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Best Guide to Sell Denver Property Fast | Sell Fast, AS-IS, Good Price

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Best Guide to Sell Denver Property

BONUS: Fast sale secrets cash buyers don't want you to know!

This best guide to sell Denver property fast will help you navigate getting your house sold. Today we will cover:

  1. How to plan for selling your Denver property.
  2. Prepping your house for sale the right way!
  3. Price right the first time to sell fast.
  4. How to perform the actual sale including legal docs, negotiations, and more!
AND DON’T MISS the bonus content revealing secrets of real estate investors that they really don’t want you to know!
Shall we begin?



Watson Buys is here to help. We are a legitimate cash buyer that you can trust!

Table of Contents for Best Guide to Sell House


Step by Step Guide for a quick sale INTRO

Let me take a moment to introduce to who this best guide will benefit.

“I want to sell my house in Denver as-is without making expensive renovations or paying real estate agent commission.


I need to sell my house fast and it would be great to have an understanding or plan to do this successfully!


Is Selling Your House Quickly The Goal? 

If selling fast is the goal then you don’t need cheap tips and tricks. Instead…


If these questions bring up thoughts that resonate this guide is for you. 

Shall we?

How to plan for selling your Denver property


This person is sitting down and making a solid plan to sell their house


How you plan to sell your house sets you up for success during the entire process. You should spend a great deal of time here to make sure you know exactly what you are doing. 

Now planning will look slightly different depending on how you choose to sell your house. There are 3 main ways to get it sold:

  1. Sell it with an agent
  2. Sell the home by your self (FSBO)
  3. Sell to a we buy houses cash buyer
SIDE NOTE: Do you know the difference between a cash home buyer and a wholesaler? It is very important to know if you truly want to know who you are selling your house to and for how much. 
VIDEO CONTENT: What is a cash buyer? AND
How is a cash home buyer different than a wholesaler?What-is-Cash-home-Buyer-versus-Wholesaler

Selling a house using an agent

Selling with an agent has pros and cons. The benefits of selling with a realtor are:

  • They do all the work including
    • Pricing the house
    • Showing the house
    • Arranging timelines and doc signings

However, this comes at a hefty price. Commissions charged by agents are 6%. Other costs to you will be the repairs and renovations needed to sell on the MLS. Did you know how much a basic kitchen remodel can cost?

Would you be shocked if I told you over $25,000!

Who has that kind of money?

Selling a house using an by yourself

Selling a house on your own is not for the faint of heart as there are many things that can go wrong. 

Simply, when selling a house, many legal documents and contracts are negotiated and signed. 

Some of the signatures are literally signing away your ownership of the property so it is imperative you understand what you are doing. 

Also, I have been involved in sales when the buyer has tried to slip hidden costs into the contract. One such example would have cost me 5% of the sales price or $17,000!

Selling a house to a cash buyer

Selling to a cash buyer or real estate investor all so has some great benefits and some perceived negatives. 

The benefits of selling for cash are:

  1. You can sell very quickly
  2. Legit buyers will purchase the property as-is
  3. Honest buyers will still buy for a price based on fair market value
  4. The best buyers will do all the work for you including title work, any legal docs, and cover any normal fees, etc.
Would you like to know more about Watson Buys and how we buy homes in Denver? Click on the video below…

Planning to sell continued...

So depending on which route you choose to take will change how you plan.

Using an agent?

If so a large portion of your planning will involve finding the best agent for you.

Selling FSBO?

When selling FSBO the planning will without a doubt be harder and more detailed than the other methods. 

Yes, you get to save on the commissions however there are so many other ways to lose money during a house sale that you absolutely must plan for every possible situation. 

Honestly, if you haven’t done this before I would almost recommend against it and would prefer you sell for cash or with an agent. 

Doing so will save you headaches, stress and net you the most cash.

Prepare your house for sale the right way!


