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Definitive Guide to Sell Your House Fast

This best guide answers "How do I sell my house fast?"

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What property type do you need to sell quickly?

So what kind of property do you need to sell?

Are you selling an inherited property?
Are you a Landlord and want to sell a rental house?
Need to sell quickly to stop foreclosure?

Are you just selling because you are ready to sell now?

Or maybe you just have questions about the best way to sell your home for cash?

Regardless of what questions you have or your situation this ultimate Guide to Get Your House Sold Fast has your answers.

I need to sell my house fast in (insert your city here).
That’s right, you can insert any city in the sentence above and this complete guide will help you get your house sold.

This is your ultimate guide to selling your home today. 

The Competition is Fierce when selling a House.

Competition is Fierce when selling a house.
Did you know last year 16,499 houses were sold each and every day in the United States?
That is a grand total of 6,022,000 homes sold. Then we divided that by 365 days in a year and worked out the number of houses sold every day. Are you ready for all that competition?

Feel free to fast forward and jump ahead to the table of contents, but be warned, we don’t want you to miss any amazing little piece of advice.


So real quick, let me be clear about something:

This is not your average post about selling your house fast. I am not going to hound you with “pop ups” that state “Sell to me now!”

Yes, Watson Buys is a real estate investment company. Yes, we buy houses as-is for cash, even bad-looking houses. But here we will focus on how we can help you.

Our goal is to ensure you have the best and most up to date information so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

We will 100% cover the basic and most important information, of course…

But I am also going to introduce you to a new and complete practical strategy called:

Sell, Selling, Sold in Six Simple Steps OR The 6 S Strategy to sell your house.

The 6 S Strategy is all about practical, simple steps you can do yourself to make sure that when you sell your house you know you got a fair deal. The 6 S Strategy will ensure you get a fair deal if you are selling in any of these situations:

Selling with an agent on the MLS.
Sell yourself as For Sale By Owner (FSBO).
Sell to a cash home buyer.
After reading all the information on how to sell, sell to us, sell to them or sell your house to anyone, you may feel overwhelmed. Well, take a deep breath and read a little further as the 6 S Strategy will bring it all together so you can sell fast, sell conveniently and 100% know you got a great deal.

Ok, so why not grab a coffee, and maybe a snack, sit back and let’s jump right in. No time like the present, right?

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Introduction on how to sell your house

What is the best way to sell my house fast?

Is this how you started your journey? By asking “Uncle” Google the question above?

Over 100 days is the typical amount of time it takes a home-owner from the time they list their house to sell until it is sold.

We did some research and found other very common search requests. Did you search for one of the following terms?

  • Sell my house fast
  • What is the quickest way to sell my house?
  • Can I really sell my house fast?
  • What are my options if I need to sell my house fast in Avon Colorado?
  • Selling Inherited Property
  • Is selling my house for cash a good idea?
  • How can I sell my house fast without a realtor?
  • What is the best company to sell my house to?
  • Should I negotiate during the selling process?

If you are selling your house these are phrases and questions you have probably asked yourself. And no doubt you have many more. Various hurdles can bring about long delays when selling your house. These range from:

  1. standstill in agreements.
  2. unexpected scrutiny.
  3. random requests from buyers and their agents.
  4. the lender not releasing money to fund the purchase.
  5. The weather causing repair delays even.

When you choose to sell do you deserve to get a fair deal?

Do you think the selling process should be at least a little bit enjoyable?

I certainly do! And it can be… however…

Did you know just over 60% of sellers being happy with the selling process of their house according to the National Association of Realtors. AND

Selling a house is considered more stressful than other life experiences such as divorce.

Completing the sale of your home easily, conveniently, and fairly is what this comprehensive guide is all about. In the final chapter, we present the 6 S Strategy to sell your house to make sure this happens for you.
To sell your house and come out the other end feeling that it was easy, convenient and fair you will need to do a lot of planning.
Like anything the more planning and preparation you do the better the ned product. In this case, the better you will get your house sold.
I have included a checklist that you can download so that you can start to plan. The checklist will require you to sit down and answer some of the following questions:
What is the reason you are selling your house?
need more room? need less room? moving for a job?
Is your priority to sell your house fast or for the most money?
selling your house fast means selling as-is to a cash home buyer.
Selling for the most money means doing a renovation and listing with an agent.
Do you really need to sell your house?
If you sell your house will you be underwater?
Are you emotionally ready to sell right now?

The checklists many questions to make you really think about embarking on this journey. Selling your house, even when well planned, is a huge undertaking that should not be taken lightly.

A couple more interesting statistics about the housing market:
More than 14,000 homes are sold every day in the states!
the housing market is worth almost $40 Trillion dollars!
According to Zillow from the time you list your house until the time you complete the sale takes the average person more than 100 days. This includes the inspections, negotiations, title and closing. It doesn not include repairs and renovations made to the house prior to listing.


