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Shaun here. Thanks for taking the time to learn how we buy houses.

Here we tell you how we bought this Ranch style Single Family Home in Lakewood Colorado. 

Ranch-style houses in Lakewood, Colorado are awesome. Check out this home sold to Watson Buys recently.

The house is a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house. It has a garage – a 2 car garage in fact.

We buy houses in Lakewood which is in Jefferson County on the west end of Denver but you probably know that right?


How we bought this Lakewood house

How we bought this Lakewood house.
A step by Step insight into the process we used to purchase their home.

After the people had completed and submitted our form we had the address. They included a comment saying “Help me sell my house fast Denver please. From this, we were able to look up the area. Obviously, we already had a really good understanding of Lakewood as we are local. We looked at what other homes were selling for in the area. We did this before calling the owners.

Once we had a clear understanding of what houses were currently selling for we arranged a time to phone and discuss the house. We called the owners and asked a number of questions about the home’s condition. Age of roof, last updates, age of HVAC system, and other things.

The reason we asked about the condition of the house is so that we can compare it to the other homes that sold. a lot of times people sell the house to us as-is. Most of the time we know how I’m just out on the email list they are sold in really nice condition. Once we understand the current condition of the house set people are offering us we can work out how much rehab is required so then to do it if they choose to sell it on the MLS.

For example:
If the kitchen needs to be rehabbed it will cost anywhere from $4000 to $10,000 dollars for a basic rehab.

The Lakewood house we were investigating needed a new roof, it needed a new AC condenser, and the inside of the house really needed to be updated as it was originally from when it was built in 1978.

One thing about 1978 that we love is typically the sewer lines are PVC. my understanding is that in Denver around 1972-73 is when they really started pushing PVC as their mainline product. PVC is way more durable than the old terracotta type pipes clay pipes. typically these clay pipes are the ones that get really bad root intrusion and can collapse. a collapsed mainline is a big problem of course.

SO here is the list and cost for the items we needed to rehab.
The dollar value is what it costs us. I am sure you can all get better prices for renovation in which case please let me know. Thanks.

$4500.00 – New roof on a 1200 square foot footprint, one-story brick ranch.
$2600.00 – New ac condenser
$600.00 – full-service furnace and vent clean (did this at end of course)

$2000.00 – Demo

$3000.00 ceiling/walls patch and prep
$ 1000.00-floor prep
$3000.00 interior paint (not in the basement)
$ 3100.00-floor kitchen beds living

Kitchen renovation:
$6000.00 new kitchen
$2800.00 kitchen appliances

Bathroom remodels:
$4300.00 master bath
$3000.00 2nd bathroom
$3000.00 3rd bathroom

$3000.00 bathroom floors

$1000.00 each bedroom (fixtures etc)

$800.00 Electrical (replace outlets and covers)
$500.00 Lighting replace

$1500 Yard



Grand Total for the home renovation:

Once we ran through the numbers With the Arnaz we were able to negotiate a price that made sense for both of us. they were happy and so are we.

Now you must know at this point we had made our offer without seeing the house. we were 100% trusting the condition of the harm by way of how it had been described to us and pictures they had sent.
Once the purchase agreement had been signed it was now time for us to verify the condition of the house. to verify the condition of the house we paid a quick visit. it didn’t take long at all.
The only thing we couldn’t do on that day was checking out the main sewer line which we always like to do just in case it had collapsed or had any other issues. we were not expecting any issues but you always got a check just in case.

when so this was verified and cleared we moved on to check the title. So we handed it off to a third-party title company. The title was pretty darn clean so it just took a couple of days.
In fact, it was only 5 days after the people that wanted to sell the house had contacted us that we were ready to close.
There was no bank delay because we use our own funds.
We were buying it this fast because we knew exactly how to do it. Every house we buy we use the same process. That said at our monthly meetings we were View how fast we were able to buy houses. We also look at the feedback from people who have bought the property from. since we’ve looked at this week and then actually take this feedback and compare it to El Perseus and ultimately update out Perseus so in the future we do a much better job for people.

UPDATE: After 3 months the rehab was completed and we rented out the property. It rented very quickly because it was in a great spot in Lakewood. Also, the remodel we did was tasteful but muted so many people were able to see it as their home. The people that moved in have since commented just how lovely a house it is.
Thanks for reading this review on how we buy houses.
In summary:
Homeowner filled out our form stating “We need to sell our house fast”
Watson Buys jumped into gear and within a short time had checked the value of the house and contacted the owners.
ON that phone call we negotiated a fair price based on current market value.
We sent them the offer that they were able to sign online. Super convenient.
We ran by the house and checked it out to make sure it was what the owners said.
We handed the address off to the title company.
We closed on the house fast.

Watson Buys is ready to buy your house. We can buy fast. The work we had to perform to clear this property for sale took our team only 5 days. 3 of these were with the title company. Now that’s fast!

Watson Buys can buy houses fast because we take all the good parts of wholesalers and all the good parts of savvy real estate investors and entrepreneurs and go with it. 

As Colorado’s premier cash home buyer we pride ourselves on closing deal fast and always leaving a win-win situation behind us in our wake because we love Denver and we feel that we should treat home-owners of Denver with empathy and respect because that way if you need to sell your house fast you will sell to us or at least give us the opportunity to talk, negotiate and possibly send you a cash offer even if the house needs repairs or is ugly and as a Colorado cash buyer we will work hard to make the deal and close quickly. 

So if you need to sell my house fast and you are looking for the best way to sell a house fast in Denver, Jefferson County, Avon, or anywhere in the state of Colorado give us a shout, we can chat for while, determine the value of your house, discuss selling to us and ultimately we may buy your house as-is and buy it for cash, fast!