Complete Guide: How to Sell My House Fast

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The guide includes tips, tricks, genius ideas, and insider secrets to selling your house fast.

“Knowing the process will create success,” states Denver, Colorado Real Estate Agent Tom. This guide takes you to step by step and has everything you need.

BONUS: Renovations for less than $100 that will increase the value of your house!

Introduction to selling fast

Did you search on Google, “how do I sell my house fast,” or “I need to sell my house fast?” If you did, you are in the right place! We buy houses in Denver, Colorado. Today, you will learn steps so you can start taking action today. Plus, they are 100% free.

So, my question to you is…

Do you want to sell your house fast and for a high price?

Did you answer, yes? Then you are in the right place. Let’s get started right now. Read carefully to catch all the insider secrets to help you sell your house fast.

Follow this guide to sell quick

If you do everything we highlight in this guide your home will sell very fast! I guarantee.

USEFUL RESOURCE: If you would like to know more about selling even faster read this article on how to sell directly to a cash buyer and avoid all the prep work, hassles and extra costs!

Selling can be complicated

Selling your house can be complicated. Selling your home involves possibly the most significant transaction you will make in your lifetime. Selling your house fast adds another component that creates an entirely new set of pressures. If you are searching on Google, “what can I do to sell my house fast in Denver, Colorado?” This definitive guide will take you through the process step by step.

Complete Guide: How to Sell My House

The guide includes tips, tricks, and insider secrets to sell your house fast and sell your home for top dollar.

BONUS: Renovations for less than $100 that will increase the value of your house!

Do you want to sell your house successfully and for a high price?

Decide if you are ready to sell

Why do you want to sell your house? Are you on a timeline and need to sell your home fast? Do you need more space? Do you have a new job? Do you want to sell your house to move into a smaller condo or apartment?

If you tell yourself, “I want to sell my house,” you 100% must have a great reason. You must have a great purpose because getting your house sold for a fair price is a time-intensive and challenging process. Getting your home sold can be rewarding, especially when you buy a new house. However, be sure you are ready to sell before you embark on the journey.

Before you move past just thinking about selling your home, you should answer a few other questions:

Do I have equity in this house to sell?

If you owe more than your house is now worth, it might be better to wait.

Can I afford the costs of selling a home?

Getting your home ready to sell– rehab/renovations, hiring an agent, commissions, title fees, bank fees, closing costs, adds up very quickly and costs a lot of cash. An estimated budget of 10% of your sales price will go to closing costs. It does not include repairs and renovations.

Am I ready to leave this home behind?

You have been in your home for some time. Are you ready to sell your house and leave it behind? Mentally and emotionally, are you prepared to move on? If space or functionality is the issue with the house, is buying new the smartest financial move? Sometimes taking out loans for renovations can be a better fit for you than a bigger one. If you are a yes to all these questions, it could be time to go for it.

Clean and Declutter

You have decided selling your house is the right choice. Now the real work begins. Before listing your home on the market to sell, you must get it squeaky clean, organized, spick-and-span, and decluttered.

“I recommend two things to every person looking to sell their home,” says Tanya, a real estate expert in Denver, Colorado. “Number one is removing as much as you can to create space, i.e., declutter. Next, make sure the house is spotless.” Buyers need to be able to imagine this property being their new home.

Start on this process early. As soon as you decide to sell your home, start packing away trinkets and treasures into storage.

“We buy houses with clients regularly,” says Realtor James, “and buyers always have more positive things to say about clean, organized, spacious rooms.”

Invest in temporary outside storage

Speaking of space. Where will you put all that stuff? The best thing for you to do is rent out some space temporarily. It is cheap, a few and very convenient. Do not move your clutter from one area to another. Get it out of the house. For added convenience, it is best to have a portable delivered right to your front door. When you are ready, make a quick call, and it will be picked up.

We reached out to a storage unit on Wadsworth, a main street in Lakewood. Lakewood is a City within Denver, Colorado. Carl, the shift supervisor, said, “Storage units are affordable, secure, and convenient. It’s a great option while you are trying to get your house sold for all the extra stuff.”

Is there a faster way to sell?

If you are selling on your own or using a realtor you will absolutely have to do all these things. And if you do them all correctly your house will sell faster, NO DOUBT!