What's your house is worth?

How to Figure Out What Your Home is Worth.

What will you put in your pocket after selling?

It doesn’t matter if you need to sell your house fast to stop foreclosure or you want to do an incredible renovation first you 100% absolutely must know what your house is worth.

There are two important values to know:

  1. The current market value of your house.
  2. After Rehab Value of your house (also known as ARV).

Intro to What your house is worth

What is current market value versus ARV

How to determine your house value

What is current market value versus ARV

Start with a Free Online Home Value Estimate to determine current market value.

The use of algorithms and real estate market data is employed by computers to get the actual value of your home. Our Home estimate tool is a little more unique. We use local experts to assess the value of your home.

Computers are great however they don’t always pick up on upgrades you have done or other items that may change the value of your house.

With our calculator, all you need to do is to input your address to get what your house is worth.

Why is it important when selling?

Why do I need to know the ARV when selling my home?

It is important to know the ARV because it may make you see items you can fix to get more value. The ARV typically is a number that your house would sell for if it was 100% remodeled. Watson Buys determines the ARV because it is a key component for us to understand the maximum cash price we can pay for your house.
We take the ARV – renovation/remodel costs – selling costs (if we choose to sell) = our break-even point.
Then we have to make a little profit too, right? We all have to eat. So we take out the minimum acceptable margin that we need to pay the bills etc and that gives us the maximum cash amount we are paying for houses in your neighborhood.
This is all based on the current ARV of your house. That makes it very relevant and fair to all parties involved.

If you would like more details about a comparative market analysis continue reading.
Alternatively, if you would like to move to start learning about I invite you to jump to the next chapter.

Run COMPS to determine market value

Determining the value of your house continued…

Comparative Market Analysis: Prepare to solidify your price with a CMA.
In your quest to get the actual worth of your house, an expert’s opinion is simply the best as online home value estimators despite the gradual improvement over the years may not give an accurate value. 
The familiarity of Real estate agents with the local market can’t be underestimated as they employ comparative market analysis which involves the analysis of raw data such as the distance of your property from the busy streets, such as your home’s square footage to have the actual price estimate.
Having the right price will ensure you don’t overprice or underprice. A pre-listing appraisal from a professional home appraiser is yet another option for those properties with insufficient comparison.
Pro Tip
Be on the lookout: Agents may decide to flatter you a bit by giving a much higher estimated value than others, in this case, Overpricing won’t help you out.
“Let’s say your house is somewhere around $500k in value and your agent is noticing a lot of inventory between the $500k and $550k,” Boyland explains.
“But there’s not as many houses for sale in the $450k to $500k range. So price it a little under $500k to capitalize on that stronger market.”
Don’t forget to subtract sale costs!
Taxes, agent commissions and the remaining mortgage would be deducted from the estimated selling price to determine the final take-home pay using our Net Proceeds Calculator. 

Run some numbers on your home to understand how much cash you will pocket.

Here’s how to run some quick numbers:

Begin with your home’s estimated sale value.
For the real estate agent commission, deduct approximately 6%. (The agent employed and your location will determine this percentage.)
Deduct the remaining loan that you owe on the property.
Deduct the other fees that you owe like HOA fees, utility costs or taxes.
The amount remaining is an approximation of what you could walk away with once your house is sold.

Time your home sale just right

One good determinant that speeds up your home sale and how much it’ll worth is the local housing market in your area. A top real estate agent will make a comparison between the various market factors to know the best time to sell your house but there are few ways to make personal findings.

Use data to find the best period for sale in your vicinity
Making no less than a 70% gain or more is possible just by selling your house at the right time.
An analysis of your city’s real estate transaction is carried out by HomeLight’s Best Time to sell calculator to know when and when not to list your home to maximize profit and prevent loss.

Best season to sell a house

Summer, winter, spring or fall? Whats the best house selling months?

