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STOP FORECLOSURE: Cash Home Buyer Secrets | Don't Be Tricked!

STOP FORECLOSURE: Cash Home Buyer Secrets


Foreclosure Secrets of Cash Home Buyers and Real Estate Investors


I will reveal secrets cash buyers don’t want you to know about stopping a foreclosure.


Because I believe every home-owner deserves the opportunity to respect, honesty, and a fair deal.

The secrets I reveal include:

  • Why do cash home buyers keep secrets from home-owners facing foreclosure?
  • Why do cash buyers like foreclosure homes?
  • How to negotiate with a bank?
  • How to sell a house in foreclosure fast and still get a good price?
  • How to stop foreclosure and keep your house?
  • When is selling for cash to stop foreclosure the best option?

So if you want to stop foreclosure and keep your house, save your hard-earned equity, AND/OR sell fast for cash you are in the right place!

Another great article you might enjoy is this one which is a true foreclosure story from a guy that lost his house to the bank in Denver, CO. Take a quick read of it to see you are not alone then come back here. 

Let’s get started.

FOREWORD: Sometimes Selling for Cash to Stop Foreclosure is Best

Hello this is Shaun,

At the end of the day sometimes selling for cash is the best choice. If this is the case I respectfully ask you to give us the opportunity to chat. 

At Watson Buys we treat you with dignity, respect, and 100% confidentiality. We buy houses fast and we make selling to us simple and easy. 

The information here is 100% relevant to you about stopping foreclosure! How do we know? Because Google is super smart and knows where you are located. Therefore they only show you information relevant to where your property is! 

If you want to discuss your options via email or on the phone fill out the form to get started. NO Obligation.

Let us help you.


Why do cash home buyers keep secrets from home-owners facing foreclosure?

Many cash buyers keep secrets about foreclosure because they believe the secrets can be used to their advantage. The advantages they think they get are:

  • If the owner doesn’t understand the foreclosure process they will be more stressed out.
  • When someone is stressed they will make bad choices
  • Some investors think that by keeping secrets they can buy the house cheaply!

These kinds of cash buyers are looking to take advantage of the situation and “STEAL” your home. 

If you are facing foreclosure it is very important that you:

  1. Understand your options
  2. Know what your house is worth
  3. Understand the foreclosure process
  4. Talk to trusted and verifiable experts

You must also be in constant communication with your bank. It may seem like a bad idea but believe me when I say they actually don’t want to do this. They make a lot more money if they can keep you in your house and you paying the mortgage. Therefore they are truly motivated to re-negotiate your mortgage.

Either way, you don’t want to have the bank foreclose and sell at auction because then you lose the house, the equity, and your credit score takes a huge hit. This last one will severely impact your ability to get credit in the future!

Don’t let a bad investor trick you into selling for cheap. Either renegotiate your mortgage or sell to a trusted cash buyer like Watson Buys. When we buy houses we are 100% transparent, show you real comps, and give you facts so you know that you are treated fairly, with respect and make the best choice!

VIDEO: Submit foreclosure address to Watson Buys. What happens next?

Should I Sell for Cash to Stop Foreclosure?

If the bank is not willing to negotiate then selling your house for cash is a good idea. A cash buyer will close fast and a legit buyer will ensure all documents are completed so you no longer owe the bank. This means the foreclosure will be stopped. AND do you want to know the best part? You save your equity AND You save your credit score! 

Selling your house for cash is not for everybody however for some people it means the difference between losing it all to the bank or walking away with some money in your pocket.  Make sure you work with a reputable cash buyer in your area. 

VIDEO Stop Foreclosure Help: Learn to sell fast, for cash and for a good price.

How to negotiate with a bank to stop foreclosure

If you want to talk to your bank and re-negotiate your mortgage you have to do this early. Do not delay!

It may be scary to call them and they may seem like the enemy but they are not. I can’t stress this enough. Talk to your lender ASAP!

There are a few things you can ask your bank about including:

  1. Asking for temporary assistance
  2. General loan extension and modification
  3. Loan modification programs sponsored by the federal government

The final step would be to talk to them about a short sale.

How to sell a house in foreclosure fast and still get a good price?

Selling your house quickly is key to ensure the bank doesn’t repossess and sell it at auction. BUT…Don’t you still deserve to get a good price?


There are many We Buy Houses for Cash companies out there however not all are professional buyers like Watson Buys. For a company to buy your house fast they must have a team including:

  • Motivated and trained people
  • Efficient process
  • Title specialist to process deed and the closing
  • Access to a lawyer with foreclosure experience to make sure the bank is properly dealt with.

If the foreclosure docs are not completed correctly you could still owe the bank! 


How you sell your house for a good price requires:

  1. Know what your house is worth as-is
  2. Understand what your house is worth ARV (after rehab – made all nice)
  3. Calculate the cost to renovate your house
  4. Know how to negotiate to see (video below)

Foreclosure Help Video: How to negotiate when selling fast for cash

To sell your house for a good price please call Watson Buys. We pay top dollar and we buy fast. 

Even if we don’t do a deal we will give you facts and figures to help you sell your house. We will also answer any questions you have. 


How to stop foreclosure and keep your house?

If you want to keep your house the best chance you have of this is talking to your bank early in the foreclosure process. In-fact you should be communicating with your lender before the foreclosure even starts. 

Believe it or not, the bank is not your enemy. Think of them as your business partner. If you win they win. Believe me when I say this:

The bank does not want your house. They make more money if you pay off the mortgage. 

Foreclosing on property costs the bank a lot so give them a call early if you are facing financial difficulties and try to negotiate the terms of your loan. 

Also, ask about other options they may know that you can use.

When is selling for cash to stop foreclosure the best option?

If you are facing foreclosure or any time that you sell to a professional home buyer there are certain criteria that must be met so that you know it is the best option for you. 

Selling a foreclosure for cash is the best option if:

  1. You find a legit cash buyer.
  2. They offer you a fair price that works for you.
  3. You understand the price they are buying your house is fair (they show you real COMPS)
  4. The cash buyer will buy your house fast.
  5. They have a team that can communicate with all interested parties including your lender and attorneys.
  6. They can do all the paperwork properly.
  7. Their process is easy and it makes sense.

Watson Buys can buy your foreclosure so that you don’t lose it all. We will help you save your equity and your credit score.  We will buy your house based on what it is worth right now (fair market value). 

Let us help take care of this financial situation. Even if we don’t do a deal reach out to us for NO OBLIGATION help.

What have you got to loose?

Why do cash buyers like foreclosure homes?

Legitimate cash buyers and real estate investors like to work with people facing foreclosure because it gives them an opportunity to create a WIN-WIN situation. 

By purchasing a house for a good price and stopping the foreclosure the home-owner will save the cash equity in the house and their credit score. 

Genuine, legitimate cash buyers like Watson Buys will treat you with dignity, respect, and empathy. 

We are the best sell my house facing foreclosure fast solution.

Let us help you!

Final thoughts:
Stop Foreclosure

I sincerely hope the following questions were answered for you. Please share this with family friends and groups. 

Be sure to submit a comment or ask any follow-up questions via the comment section or you can ask questions through our form – just put the question instead of your address – that will work great!

Questions we hoped to answer:

  • Why cash home buyers keep secrets about houses in foreclosure?
  • Why investors like foreclosure homes?
  • How to negotiate with a bank like a pro!
  • How to sell a house in foreclosure fast and still get a good price?
  • How to stop foreclosure and keep your house?
  • When is selling for cash to stop the foreclosure the best option?

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