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We Buy Houses in Denver, CO AS-IS. No Repairs. Selling Made Simple

We Buy Houses in Denver, CO As-Is

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We buy houses in Denver CO as-is all the time and because of that, we know a thing or two about how to sell a house without fixing a thing.

Selling a house that needs repairs, and not doing them, is becoming more popular. 

  • We Buy Houses in Denver CO As-Is because it makes selling your house faster.
  • We Buy Houses in Denver CO As-Is because it means you don’t have to fix anything. 
  • We Buy Houses in Denver CO As-Is to eliminate all the unnecessary people like inspectors and banks
  • Finally, We Buy Houses in Denver CO As-Is to reduce all closing costs, fees and commissions. This means selling to us is 100% FREE!

Do you want to cut through all the crap and go straight to the best solution?

If you answered, “Yes, I want the best way to sell my house in Denver as-is” then all you need to do is contact Watson Buys. AND WHY IS THAT YOU ASK?


You contact us because we are Denver’s leading as-is home buyers. We buy houses in Denver, CO as-is all the time. Our goal is to make selling AS-IS in Denver really easy and fast. 

A big component of our process is you can sell your house without fixing anything. You don’t have to repair broken doors, no need to fix a leaky roof, and if there is trash or junk you can leave that too.

There is no doubt in the minds of Denverites that you can absolutely sell any house in Denver in any condition to Watson Buys. Do you want proof? Then contact us and we will solve your problem.

For more comprehensive information about selling your house in Denver without making repairs keep reading!

Sell Your House AS-IS

As a real estate investor, I am approached by many homeowners wanting more information on how to sell a house as-is. Therefore I wrote a comprehensive guide to help you sell a house as-is no matter the condition or location and it includes information on:

  1. What it means to sell a house as-is
  2. PROS and CONS of selling without making repairs
  3. Who buys as is (we do, of course)

I answer many common questions and present information from real estate experts. If you are looking for more than just a reputable homebuyer then be sure to take a read. 


We'll purchase the ugliest houses as-is


It doesn’t matter how ugly it is we will absolutely buy it from you. And you will sell to us without having renovated or fixed anything! You don’t even have to clean!

So you want to sell your Denver house as-is

After adding up the cost of updates and repairs, you’re thinking about selling a house in Denver as is. If you have to lower your price, so be it. Things add up fast like:

  • An old electrical panel (new panel can easily run $4000 or more)
  • stained carpeting (replacing carpet cost me $7000 in my house)
  • kitchen straight out of the ‘90s (kitchen remodels – oh boy – did anyone say $50,000!)
  • bathroom remodel (another huge expense)
  • replace windows (easily $1000 each and don’t get me started on how long it takes to order them these days!)

It’s a problem that has been plaguing homeowners all across Denver and the front range of Colorado!: How do you sell your home without making repairs or fixing stuff? The answer is simple, but many would-be sellers are caught off guard by its demands.

Real estate agents and investors give us insider tips on what we need before putting our house up for sale so buyers know exactly where they stand with their purchase; how much time should be invested in each step of preparing an as-is property (from cleaning up dirt stains or fixing broken cabinets); and why these quick sales can be just what those looking to buy now need!

What is selling a house as-is in Denver?


Even though the idea of an “as is sale” may seem a little daunting, it’s really not when you take into account all there is to know about this type. When using “as-is,” what exactly are buyers getting? In fact , they’re purchasing homes where sellers won’t do any repairs – even if issues arise during inspections! This means that potential customers have full knowledge and understanding in regards their purchase from start till finish because these properties will be sold as soon possible without needing much work done on them before being put up for auction or going onto market again

Is as-is and no repairs the same thing?

Selling your Denver property as-is is the same as selling it with no repairs. Avoiding fixing things on your house saves you so much time and money. Especially today when everything costs so much and labor is so short. This means finding a kitchen contractor or renovation person to fix up your place is nigh impossible. 

Selling a property as-is in Denver, Colorado

Selling an “as is” property can be a great way to save some money on your real estate purchase. While it may seem like there are no negotiations or that you won’t get anything in return for what little work needs done before closing the sale, this strategy has its perks when executed properly!