Best time for sale 
Many real estate agents advise that listing your home during spring is the best but it’s not always true in every market because a more accurate analysis has proven that the location of your house determines when best to sell.
Conduct an inventory analysis on your local market
To have an idea of when to list your home and how to price it, employ the use of an inventory analysis to know how many houses are presently for sale.
Request for a chart showing the inventory supply in your area from your real estate agent. “Months of supply” measures how many months it would take to sell all the houses for sale in your area. It is calculated by dividing the number of all houses for sale by the number of homes sold in the previous month. No doubt, markets with less than six months of supply profit sellers, while markets with over six months of supply favor buyers. 
“In a buyer’s market, prices will get more and more competitive, meaning the value of your home could go down,” Boyland says. “Generally in a seller’s market, prices are on the upswing.”
A detailed analysis of the aforementioned can be provided by a real estate agent when you decide to list your home, but sites with real estate listings will help you get an idea on your own. A buyer’s market may be known when there are lots of comparable listings and when comparable listings are scanty, it may denote a seller’s market.
Figure out your timeline for selling
Home sale is very demanding, so the amount of time and effort you will be able to commit must be known before deciding to sell your house. Your state of being, your home and your local market are key factors to the time it takes to sell a house. 
No less than 10weeks and 2days is expected to be dedicated to sell your house from start to finish as it takes more than 3 weeks for an average property to sit on the market before going under contract (NAR) after which it takes more than 6 weeks for a buyer to close on a purchase loan (Ellie Mae).
Should you sell your home before you buy?
Preferably, it’s best to sell your house before purchasing another for one major reason: what if you already bought a new house and the former doesn’t sell?
“If [the seller] is in a position to qualify to purchase another home before they sell, then that’s an option,” says Santistevan. “If they are not in a position to do that, or maybe it’s out of their comfort level, then they need to get the house on the market first before they move to the next step.”
Below are some ways to be sure you don’t end up owning two homes at the same time.
Market your house quickly and successfully using a top real estate agent because they are faster and they make it easier for you to proceed to the next phase of your life. 
Make a strong offer on your new home and move on your schedule by going through the HomeLight Trade-In program. You’ll get additional cash if your home sells for more than we paid (minus selling costs and program fees).
Protect yourself from having to carry two mortgage payments by having your real estate agent write into your buying contract that your offer is dependent on the sale of your current house i.e you won’t be able to buy another home till your current home sells.
Do not search for a new house until you have accepted an offer on your current house.
Key Takeaways:
Be ready to let go off every attachment you have towards your house.
Get an idea of the actual worth of your home using our Home Value Estimator.
Ask top real estate agents in your city to perform a comparative market analysis for an accurate pricing picture.
Determine your approximate home sale proceeds by taking your home’s worth and subtracting your agent’s commission, closing costs, taxes and any other fees from your price.
Time your home sale based on market conditions to sell faster and for more money using the Best Time to Sell Calculator. 

Prepare your house to sell

Make on necessary repairs to sell your house fast

Get Your Home Ready for Its Big Market Debut
With all necessary things put in place, see your house as a product awaiting buyers and prepare for all possible critiques. Let your real estate agent do his job. Now, let’s go through the home preparation process:
Only make amendments that interests buyers.
Clean and make proper arrangements.
Display your property without spending.
This chapter will set you up successfully:
List your house with very high definition quality pictures
Make wide publicities about your home using social media platforms
Exploit your hard work to auction the house in its best look
Let your house be accessible for viewing
Make (Only 100% Necessary!) Repairs
Seek your real estate agent’s advice on your home to avoid wasting of resources on useless projects. “Many times, sellers get this bright idea and they start doing a bunch of things that they think need to be done to their home,” says Santistevan. “Sometimes they do more than necessary or they make wrong selections as far as finishes or cosmetic touches.”
Demand a pre-listing inspection from your real estate agent as it serves you a chance to make necessary amendments before buyers step into your house.
Declutter Room by Room: Toss, Donate, and Deep Clean
“I recommend two things to every one of my clients,” says Russo. “Declutter and have it sparkling spick-and-span clean at a minimum.”
Make use of large garbage bags and separate the contents of each bag. i.e those to be stored, giveaways and to be sold. Keep personal belongings out of reach till you decide what to do with them. It’s not an easy task and bringing in professionals makes the work faster. Search for a cleaning service in your vicinity via these websites:

What are the expected returns on renovations I make when selling my house?

Generally, when a homeowner spends $100 on renovating their home they will only get an increase of $80.

“Renovating a home to increase its value more than the cost of the renovation is very hard to do for the average homeowner. They just don’t have access to the wholesale pricing renovation professionals have.”

Is staging worth it?

Stage Your Home to Create a Warm, Inviting Space
Home staging— the process of making your home appealing to potential buyers. Staging shouldn’t cost much if you’ve made adequate cleaning and arrangements, you’ve already done much of the required work.
Beautify your house with different works of art and remove old or worn out furniture and replace them with those with high quality. You can hire a stager if your agent recommends it to stock your house with beautiful design works to bring out the best in your house. Keep in mind that buyers should be able to see themselves occupying the house and that can be achieved with a proper staging.

What color should I paint the interior?

