Top Best 3 We Buy Houses Cash Home Buyers Who Buy Houses As Is


Need to sell your home as soon as possible?

Who should you choose to buy your hosue for cash?

Selling your house has never been easier than what we are going to talk about now.

Dont miss our top 3 Compnaies that are ready to buy your house today.

We will show you what you need to know about companies that buy ugly houses.

We understand that selling your house can be hard – it has both monetary and sentimental value. While you will have to find a way to work around the sentimental aspect, we will help you deal with the monetary aspect of selling a house by showing you 3 great companies who provide amazing service and set the bar.


We asked you and here is a number of words that came up. The size of the word represents how often it was mentioned in our comverstaions.

We will highlight the 3 best companies that will buy your house for cash and as-is.

That’s right, no repairs necessary.

The first company that buys houses fast is in Denver, Colorado.

The second company that buys house fast is in Philadelphia, PA.

The third company to make the list of Top best company to buy your house is a cash home buyer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

When you wish to sell your house, there are a hundred things that will come in your way, and you will have to tackle them – for example, hiring a real estate agent, listing your house, home inspection, home assessment, and so much more. Not everyone has the patience to tackle all these rocks that come in your way. Moreover, these processes take time and are costly, so someone who urgently needs money will only have to spend more to get more. Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn’t make sense to us.

If you wish to sell your house quickly, in a hassle-free manner, and without paying for the 100 processes of selling, you should opt to sell your house to a cash buyer.

Keep reading to find how this method of selling your house can be beneficial.

Are you looking to sell your house as-is conveniently?

If you agree with the above, and if you wish to sell your house quickly, you should look for companies willing to buy your house as-is. If, after reading this, you told yourself, “I want to sell my house as-is,” then the next few things you read here will be a treat to you.

Read below to find how selling your house to the best cash home buyers can benefit you.

  • Hassle-Free:

If you have ever sold your house previously, you would know how many processes there are in selling your house. You will have to find a real estate agent, get your house listed, then the home assessment will take place, many people will come to your house and point flaws, and then you will never hear from them. After that, if some party does seem interested, there will be a lot of negotiation, you might have to fix things in the house for the buyer, and then the home inspection will take place – even then, the party can walk out of the deal. What were all these tedious tasks for? Is it worth the hassle?

When you sell, you decided that yes, I want to sell my house as-is. All you will need to do is contact the best cash home buyers. They will come and see your house and offer you a price then and there, that’s it. Here you are in the driving seat; you decide to sell or not at the given price.

  • Quick:

A conventional home selling procedure takes months and months to conclude; however, if you wish to sell your house as-is, the deal can close in as little as 1 hour. No, we are not kidding!

If you want to sell your house fast, selling it to a cash home buyer will be your best option. You will not have to wait, you will not have to deal with a real estate agent, and you will not have to go through the lengthy procedures of conventional home buying and selling.

Moreover, if you need money soon, this is your best shot at doing so. As mentioned above, you will save a lot of time dealing with the conventional methods, but the paperwork will be shorter. You can close the deal within 1 hour and have the money in your hand – it is that simple.

  • You Don’t Have to Spend

Most people dislike real estate agents because they charge a commission– which is not feasible for most people facing a financial crisis and selling their house to meet ends. If you are dealing with a cash home buyer, you will not have to pay the real estate agent anything, and all that you will receive from the buyer will be yours.

It is also a win-win.

Do you want to sell your home to a trusted company that will buy your house for cash?

Selling your house to a cash home buyer has many advantages, as mentioned above; you save a lot of time, it is hassle-free, and you don’t have to pay anyone for selling your house. But what you must consider here is that you must sell your house to a trusted company that will buy your house for cash.

You must check some things before you decide to sell your house to a cash home buyer.

  • Registration

Check if the company you plan on doing business with is registered. It would help if you authenticated that they are a real company and not a scam. It will save you from many issues that might come your way. You can ask for their NTN or check online if they are a registered company.

  • Visit their Office

Many companies do give an address; however, most of the time, it is fake. So it is best if you actually go to the company’s address and see if the office actually exists.

  • Testimonials

Reviews on the internet can often be fake, bias, or paid, so play safe. Ask around if someone you know has dealt with that company and how their experience was. Ask in detail, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • Too Good to Be True

Sometimes companies make offers that are too good to be true; however, it is best to cross-check with other such companies in such situations. Take a deep breath and calmly think, “why are they offering me so much while the other companies are not?”

