Sell Your House Fast For Cash [Trade Secrets Revealed: Who, How & Why?]

Sell Your House Fast For Cash [Trade Secrets Revealed: Who, How & Why?]

This is a complete guide to help you sell your house fast for cash. By the end of this you will be able to:

  1. Sell your house as fast as you need.
  2. Sell your house for cash and get a great price. 

Everything you need to know to do those 2 things is included in this document. I reveal all of my secrets.

I have included some sneaky (but legit) negotiating techniques that will save you thousands of dollars when you sell to a real estate investor. 

On top of that, I spill the beans on some tricks commonly used by people who target owners that need to sell their house quickly for cash. 


I am writing this because there are many investors and realtors out there misinforming people who are in a hurry to sell. 

I believe this misinformation is spread to take advantage of people in desperate need to sell quickly. I don’t think that is fair!!!

Today I present you with only the facts. NO FAKE NEWS! All the information you find here is legit. 

Some other topics I will provide truthful info on include:

In the fast-paced real estate markets, we face today, selling your home can seem daunting. Needing to sell it by a certain date can make it terrifying! 

My goal is to explain everything so it is NOT terrifying and does not seem daunting. I will teach you everything I know about:

This last item is particularly important. When you need to sell your house in a hurry it’s easy to miss something. AND with so much cash involved in a real estate transaction, even a small mistake can be costly!

OK then. Without further adieu, let me begin this guide on how to sell your house fast for cash.

Are you ready?

Sell My House as Is for Cash in Denver Colorado

Who am I?

My name is Shaun. That’s me above holding the toilet brush and cleaner. I am a real estate investor based in Denver, CO. Because of being an investor many people call me saying “I want to sell my house fast for cash, Can you help me?”

The short answer is YES. I can help you. Right now there are 2 unique ways that I can help:

  1. I am a cash buyer so I could give you an offer to buy your house today OR
  2. I can teach you what you must do to sell your house fast for cash, SUCCESFULLY! 
 Successfully getting rid of a property quickly for cash means getting what you want and what you need. Because of this, quite simply, when it comes to the sale of your property for cash I will show you how to get what you want and need. I’m going to share with you my years of real estate experience as it pertains to cash transactions. 

Over the years I have bought many houses for cash. I have also  helped people sell fast. I sincerely hope, by sharing my knowledge,  it helps you on your journey too.

Sell Fast AND Get More Cash! Video Explanation

I thought I would try my hand with a video (just below) explaining how to sell your house for cash and get a good price. This video guide covers:

  • What you must do when selling your house for cash
  • Who will buy your house for cash
  • How to negotiate with a cash home buyer
  • What to expect when selling for cash
  • How to get a good price when you sell for cash

As a bonus we also touch on how to run comps. Running comps on your own is very important if you want to make sure your getting treated fairly. 

Chapter 1:

Who will buy my house for cash?

If you need to sell your house for cash fast you must understand who you will be dealing with. Let me introduce you to the “cash buyers” AKA “home buyers” AKA “real estate investors”. These are the people and companies that you will be selling to. 

Who pays cash for houses?

Selling a house fast for cash means dealing with professional home buyers. Professional home buyers and real estate investors are typically the ones that pay cash for houses. “Pro” property buyers make money buying and selling real estate.  That said, it probably means they have a few tricks up their sleeves, RIGHT? 

Some of the “tricks” used to buy your house for cash are pure salesmanship. For example: 

  • The buyer may tell you the offer is only good for 24 hours to pressure you.
  • Or they might say to you “We only have enough cash to buy one more house…WILL IT BE YOURS? Sell your house to us, please. 

Cash buyer strategies and secrets revealed

Both of these strategies used by companies to buy house for cash regularly. AND are not really secrets at all! 

In-fact, the they are used across all industries. There is nothing sinister about them. 

These strategies are designed to get you to sign the cash offer based on you being afraid of missing out. Have you heard of FOMO? Fear of missing out? Well I want to make it FOMOOYBCO – Fear of missing out on your best cash offer! Does that make sense?

So while the above practices are ok, I must warn you, not all companies that will buy your home for cash are created equal. While there are some legit buyers out there, there are also some really bad buyers too.  

Lets focus on finding the best companies who buys home for cash near me, well actually that buy near you, right?

