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Best Guide to Stop foreclosure and Save Your Equity

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You have 2 main options to stop foreclosures:

  • Talk to the lender
  • Sell to a cash home buyer
But first some question we will answer for you here:
  1. Can I sell my house in foreclosure?
  2. How to stop foreclosure last minute?
  3. Is selling for cash a legit way to stop foreclosure?
  4. How do I sell foreclosure fast and for a fair price?

Our team specializes in buying houses in foreclosure.

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Stop Foreclosure: Table of Contents

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How to sell your house and stop foreclosure

When you get behind on your mortgage and the bank is calling your house may be facing foreclosure. Foreclosure is difficult and from our experience, owners facing foreclosure have many questions. 

Often the number of questions around the foreclosure process and how to stop it can seem unbearable. However, we have put together answers to FAQ questions and things people also ask about:

  1. How to stop foreclosure
  2. How to sell a house already in foreclosure
  3. How to sell a foreclosure house for cash?

Can I sell my house in foreclosure?

Yes, you can sell your house in foreclosure. However, you must make sure all the legal documents are completed correctly. Otherwise after selling you may still owe the bank money! 

Selling while in foreclosure will stop the foreclosure. The bank won’t take your hard-earned equity and after that’s settled you get the remainder of the cash. 

ANOTHER huge benefit is your credit rating will be saved. You won’t have a foreclosure on your report. 

If you sell to us our team will take care of all the legal docs, title work and talk with the banks so everything is done right. 

How to sell a house already in foreclosure

If the house is already in foreclosure you must sell it before the bank sells it. Foreclosures typically take a few months but so does selling your house!

A good option is to contact a cash buyer. Cash buyers, investors, like Watson Buys can buy your house fast and stop the foreclosure. Because we buy houses professionally we know how to do it fast. We understand the foreclosure process so can stop it, save your equity and your credit score. 

Sell for cash is not for everybody so please reach out to us. We will tell you all we know about foreclosures, and how to stop them. We are happy to help with no obligation to sell to us ever!

How to stop foreclosure last minute?

If you are facing foreclosure you should talk to your lender early in the process. While stopping foreclosure last minute is do-able if you work with an experienced team, why would you put yourself through the added stress. 

Simply how you stop the foreclosure at any point is you must pay the bank what is owed. This includes:

  • All mortgage payments unpaid
  • Late fees and penalties
  • Attorney fees and recording fees

Foreclosures cost the banks lots of money. They expect full payment to save your house. 

Watson Buys is an experienced and ready funded company that can take care of fees, attorneys, and ultimately stop the foreclosure. Let us help you. Even if it’s just to discuss your options do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Do real estate investors buy foreclsoure houses last second?

We can’t speak for all real estate investors but here at Watson Buys, we are ready to buy your house regardless of the situation. If you are in foreclosure the sooner you call us the better. The sooner you contact us the more foreclosure options you have.


Our experienced and friendly team is ready now

Can I sell my house in foreclosure for cash?

YES! Selling a house facing foreclosure for cash is possible. You need to find a cash buyer like us that knows how to process the foreclosure documents correctly. Also, you need a business that can process them fast!

We buy houses in foreclosure. We are foreclosure specialists. 

Foreclosures follow strict timelines. All must be adhered to for the foreclosure to be stopped correctly. If you miss a deadline the bank will add more fees, penalties, or even worse, sell your house at auction!

Is selling for cash a legit way to stop foreclosure?

Absolutely. Selling your house that is already in foreclosure for cash is common and legitimate. Home-owners have turned to cash buyers many times in the past. 

So yes, selling a house in foreclosure is legit! More importantly, though make sure you find a legitimate cash buying biz like Watson Buys. 

How do you know we are legitimate?

We use real title companies and attornies to ensure all legal documents are completed correctly. We have reviews that prove we are trusted and honest. 

Also, reach out to us and ask us questions. We don’t try to confuse you with jargon. We buy houses using a simple and hassle-free, easy process. 

How do I sell foreclosure fast and for a fair price?

VIDEO CONTENT: Sell foreclosure for a fair price!

Did you watch the video? It is not specific to foreclosures however when dealing with property in foreclosure we use the same process to guarantee you a good cash price when you sell to us!

Does the foreclosure change what my house will sell for?

Selling to us if you are in foreclosure will not change the max cash offer we give you when compared to a house, not in foreclosure.

When we buy houses we buy them based on current market value. Therefore things that change the value are renovations or the number of rooms. NOT if it’s in foreclosure!

Why do cash buyers want to buy my house that is already in foreclosure?

A lot of real estate investors believe that people facing foreclosure are not good with money. Or that they are disorganized, need to sell fast, and will take advantage of the situation. 

You can avoid being taken advantage of by clearly understanding what your house is really worth. 

AND even if you need to stop foreclosure you can still negotiate!

We spoke to an investor in Ontario, Canada who agreed that people facing foreclosure are taken advantage of by dishonest cash buyers and you MUST check who you are working with – like with BBB or Google review.

VIDEO CONTENT: How to negotiate for a good cash price!

Does Watson Buys purchase houses to halt the foreclosure?

Yes! Watson Buys specializes in buying houses to stop foreclosure.

I hope you give us the opportunity to help you. 


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