However, did you know that you can avoid all these headaches and hard work and can get a cash offer today and this is how it’s done!

Pick a selling strategy

To sell your house, you need a strategy. One strategy might sell your home fast, while another might involve you needing less experience. Each approach has its benefits. There are three main strategies people choose to sell their house. The strategy you choose will determine how fast your home sells.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) – Sell your house all on your own.

If choosing to sell on your own you must be confident in the selling process. It involves setting a fair price, negotiating with the buyer and the agent, reading, reviewing old legal documents, and taking care of any problems. Enlist yourself to have an experience; we recommend choosing option B or option C. Average time across the U.S. from listing to close is currently 80+ days.

Traditional Method of selling your home.

Selling your house in Denver using the traditional method, typically hiring a real estate agent, will take almost as long as selling your home using FSBO. However, you will get the gross highest sales price. The cash unit you end up within your bank account may or may not be the highest amount. The cash you receive will be the sales price minus all the closing costs, bank fees, commissions, renovations you must do, repairs the buyers require, and other expenses.

If you are inexperienced in selling houses, an agent can be a great idea. It is an excellent idea because an agent will protect your interest in the real estate property.

Maybe you want to sell without a reator?

Sell to real estate pro


You sell your house as-is. You sell your home for cash. They renovate your house and then rent them out or resell them. There needs to be a little profit built-in. If you sell your house fast to an investor, you will not pay any commissions or fees. They typically buy your home as-is.

If they buy as-is, this means you make no repairs. There will be no inspection costs, no renovations, and the process is extremely fast and amazingly comfortable. If you need to sell your house fast, this is easily the best choice.

Watson Buys an example of a real estate pro. You can ask for their advice on selling your house fast. If you are living on the East side of Denver, that’s cool! They have a second office at Montbello, one of Denver’s eastern communities near the Denver International Airport.

Pro Tip:

Something to watch out for: “If an agent gives you an estimated way higher than the rest, that’s a red flag that they may just be trying to flatter you to get your business. Overpricing does not do you any favors,” stated James from a real estate company in Denver.

Set the right price to sell fast

Choosing the right price when selling your home is critical. Price is too high, and it will sit on the market and grow stagnant. Set it too low, and you will regret leaving money on the table if you are unsure about how much your house is worth talking to a professional.

It might be an agent from a big firm like REMAX or a small local Denver Real Estate investment company like “At, we buy houses regularly, so we understand how to work out the value of your home and explain how we got it clearly,” said Shaun. “Knowing and understanding what your house is worth is very important.” He continued.

Knowing what your house is worth

Knowing what your house is worth is determined by comparing your house to other homes in your neighborhood that sold recently. “If we buy houses in Denver, then we compare them to other houses of the same size and same area of Denver,” said Tanya. “It’s pretty simple. However, local knowledge is a crucial component. For example, if the professional you work with is in Indianapolis, and you are selling your house in Denver, Colorado, then that person will not understand the true value of your house.”

Location, Location, Location. Aren’t they the three most important words in real estate? Proximity to parks, supermarkets, outdoor recreation activities like cycling and bike paths all add or detract to how much you can list your house for—side note. I am a super avid cyclist, and Denver has some of the best gravel riding there is. And it does not stop there. A short drive from Denver is world-renowned ski resorts, which becomes a gravel riding paradise with some of the best gravel rides in the country in the summertime. That is if you like elevation and you like to climb 😉.

Handle any quick repairs

Only make repairs that matter to buyers. Do not do any major renovations. Consult with a professional so that you do not waste time and money. Most sellers, if unchecked, will fix way more than they need to.

Rule of thumb: Is it something you used in daily living, hot water, heaters, doorknobs, and windows? If yes, then it needs to be fixed. Replacing a kitchen cabinet because of a small chip. DON’T DO IT!

The trick to selling your house and selling your home fast is to get every room clean, and everything is working correctly. Do the doors close, or do they rub on the floor?

We spoke to home remodeling expert Ray from Ray’s Remodels. Rays remodel provides home remodeling services throughout Denver. “Deciding what to repair can be tricky. Many homeowners end up fixing up stuff they would like, not what needs to be repaired to sell a home. Home renovations can add up really quickly, so be sure to talk with your agent about what sells a home and get several home renovation companies to provide estimates to make sure you get a good price and work with a good company.

