Top 19 Tips to Guarantee Success in Real Estate

Top 19 Tips to Guarantee Success in Real Estate.

Sorry people but to guarantee being success in real estate you have to get up every day, put on a smile and work your butt off!

If you want to know how to make a million dollars overnight and spend nothing this is not the place for you. I invite you to read this to double down on what you already know. And please comment,. More communication right now would be appreciated more than ever, right? Lets keep the conversation going, rolling, motivate one another and have a fantastic year!

Top 19 Tips to Guarantee Success in Real Estate.

Sorry people but to guarantee being success in real estate you have to get up every day, put on a smile and work your butt off!

If you want to know how to make a million dollars overnight and spend nothing this is not the place for you. I invite you to read this to double down on what you already know. And please comment,. More communication right now would be appreciated more than ever, right? Lets keep the conversation going, rolling, motivate one another and have a fantastic year!

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These 19 tips will guarantee you stand out from the crowd.

Did you know there are currently over 2 million active real estate agents?

I have 3 questions for you.

  1. Are you a real estate agent?
  2. Do you want to be successful?
  3. Do you have 38 seconds to read how to guarantee success?

If you answered yes, then you must continue. If you are an agent but want to be average, then don’t worry about it. Take care.

Close your eyes put a pin on a map, and you just located the nearest real estate agent. With so many options for home buyers and home sellers to choose from, you must work hard to achieve success. If you perform these top 21 tops as we advance, you will guarantee success as a real estate agent in any market. These tops 21 tips will work in Denver, Indianapolis, Phoenix, or even smaller unknown regions like Port Richey, FL, or Chattanooga, TN.

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So lets get started with my 19 tips to guarantee you success in the real estate industry, or any industry as a matter of fact.

Treat every single client like they are your best client.

It doesn’t matter who your client is. You must give every person 100% of your attention. You must also treat every person with empathy and give them all the respect they deserve.  Now more than ever, we must demand the best service of ourselves.

Use all lead generating options available to you.

Social media pay per click advertising, SEO, cold calling, friends and neighbors, the lady in front of you in the supermarket, Craigslist, blogging, answer questions on Quora, thank you cards. The list can go on. What are the ideas you have? Leave a comment below.

Spend time every day growing your business.

Put time aside every single day to grow your business. This can involve ongoing education for yourself, researching software that may improve your efficiency, or even Implementing or creating and you lead generating pipeline. Like most things, consistency is key.

To close a sale, be sure to take care of all leads, cold, warm, and hot.

It is understandable to pick the low-hanging fruit, but the most successful professionals in any industry work lead regardless. It doesn’t matter if they are cold, warm, or hot. To keep your leads generating machine on track and close more sales, you must work them all.

Your CRM must be scalable.

You see, Aaron Must allow you to take on as many clients as you desire. Your CRM will also play a significant role in working with all of the leads. To be a successful real estate agent, you must research and implement a CRM system that works for you.

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To succeed, you must commit 100%.

If you want to achieve success in the real estate industry and as a real estate agent, you absolutely must commit 100% to your work 100% of the time.


7 Apps to help you succeed in Real Estate

These apps will help any real estate professional alike.

We talked to several real estate professionals, and these apps came up more than once. Three are many apps available. I think the key lesson is to learn to use technology to improve efficiency and real estate success.

Find a house for us to buy.

Neighbor, family, friends.

Foreclosure, Inheritance, Divorce

When we close we give you $1000 CASH

Do not under-estimate local business connections for leads.

Visit local businesses. Introduce yourself. When you’re getting your oil changed, Heck, be sure to talk to the owner and ask for the business. I don’t think anyone can argue against the power of networking. Other local businesses are also in direct contact with your potential clients.

Visit real estate, specific websites, blogs, and news reports.

Make sure you engage with other agents, other professionals, and the general public through forums blogs on any of the multitudes of real estate websites. Consistency again is key.

Never say never.

Never again will I eat a doughnut. How many times have we all said that? Mini people will not open themselves up to certain things. They will state, I will never do that. Don’t ever limit the possibilities or ever news by saying never. Actually, I take that back. There is one time you can say I will never do that, which is smoking cigarettes. That is always a never for me.

Network and connect with people who can help you present your listings.