To ensure you work with a legitimate cash buyer near you there are a couple things you need to do. 

Find the best company who buys homes for cash [near me]

To find the best cash for houses company you need to get online. open your favorite search engine. Type in questions or queries you have. 

  1. Best cash house buyer near me
  2. I want to sell my house for cash
  3. How to sell my house for cash to a legitimate buyer?
  4. Who will pay me cash for my house?
  5. Are there closing costs when I sell my house for cash?

This is just a small list of examples you can start with. The results you find will be a mix of articles like:

  1. Sell My House Fast for Cash: A Definitive Guide (OR)
  2. How to sell your house fast for cash

I highly recommend you read several articles. You will learn something new about how to sell your house from each article.

Other results you find will be “landing pages”. These landing pages are companies who will pay you cash for your home. On the landing page will be a form. To get in touch simply fill out the form and someone will contact you. We get into more details of how selling for cash works here

Below is an example of a search for sell my house fast for cash in Denver

Look for companies that have reviews

Look for businesses that have reviews, and read them! 

Not all reviews are created equal. Generally speaking real reviews will be longer and this is why. 

Real people that actually had a great experience will be willing to write about it in detail. The seller will feel a connection with the buyer and will want other potential sellers to know about the company they used. 

Make sure the reviews are not all in one place.

There are many places for customers to review real estate investors these days. AND to sell my house would be such a massive undertaking. 

Therefore, I like to see reviews across multiple platforms. See reviews in different places gives me comfort. This is because it shows the company has a strong online presence. PLUS with so many places and reviews they have a reputation that they need to protect. 

And the only way they can protect it is by giving you a great service, right?

Create a shortlist of companies who pays cash for house near me

As stated, selling your house is a big deal. So it’s very important that you work with a great company. If you spend some time upfront to find a great option to sell your house to will be well on your way to a successful cash sale. 

The research you perform online will allow you to create a shortlist of buyers that you feel comfortable selling your house. The next step is to talk to them about what you need.

Do you need to sell quick to avoid foreclosure? Maybe a cash sale is perfect so you can sell your house as-is?

What are some common reasons I might need to sell my house fast for cash?

Situations to Sell House Quickly for Cash

You must tell the buyer why you need to sell your home quickly for cash. It will enable the buyer to tailor their best cash offer to suit your needs.

There are many different reasons someone needs to get rid of a house fast. AND the best cash buying companies will be able to accommodate you no matter what the situation. Some common reasons for needing to sell your home quickly for cash include:

  1. Selling to stop foreclosure
  2. Selling a rental with or without tenants
  3. Selling Inherited Property
  4. Behind on mortgage or loan payments

These are just a few. Make sure you explain the reason you need to sell in a hurry. Explaining will let the buyer give you the best options that help you sell like:

  • Letting you close on a specific date
  • Paying for closings costs
  • Maybe you need to rent back the property after you sell it
  • You want to avoid paying property taxes so need to sell faster
When discussing your reason for need a fast sale don’t hold back. A legitimate “We Buy Houses” company will not be there to judge. In-fact, the more information they have about your housing situation the better.  WHY WILL IT BE BETTER?

Knowing your exact reasons for needing to sell your house fast means they know they exact problem AND MOST IMPORTANLY 
will know exactly what to do to solve it. 
Let’s move onto the process of how to sell your house fast for cash. 

Chapter 2:

How it works


If you need to sell your house fast for cash this chapter will take you through each step of the way. 

Chapter 1 introduced you to cash for houses companies. It also showed you how to find a company that you could trust when selling fast for cash. 

Now that you have found a business that pays cash for houses near you let’s look at the process of a cash sale. 

  1. What is a cash sale of a house?
  2. What to do when you sell your house for cash.
  3. What makes a cash sale different from selling my house with an agent?
  4. How does a cash sale work?
  5. Who is involved when I sell my house for cash fast? 
  6. Are companies who buy my house for cash legal?

We will also look at what you must know to be sure you get a great cash price AND Costly mistakes you must avoid!

What is a Cash Offer and Cash Sale of a House?

A cash offer on your house is when the person, or company, who wants to buy your property gives you an offer that does not involve a bank, lender, or any other financial service to pay for the house. The buyer will be using funds (cash) that is verifiable and ready to be used to buy your home. 