To avoid having to fix anything is selling your house as-is which can be done if you follow that link to a great guide on how to sell a house as-is

Will staging sell my house faster?

When selling your home, set the stage. Great staging and curb appeal will absolutely sell your house fast.

Staging is setting up the home to make it look its best. Staging the home with gorgeous furniture, fabulous art, and even freshly baked cookies are some tips and trick home staging pros always recommend.

Ever watch home renovation shows and quickly fall in love with each house? It is because they plan out exactly how each item in the house compliments the space.

If the home is empty, you can hire staging companies. If you do not have a budget for physical staging, you could opt for virtual staging and print images for people to pick up as they enter the empty property.  Another tip that costs zero dollars are letting in as much natural light as you can. Paint the walls a neutral color. Rearrange the furniture to make the rooms look larger.

We talked to a property management company that both sells and rents out properties. Rebecca, the owner, said, “staging will sell a house faster and rent a house faster. Staging helps people imagine themselves living in the space. We always stage our houses.”

Hire a professional photographer

A professional photographer can draw homebuyers. Don’t you think your listing deserves the best photos for the listing?

First impressions last. Did you know most buyers will spend 20 seconds on the first shot/picture of your house for sale, then many will move onto the next property? You must nail the first shot.

Beautiful homes can get zero attention because of harmful visual content. Professional photography will do this for you. Now you must also consider 3D tours and drone footage to capture the beauty of your house.

“A tired bad looking house can be photographed in a good light. We buy houses in Denver at Watson Buys regularly, so have seen what these good photographers can do,” said Shaun from Watson Buys. Watson Buys a Denver based real estate investment company. They have 2 locations in Denver. Their first is in Golden, CO, and the second on Denver’s east side in a great community called Montbello. They put themselves on opposite sides of Denver for added convenience.

Write a great listing description

Do some research, ask a professional, highlight the good, maybe do not mention the bad. That said, you are not allowed to hide something purposely. However, that will come up later in the home selling process in property disclosures. Here are some points to think about when writing your listing.

  • Describe the property accurately
  • Choose adjectives wisely
  • Avoid red flag words
  • Include words that add value
  • Highlight unique features
  • Take notice of punctuation
  • Leave out super basic info
  • Use the best real estate photos

Time your sale right

Geographical location can determine what time of year is best to get your house sold fast and for a fair price.

The best time to sell your house is…

Most homes sold are in the summer months, which means you need to be listing your property in spring. When you list your property is much different from when you sell your home. Typically, your house will be on the market from 15-60 days (current average across many US cities), and then the closing often is 30-45 days. After this, your house is sold.

The best time to sell your house is affected by the city you are in. If you are in a place that wears flip-flops in January, like Phoenix, then listing in January could be a great option. Are you in Denver, Colorado? If you plan to sell your house in Denver, remember there could be a foot of snow on the road. It tends to keep people at home.

Renee tells us, “Typically, in Denver, more homes are sold in June, July, or August than other months. Denver’s summer is much warmer than the cold the winter months bring in the Colorado Rockies. Therefore, it makes sense.”

PRO-INSIGHTS - Selling in spring

  1. More daylight hours and predictable weather in most places mean more time for home showings. 
  2. Time for you (and buyers) is more flexible with vacations and more time after work hours showing or touring houses. 
  3. Buyers have a sense of urgency to get their school-aged kids settled. 
  4. There is more available data from spring home sales to use to price your home. 
  5. With their buying window closing, buyers are more likely to make more competitive offers and move faster to close.

PRO-INSIGHTS - Selling in summer

  1. More daylight hours and predictable weather in most places mean more time for home showings.
  2. Time for you (and buyers) is more flexible with vacations and more time after work hours showing or touring houses. Buyers have a sense of urgency to get their school-aged kids settled.
  3. There is more available data from spring home sales to use to price your home.
  4. With their buying window closing, buyers are more likely to make more competitive offers and move faster to close.