If you desire to allure even more buyers, you need to add some eye catching upgrades to your house to make it distinctive from the rest. Below are some we recommend:
1. Add a fresh coat of neutral paint in every room
One of the best ways to attract buyers is to give the interior of your house a revamping with a very low cost or save time by hiring an expert.
2. Clean up and refinish floors
The flooring of a house is an important aspect of a house as buyers always leave comments, a scrubbing mop, carpet cleaner or an elbow grease can do the magic rather than spending a huge amount on new floor designs. Make use of a refinishing product for hardwood floors and employ a professional’s care if the floor of your house requires expertise to look sparkling again.
3. Spruce up your home’s curb appeal
First impressions they say lasts longer. All you have to do is:
Pull off all weeds therein
Clean up debris
Pressure wash the exterior/wipe down siding
Add some boosters like a colorful mailbox, flower planters, decorative bench et al.
“A lot of times when an agent is opening the lockbox, the buyer is standing in the entryway kind of looking at things,” Santistevan says. “So you want to make sure that there are no cobwebs hanging from the carriage light or the ceilings.”
4. Bring in natural light by:
Washing the interior and exterior of windows
Replace old window treatments
Replace dim light bulbs with brighter ones

Should I perform a preinspection?

Take High-Quality Real Estate Photos for the Listing
As Santistevan points out, “everyone starts their [home] search online,”

The beautiful pictures you share will be one main reason why buyers will book an appointment with you in place of another schedule while attractive magazine pictures allure buyers.

Spread the Word About Your Home with Marketing.

Here, you can count on your agent to create a tactical approach as well as:
Broadcast images to MLS to make your listing official.
Create awareness on social media pages with attractive images and fascinating captions.

Stage Virtual Concerts: Create a three-dimension concert to give buyers a realistic feel for the property with virtual guides.

Network other buyer’s agents to shift the focus of buyer’s in your neighborhood. Display the for-sale sign at a strategic position where everyone can see. Take advantage of newspapers, magazines, and flyers to bring more buyers.

All of these are aimed at bringing the attention of buyers because you never know who will make that beautiful bidding you have been waiting for. Discuss terms with your agent before handing him the baton.

Show Off the House to Interested Buyers

No matter how perfect the marketing plan is, every buyer desires to see the property with their very own eyes, buyers who desire to tour your house book an appointment with your agent through their own agents. Some notifications can come in late so you must be ready to excuse yourself from the house if you are still leaving there.

These three guidelines will ease that process:

Coordinate Schedules: Schedule specific evenings of every week for outings and make it known to your agent that you’ll be out till 9 p.m. on those evenings.

Share your schedule: Be it a notepad or Google calendar, make it known to your agent to minimize reiteration of schedules every day.

Plan Ahead: Make plans for unexpected showings.

An emergency check-up list is a good way to begin.

Key Takeaways:

Perform a pre-inspection if need be.
Only make necessary repairs that surface during the home inspection.
Re-arrange your house and do away with personal belongings that might cause a distraction for buyers.
Don’t leave a single spot unless it is sparkling when cleaning.
Let buyers have a visual look at your home with your agent’s help.
Seek experts on photography that brings the brightest look to your home. It is needed for a successful sale.
Ensure your real estate agent takes advantage of all means (MLS, social media, virtual tours as well as local flyers and for-sale board) to publicize your house.
Make your personal schedule known to your agent to make you uncommon for showings.

How to negotiate with a cash home buyer

What this video about how James sold his house for cash and negotiated $12,000 more than the original sales price. 

Lock in a sales price with a signed contract

Lock in a Buyer, Negotiate Your Terms, and Start the Closing Process.