Above is example of a cash offer on a house

Sellers generally prefer cash offers, even if they are a bit lower than a traditional offer because they are the fastest and easiest way to sell a house.

So if I sell my house for cash fast I will get less money? This is not always the case. Remember, selling your house for cash saves you thousands on closing costs. While the cash offer might be lower the savings and convenience can make selling for cash a great option. 

If you need to sell your house fast, a cash sale can be the best choice because:

  1. There is no inspection
  2. No repairs to make
  3. No banks involved
  4. No realtors are needed.

These are reasons why selling your house for cash is faster. By getting rid of all these people the process is made very simple. It also eliminates many delays and costs associated with selling a house. For example, no realtors mean no commissions. Selling as-is means you don’t have to make any repairs. Both of these are massive benefits in both time and money.

Make sense?

Cash Sale Versus Using an Agent

By now we understand the following:

  1.  How to find a legitimate cash buyer near you AKA Real estate investor
  2. That there are many reasons to sell a house for cash 
  3. Selling to a legitimate company that pays cash for houses is the fastest and easiest way to sell (but you will have to pay for the convenience – just like trading in a car)
  4.  The key differences between selling your house fast for cash versus using a realtor.
Now we are going to show you the steps involved when you work with a company that will buy your house with cash.

This is how the process of selling your house for cash is different than the traditional method. 

The key differences between selling to a cash home buyer and selling with a real estate agent are:

  1. Cash for houses gets rid of banks so no need for an appraisal
  2. A cash offer and cash sale closes faster, and generally on the day you choose
  3. A cash offer is a stronger offer
  4. A legitimate company will be able to show you proof of funds
  5. Selling for cash eliminates many fees so the overall cost to sell is much lower.
  6. Companies that pay cash for houses can buy any house regardless of the condition (sell as-is)
Selling with an agent will require making repairs, working with contractors, dealing with banks, and ultimately spending a lot of money upfront and it will take a lot longer to sell your house.
If you want to avoid all of these hassles and added stress then a fast cash sale might be the best choice.

How it works continued. The cash sale process step by step

we buy houses for cash in denver, colorado

The first step in how to sell property for cash is to reach out to a company that buys real estate in your area. 

You have already done the research so now you can refer to your shortlist of local cash buyers, right?

If you are on a website like you will be given the opportunity to either call or fill out a form to make the first contact. We buy houses in Denver and our form is designed to get the minimal amount of information so we can start on your cash offer. 

I am often asked if there are any legal obligations after filling out a form on a “We Buy Houses” website.

The answer is NO! When you fill out our form for a cash offer there is NO-Obligation whatsoever. 

Think of it just like you are trying to find an electrician. Just because you reach out to them doesn’t mean you have to hire them.

PRO TIP: Don’t ever sign anything until you are 100% sure. To be 100% obligation free at all times, don’t sign any documents until you know you have found the best buyer to sell to. If you signed somehting then you will be obligated in some form or another.  So until you are ready to sell your home don’t sign anything.


Step 2: Discuss the condition of the house you're selling

After finding a potential buyer you need to talk to them. WHY?

You will need to talk about the condition of your property so they can work out how much cash they can pay. 

Describing the condition can be done by email however more commonly a phone call is used. More recently a video walk-through has become more popular.

Watson Buys have been doing video walkthroughs for years now. It is easier and safer for everyone involved. 

Plus the added bonus is the investor doesn’t have to rely solely on the seller’s description.

A picture tells a thousand words, right?


Step 3: Get your cash offer

After talking about the house you are selling you can request a cash offer from the buyer. I would only request one if you feel they are a company you want to work with. 

Getting several companies to make you an offer to buy your house is a good idea. Even if you plan to use someone else, you could use their offer as a point of reference.

Compare at least 3 offers when selling for cash. Choose the one that meets all your criteria. 

  • Do you get to pick the closing date?
  • What closing costs will the buyer cover? AND OF COURSE THE MOST IMPORTANT…
  • How much will the cash buyer pay you?

Step 4: Let the investor do the rest

If you like the offer and sign it then the buyer should now take over.

