sold for. 

We tell you we foundReal simple. 


At any point you can walk away.  


VIDEO CONTENT: Sold My House Fast for Cash and got an extra $12,000 (TRUE STORY)

This is a story of how James sold his house to Watson Buys

James is a super nice guy and one hell of a negotiator. He was able to show us that his house was truly worth more cash. 

We Buy Houses Denver, Colorado

VIDEO: How to Sell Your House for Cash and Still Get a Great Price

ARE YOU WORRIED that you won’t get a good deal if you sell your house to a real estate investor?

This great little video teaches you exactly how to sell your house for cash and also sell it for a good price. 

We Buy Houses Denver, Colorado

We Buy Houses Fast

When we buy your house we will buy it quickly. 

Need to stop foreclosure? 

We can buy your home so you don’t lose it to the bank.


We Buy Houses AS-IS

We buy houses directly from the owner with cash.

Therefore no bank red tape or fees. 

AND also no banks telling you what to fix. We can buy it as-is.

We Buy Houses that are Unattractive

You know the house that is pink, and blue, siding falling off, and the yard is a mess?

Well, let us know and we will buy it. We will transform it from an unattractive property into a beautiful home. 

We Buy Houses Denver Colorado

We can buy your Denver house today - NO REPAIRS

Watson Buys is the best local cash home buyer buying houses in your local neighborhood. 

So… what makes us the best?

We want to buy your house but first, let’s discuss options. Is even selling to a “we buy houses” company the right choice for you?

Did you submit the form to start a NO-OBLIGATION conversation?

We Buy Houses Denver, Colorado

Hello, Shaun from Watson Buys here.

We buy houses. It’s that simple. 

Let me tell you a few things we will do for you if you send us the address of the property you want to sell:

  1. No obligation whatsoever. If you talk to us about buying your house there is no pressure to sell us. Of course, we would love to buy your house. However, if you ask us to give you a cash offer you don’t have to accept it. 
  2. We buy houses as-is – for real. Other companies will nickel and dime you. They will tell you that your property is bad looking. They will tell you to make repairs.  NOT US EVER!
  3. We will buy houses fast. So if you are in a hurry to sell your home if you are ready for it to be sold now, complete the form. (nothing to lose and you can always walk away, right?)

Don’t miss out on this no-obligation cash guaranteed opportunity

More Video Content: We Buy Houses Denver Colorado and Beyond

We Buy Houses Fast. We Make It Easy And It's Guaranteed Fair

Video: We Buy Houses Denver Colorado

Video: What happens when you send us your address

Did you watch the videos? Great selling tips in there for sure.

If you need an honest and trusted company who will buy your house then contact Watson Buys.

Our Mission: When we buy your house, it will be easy for you. When we buy your house, we will buy it as-is. Sell to us, and the deal will be fair

If you would like us to work out your house’s value and talk about a no-obligation cash offer, send us your address. 

At least then you will have one offer in your pocket. What have you got to lose on that?

BEST GUIDE: We Buy Houses

This web page is all about "we buy houses"

  1. Understand the difference between a legitimate We Buy Houses company and a not legit cash buyer.
  2. Know exactly what we buy houses company is. 
  3.  Introduce you to Watson Buys – the BEST company that buys houses in your area.
  4. We will show you how we buy houses differently.
  5. See that 3 are three main ways if you are selling
    • real estate agent
    • FSBO
    • “We Buy Houses” Business
  6. We will tell you behind the scenes, insider secrets other companies that buy houses for cash and buy houses that are unattractive and beat up don’t want you to know. 

We also Buy Inherited houses, and inheritance homes regardless of the location or the condition

Another video: We Buy Houses Denver is the title


Watson Buys: We purchase houses Denver Colorado. 

However we buy houses anywhere. Give us a shout and we can help you.

We Buy Houses Free Guide Begins.

My guess if you are reading this is you are thinking to sell your house


You want to know more about “We Buy Houses” companies and how they work. This best guide starts now. 

Watson Buys Presents: Guide to how we buy houses in Denver, Colorado.

You have lots of choices when selling your house. When looking for a home buyer where do you start? The team at Watson Buys wants to take you through the maze of options. Let’s talk it out.

So you have questions. You want to know your options. You are doing research and that is S.M.A.R.T. – SMART!

So what’s the first question?

Question 1: Are We Buy Houses Companys legit?

We can tell you Watson Buys is 100% legit "WE BUY HOUSES" Company

Please click on the 2 images of the search results below. They will take you to articles about a fraudulent situation around a national cash home buying franchisee. You could learn a little about how disreputable businesses work.

The Denver Post covered a franchisee of a fraudulent fix and flip scam under the umbrella of a national company 

But, we cant speak for everyone else. 

There is always fraudulent cash home buyers in Colorado and this industry and fraud occurs in every industry. AND we are not afraid to talk about it. 

I will say though that when we buy houses we are open, honest, and fair. We 100% know that we can’t buy any house unless we have the homeowners trust. 

