The Definitive Guide to Sell Your House in Todays Market.



“What needs to be done to sell my house fast in today’s market?”

Do you know the answer? Don’t you think you should?

Spoiler alert… We know the answer and more!

Let’s look at what needs to be done to sell your house now. We will tell you how to get the hottest price and for it to fly off the shelves in today’s market. 

Did you know 9 out of 10 items you update in your home will cost more than you will get back? Yip, so when you do up your kitchen to sell your home, you might actually be wasting time and money! 

Please…don’t waste your money. We have done all the research for you and put it in one place. 

What to fix is just one of many decisions that you will have to face when you decide that you will sell your house. That is why selling real estate and moving into a new home is fast becoming one of the most commonly noted stressful events you will have to do in your life.

If you need to sell your home fast, this will create even more worry and anxiety. I cannot sugar coat this. In fact, according to a report by, 75 percent of the population who sold their house said it was a really stressful thing to do. They reported that over ⅓ of people found selling their house so stressful it brought them to tears. Yip, you read it right. There is a 33% chance that trying to get someone to buy your house will bring you to tears. 

But, let’s face it. If you need to sell your house, well… you need to sell it. There is no way around it. AND unless you have another house, you can go live in a while your house is being sold. It will be in your face.  

Why? Because that is where you live.

How does the stress level of selling your house compare to other stressful events in your life?  Let’s have a quick lesson on stress to put it in perspective. A recognized “stress” scale rates a spouse and child’s death at a stress level of 100.  This is the most stressful thing a human being will experience in their life.  It makes sense then that this would create the highest levels of stress.  Imprisonment gets a stress score of  63, and dismissal from work a score of 47. 

Changes in living receive a stress score of 25. This includes buying and selling your house. It doesn’t consider any tie component, so if you have a deadline, your stress levels will skyrocket! Tim, a resident of Denver, Colorado, told us about his experience selling his property, saying: 

“The pressure I felt selling my house and then having to move to a new place in a matter of a day or two should be somewhere on this list! My emotions, adrenaline, and blood pressure were all of the charts during this period.”

So we all agree that selling your house is super stressful, AND when you combine selling a place with buying a new house to live in and then moving, the pressure is stratospheric. 

But here’s the problem:

If you own a house and you need to move, you have to endure this process. At the end of the day, you are going to have to make the decision, put a FOR Sale sign in the yard, and “get er done.”

How on earth are you going to keep up at work, spend time with your family, and plan to get your house sold, which is an extremely time-intensive project

Plus, no matter how much planning you do, many factors are totally out of your control. For starters, all the random people you will meet as they waltz their way through your lives, employing a 5 – 20-minute walk through to check out your house.  

That then followed up by the complete sense of personal rejection as the buyer’s agent provides constructive feedback about the awful color choice that you carefully picked out all those years ago. That’s just the first “buyer.” There is a good chance you could have 5, 10, 20, or even more people come through your home, ruthlessly scrutinizing your choices. 

But we are jumping ahead. Before you get to this stage, there are many other decisions and work to be done. 

First, you have to decide that you want to sell your house. Why do you want to, and what is the plan. Who will do it for you, a realtor – or will you choose the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) method. This is when you prepare, list, show, and do any other task required in the process of selling your home. You will save on the commission for sure. Can you guess what your stress levels will do?

SUPER TIP: If you go the FSBO route, do yourself a favor and spend a few hundred dollars and have a lawyer review the offer you plan to accept – BEFORE you accept it. You won’t make a mistake like agreeing to pay for something you didn’t realize you agreed for. 

Remember – when buying and selling real estate, a lot of money is involved – so it’s pretty easy to lose a few thousand dollars really quickly! I 100% guarantee that having a knowledgeable person review the contract, who is on your side, will help you sleep at night. 

Do you want to know what rehab will actually make you money? Spoiler alert– unless you are a pro, most things cost more to rehab than you actually get back! We will tell you where you can get value… Should I “fix it up.”

Does the time of year really make a difference?

Is there value in using a professional photographer?

What if I price my house too low? Should I price it higher? Pros and Cons

Open House – Should you do one? Who does an open house really benefit? How many homes get sold at an open house?

How can family and friends be involved in the process?

How can you stand out – innovation, technology, and other outside the box ideas you need to know to sell your 

house now.

Hi, My name is Shaun.  I am a husband, a father to 4 cats, an avid cyclist, and a real estate investor. I love learning and sharing. My mission is to provide mutual benefit in everything I do. I also want to help people create opportunities for themselves, family, and friends. 

If you want to know the genius hacks, you MUST employ – start by reading this.

DISCLAIMER: This is my humble opinion of the superstar that is Neil Patel. To give a small amount of weight to my opinion about me…

I graduated and worked as a physical therapist, moved into medical equipment sales, and started my own medical equipment company that I successfully operated and sold 6 years later. I continue to own a small investment company in the real estate space. I came across Neil in my research around SEO. SO here is my opinion of him…

Neil Patel is a gentleman, scholar, and absolute legend! Not only that, but he is also blessed with flawlessly rugged, raw, and rambunctious good looks. Without people like him, the internet would be a bland, boring bad land. Thank you, Neil, for all your amazing content, and I will be ecstatic if iI manages to achieve SEO success just to 0.00001%. My goal is to introduce and then subsequent Definitive guide to drive myself forward in people’s minds as someone who provides meaningful, relevant, educational, and informational content in and around real estate. 

Thanks again, Neil Patel, for the motivation, enthusiasm, and direction you provide for me in this noble quest of mine. 

P.S. We buy houses in Denver, Colorado 😉 – Winky face #uniquecontent

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