Once you think about it, take your time to do your research. Remember, it is better to earn a few pennies less than lose hundreds of dollars.

The first company you can trust to buy your house fast and for cash is…

Watson Buys: Denver – Colorado

If you are looking for a cash home buyer who has immense experience in the field, you must consult Denver, Colorado, and cash home buyer Watson Buys. They are leaders in this field and have years of experience paired with glowing reviews and recommendations. Not just that, they are also registered and have a real address to their office (cherry on the top). Watson Buys – Denver, Colorado is fair with their dealings and provides decent rates, much better than many other companies in the market, and much lesser than all the scams you might encounter.

Watson Buys more experience than you know what to do with. They pride themselves on being the number 1 most transparent company in the United States.

“We will take you to step by step through exactly what it will cost us and what we will profit if we do a deal with you,” said Shaun, the C.T.O of Watson Buys. “The secret sauce of Watson Buys is honestly, education, empathy, and transparency. We find if we focus on these things, then that leads to trust. Watson Buys loves being the trusted choice for Denver and Colorado.”

We know your home has a lot of value for you, and if you want it to go into safe hands, then this is your chance.


Watson Buys – Denver, CO
We Buy Houses in Denver, CO
12915 Pensacola Place, Denver, CO 80239
PH: (720) 481-8670
email: [email protected]

Company Number 2 who wants to buy your home as-is.

The second company, like the first, is trusted, well-reviewed, and honest. They pride themselves on delivering the best customer service experience available. With experience from 2 smart young men, hardworking and entrepreneurial in spirit, it is easy to see why Brotherly Love Real Estate makes the list of the top 3 best we buy houses companies.

“We are so excited to make the list of Top Best 3 Companies that want to buy your house as-is,” stated Alex. Alex is one of the founders of the company. “I didn’t know the WBH Awards existed, but now we do. We are going to push hard to stay on top.”

So Alex, What sets you apart from all the other real estate investors and we buy houses companies out there? Why do you think you won a podium spot on this list of best cash home buyers?

ALEX: “I am not sure of the criteria, but I can tell you we focus on the client. We understand that buying and selling houses can be a difficult and stressful thing for anybody. Our goal is to make it as convenient and simple as possible. This encompasses our entire process-driven business. Hopefully, that is seen by people who do deals with us.”

If you want to sell your house in Philadelphia, do not hesitate to call these guys.

Brotherly Love Real Estate – Philadelphia, PA
3502 Scotts Ln Suite 1921, Philadelphia, PA 19129
PH: (215) 769-9875
email: [email protected]

The best company that buys houses, as-is and for cash… Number 3

The final spot on the best company you should call if you need to sell your house and sell it fast is Watson Buys – Indianapolis, IN.

Yip, Watson Bus made a list again. I will let you into a secret here. A significant portion of what makes a “we buy houses” company the best is the online experience. Just like Google, we expect the best page speed around.

There are many different ways to measure page speed. When we conducted our research into the best real estate cash buyers for you, we used GT Metrix.

Below are the results for Watson Buys.

Don’t know much about page speed?

Rest assured, the results above are world-class. Trust us… Just go check out their website – each page opens pretty gosh darn quick.

Watson Buys – Indianapolis, IN.
1437 King Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46222
PH: (720) 481-8670
email: [email protected]

Bonus Materials.

There are many articles and claims about the best companies that buy houses for cash.

For your benefit, here are the names of some other material we found online.

These Companies Will Buy You Home For Cash


If you are a home-owner, maybe you’ve gotten something in the mail…

If you’re hard up for cash….

In many cases, these “We Buy Houses” companies…

Above are a few snippets from the article.

They touch briefly on the wholesaling industry and then dive into the same companies we see time and time again.

Homevestors, we buy houses, house heroes, we buy ugly houses, and sell my house fast, to name a few.

For a quick comparison on quality, check out a national companies page speed score by Google. Clearly, customer experience is not on their mind.

Top 10 Buy Homes For Cash Companies

Published early 2019.

This is a list of 10 companies that buy houses for cash. It is the same company. It would leave me to think that these companies got together and purchased an advertising budget and consulting firm to get their real estate business out there in front of everybody else. Companies that call themselves We Buy Ugly Houses are called that to rank with Google. Are they any good?

We did a local search on Google and found some horrible reviews about them. Hmmm?

The lesson here is to be sure to know who you are selling your house to.

INDEX Section:

Watson Buys been featured in several articles. This is because Watson Buys fast becoming the go-to company if you need to sell your house. We are the best cash home buyer business.,10547

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