Preparing your house for sale will be almost identical if you sell by yourself or if you sell with a realtor. Things you must prepare are:

  • Make the exterior shine
  • Make the interior shine too!
  • Fix any repairs that potential buyers will not like
  • Update any old rooms (when was the last time you updated the bathrooms or kitchen?)
  • Make minor updates like painting the inside or replacing door handles and bathroom fixtures
  • Have pro photos taken

I’m just getting started. The list goes on!

Selling with an agent or FSBO requires an enormous amount of preparation. 

AND this takes a lot of time!

Does selling my house for cash require house prep too?

When you sell your house for cash to an investor often they will buy the house as-is. This means you do not have to do ANY prep work! You don’t even have to clean!

How easy is that?

I can’t speak for others, but I can say that when you sell your property to Watson Buys we buy it 100% as-is. NO REPAIRS at all!

In-fact we prefer buying houses as-is and here is why. 

Our team is very experienced at renovating houses. We can renovate homes for wholesale prices that most home-owners don’t have access to.

For example, the kitchen that costs you $25,000 to renovate we can do for less than $10,000. 

But how can we do that you say?

We can add value to houses for much cheaper because of volume, experience, and connections. For example, we buy faucets when they are on sale or in bulk. A faucet that retails at $400 we have bought for $40.

These kinds of savings add up to the TENS OF THOUSANDS very fast!

Price right the first time to sell fast.


The price you sell the house for does play into the planning and preparation of the house.

if you do a bunch of renovations then you must sell it for more otherwise you will lose even more money.

If you are selling as-is you can price it lower and still make a decent profit, right?

The first step to pricing a house correctly is running comps. 

Real estate agents and cash buyers, like Watson Buys, has a ton of experience doing this. IN FACT, if you want to know what your house is worth in the condition it is right now we will gladly run comps for you.

Not only that but we can determine the value of your house if you fixed it up really nice too!


We will do this for you absolutely FREE and there is ZERO OBLIGATION to sell to us. Honestly, we just want to help!


Check out this video (click on it) to learn what happens when you send us your address. You will also get a quick insight as to how we run comps!

How to perform the actual sale including legal docs, negotiations, and more!


Performing a sale of your house is easy if you sell with an agent or if you sell to us.

Sell us your house and we do all the work for you including but not limited to:

  1. We will price the house for you by running comps.
  2. We will perform ALL inspections at our cost including a sewer scope and HVAC
  3. After negotiating a price we will employ 3rd party assistance to arrange the title work on your house (this is very important as if the title isn’t transferred properly you could owe future property taxes or be liable for county liens etc!)
  4. If needed we will make all arrangements with your lender or bank (e.g. house facing foreclosure)
  5. We will cover necessary attorney fees too!
  6. We will even do all of the cleaning!
  7. Honestly, this wasn’t meant to sound like a sales pitch but selling to us is actually a really good way to sell fast and pocket (after costs and commissions and fees) basically the same as if you sold with an agent. Especially if you plan to do renovations!

BONUS: Fast sale secrets cash buyers don't want you to know!

If you are selling your house and you are thinking to sell to w a we buy houses company want to let you in on a few secrets

Cash Selling Secret #1

The first thing many cash buyers won’t tell you is an honest evaluation of your house value. Dishonest cash buyers will compare your houses to many lower-priced houses and they will find houses from different neighborhoods. 

By doing this they hope to convince you that your house is worth less and “STEAL” IT FROM YOU!


Cash Selling Secret #2

The SECOND thing many cash buyers don’t want you to know is almost the opposite of secret number 1.

Cash buyer’s second secret is some will actually promise you a high cash offer. After you agree and sign the contract they will perform an inspection.

It is during this inspection that an unscrupulous buyer will create items needing repair. Some of these items will sound scary like asbestos and radon.

Having brought these to your attention the buyer will demand a lower price. If you don’t give it to them they will threaten to tell other potential buyers using the disclosure method. 

If you want to talk about this let us know. Watson Buys will tell you all about this bad practice that dishonest companies use.

At Watson Buys we are honest, transparent, and respectful and that is why we get awesome reviews. 



Cash Selling Secret #3

The third secret I will reveal to you today about some we buy houses companies is they aren’t even the company that is buying your house.