Having connections with professionals that can help you present your listings will ensure potential home buyers have a great first impression. You can also sleep easy knowing you did everything to present the property in its best light as a seller’s agent.

Consistently use your website and blog to remain current.

You don’t have to blog every single day or even every single week. However, your current and future clients need to see that you’re engaged in the real estate industry. This builds real estate authority. This authority of builds can lead to more clients. You do not have to engage on a national level. Some of the most successful agents I know target local areas specifically. They sell themselves as experts in the local neighborhoods.

Incorporate 3D visual tours, drone services, and other visual content to showcase your properties.

First impressions last. The average person Will look at your first visual content for about 20 seconds. Then they will move on. You must employ the brightest and best technology to draw in potential home buyers.

Be a lifelong learner.

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” – Winston Churchill. Regardless of the source, time of day, or situation, you must always be willing and able to learn throughout your entire career to guarantee success in the real estate industry.

Create a budget and stick to it.

Understanding the basics of a budget is key for any small business owner to be successful. How much does it cost to get you a client? How much does each client generate in revenue? Do you have cash reserves to cover ongoing costs? Consulting with an accountant or someone with financial expertise is highly recommended. This will allow you to focus on what you are good at, buying and selling houses for people.

Always respond to reviews – good and bad.

Some of the best reviews I have been given Started as bad reviews. By promptly responding and explaining the situation, I garnished a subsequent comment slash response from the person who provided the bad review. It showed that I was the real deal, that I was honest, willing to admit a mistake, and that I was genuinely willing to learn. Believe it, or not subsequent clients told me the bad review led to them calling me. Who would have thought?

Always remain professional when dealing with other agents, clients, and investors.

Always be on your best behavior. It doesn’t matter if you are at work or out and about having fun on the weekend. You are your brand, and it goes beyond work hours. Every interaction you have with another person Is a chance for you to build that brand. Therefore, remaining professional at all times will bring further success.

Understand the value you provide.

Knowing the value that you provide is very important. It enables you to show people how you can benefit them. I would highly recommend spending some time putting this down on paper. Do some research around this. Having a clear understanding of the value you give to your clients can be part of working on your business. I truly believe this should be written down somewhere.

Document all processes for your business to ensure repeatability and scalability.

We just talked about documenting the value you provide. However, it would be best if you documented all of your processes. Documenting all your processes will make life much easier in the end. To give you a straightforward example, how would you like somebody to answer the phone for you. If you write down what you say, you could teach a multitude of people what to say. I know this is a simple example, but I find simple examples are the best.

Respond to everybody quickly and reliably.

Responding to everyone is part of communication. Great communication is essential for success. If someone has requested something common, need something, has asked a question, you must get back to them.

Be the local expert in your community.

Get involved with local businesses, community events, and other local activities. Wow, being involved, be sure to let people know what you do. Please do not assume they know. Take the time to introduce yourself, and describe the value that you add. Remember, you’ve already spent time working out exactly the value you provide to all of your customers. See how this all ties together.

Do not be afraid to take risks.

When it comes to risks, they need to be educated. Typically in the real estate industry, a lot of risks are around advertising and dollar spent. For example, if you’re thinking about a Google Edwards campaign, You can Dig deep into the expected returns. Have you ever heard of big data? Google records absolutely everything, and it allows you to look out pretty accurately what returned to expect. Maybe another risk is going outside your comfort zone and introducing yourself at a community event. There are lots of risks you can take, some bigger than others. Just be sure you can afford and live with the consequences if it does go South.

Stay motivated through learning and smiles.

Staying motivated. Who hasn’t heard if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life? No matter how much you love, something is always a time when it seems like a chore. I find networking with other like-minded people helps me to stay motivated. And my down days, I can reach out to my professional associates slash friends and ask the same advice or complain to them. Just a thought

Accountability, consistency, and reliability breed success.

Accountability is probably the most important element required for real success. Without accountability, execution suffers. To be accountable, you must establish meaningful goals and consistently refer back to them. Need I remind you these should all be written down?

In closing…

There it is – my words of wisdom. One man’s treasure is another man’s trash. My tips to ensure success in the real estate industry. If we all did this, we would all be killing it, I guarantee. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear your best tip to help you succeed.

My favorite quote at the moment…

“It’s never a problem until it is.”

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