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Why should I sell my house to Watson Buys?

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Selling your house is a big deal and we know that. It’s a balancing act between getting it sold quickly and ensuring you get a good price. 

Below you have 3 options you can choose from to help you on your house selling journey!

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We buy houses in Indianapolis directly from the you to save you money. 

Buying houses  direct for cash saves you cash by:

  1. Eliminating realtor commissions
  2. Avoiding banks fees 
  3. Gives options to delay taxes
  4. No costly repairs to do (we buy as-is)
  5. Eliminates ALL middle-men,  middle-woman and middle people!
Do you want to know the best part?

This makes selling you house fast easy and simple!

Watson Buys Indianapolis property faster, easier and better. 

So you need more info on how we buy houses, right?

Maybe you ask:

Why do we buy Indianapolis houses for cash?

I will answer these questions and more now. 

Don’t miss the videos below (about half a screen or so) explaining in more detail. 

So why does Watson Buys purchase houses for cash in Indianapolis?

Purchasing houses for cash saves us BOTH time and money! 

Selling to a Indianapolis Cash Home Buyer saves you money because:

  1. As a cash home buyer in Indy we don’t expect you to fix anything
  2. You sell to us without a realtor so no commissions or delays.
  3. We pay cash for houses so no bank fees or red tape slowing down the sale.
With us you can:
  • Sell as-is
  • avoid costly repairs
  • Pay ZERO real estate agent commissions
  • Eliminate bank charges too!

If you are asking how to sell my house fast in Indianapolis then Watson Buys is your solution. 

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Watch the video above  explaining what happens when you submit your address to a cash home buyer.

how the process works video and image

Review of how we purchased a duplex in Indy for cash

Video Transcript:

I have been meaning to do this review for months. Back in September, I decided to sell an old duplex I had inherited from my Dad many years ago.
I had been renting it out but it was a hassle for me.
Each year I had to pay property taxes, make sure the renters were keeping the yard clean (got lots of notices over the years from Marion County Health Dept), and fix stuff they kept breaking.
It was in a great location. Only a few mins walk from IUPUI. So it had that going for it. However it was old and ugly when I inherited it, and time had only made it uglier.
I wanted an easy way to sell. I didn’t think selling it with a realtor was a good idea because there was so much wrong with it. I didn’t want to fix anything.
Especially after talking to a few contractors and what they would charge to renovate it. Selling to a reputable cash home buyer here in Indy seemed like a good idea.
In-fact my friend had done the same and recommended Watson Buys to me. I checked them out online. They didn’t have any reviews but their website seemed legit and after talking to them my gut told me they were honest and transparent.
We talked about the house in detail. We even walked it together to talk about what they would do to fix it up and how much it would be worth. It was refreshing to meet people that were so upfront.
They weren’t holding back or hiding anything. After going back and forward I negotiated a price that I felt fair. They agreed to be the house as-is, and with one tenant in place. One side was empty.
From the time the contract was signed the process was really simple. They did all the title work, their attorney cleared a couple of the liens that were on the place. I didn’t have to do a thing!
I want it to be known I was very grateful to my Dad for giving me the house. My Dad was a good man. But that said it is nice to now have sold it and have the cash in the bank.
I am really glad I sold my house to Watson Buys. I would definitely recommend them to you if you want a fast and easy way to sell too.

Watson Buys – Sell My House Fast Indianapolis, Indiana Office

Proudly Serving all of Indy’s diverse neighborhoods. 

Address: 1437 King Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46222
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (720) 418-8670

Services Offered:

  1. We Buy Houses that are Ugly in Indianapolis. We Buy Ugly Condos or Apartments too.
  2. We Buy Houses in Indianapolis for Cash
  3. Best Service and Solution to Sell Your House Fast in Indianapolis
  4. We Buy Inherited Houses in Indianapolis – We specialize in buying Inherited and Inheritance Property in Indianapolis
  5. We buy houses quickly to Stop Foreclosure in Marion County and Indianapolis.
  6. We buy houses in Indianapolis
  7. We provide a service for you to sell your house fast in Indianapolis
  8. Cash Home Buyer Indianapolis
Unique Selling Proposition.
Watson Buys – Indianapolis is a local cash home buyer right here on the West-Side in Haughville, Indianapolis. Not far from the world-famous Speedway. You can walk or ride a bike to IUPUI or anywhere in downtown Indianapolis
You can certainly learn more about us 
We buy houses in Indy fast and for cash. If you have an inheritance or you need to sell your house fast we can help.
You can call or email us for a no-obligation consultation and evaluation on the property you wish to sell to us. 
We can buy houses fast because when you sell to us you sell as-is. That’s right, you don’t have to make any repairs.
Not only that but we take care of bank fees (there are none) commissions (we don’t charge any commissions) and we do all the title work and legal documents.
You don’t even have to clean the house you sell!
We make selling your house fast and convenient.
FINALLY, a home selling solution that’s as easy as trading in a vehicle!
Further Description of services provided by Watson Buys
Watson Buys is an Indianapolis based real estate investing company looking to make win win cash deals. 