Here’s where the show begins, offers begin to roll in, and your hard work begins to pay off. Issues might arise in your sale pertaining to contract contingencies, home inspection, buyer financing et al and your real estate agent has loads of paperwork to do for you.
To avoid getting lost when making dealings follow these steps as we cover how to:
Create a contrary offer and make thoughtful selections amidst various proposals.
Submit the proposal into escrow once your house goes under contract
Resolve any problem pertaining to the title or deed
Get through the home inspection and appraisal
Choose a closing date and begin planning to move out
Review Your Offers to Pick the Best One
“If multiple offers come in, then we send [the seller] a spreadsheet so they can see what the differences are in the offers and what the nets are back to them,” says Shawn Maxey, who ranks in the top 3 highest-performing real estate agents in Frederickson, Washington.
Your real estate agent will determine which offer is best and guide you if there are multiple offers, step by step:
Consider your offers. You might have an avalanche of offers but be not deceived as the highest bidder may come with cons which may lead to bigger losses in the end. Allow your real estate agent to sort through all the necessary details before you decide.
Submit a counter offer. You might be unsatisfied with the offers you get from bidders and you choose to counter back with your own price. Do not get emotional as you might name prices way too much for buyers that’ll make them walk away.
Accept an offer. Immediately you are satisfied with an offer, accept it, and let the sale progress.
If you don’t receive any offers… go back to the drawing board. Overpricing, low market awareness, or that it isn’t a good market for sales could be the cause. You need to discuss what to do next with your real estate agent.
Submit the Offer You Accepted Into Escrow
Submit the offer agreement to the escrow and title company once you seal an offer and append your signature. The title report for the house ascertains that the house is yours.
Mind the following technicalities and sort them out with your real estate agent as they could affect your sale
Liens or judgments
Trust complications
Lender balances
Property Taxes
Get Ready for the Home Inspection and Negotiate on Repairs
Any issues that may pose threats to life will eventually lead to you having tough negotiations. They include:
Water leakages/ damages
Roof Damage
Electrical problems
Plumbing issues
Insect/Pest Infestations
Structural Issues
HVAC Issues
Consult your agent on buyer’s demands to weigh your options:
Make repairs where necessary before completing the sale.
Let the buyers fix the issue themselves by attaching a credit to keep the sale moving forward.
Reject the buyer requests if you deliberately priced the house lower due to these issues.
Prepare Your Home for the Appraisal
Prepare you home for buyer’s appraisal by;
Be ready for the appraisers as they will not devalue your house. Good impressions are needed in home sales.
Your presence isn’t required for the appraisal. Have your agent represent you to answer necessary questions.
Make available a list of your home upgrades, comparable market analysis, and other offers.
Prepare to negotiate if the appraisal comes in under contract. You need the buyer bring more cash to the picture.
Settle Outstanding Debts on the House
You have to pay all hanging debts on the home, so here’s the best time to:
Be updated on any unpaid house levies
Complete work orders
Pay HOA fees
Finish required repairs
Settle utilities balances
Complete Necessary Repairs
With the title problems settled, home inspection finalized, and appraisals gotten, you’ve made it through the toughest part.
“We feel like the chance of the sale falling apart at that point are pretty minimum,” says Maxey.
Make Plans to Evacuate By Closing
Moving out is time-consuming and it usually takes longer than you expect, so don’t procrastinate, prepare to leave the house without delay.
To ease your movement, follow this approach:
Collect the moving supplies beginning with the most required: trash bags, bins, packing paper, boxes, tape, and markers for labeling.
Timeline a moving truck for transportation of your personal belongings as soon as possible.
Make preparations to organize and reduce your stuffs to simplify your move.
Key Takeaways:
Should you get multiple offers, work with your real estate agent to select the most preferred one by weighing the amount proposed, any contingencies, and how the buyer intends to finance the home.
Make the necessary repairs, propose a credit or simply walk away if the buyer makes any repair requests after the inspection.
Make appraisal appellation, request yet another appraisal or ask the buyer to find another lender should the appraisals come in low.
Many sellers experience a “dark” period of communication when the buyer is collecting documents and working with their lender. It’s during this quiet time that you can do required repairs and start making plans for your move.
Make sure you have enough time to evacuate the building. Prepare to leave the house before the deadline to avoid rushing at the last minute.

Navigate the inspection period

You’re Almost There! Take Your Final Steps to Close with Confidence
Making it to the final stage is a landmark worthy of celebration. But before properly handing over the property, you’ll need to make some paperwork available, sign your home to the new owners as well as the items that go with the house and it must be error-free when:
Reviewing and signing the closing documents.
Compile all documents pertaining to the house.
Make sure door openers, keys and codes (if any) are easy to reach for the new house owners.
Do not stay beyond the closing date.
Get your house sale proceeds.
Get the House (and Yourself) Ready for Final Goodbyes
Do not exceed the deadline for your stay in the house after making an agreement with the buyer lest you will be violating the contract.
Move out with everything that belongs to you and transfer them to a new location as handing over the keys make the buyers owners of the house and everything in it.
Make thorough cleanings once the house is empty so that the buyers will move into a new and beautiful space.
Prevent likely home hazards before the sale closes by stopping water and gas leakages.
Put extra keys and openers in a clear place to be seen easily.
Make sure you change your address ahead of time and mail to change the destination, should there be anything that needs to be delivered.
Inform your kits and kins as well as creditors of your exit from the house and give them your new address.
Make the device guides and information on warranty easy to see by the new house owners.
Consider the Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney
Real estate attorneys are usually needed for closing the business dealing, he makes sure your property and you are safe. They are distinct from common attorneys and they make sure your documents are error-free.
Pull out Your Lucky Pen for the Closing Documents
It is not mandatory to be present on the final day as the documents can be signed ahead of time or have your attorney sign them for you.
Come along with the items listed below should you decide to attend the closing so as to complete the sale:
A pen
Passport/ID card and any other owner
The deed of your house
Principal keys and codes
Documentation of repairs that you’ve made on the buyer’s requests
Although it depends on your location and your situation, here are some things that they are likely to bring to the closing table:
Escrow account information
Settlement statement Inspection agreements
Property tax information
Your mortgage and loan payoff details
Closing Disclosure