If done right and with careful planning ahead of time (eagerly preparing all documents needed so they’re ready-tobe signed at signature day), selling “asis” might just provide enough motivation among buyers while still keeping them interested throughout escrow–and if nothing else works out between parties after many weeks/months go by without agreement then these final moments will give one party everything he could ever ask

“Do you need to sell your home quickly and on a tight budget? If so, then consider buying as-is properties. Jeff Shipwash of the local real estate company in Knoxville Tennessee talks about how he regularly purchases these homes for their quick sale.”

Can you sell a house in as is condition?

Yes, you can sell a house in as-is condition. Of course, you need a home buyer that is willing to buy it in its current state. At Watson Buys we buy houses in Denver, CO as-is all the time.

It doesn’t matter what needs to be fixed we will still purchase your property!

  • Roof is leaky? Don’t worry we will still purchase it.
  • An old water heater that needs replacing? Leve it. At Watson Buys we are not afraid of replacing a water heater after we buy your houses.
  • Structural issues in the house you are selling? Guess what?

We buy houses in Denver, CO in any condition. Sell to Watson Buys and you get to sell as-is, no repairs, no renovations, and NO HASSLES OR STRESS!

You can find more information on how to sell your house to a pro-home buyer in Colorado.


What you have to do to sell as-is in Denver, CO

In a minute we’ll explore some different ways you can sell your home as-is. But first, before getting into those options and more details on what buyers need to do during their “as is” sale – let’s go over some things that are required by law in order for this type of transaction to be valid!

The main requirement states have if they want any kind of confidentiality agreement between buyer/seller entered into at Closing Confirmation despite not having Marge Simpson-style disclosure statements written out word for every little detail about the property upfront: Providing Disclosures. You don’t want potential legal issues, right?

A lot of sellers say, “I’m selling it as-is — I don’t even want to talk about what you got going on here” says Edward Kaminsky. That can come back to bite them in the end because if something was not disclosed by them then they could be held liable after closing escrow.

Need to know more about cash offers?  Did you know you could get one today

Agents know selling as-is to us makes selling easy

That’s why many real estate agents recommend that before listing your home with an agent or doing any marketing for yourself make sure all known problems are addressed so no one gets taken advantage off later

A home is a big investment and an even bigger decision. That’s why you want to make sure that all of your bases are covered with this purchase: understanding what kind of insurance coverage will be best for the building, ensuring there isn’t any foreclosed properties within walking distance from where we’ll build our dream house on such-and-such lot size (or close by), checking if permits need filing before construction begins…the list goes on!

The last thing anyone needs when buying property/real estate in today’s market – especially somebody new like myself who doesn’t know much yet but wants insight into how things work – were questions unanswered or misinformation spread about certain aspects related my

Include "Selling AS-IS" in the title

By including the language of being sold “as is,” you are helping your agent connect with prospective buyers. This way they can find out if there are any potential repairs needed or not before extending their offer on the home!

“Including ‘as is’ helps our agents identify which network connections might have better prospects for finding what’s available,” says Jones. “Clients know immediately that this property won’t be getting fixed up in any way – it straight away puts some distance between them and high-pressure sales tactics.”

When you are ready to list your home, consider having a pre-listing inspection. “You’ll receive more non-contingent offers if it’s all disclosed from the start,” Jones says. It may be central in selling as-is and knowing what problems there might potentially still exist will allow buyers submit an offer based on that knowledge.”

Selling in Denver as-is: These are your options

When you are ready to list your home, consider having a pre-listing inspection. “You’ll receive more non-contingent offers if it’s all disclosed from the start,” Jones says. It may be central in selling as-is and knowing what problems there might potentially still exist will allow buyers submit an offer based on that knowledge.”

We buy houses in Denver, CO as-is all the time so if you want to sell your house for the cheapest way possible just call Watson Buys. We don’t expect you to do a pre-inspection. 

House needs work? How to sell...

You want to sell your house in a hurry but it needs some work done first. There are many ways you can do this, one way is by offering cash for an immediate closing date and all repairs will be made before hand-over of the title!

We buy houses in Denver, CO for cash too!