You need to sell your house for fast cash, right? Well, the concept of a cash home sale is about selling easily. The process must be easy for you.

Legitimate buyers will take over because:

  • It makes it easier for you
  • They know what they are doing so makes it faster for both of you!

A company like Watson Buys will take care of the legal documents and title work. We will communicate with any lenders to arrange loan payoffs. We will check city records to ensure any liens or fines are taken care of too. 

This will also include taking care of any repairs the house might need and cleaning out the trash.


Chapter 3:

Cash for houses: Who pays what at closing?


Are there closing costs on a cash sale of a house?

  1. Are there closing costs on a cash sale of a house?
  2. What does the buyer pay at closing?

To answer the first question: Yes, there are closing costs when a property is sold for cash. Some of the closing costs incurred at a typical cash sale include:

  1. Title insurance 
  2. Property taxes
  3. Document fees

The list is much longer when selling traditionally. 

What does the cash buyer pay at closing?

The cash buyer will pay for all the normal closing costs. For example, when we buy house for cash we will pay: 

  1. Pro-rated property taxes (you only pay for what you used – nice right!)
  2. We pay for the title insurance
  3. All the title recoding and document recording fees

Cash buyers do pay other closing costs aswell. These can include:  

  1. Appraisals (but only if they get one – because we are local we know what your house is worth AND because  pay cash for houses there is no requirement for us to get one)
  2. Survey Fee: A survey fee is charged when the buyer has the property boundaries surveyed. You will absolutely see this if you sold with a realtor. When selling for cash it is up to the buyer whether or not it is performed. Either way, you do not have to pay this closing cost!
  3. Escrow costs: 100% negotiable and if you keep reading you will find a video on how to negotiate the terms of a cash sale.  If you watch the video you will save thousands when you close!

Chapter 4:

Negotiate a Great Deal and Get More Cash at Closing


Believe it or not you can negotiate a better deal when you sell for cash to an investor. BUT… TO DO THIS YOU MUST WATCH THE NEXT 2 VIDEOS.

The first, a true story, is about a Denver homeowner (James) who sold his house for cash. (the second is even more important than the first – seriously!)

FROM JAMES: “I had questions about if I should accept a cash offer for my home, HOW to sell my house for cash, and WHERE to sell my house for cash. To be honest dealing with a real estate investor seemed scary. However, I did some reading then started calling cash buyers. In the end, i negotiated my way to $12,000 more!” 

Sold my house for $12,000 more to a cash buyer

The second is a video compilation of Chris Voss. He shares the top 6 best tactics to get what you want and need during a negotiation. It absolutely works in the real estate industry!

Chris is a former FBI hostage negotiator. The video helped me learn to negotiate more effectively. Since watching it I have saved thousands on many cash real estate deals. 

If you are sincere about selling your house fast for cash then you MUST NOT MISS THIS. The video is longer however I guarantee by watching it you will save thousands of dollars when you sell. 

Sneaky secrets to get more cash when you sell.

Who would of thought being nice gets you more money?

If that statement doesn’t make sense you must go back and watch the video. REMEMBER if you watch it you will get at least another $1000.00 when you close. 

1 hour of learning for a minimum of $1000 cash when you sell your property to an investor. Isn’t that worth it?

Chapter 5:

How Much Can I Get?


Should I accept a cash offer on my house?

Whether you should accept a cash offer on your house depends on your reasons for needing to sell, right?

To accept a cash offer on your house the offer must also:

  1. Spell out the terms and conditions of the sale that suit you
  2. Include a cash price you find agreeable
  3. Have everything you need to feel good about selling for cash.

So what do you need?

Do you need to sell your house fast?  

If you answered yes then you should accept a cash offer. You should accept the offer because we know that selling a house is for cash is the fastest way to sell a house.

Do you need to sell without making repairs

Companies that pay cash for houses will buy your house as-is. So again, if you need to sell as-is then I suggest you take the cash, right?

ANOTHER QUESTION you need to answer to ensure the cash sale is completed quickly. 

Did the company that will buy your house for cash prove they can close? 

Online reviews can help with that. Also, you could ask for proof of funds from them. Any legit investor will be happy to comply. 