Did you watch the video form above about cash buyers and cash buyers versus wholesalers?

Some companies will tell you they buy houses direct however after getting you to sign a purchase agreement to sell they will then sell that piece of paper onto someone else for more! 

This is called wholesaling. Don’t be tricked into working with wholesalers without knowing.

More guides on selling houses

From here on down is a section that I am experimenting with to help provide home-owners with the best option and access to Denver’s premium cash buyer. 

I sincerely hope it works so that you can more easily access the awesome services the team at Watson Buys has to offer. 

What is the best and fastest way to sell my Denver property while still getting a good price and selling it as-is? Is this your question?


If you need or want to sell a house fast, sell as-is and you wanted to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect you need to talk to the best cash buyer in the real estate investing business and that is Watson Buys because we are here to help you as professional house buyers and we buy house fast and you can sell house for cash and ensure the fastest way to sell my house is performed


BTW this is applicable regardless of the type of property you are selling like if you are selling inherited property and the inheritance is old you still need to decide if selling for cash is the best choice for you to make and our video content teaches you about cash buyers versus wholesalers and who is better to sell your house too and we cover how to sell inherited property and how to sell an inherited house that you inherited with your brother’s siblings or with anyone. 


The best way to sell a house quickly is to reach out to the best cash buyer in all of Colorado and that is without a doubt Watson Buys! So if you are looking for a quick sale real estate then don’t hesitate to contact Watson buys today as we are the best cash buyer, we buy as-is and you can sell to us fast because we are professional house buyer local to Colorado and Denver so to wrap this up if you’re looked online how to sell my house fast and you have a house in Denver or anywhere for that matter Watson Buys can help you buy buying your house fast for cash so sell to us today and move onto the next chapter in your life because you performed a quick property sale and sell my house faster in Denver, Colorado


Cash home buyers who are legitimate are hard to come by therefore when you find a great cash buyer like Watson buys who is a We Buy Houses company in Denver you should definitely reach out to them if you are considering selling for cash or selling as is because they will give you a fee in my pocket cash off of every time because they illegitimate, FAIR and you can trust

them 100% if you need to sell property fast.


We Buy Houses in Denver Colorado and we buy houses all over Colorado and when we buy a house we will pay cash and the sold price will be based on fair market value because at Watson buys our mission is to ensure everybody is happy when they make a deal with us for selling their house regardless of the condition like if it is an old property or if it is an old tired house we are the best cash buying solution for you so do not hesitate to reach out to us if you want cash for my home fast.

We are a cash buyer called Watson Buys and We buy houses for cash in Denver and Avon. We buy condos and townhomes and land in Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Vail, and more and we buy condos for a fair market price so if you need to sell your house fast sell to us without fair of being taken advantage of by the best we buy houses company so is you are looking for the fastest way to sell your house and how to sell as-is for cash now look no further.

At Watson Buys we want to give you for FREE the best sell house info so you can sell inherited property and house you inherited and if you need to stop foreclosure we have information and guides to help you there and if you want to know what a cash buyer is or if selling for cash is a good idea then we have brought together the best information online just for you to sell fast, sell as-is and sell happily. 

I need to sell my house fast is commonly said to us here at Watson Buys and our mission is to give you a safe place to learn how to sell a house or property regardless of the reason or condition like if you are an out of state landlord needing to sell quickly to avoid insurance costs or property taxes on the rental or if you are in a hurry to sell because you got a new job and you are moving out of state or maybe selling fast is your best choice to stop foreclosure and save your equity instead of giving it to the bank, we can buy your house fast so sell us your home as-is and sell to us for a good fair price today!

Watson Buys specializes in buying homes that people inherited from loved ones regardless of the condition and it doesn’t matter if you inherited the house with siblings or if you adhere to the home by yourself we are still able to buy it and a huge advantage of this is if you sell to us you can sell us the inherited house as-is which means you don’t have to spend any money doing costly rip his which can really be a great thing because if you are out of state, for example, trying to complete the renovation can be very difficult especially because you can’t see what God is going on and if you get a bad renovation expert they may take advantage of you.