Cash buyers are well accustomed to buying homes as is – at least compared to traditional buyers. According to the 2020 survey of over 2,000 adults from Coldwell Banker, 80% prefer a move-in ready home with renovations and most cash buyers purchase off-market so you’ll need to go them rather than go through other means

Sell as-is by requesting a cash offer from a local Denver buyer

Watson Buys buys houses in almost any condition, and their full cash offers are perfect for when you want to avoid unnecessary hassle. Plus they can take care of all the repairs too! If your home needs work—from fixing up some drywall damage or replacing an aging AC unit with something more energy efficient than ever before-we’ve got just what you’re looking at here: no matter how minimalistic on paper that might seem we’ll provide fair value based off our inspection findings so there’s nothing left out from this process–though it may be easier said then done because who could pass such great deals up?

Sell your house when it’s convenient for you. Want to get out right away? Or need a little more time before packing up and moving, we can help with that too! With our flexible schedule within 30 days of closing on the property in question, there is no reason not sell fast if cash buyers offer what they say: certainty & speedier turnaround times than traditional financing methods have been known to come at price tags lower than other options available nowadays – even nimbler compared against

Sell “as is” with an agent in Denver

Perhaps selling your home isn’t a total teardown and you are willing to see what kind of deal could be struck on the open market. In this case, list it for sale — ideally with pre-listing inspection and prepared disclosures— at a fair price while keeping work as minimalistic as possible inside or outside your house

The tone should now convey informational truth rather than being overly enthusiastic Hiring an agent with an “as is” experience will avoid a bad transaction. To do so, it’s critical that you partner up and work with someone who has knowledge in negotiating on your behalf when selling property listings such as homes or businesses for Denver real estate transactions  the key thing being they need to be experienced enough not only recognize potential problems early but also know how best handle them if/when these situations arise.”

Advice from a realtor

I reached out to Emma Radcliffe from The Real Estate Company located here in Colorado because she specializes mainly within this type of situation – helping sellers make sound decisions while protecting themselves against unscrupulous buyers trying anything underhanded during negotiations,” shares others ideas regarding why I selected her expertise among others specializing

“‘As Is’ to many buyers means only until they squeeze for a bigger discount after an inspection, but I built my reputation as someone who doesn’t give in and always holds out. If you’re not interested now then we can work together on finding the perfect property that will be right up your alley.”

Factor 'as is' into pricing; don't get lowballed

A home “as is” has its drawbacks. For one, you can’t price the same way as if there were upgrades or repairs planned because people will just accept any offer without considering how much your house actually commands in Denver .

In the world of real estate, one thing that agents must do is find a balance between pricing it correctly to maximize seller profit while also looking for buyers who want live in their properties. It can be difficult at times because some people might think they’re not getting enough money from an offer and if you give them too much or less than what’s fair then there will likely never be another purchase agreement made with this person again which means lost revenue during negotiations next time around- so balancing these two considerations becomes crucial

Maintaining communication channels open by giving discounts where appropriate tends help keep things cordial without sacrificing value creation over future transactions

Is it bad to sell a house as is?

Is it bad to sell a house as-is? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

There are a lot of great reasons to sell a house as-is. Selling a house AS-IS is a great option if:

  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money selling
  • You need to sell your house fast

DONT WANT TO SPEND CASH: Selling as-is means no repairs. Repairs cost a lot so when you sell your house as-is you don’t have t pay for all that. Huge cash savings guaranteed!

NEED TO SELL IN A HURRY: Fixing all that stuff takes a long time (see below) therefore when you sell to us, AS-IS, you eliminate all the time it takes and the delays that inevitably occur when fixing a house (trust me – I have rehabbed my share of houses in Denver, CO and stuff always happens to delay the job!). 

Let’s elaborate on whether it is bad to sell a house as-is. 

  1. The list of items to repair costs a lot of money (replacing a roof can cost over $10,000, water heaters $1500, painting the inside is several thousand too!)
  2. You need to sell fast (for every 1-$5000 you spend on renovations expect it to take at least a week – fixing things on a house takes a long time.)
  3. Fixing up the house for someone else to enjoy doesn’t seem fair to you (you do a beautiful remodel only for someone else to buy it away from you… that doesn’t make sense).

As-Is (AKA fixer-upper or handyman special)

When selling your home as-is other common terms that buyers look for is “fixer-upper or handyman special. Both these terms refer to the fact the house that is for sale needs repairs. AND A LOT OF THEM.