Your real estate agent can answer the questions you may have about who will be at the closing table and what you will sign.
“Every state might have something that’s required in order for you to be able to transfer the property out of your name into somebody else’s name,” says Russo. Your real estate agent will know what’s needed to sail you through this process.
Receive your Home Sale Proceeds
Once you and the buyer have signed the final settlement agreements, you can collect your proceeds from the escrow company.
The under-listed items could be subtracted from the proceeds of your home sale:
Your remaining mortgage balance
6% of the sale price as Agent commissions
Title Fees
Property taxes and other unpaid bills
Attorney/Escrow fees
For a well-detailed list, see our guide to all the fees associated with selling your home from start to finish.
Once you’ve finalized the sale, you still need to put some things in this post-sale checklist in place:
Transfer utilities.
Cross out homeowners insurance immediately you transpose the title of your home.
Keep the documents in a secure place.
Applaud yourself on your success as a first time home seller.
Key Takeaways:
Do not violate the agreement with the buyer by exceeding the deadline to evacuate the house, except you made special agreements on that. Make certain you and the buyer are on the same track about timing and plan your move accordingly.
Some states demand sellers to have a real estate attorney at final days to supervise the transaction and ascertain signing goes without a hitch.
Your physical appearance isn’t compulsory at the closing table as your attorney can sign on your behalf and it’ll be left for the buyer to do the bulk of the paperwork and seal the deal.
Don’t get caught up in a rush-hour, as you approach closing, endeavor to forward your mail, inform banks and credit cards of your new address, and cancel (or transfer) your homeowner’s insurance.
Ascertain that the different keys and codes to the house are accessible to the buyers, you’ll be thankful you took care of it ahead of time.

The closing process

Congratulations: You sold your house fast!

FAQ Section: Exhaustive list of Selling Inheritance and Sell My House Fast Questions.

Honestly, the fastest way to sell your home is to a real estate investor. Also known as cash home buyers, these people know exactly how much your house is worth. Watson Buys is a cash home buyer. We also use our own funds. This means no bank delays so we close really fast. Just how fast do we buy houses? From the time you first contact us, we can give you a cash offer based on current market value in just a few hours. If you give us the opportunity then we will give you the time and respect you deserve.

At Watson Buys, we really want to buy your home. Tell us what you need.

How do you sell your house fast? Well, first let’s determine what fast really is. According to research from the time you decide to sell your home until you actually get the money in the bank, it can easily take more than 100 days. Between prepping your home, de-cluttering, and cleaning, fixing stuff, and remodeling to get the highest price, listings, showings, negotiations, inspections, closing…

See there is a lot that goes into getting your house sold. If you decide to list on the MLS I hope you are not in a hurry.

If you are in a hurry to sell your house then an alternative path to take is to sell it to an i-Buyer like Watson Buys. We can close on your house as fast as you need to sell it.

Well, at the end of the day if you need to sell your property fast you should call Watson Buys. However, here is a list of 9 tips to help you sell your house fast if you choose a different route.

  1. List your house for the right price.
  2. Make sure you have a great plan for marketing your home.
  3. Present your home like you don’t actually live there.
  4. If you decide to use an agent take your time picking the best agent.
  5. Be realistic.
  6. Use a professional with local knowledge as they will know the true value of your house. Hay – did you know Watson Buys is a local professional that wants to buy your house right now? Just let us know.
  7. Don’t use your friends for a discount.
  8. 100% understand the 7 and 30-day rule – best buyers are in the first 30 days and of those, the best of the best are in the first 7.
  9. Listen to reviews and make adjustments sooner than later.

Call us. Done.

When selling your home you have 3 main options.

  1. Sell it using an agent
  2. Sell it by yourself.
  3. Sell it to a real estate investor/cash home buyer.

Selling using an agent, while it is a great option for some, will take along time. Research shows that from deciding to sell to getting paid will take longer than 100 days. If you are in a hurry to sell your house this is probably not the best choice.

If you sell your house by yourself it will take as long, or longer than if you use an agent. Plus you have to do all the work. Now, if you have a ton of experience it can pay off. But more often than not it can slow down the selling process and cost you a lot.

Sell your house to a real estate investor for cash is the fastest way to get your house sold. Yes, we are cash home buyers, so we are a little biased. However, we have been voted transparent and trusted. So call us. We will tell you what your house is worth. If we can’t negotiate a price with you that’s ok. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions about how to sell your house fast, options to stop foreclosure, or even how to sell inherited property.

We can tell you the value of your house as it is right now.

We can tell you the value of your house if you fixed it up really nice.

We can show you what other homes like yours recently sold for. Some will be in the same condition as the house you are selling. Some will be nicer and some will be more tired than yours.

If you are looking to sell your house quickly and you want to sell for cash, then look no further.

The process of selling your house for cash is the same as selling your house when using a mortgage except…

Selling to a cash buyer menas htere are no banks fees.

If you are in a hurry to sell your property then selling for cash means there are no bank delays either.

Step by step porcess of selling your house for cash.

