Day 1 of the Ride-A-Thon

Good morning and welcome!


  1. Set my goal for the challenge
  2. Today’s plan (03/01/2021)

Good Morning!

It’s March 1st and the first day of my Ride-A-Thon fundraiser for Special Olympics Colorado. No river crossings today but wanted to include a picture. That is actually a race my wife and I did in New Zealand a while back called the Karipoti Classic. 

So today my plan is to get on the bike and ride up some hills, right?

I have been asked how much vertical I hope to do in March. I have put some thought into it and I am setting my sights high!

My Goal for the 31 Day Ride-A-Thon

My goal for vertical is 100,000 feet climbed for the month of March. 

Now there are cyclists here in the Valley that could knock that out in a day or two, and you all know who you are.

Me, I hope to be slow and steady to meet my goal. 

My Plan for Day 1 of Ride-A-Thon

So today plan is:

  1. I have to work of course so will try to get some good work done by 12:00
  2. Plan to get on the bike around 12:30 and clock 3000+ vert.
  3. Back to work. 

Check back later to see if I got my vert in. I will keep posting where we are at with pledges and donations and my progress too. 

As I always ask – please share this with people 

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