According to Radcliffe, fixer-uppers are often at the mercy of buyers looking for a steal. Buyers try and take advantage by assuming that sellers will cave into their demands or use scare tactics like “nobody will buy your house in Denver” if they don’t get what they want right away–pressure along these lines can even come through an agent who seems reasonable but has ulterior motives (like getting you onboard so he/she makes more money). But as a seller beware! You should always ask yourself: am I being played? Do agents really need my property gone today?”

It’s important to make sure your investment project is worth the time and money. Robert Taylor, a real estate investor with over 15 years of experience in Sacramento says: “I never repair anything that will only marginally increase home value.”

“There needs be some sort of fundamental change,” he continues. For example, if an old guest room becomes usable as new office space at no cost but requires ten hours of work from construction professionals on top of what was already done by other contractors then we would likely

We purchase as-is homes in Denver, CO because...

Several reasons why we buy houses in Denver CO AS-IS which include:

  • Watson Buys purchases Denver property as-is because it saves the seller time (seller doesn’t have to make repairs)
  • We purchase As-Is because it makes selling your house faster.
  • We’ll buy your Front Range home AS-IS so we can renovate it tastefully
  • We Buy Houses direct from the buyer without you fixing anything to get rid of realtors, inspectors and lenders because…
  • It makes selling to us even faster and cost less! (we pay all the closing costs in fact!
  • Finally, We Buy Houses in Denver CO As-Is to reduce all closing costs, fees and commissions. This means selling to us is 100% FREE!

Is it easy to sell a house as-is in Denver, CO?

Selling a house as-is can be simple if you find the right buyer. The right buyer must have the following:

  1. Be a legitimate home buyer
  2. Have proven track record of buying as-is
  3. Online reviews proving you can sell to them without fixing anything
  4. “REAL” experience buying as-is homes
  5. Cash ready to purchase the property you want to sell.

Selling a house without fixing anything is very simple in Denver, CO. It is easy to find an individual or real estate company to buy it. To find a buyer you could:

  • list it on craigslist or some other FREE site.
  • List it on the MLS (FSBO – put selling as-is front and center)
  • Search online for a cash buyer who buys houses in Denver as-is? 


 How do I know this? I am a home buyer based right here in Denver, CO. I buy houses as-is all the time. The uglier the better!

We buy them and then renovate them afterward. This means when you sell to us you don’ have to fix a thing. Contact Watson Buys TODAY to get the best cash for houses offer in the Mile High City!

Make small repairs only... IF YOU MUST

Here are a few smaller projects that would meet Taylor’s benchmark as being worth the investment, even if you’re selling a house in Denver

Even just sprucing up your curb appeal with new plants and outdoor furniture can add thousands to its value! Real estate agents estimate investing $300 on lawn care could net an increase of over 1k for resale properties while mulching adds another 800. A great way to boost marketability is improving aesthetics by adding some greenery; 76% say they feel it will make their clients more eager buy what they have listed (or sell again).

With the right preparation, you can add over $4k in resale value to your home by having a professional clean and declutter.

Make your home feel like a new space with neutral paint colors. Painting in beiges or grays can make you homes feel more personal, but it also depersonalizes the space and increases its sale price by 1%-3%. For example for a house valued at $500k, this could mean an increase from 5-15K! A lot of agents recommend going with Agreeable grey from Sherwin Williams as they say “Small fixes lead to higher prices.”

If you’re considering making repairs to your home, be sure that the time and cost requirements are worth of what you think will come back. A return on investment can depend greatly depending not only how long it takes for new drywall installation or painting but also if there is an insurance requirement as well. Make adjustments accordingly before committing yourself into these costly updates!

Proof is in the pudding (well the rehab)

ROI isn’t the best when it comes to these three notoriously poor- ROI projects:

A massive kitchen remodel will cost you approximately $65,000 and return only 40k at sale.

A complete bathroom renovation can be extremely costly with an average return of 15K – but if there’s anything left over from this project we’ll use it for something fun! And finishing off your basement might seem like a good idea in theory (it saves money right?) But without considerations such as noise reduction or lighting improvements; You’re looking at spending around $40/ft2 which turns out less than half what other similarly sized homes make back on their whole value after just one year…

Address ‘dealkillers’ if possible

Some deals are too good to be true. Don’t let cosmetic issues get in your way of ownership, but do take care with these big ticket repairs that could cost up tp $7000!  “It’s a huge can o’ worms”, says Jones.” Structural problems may cause sinking or settling foundations, which would send away potential buyers fast!”

