Selling To A We Buy Houses Company in Colorado (10 Things You Must Know)

Selling To A We Buy Houses Company in Colorado (10 Things You Must Know)

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It may be tempting to simply sell your property in Colorado in exchange for cash. You may come across many ‘We Buy Houses’ sites that convince you to do this.

And this isn’t that unrealistic of a situation either. There could be a million circumstances that could push you to take the step. For instance, imagine moving into your new home in Colorado but getting an amazing job offer in the next few weeks, months, or days. Or perhaps. an emergency could strike. In any case, you might have to move away for good. It is a part of life.

So, what would you do next?

When looking to cash from a confusing situation, while being in need of money, you naturally think of selling your assets. And that’s when you open Google and casually search “sell my house in Colorado for cash”.

A plethora of search results pops up in front of you. You settle for one credible-looking website and carefully fill out a form. Soon, you receive a phone call asking for your details. The company tells you they will handle everything for you, from the maintenance to the value of the house, to its sale. You don’t need to do anything and you’ll receive your check within a set time. 

Does it seem too good to be true? 

After the documentation, signing, paperwork, and all the technicalities are done, you happily receive a check of $80,000. But it’s only when you check the listing and find out that your house was worth $120,000. Or more. 

This can happen, and it does happen. In this situation, you will urgently call a real-estate attorney, seek technical help and review the documents to fix the done by the company.

But the truth is, it would be an endless legal issue where you’ll be running in circles and chances are, nothing would come out of it. 

What was the mistake?

You can sell your house in Lone Tree, Colorado to us… make no mistake!!!

Simply selling your house in Colorado for quick cash is not a decision to make quickly. You want to talk to a number of different buyers. You want to be sure you understand how the process works when selling your home to real estate investors and cash buyers in Colorado. Remember selling your house is a vey large financial transaction.

You essentially skip the traditional process of listing your house first. Although the listing process is time-consuming, it actually offers you the maximum sales value. 

A cash sale is simply more convenient and straightforward. Plus, you don’t have to repair, maintain and present your home to potential buyers. You don’t need to keep it in perfect condition or go through the added hassle of meeting and accommodating buyers. 

In addition, there is no mortgage required by the cash buyer. So, you won’t have to please the lender and you can easily avoid the appraisal as well. The whole process is smooth, quick, and comfortable.

However, as tempting as it is, this can be extremely risky. Selling your home is a huge decision. It is important not to take it lightly by shrugging it off.

Investors can easily sense your situation and convince you to seal the deal. Plus, simply +calling the first cash buyer would not be a wise option. Remember to be extremely cautious to avoid being scammed.

The Foolproof Way to Sell Your House in Colorado for Cash


The right way to go about the business is by comparing your options. You can simply get bidding for your house from a cash buyer and then compare it to the estimated value from the open market. 

PRO TIP: “FLIP THE DEAL” When comparing your options I suggest you pretend that you are a person wanting to buy a house for cash. Put yourself in the shoes of a cash buyer and get to know what they do to successfully buy homes in Colorado under the current market conditions. Once you know how they buy, you can position your house to get it sold, right?

Cash buyers in Colorado

There are all types of people who are looking to buy a house with cash. Many cash buyers are doing it for business. Some companies have more experience and are renowned for paying cash for houses in a fair and easy way for the seller. 

They will buy your house, fix it up and then resell or rent it out. . Some people say it is an opportunity to make a profit. They might get it redesigned or renovated and then sell it again, at an even higher price.

In the last few years, another group has emerged. Known as iBuyers, these companies cater to people who are looking to sell their houses. After purchasing the residential property, they use digital media to offer a smooth, online selling experience. Basically, we help you in selling your home through hassle-free, online channels. 

We use a specific model to assess the condition of your home. Factors like location, current condition, price, desirability will determine the final worth of your property. Different buyers have varying requirements and parameters to decide on the property’s value. So, each home has a different worth for different buyers.

Another important step here is comparing the estimated value of your home on the open market, with the cash offers you get. By providing transparency in this information, the whole process is safe and honest for clients. 


Why you shouldn't sell your home on a whim

People who are in a bad financial situation, in an emergency, are short on time, or are in distress are the most likely to impulsively sell their home for cash. A quick sale is important to them. But is it always the right choice?

According to the numbers on the “We Buy House in Colorado for Cash’ website, it is easy to see that cash offers are usually of 65% to 94% of the home’s actual value. 

If you want to sell your house for its maximum worth i.e. around 90%-95% of its market value, we recommend you to consult our Simple Sale platform. 

