We Buy Houses Signs: Who Puts Up Those Ugly Signs to Buy Houses for Cash?

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This Article is About Signs on Posts to Buy Houses

  • Who puts those bandit signs up to buy houses that I see driving to work in the morning?
  • Do companies really pay cash for houses?
  • How do those we buy houses companies even work?
We will answer these questions for you and more. After reading this you will know everything about signs you see on lamposts and fences that say “We want to buy your house”.

I'm a real estate investor in Denver

Real quick…

Who am I and why am I talking about real estate in Denver and more specifically about we buy houses industry?

Long story short I buy houses in Denver and you can check out everything about who, where, why when, and how we buy right here


Ok then, let’s get started.

Looking to sell your house and wondering whether those we buy houses signs are legitimate? Or are you just curious about the sometimes dodgy-looking signs you drive by on the way to work? Whatever your reason, we’re here to shed some light on the we buy houses cash signs you often encounter.

We’ll look at everything from who puts them up, how the process works, and answer your “are those we buy house signs legitimate” question once and for all.

Ready to find the next best way to sell your house? Then let’s jump right into the details.

Who Puts Up Those "We Buy Houses" Signs?

we buy houses

Individuals and companies that want to buy houses “off-market” put up those signs. Some of these companies are legit and some are not. 

But remember, not all we buy houses signs are put up by shady individuals. But the guy above, COME ON!?! would you trust him with that look in his eyes? I wouldn’t, right???

Let me say this, as a company, Watson Buys doesn’t put them up. While we are not condemning the practice it is something we don’t like to do. But let’s continue.

We call them bandit signs, and we consider ourselves real estate investors. We buy homes from people who want an easy convenient way to sell. After purchasing the property we renovate them, rent them out or resell them.

There are other companies similar to us but have some significant differences. They are called real estate wholesalers. They don’t have any intention to buy your house.  Wholesalers get your house under contract and then sell that to investors who want to buy, renovate, and resell.

Consider us your we buy houses near me guru. Because we will, indeed, buy your home. Just as the bandit signs say.

Granted, it’s not like the traditional way of selling houses, so it can feel quite daunting. But it’s a great way for you to sell your home in a hurry without trying to cover any damp spots, add a new lick of paint, or track down that peeling carpet. You don’t even have to clean it.

Essentially, these “we buy houses” postcards and signs are your tickets to a fast, stress-free property sale. No realtors. No long-winded wait time. No showing countless people around your home only to never hear from them again. Who wouldn’t want that?

Do you want to sell as-is, without making repairs? They promise that too!

Yup, we know it sounds too good to be true, and you might be thinking…

Are Those We Buy Houses Signs Legitimate?

We don’t blame you. But we can categorically say that yes, those we buy houses signs are legitimate. Mostly (see Do Your Research and Spot Those We Buy Houses Scammers below). 

In fact, real estate investors are practically encouraged to initiate bandit signs. However, each municipality creates its own codes of conduct that companies, including us at Watson Buys, must following when using we buy houses bandit signs.

Usually, cities have a sign ordinance that dictates where we place the signs. An investor based in California shared some interesting data regarding real estate bandit signs. However, cities in California are cracking down. If a company violates the ordinance, the regulator can issue a punishment find between $200 and $500 per violation. Thankfully, this is enough to stop continuous “off-piste” placements.

Alongside positioning, the ordinance may prevent us from keeping our we buy houses sign up for more than a few days. But the efficacy of just a couple of days is unparalleled. Hence why you likely see a lot of them throughout your journeys to and from work.

So, the next time you see a we buy houses sign, know that it’s likely legitimate!

How Do We Buy Houses Companies Work?


Right, we’ve busted the myth behind we buy houses cash signs. But why stop there? Let’s take a look at the companies behind the signs to see how you can sell your home as-is today. It’s very simple, we promise. In just 4 steps, we buy your house, and you’re free to go about your day:

  1. You contact us and let us know the house you want to sell.
  2. We ask you why you’re looking to sell it and about its condition. At this stage, we also ask how much you’re looking to get for it. Then, we’ll both starting looking at comps to figure out your home’s value in the current market.
  3. After this, we draft a no-obligation cash offer based on the comps we looked at in step two. Of course, each quote is personalized. But the figure is your home’s value minus the cost of all repairs. Once you look through the details and sign the offer, the final step takes place.
  4. What is the final step, we hear you ask? Letting us do the rest! Yep, at this stage, you no longer have to worry. We do all the things you hate — title work, general paperwork, legal documents, and even the cleaning. 

But Should You Sell Your Home To a "We Buy Houses" Cash Signs?

The we buy houses off-market property deals are untraditional and often looked down upon by the wider audience. And the truth is — it’s not for everyone. But if you haven’t thought of it as a possibility yet, it may be perfect for you.

Using a “we buy houses for cash” company like us at Watson Buys is a fantastic way to sell your house if you:

  • are looking for a super-fast sale.
  • want to sell an inherited property.
  • have a house with back taxes, an underwater mortgage, or liens.
  • need the cash quickly.
  • have a property in foreclosure.
  • don’t want to pay agency fees, commissions, or bank charges.
  • don’t want to fix up your home before selling it.
  • want somebody to take all the pressure off so you can ensure the process.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Then selling your home for cash is the way to go!

Should You Buy Investment Properties From a Wholesaler?

Through “we buy houses” companies, you can find properties that may otherwise go through foreclosure (a long-winded process that gives the property more than enough time to deteriorate).

So, you can find some pretty sweet deals this way and basically acquire instant equity by doing minor repairs and renovations. An investor’s dream, even if we do say so ourselves!

Do Your Research and Spot Those We Buy Houses Scammers


Okay, we know you’ve probably read the word “scammers” and completely shut down. But hear us out. 

Scammers are everywhere. In all kinds of industries — including the we buy houses niche. Some might say, especially the wholesale real estate niche. But that’s opinion, not fact.

Property wholesalers or investors — the companies/individuals like us who pop we buy houses bandit signs up — don’t need a license. So, pretty much anyone with a bit of money can enter the niche market and start bidding.

There’s no denying that the market for we buy houses for cash industry is booming. And anything hot attracts more people, some of which have not-so-good intentions.

We’ve heard of scammers backing out of mortgage pay-offs once the deed is signed. We’ve even seen illegitimate investing groups threaten to drop the deal unless you make random repairs. 

But this does not make the whole industry terrible. It just means you should do your homework. Although not you specifically, you’ve drawn the long straw and have already found us at Watson Buys!

If you do, however, decide to check out another investor or we buy houses company:

  • check their website.
  • trace their phone number.
  • talk to your local real estate agent to get their opinion.

In short, just make sure you’re only using the best of the legitimate best. Like us. Get your no-obligation cash offer from our we buy houses signs today.

Watson Buys houses in a faster, easier way that ifs free to the seller.

Selling a property in the market today is hyper-competitive. To get help in selling your house successfully simply submit the form below and we will help you get your house sold!

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