Termites are small insects that Nest, breed and eat wood. They infest homes in the form of galleries which they create out of termite protectors or mounds made by tunneling through soil into pre-existing structures like foundations at different depths so you cannot see it! There can be many types but some common ones include Jacks(wood destroying) , kings(acidic), queens (parasitic). The damages may vary depending on what type is present for example if there’s only one queen she might lay up too 20 eggs per day while other nymph forms would require more food before maturing whereas adults feed once every week/ two weeks

Replacing a roof will cost you up to 12 thousand dollars, but there is an 94% ROI. For those who are scared or don’t know how much it costs in general can make the decision easier with HomeLight’s data! So before making such big decisions that affect your life for years afterwards – research as well as repairability should be considered first hand by yourself

So just like when selling property-disclose any obligations and consider repairs into price because they’re important aspects too!”

The good and bad of selling a house in Denver as is

Selling your home can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to feel like the worst part. With some preparation and research into what buyers want in their houses you’ll find that as-is sales are actually quite common these days! Consider all of your options before making any final decisions so that when selling time comes around again next year or on this timeline…you won’t regret not negotiating with picky buyer who wanted more than just an offer on paper (even if they seemed great at first)!

As-is purchases offer many benefits. For example, you can sell your home without having to do any major repairs and get more cash than usual for it!

With an as-is sale, you can save money by reducing inspection haggling. With buyers negotiating on average $14000 in savings based off inspections findings and total lack of repairs or credits from sellers during closing it’s important to communicate this upfront so there aren’t any surprises at the end!

Negatives of selling a house as-is in Denver

It is a good idea to consider the pros and cons of selling your home as-is so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth making such an investment.  One con might be turning off buyers; some see “as-is” written on property listing signs, which means they think there will more problems later down the line (and then again these same people may offer higher prices knowing repairs won’t need costly work). Another potential problem could come from insurance claims if something happens after purchase – but this risk would no longer exist once we’ve had our chance during inspection time!

You might think that repairs are off the table, but buyers will try their best to negotiate for them. If you accept an offer with a request for repairs and end up saving money in both time or materials because of this effort on behalf of buyer – then maybe it is worth negotiating yourself down from asking prices so much more than what was offered?

A lot can happen when people debate over something as simple has repairing windows which have been damaged during stormy weather conditions…

The "As Is" Sale: What You Need to Know

There are some serious downsides when selling your home as-is which you should know about beforehand. If not fixed, cosmetic issues could devalue the value of your house and leave money on table for repairs – but don’t worry! Jones has this covered with his top tips so that shouldn’t happen too often at least in today’s market (especially if buyer is looking).

Is there a best time to sell when selling a house as-is?

Not really. Selling a house as-is is a little bit different from selling the traditional way. When you sell on the regular market there is a good, better and best time to sell, especially in never. 

When you’re looking for an easy, low-hassle sale and don’t have the funds to work on repairs yourself  like in Denver where homes are often sold as is ; remember these key takeaways. You’ll likely receive discounted price by working with agents who can help reject offers that come too low or not at all; explicit mentioning of “as Is” will ensure potential buyers know what they’re getting themselves into so no one gets surprised when their offer turns down later because it doesn’t match exactly what was advertised (for example ‘sold’ instead says available). To maximize value from this type property order inspections ahead of time which helps evaluate accurately pricing opportunities

To avoid pricey cosmetic upgrades, but know that tidying up and improving curb appeal can go a long way. For those looking to move into their new home as soon as possible in Denver  most regular buyers won’t be interested because they’re after something more permanent with all of its features plus potential value growth over time from being on the market for less than six months before selling locally at close-to asking price

To cut down your search times even further, consider reaching out through platforms such as Watson Buys where you’ll find property suitable just right away!

Watson Buys houses in a faster, easier way that ifs free to the seller.

Selling a property in the market today is hyper-competitive. To get help in selling your house successfully simply submit the form below and we will help you get your house sold!

we buy houses for cash in denver, colorado

Get more info on selling your home fast...

Get your cash offer from Colorado's leading cash for houses company right here. Don't miss out on maybe the best cash offer you will get.