Real estate agents are also very important in this process. A good agent with a reliable repute can make a lot of difference in your home’s worth. According to data from Watson Buys, top-of-the-line agents are able to sell homes at up to 10% higher prices.

Using comparative market analysis, a trustworthy real estate agent will give you a good price for your home in Colorado. And it will also sell fast

Quick, Easy... What's the price?

Why do people choose the shorter router? Well, people want to save their money and effort to fix up their messy home or repair any damaged areas. This hassle makes them opt for cash real estate services. You will see words like, “speedy and hassle-free” that can attract you to consult them.

On top of that, investors can easily pressurize sellers into signing and selling quickly. They have marketing strategies and strong persuasive abilities that seem to be too good to refuse.

According to King, you can opt for these services but it is not necessary. She says that good professionals should have different resources, vendors, and auctioneers. Plus, getting sellers in touch with these companies is important. 

Sellers should be prepared to spend some cash initially. It is even possible to finance short-term fixes and bills through various options. Ultimately, in the long term, it will all pay off if you get a good sale of your house in Colorado. Working with professionals is altogether a more seamless and positive experience as they involve the seller as well. 

What's the price - running comps

Another answer to “What’s the price” is centered more on what is a fair price to sell your house for and how to determine that. Running comps is the standard procedure for determining the current market value of your home and you can see exactly how you can run comps on your own in this short video!

Scam alert? Beware of Fast Cash for Houses in Colorado schemes

There are lots of scammers looking to cash from any opportunity possible. As mentioned earlier, they are actively looking for people who are in a desperate or urgent need to sell real estate.

This does not mean that all real estate investors are dishonest or manipulative. There are many legal and reliable services available. You should be able to differentiate between trustworthy agents and potential scammers. In any case, you are in a more vulnerable position if you choose the quicker route. 

Performing a thorough online search about each cash buyer to spot scams is very important. If you spend sometime researching a we buy houses company online you will be able to access reviews from previous customers, and look at business ratings and rankings from business directories. Business Citation sites should allow you to see their names, addresses and contact details. Ideally you will find the same information on a number of different sites. Typically, legitimate cash buyers will be listed on many appropriate and relevant real estate business directories. 

Contract Bait and Switch

One scamming technique is known as contract bait and switch. How does this work? A buyer will approach you and say that they will write a verbal agreement according to the terms and conditions you reached. However, they will show you an altered agreement.

It is very common among some sellers to skim through agreements and not read them properly. This is actually a huge mistake that can lead to serious issues later on. Someone looking to scam you can easily alter the terms of mortgage or ownership or change the sale price and then present it to you. 

Equity Scammers

Equity skimming is one of the worst scams you could face. In this scam, the person can get the title of your home, and then they refinance it without you knowing. Then, they gain equity in your home. 

This scam is extremely dangerous especially for people who are desperate to sell. It is extremely important to do a background check on buyers. You can also get a third party to find out if the offer is legitimate. 

Looking to sell your house in Colorado?

So, what is the right way to go about it if you’re looking to sell your house for cash in Colorado?

You should first browse through options and consult an actual real estate agent. You can use Google to read reviews and find out who is trustworthy. The agent will offer to search for buyers for your house. They will also make recommendations and give you different options for selling the property. 

Your agent will also guide you on fixing your home, making the right changes and repairs to improve the overall condition. Typically, the cost for this renovation would cost around $1000 to $2000. However, you will be assured that your house will sell for a good price. 

It will be natural for you to want to save those 2000 dollars, which will tempt you to look for cash buyers instead. This means you would have to search for an individual investor which can also be tiresome. Instead, you can use our Simple Sale platform. You can easily get a cash offer in this way as well.

We will introduce you to different buyers and you can evaluate each option with all the resources available. If the offer makes sense and seems worth it to you, you can go ahead. You can also use tools such as a Net Proceeds Calculator and  Home Value Estimator to help you in calculating and making the final decision according to every option. 

We recommend having a professional real estate agent on board for taking the best course of action. Or at least, browsing through several cash buyers even if it takes some extra time. This is an investment to help you get the maximum gains from selling your asset.

Don’t settle for the first company you come across and don’t sell away your home to the first cash buyer who makes a reasonable offer. 

According to James M, one of the most reputable selling agents in Denver, Colorado, “I’d always check to see how much money you’re leaving on the table first to see if it’s worth it.”
Remember to take it slowly, wisely, and always know your options before making a final call. 

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