  1. Tell someone you want to sell it.
  2. That someone (hopefully Watson Buys) will ask a few question about the condition of your home.
  3. The person or company you are selling to will then negotiate a price, submit an offer.
  4. If you accept thir offer, by singing it, you then move into the next phase.
  5. The next phase of selling your house is the inspections period. The beauty of selling for cash is often you can sell it as is***
  6. Now title takes over. Watson Buys always uses a third party title company to protect all parties involved.
  7. After the inspectionsa re all cleared you can sit donwn to close the house. This is when you get paid your money.

***SIDE NOTE – as is means you don’t have to fix anything. This can save you even more time is you need to sell in a hurry.

Have you heard the story about the bank that took 8 months to close on a house? Trust me you don’t want to hear it.


Yes. You can sell your inheritance fast.

To me, a very important thing to remember is to make sure the person or company you’re selling to understands the process.

When selling an inherited house there can be some hiccups.

The team at Watson Buys is very experienced. We can do all the heavy lifting for you.

If you are looking to sell your house quickly and you want to sell for cash, then look no further.

The process of selling your house for cash is the same as selling your house when using a mortgage except…

Selling to a cash buyer menas htere are no banks fees.

If you are in a hurry to sell your property then selling for cash means there are no bank delays either.

Step by step porcess of selling your house for cash.

  1. Tell someone you want to sell it.
  2. That someone (hopefully Watson Buys) will ask a few question about the condition of your home.
  3. The person or company you are selling to will then negotiate a price, submit an offer.
  4. If you accept thir offer, by singing it, you then move into the next phase.
  5. The next phase of selling your house is the inspections period. The beauty of selling for cash is often you can sell it as is***
  6. Now title takes over. Watson Buys always uses a third party title company to protect all parties involved.
  7. After the inspectionsa re all cleared you can sit donwn to close the house. This is when you get paid your money.

***SIDE NOTE – as is means you don’t have to fix anything. This can save you even more time is you need to sell in a hurry.

Have you heard the story about the bank that took 8 months to close on a house? Trust me you don’t want to hear it.

If you decide to sell your property without the help of a realtor then youa re goind to sell it either:

a. For Sale By Owner.

b. To one of those we buy ugly houses companies.

  • by the way, are those companies legitmate? You know the ones that can buy your house fast for cash?
  • Well, Watson Buys is one of those we buy houses companies and we are 100% legit. We get great reviews (we need to ask for them more) we have a AAAA++++ rating with the Better Business Bereau, and we have been voted trustworthy and transparent. We are a cash home buyer that is legitimate. I guarentee.

Real quick: What is For sale By Owner.

FSBO is when the owner takes on the sellin gof their house. The main quoted resaon for this is they perosn sellng wants to save on the real estate agent commisions.

Look, I am as frugal as the next guy, to a falt even, but I have to say that unless you are super confident and educated in the process of selling a house, I would highly recommend you use professional help.

I have seen home-owners list their houses way too high. They sit for months. Then they get a stigma. Peopel start wondering what’s wrong with it.

Conversely you dont want to sell it for way less than it’s worth, right?

Even if you end up selling your house to someone else I invite you to chat with us. We will gladly tell you what your house is worth on the current market. We can also tell you  what it’s after rehab value (ARV) is. You know, if you fix it up real nice, stainless steel appliances, granite, all that good stuff.

