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Ride-A-Thon Daily Updates on This Page

Daily updates just below. Thanks for being part of this but first…..

Super awesome local business pledge support!

Be sure to support all the local businesses that have pledged their support for Special Olympics Colorado Athletes! Thanks all! See the entire list here…..

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Ride-A-Thon Daily Updates

Scroll down to see all Companies that care about Colorado but first…

Are you a company that cares about Colorado?

If you said no, well, that’s just a shame. 

However, if you are a Company that Cares and Contributes to Colorado we will shout it from the rooftops for you!

You just have to let me know that you care via the form or email me at:

[email protected] 

SUBJECT: My Company Cares about Colorado

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A Short Story of a Colorado Company that Truly Cares and went above and beyond!

The entire list of companies is below however, I wanted to highlight this particular company. 

Take 27 seconds to learn about an amazing company in the Vail Valley.

If you are in a huge hurry then just know this…

The owners of Pedal Power in Eagle-Vail are amazing!

On the first day of my challenge, I stopped at Pedal Power, a bike store in Eagle-Vail, Colorado. I have always liked Pedal Power. They are a great bike store. I mentioned the fundraiser to Meghan and John. They are huge bike enthusiasts (well they own a bike shop, right) and we’re thrilled for the opportunity. They were thrilled for me, thrilled for the athletes, and thrilled to have an opportunity to contribute!

Pedal Power is officially the first Colorado Company that cares and contributes!

I know I said this already but it was so awesome just how genuinely excited they were for me, for the athletes, for Special Olympics.

They were generous with their support and plan to let as many people as they can know and on top of that gave a sizeable cash donation!

If you ever have the chance be sure to check out Pedal Power in Avon CO. Even if you can’t stop in shoot them a message letting them know that you know that they truly care. Maybe you can even buy a bike from them :-).

Pedal Power

Vail’s Original Bike Shop.

Address: 40814 US-6, Avon, CO 81620

Phone: (970) 845-0931


Email: [email protected]

I know there are many other businesses that care and I hope you will let me know about them.

There is room for every business that cares.

There can not be too many Companies that Care and Contribute to Colorado.

Email me now!

[email protected]

SUBJECT: Company that cares.

My Company Cares Too!

Here are all the super awesome local business that has pledged support.

Do you want your Colorado to know that your Company Cares?

Don’t miss out to show your support for our awesome valley, Colorado and beyond! 

email me at [email protected] SUBJECT: My Company Cares to get involved now!

Pedal Power is a Colorado Company that Cares.