Watson Buys is not a franchise. We are owner operated. We are in the same grocery stores in your neighborhoods. We always work honestly and with total respect for you – the homeowner.

So some aren't legit and some are. How to tell the difference?

Reviews from real people who actually sold their homes to us is a great place to start, right?


What makes a company legit?

Is it trust? Honesty? We do what we say? We are fair? Loyal and empathetic? We walk the walk and talk the talk?

We buy houses in a way that has people giving us those reviews so we 100% know that we are legit. The cash we offer is legitimate. The contract legit. The process and our people are all legit. 

Simply put, just because companies that call themselves “We buy houses” or “We buy bad-looking houses” doesn’t mean they are good at it. 

Nor does it mean they are honest or that they are trustworthy.

However I can tell you as a 100% fact that more than once when reviewed, Watson Buys has been called we buy houses company that you can trust. 

What is a We Buy Houses Company?

A “we buy houses’ company is a person, or group of persons, investors, or megacorps that buy houses for cash. This means they will not be using a bank loan to purchase your house. 

These are different from wholesalers who don’t buy your house but only get it under contract to sell it on to someone else. 

You’ve seen the signs littered around your neighborhood right? And stuck to posts like graffiti? Kinda unattractive if you ask me. Watson Buys Houses DOES NOT LITTER in your neighborhood.

Yip – big unattractive signs and advertising all over the neighborhood all saying the same old thing…

“We pay cash” and “Accept Our Cash Offer Now”.

That’s your typical wholesaler. 

Watson Buys is a legitimate we buy houses company that can and will close on your house. If for whatever reason we can’t make a deal at a price that works for both of us we can still help. Maybe we have an associate that would buy you a home instead. 

Watson Buys uses money that we have ready to invest in your area. So when we make an offer to buy your hosue you know the cash is 100% guaranteed and ready to be transfered to you. 

Working with us gives you selling options. 

Many cash for home businesses will put pressure on you using tricks like “Don’t Miss Out” and “Limited Time Cash Offer”. 

Firstly, we do put our signs up anywhere. We use word of mouth – because we do a great job and people tell their friends and family.

Don’t be fooled by all the noise. Quite honestly we can offer you cash too. And note – they aren’t going to turn up with a briefcase full of money.

When they say they will “buy your house for cash” they are saying that they don’t have to use a bank loan to purchase your property.

This is good as it eliminates one potential reason for not closing. We will talk about that later.

Please be assured we can buy your house for cash too. We aren’t pushy like some companies.

But in their words we can close now. We will pay you cash and the cash offer we give you is what we will pay you when we you close”.

Cool? Yes? O.K…what’s next

Next came the I-Buyers – a hybrid version of those companies.

I-buyers are large multi-million and billion-dollar companies in Silicon Valley that use algorithms to give you offers.

It’s you against a robot. that does not sound particularly fair to me.

We buy Denver houses differently

Watson Buys buys houses differently.
We Buy Houses – of course.
We do it really quickly – or on your schedule. This is because we use technology. Just like the billion-dollar companies (but better because we are not robots).

We do it hassle-free: We are local so we understand the needs of all communities in Denver and Indianapolis. We know how the cities work so we know how to get it done. 

We are fair: Because we are local and we understand the value of the real estate we are purchasing. There is a pretty good chance we have bought something in your neighborhood recently. We see the gentrification happening and see the value in your house.

We are free: We pay for everything. No fees to you. No commissions to pay and we pay all the closing costs.

3 Main Options to Sell Your Home

Use an Agent to sell: We will tell you all the benefits of using a real estate agent.

FSBO: Selling your house yourself.

We Buy Houses Business: Finally, we will tell you all the benefits of using Watson Buys Houses or www.watsonbuys.com

Of course, we want to buy your home so we are going to highlight our positives. That just makes sense right? Just like a first date, we must put our best foot forward.

SO what is the best way for you to get my property sold?

That depends. Let’s dive in. 

Using a real estate agent to sell

They will make sure all the legal stuff is signed (as will Watson Buys.)

They will help you find a buyer.

They will guide you through each step. 

You have to pay commissions of course.

Sell you house by yourself (FSBO)

You have to do everything. 

You save on the commission on your side. You still must pay the buyers agent for having that person buy your house.

Sell to a We Buy Houses Company

We do all the work for you. 

We will close when you need to close.

We are fully transparent.

No commission and no fees when we buy.

We buy as-is, so no repairs. 

We’re A Fair Cash Buyer That Can Help.

When we buy houses in Denver, we recognize that each family is facing unique challenges. That’s why we offer a tailored solution to fit your needs.

We’re ready to go above and beyond to offer the best solution for you. We can also offer extra help like:

  • A cash advance before closing
  • Help to facilitate your move
  • A flexible closing date
  • Help moving or to find a new home for your four-legged friends. 

Ready For A Cash Offer Now?

Request a cash offer now! Remember it’s 100% FREE!

We buy houses in Denver. We buy houses as-is. We make it fast and easy for you. 

No Fees or Commissions so more money for you. 

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