BONUS CHAPTER: The best way to sell a house quickly

What’s the Best Way to Sell a House Quickly? Weigh Your Options
Now that you have chosen your listing date on the calendar and your home’s worth has been known, you’re totally ready to proceed. But yet, there is another big decision you have to make: How do you intend to sell your house? We’ll take it step by step so you can make the best of decisions. We have listed the three most common choices below:
Sell with the help of an agent
Compare cash offers from instant buyers
Go solo with the FSBO route
Option 1: Hire a Real Estate Agent
No doubt, home sale is tedious but suffocating without an agent’s help. The real estate agent’s main duties are:
Make a study of the local real estate market to determine your home’s worth at equitable market price.
Employ math and tactical skills in making repairs, tidying and display of your home.
Displaying and photographing of your house with expertise to give it a glamorous look.
Auction your house on social media and real estate fora, the wide network of buyer’s agents on speed dial can’t be overlooked.
Invite buyers for viewings and package your house in a manner you never imagined as they know what buyers desire.
Make negotiations to get you the best value.
Finally, deal with piles of confusing documents.
“You know if I had a cut on my hand, I’m not going to try to stitch it up myself. I’m going to the doctor,” says Santistevan. “From a negotiating aspect, this is what we do. This is our profession,” she adds. “And also, from the liability aspects, there are certain state disclosures that need to be filled out. Your average homeowner doesn’t know that.”
This document attached to a home sale includes every possible element while a variation of laws exist in different states making it more tedious to comprehend. To avoid any problem from legal authorities, a good real estate agent is needed as they understand the process better.
Furthermore, a top class real estate agent must be sought as there are millions of authorized real estate agents in the United States., with just a few who can exercise expertise in selling your house.
Option 2: Sell your home for money
Many vendors prefer the typical way of listing with a real estate agent in open market but at times taking advantage of certain life events is required such as financial constraints, marriage dissolution and so on.
If you despise showcasing your house to strange faces, selling directly to a cash purchaser that’ll help you close the deal within a short time is a preferred choice even if incurring a small loss is involved.
Note that, you shed no sweat when you transact directly with a real estate buyer in trade for higher service fees (no repairs, showing, staging et al.) while cash buyers make business dealings only when the offer is alluring.
The strategy of purchasing a property, renovating it and making profit through its sale is a way out of prolonged attempts to sell your house sellers but cash offers are appealing to sellers with houses in suitable state.
Investors who purchase and hold may see your house suitable for renting if you feature in a popular market with transitory residents meaning selling your home for cash can be tiring.
You can find a legit cash buyer easily with HomeLight’s Simple platform by answering few questions about your house and selling timeline. You can get an offer at no cost now just by acceptance and you get to choose your move date.
Option 3: For Sale by Owner (FSBO)
Listing your home as FSBO is tiring except you have a buyer ready for purchase. Cutting out real estate agents means all responsibilities associated to selling a house will be shouldered by you, but it has pros and cons like anything else.
Quick Pros and Cons of FSBO
Pro: You have some savings since payment of agent’s commission fees isn’t attached.
Con: You will sell at a cheaper price reason being that the competitive offers brought by the preparations, staging and marketing of a real estate agent will be missing.
Pro: You can spend enough time finding the highest bidder since no agent contract is involved.
Con: You might have made some decisions about your home in the previous years that will make buyers raise an eyebrow. Their criticisms can be quite disturbing and in turn push you to make silly decisions.
Pro: You can auction your house for the value you feel it is worth as real estate agents will work with the price of the highest bidder.
Con: Your house might not sell at all if it’s overpriced. Real estate agents try to bring in mouthwatering offers with their expertise.
FSBO’s fail for this reason:
Statistics (NAR 2019 data) have shown that larger percentage of home sellers work with real estate agents with FSBO’s taking 8% indicating the former to be the best option.
A FSBO sale may work for you if:
You are certain your home will be sold immediately at any price being in a very low inventory seller’s market.
You have a long list of buyers clamoring to purchase your house
How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent
What we do is judge with a scale of preference on which agent served their clients best. We’ll link you up with the top agents who are proven to sell houses like yours faster and make more profit in the same vicinity.
How to Interview Your Agent Matches
Seek recommendations and set up an interview session. This is the best shot at getting the right man for the job, so bombard them with questions. Here are important questions to ask an agent during an interview:
What marketing tactics do you have for my home?
How many houses have you sold in this vicinity in the last 6 months?
Have you made home sales in this price range?
Have you laid your hands on a market and inventory analysis for this vicinity?
How long does it take for you to sell a house?
Are you a lone-ranger or you work with a team?

Check their real estate license and client referrals. It is expedient that you see the license of your agent, go through their referrals and reviews to affirm his/her qualification.
Don’t sign a listing agreement until you’re prepared. Because you will be bound by contract to work with the agent. Listing agreement gives the agent ability to auction the house.
Note the following key points to when listing agreement:
The type of agreement and the real estate agent or brokerage
Listing agreements are three namely Open Agency, Exclusive Agency, and Exclusive Right to sell which gives the estate agent total control over the transaction.
An expiration date beyond the scope of a normal home sale
This decides when the contract would expire if the home isn’t sold. You must discuss this from the start to avoid being stuck in the contract should the house not sell. Statistically, a house remains in market for 21 days.
A list price you’re not comfortable with
Make sure you’re satisfied with the price your agent auctions your house for even though you won’t walk away with the actual sale price which might increase with multiple offers and vice-versa.
How much your agent will charge in commission
The 5.8% national average commission rate is negotiable but chances of a successful negotiation is quite low. You can make enquiries about the commission rate for your city with HomeLight’s Agent Commission Calcuator.
The median clause that protects you in a deal gone wrong
Majority of the real estate agents love to keep their reputation high so they usually dissolve the contract without any issue should you ask out or feel unhappy with their services. There are also alternative ways to handle legal actions if such situation arises.
The protection period for your real estate agent
When you and your real estate agent go separate ways and the house hasn’t sold yet, it’s not permissible for a buyer that your real estate agent found initially to buy the house from you else he’ll be entitled to their total commission as they are legally secured.
Key Takeaways:
The most common method of selling your house is with a real estate agent or as FSBO.
Employ a HomeLight caretaker in searching for top real estate agents in your vicinity to sell your house.
Ask lots of important questions from the agents during their interviews to select the best candidate and sign the listing agreement.

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