FAQ's: How to Sell House Fast for Cash In Indy

Selling a house for cash is the quickest way to sell. However you may  have some questions about how we buy houses in Indy, or why we buy houses for cash.

I will answer some more common questions about the house cash buying industry right now. 

AND if you have subsequesnt questions be sure to reach out to us. 

Cash home buyers or real estate investors will buy your house fast and pay cash.

However when selling property you must make sure you get a good price. If you know what your house is worth in its current condition then you can guarantee you will get a fair deal.

We buy houses fast for cash in Indianapolis and when you sell to us we will give you a free home evaluation. 

The evaluation will include:

  1. Current cash value of your house
  2. After Rehab Value (ARV) of your home 
  3. In person or video walk-through of the house you are selling
  4. Legitimate cash offer to buy your house

Watson buys houses in Indianapolis. We buy houses for cash, you can sell as-is, and we make selling faster and easier than the competition. 

This is how we determine the cash value of your Indy house.

We run comps on every property we want to buy in Indianapolis before giving a cash offer.
Running comps involves:

  1. Finding houses that sold nearby (houses in Haughville sell for different prices than Irvington, Little Flower or Stringtown, right?)
  2. The houses must be similar in condition
  3. We look for at least 3 houses that recently sold
  4. We adjust for any differences between the sold houses and the house you are trying to sell

To give you the best cash price for your house we must ask you questions about the condition. Common items we ask about include:

  1. Age of roof
  2. Condition of the HVAC
  3. Have you renovated the kitchen recently?
  4. How fast do you need to sell your home?
  5. What is your sell now cash price?
  6. Who is on the title? (maybe you inherited it with your siblings so we all need to be on the same page)

Knowing what similar houses have recently sold for combined with a good understanding of your property means we give you our best cash offer in Indy every time.

If you inherited a house in Indianapolis and it has a lien, mortgage, overdue property taxes or any item “clouding” the title you can still sell it for cash.
However you must work with an investor that specializes in buying inherited houses with these issues.

Watson Buys specializes in purchase inherited houses as-is. If you sell to us as is it means:

  1. We buy the home in its current physical condition
  2. We work out how to clean up any liens and legal issues for you
  3. It costs nothing as all mortgages, taxes and liens are processed during closing.

Watson Buys is based in Indianapolis and our mission is to make selling an inherited property for cash faster and easier at no cost to you!

What is the fastest and easiest way to sell an house in Indianapolis?

We compared the facts. We looked at Indianapolis houses that were sold with a realtor, sold by the owner and sold to cash buyers like Watson Buys. 

After collecting all the data were worked out the fastest way to get your home sold!

Learn the answer in the short video right now!

What is a cash home buyer compared to a wholesaler?

Cash home buyers and wholesalers are 2 different animals. Watson Buys is a cash home buyer because we actually buy houses. 

After we purchase your house we:

  1. Fix it up and renovate it
  2. We rent it out or resell it.

Wholesalers don’t actually buy your house. They will sell the purchase agreement to an investor .

Watch this short video to understand the difference

How to Sell Your House faster and Easier in Indy!

Step 1: Contact Us

You can call Watson Buys on 720.418.8670 or email us at [email protected] If you want to visit us in our location on the Westside in Haughville make an appointment. Our address is 1437 King Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46222.

Step 2: FREE Consultation and Property Evaluation

After our specialists give you a free evaluation you will:

  1. Know the current cash value of your house
  2. Understand the ARV of your home
  3. Clearly know what a good cash offer is
  4. Know our simple cash buying process
  5. See that we are a legitimate and honest cash home buyer
  6. See a path to sell your house fast for a good price

Step 3: Legitimate Good Cash Offer

After negotiations, we will give you a legitimate cash offer to buy your house. This is also known as a purchase agreement. 

Step 4: Faster Closing because we buy houses fast.

Selling to us is easy and fast. It’s easy because:

  1. we do all the documentation and legal stuff for you
  2. Sell to us as-is
  3. You don’t even have to clean!

Selling your house to us is faster because:

  1. We do title work simultaneously during negotiations
  2. Our title specialists understand Indianapolis law
  3. Our legal team can help with all documentation saving time and money!
  4. We pay cash so no bank fees or delays
  5. We buy direct from you so there are no middlemen slowing down the sale
  6. We are professional house buyers, we know exactly what we want to buy so are quick and efficient. 

Sell Your House FAST and for BEST Price!

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