Chapter 5

Chapter 6:

Sell House for Quick Cash: PROS and CONS

A key advantage of selling a house for cash is working with someone who buys houses regularly. Typically they will have a process outline how selling a property for cash works.  Reputable buyers focus on the seller and their process is designed to make selling easy and convenient. 

A fast, easy conveneint way to sell is just the beginning of all the benefits! Lets dig deeper

The most obvious advantage to sell your home quickly for cash is in the name. You sell your house fast AND you sell your house for cash, RIGHT?

Let’s take a deeper dive into the PROS and CONS

sell your home quickly for cash

The PROS of fast cash sale

Let’s list them out in bullet points. I mean you are in a hurry to sell right?

  • A cash sale is the fastest way to sell your property
  • You don’t have to fix anything 
  • NO out of pocket
  • The seller doesn’t have to spend any money upfront
  • NO real estate agents so no commissions
  • AND no showings which mean you don’t have to constantly clean
  • If facing foreclosure you avoid the auction and save your hard-earned equity
  • NO Banks involved in a cash sale (NO hidden fees)
  • NO delays or red tape from the lenders
  • A reputable home buyer pays all normal closing costs
  • You can take the cash and quickly use it to buy another home
  • ALL of these add up to an easy and stress-free process. 

Those are some of the many reasons why you would sell for cash. OH NAD ONE MORE REALLY GOOD Benefit of a cash sale…

It is 100% FREE – well at least if you sell us your house.

The CONS of fast cash sale

There are some CONS to selling for cash too.

  1. Owners feel overwhelmed because they have no experience.
  2. You can make more money if you fix up the house instead of selling it as-is.
  3. There is potential you get taken advantage of (It’s so important to find a friendly home buyer).

The most significant negative home-owners have told me about a cash sale is not know what to do when they sell a house for cash. Let’s discuss it now. 

What to do when I sell my house for cash

If you understand how the process of selling real estate for cash works then you probably know more than you think. When you sell your house to an experienced home buyer you won’t have to do much at all!

However to be sure I will talk specifically about the seller’s role and requirements to get the deal closed. 

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little you have to do! Here are the things you must do to sell your home for fast cash (in no particular order):

  1.  Find a legit buyer near you
  2. Work out what your house is worth
  3. Discuss the condition and negotiate a cash price for your home
  4. Review the terms of the cash home purchase (sign if agreeable)
  5. After signing the contract to sell you have done all you need to do!

That’s it! You’re all done. Now you can sit back and enjoy the services of the great cash buyer you chose to sell to. 

Of course, what about all the legal documents and paperwork that needs to be filled out?

What paperwork do I need to do to sell my house for cash?

When I sell my house for cash how will I get all the paperwork done? This is a common concern for sure! So, what paperwork must you do to complete the sale?

The paperwork you must complete is actually really easy to do. While they are complicated documents all good buyers will do the lion share of the work for you.  First, the documents that require you to do anything are:

  1. The purchase agreement AKA sales contract AKA Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  2. Closing documents on the day you close.

So, as a cash seller, you only need to sign 2 documents. That’s pretty much it! Who knew selling for a house for cash was so easy?!?

When we buy houses we fill out all of the paperwork for you. We employ a title company to make sure it is done properly. Of course, you need to review the docs. If you are worried about the details then I implore you to hire a real estate lawyer. The lawyer will make sure you are taken care of. 


So how long does it take a cash buyer to close on a house? REMEMBER Shaun, I want to sell my house for cash today!

Can I sell my house for cash today? You can get the process started, that’s for sure. So I guess the answer is YES, you can sell your house for cash today!

A cash sale is faster than any other selling method. You can get an offer today and sell your home quickly for cash. 

Are cash buyers really that much faster than a realtor?

Research shows investors that buy houses with cash are absolutely the fastest way to get your place sold!!!


Above is a direct comparison of how long it can take to sell with a real estate agent or to a company that pays cash for houses

Agent versus Cash Buyer versus FSBO. What's fastest?

Sell Your House for Cash in Denver, CO

  • We buy houses for cash.
  • We can give you a cash offer on your house today.
  • As professional cash buyers, we can close on your schedule.

If you need to sell your house quick for cash then simply fill out the form below to get started. 

Are you still wondering who buys homes for cash near me? Well, WONDER NO MORE! We buy homes for cash near you and we want to buy your house!


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