PRO-INSIGHTS - Selling in autumn

Less inventory and competition from people selling family homes

  1. Serious buyers who could not buy during spring and summer have the motivation to close before the holidays.
  2. Costs for fixing up your home get lower, and you will have more access to professionals to help you as their busy season ends.
  3. Sellers can make home listing images more vivid with fall foliage and decor, making their homes stand out from the remaining competition.
  4. Safety increases as the prime season for home burglaries end

PRO-INSIGHTS - Selling in winter

  1. Highly motivated buyers who want to close before the year ends to take advantage of tax breaks
  2. Less inventory means lower competition for buyer attention, especially in off-season markets.
  3. Relocating buyers need to find a home to start new jobs or take other opportunities in December, January, or February.
  4. Top real estate agents looking for year-end sales rise to the challenge of selling your home.
  5. Giving your home a holiday feel helps buyers envision living there during that time of year.
  6. Snow can cover some of the uglier features in your yard — at least until it gets stomped into mud.

Be Flexible with Showings

Be Flexible and show your home to plenty of potential house-buyers.

Flexibility in showings is crucial to get your house sold fast and for a fair price. Buyers typically want your house for themselves no matter how good your photos and videos are. Usually, a person wishing to buy your home will decide with their agent to see it. Being flexible can make a difference in selling your house or not. Understand that if you choose to sell your house FSBO or the traditional way may have to show your home to many people to get the best price.

Spread the word! Advertise you're selling!

You have listed your house for sale. Now spread the word.

Spread the word on social media. Host virtual tours/3d tours. Network with real estate agents and other real estate professionals. Do not assume anyone sees your house for sale just because it is on the MLS. Lookup other agents that sold other homes in your area. Maybe they have a buyer that loves your neighborhood and is ready to buy now.

Spread the word old school, Sell! Sell! Sell! Advertise your home the old-fashioned way across print media, including newspapers, magazines, and local flyers, to reach more buyers.

Consider Mortgage Rates

Low mortgage rates sell houses for top dollar.

When mortgage rates are low, homebuyers can afford to pay more for your house. Low rates also bring out more buyers, so your house will sell fast too.

Mortgage rates can change how you sell a house. When rates are low, people can afford to pay more. Be sure to check out current trends.

BONUS: How do local factors affect me selling my house fast?

How fast your house sells can be influenced by local factors like employment and incentives.

Did a large Company just move into town? Or maybe the local council has a new tax break for homeowners. The latter is local knowledge that many real estate professionals may not know. “ prides itself on understanding local markets and therefore paying fair cash prices for homes,” said Rebecca. “Because we live in various Denver neighborhoods, we understand what each is worth.”

Local knowledge is an essential factor when deciding to sell your house.

Picking the Right Offer

Picking the Right Offer so you can close the house sale.

If a potential buyer for your house is not pre-qualified for a loan, it could slow down the closing process.

Review all the offers and pick the one that best suits your needs. Maybe offer #1 has the highest price but offer #2 is flexible on the closing date. One offer might be cash 100% guaranteed funds at closing, while another person looking to purchase your home requires a bank mortgage. A mortgage from a bank could slow down the person who wants to buy your house.

If you want a better offer, then submit a counteroffer. More money, fewer concessions, pick the closing date, change who pays for what. Now is when you negotiate how your house will be sold, how much your home will be sold for, and who pays for what.

Make sure you understand this process clearly.  There is a lot of small print. If you miss something, you may end up getting less than you hoped for. Using a real estate professional at this point can save you several headaches and costly mistakes.  You could use a real estate agent, real estate attorney, or a friendly cash home buyer that is willing to lend a hand.

Inspection Period

When selling your house, the contract you sign will have an inspection period.

Once under contract, the person buying your house will want to check for anything that needs repairs.

The inspection. It is when the buyer checks the condition of the house. Typically, they will order an inspection from a real estate inspection company. It happens in the first couple of weeks after signing the contract. The inspector who spends a few hours in your home checking all systems. The HVAC, roof, windows, and even the kitchen sink. From this report, the buy will decide if they require you to fix anything. They will also do a sewer line inspecting where they send a camera down the line looking for damage such as cracks, root intrusion, or offset pipes, which if found doesn’t mean an emergency (just an FYI). In fact, check out this article that tells you everything about how to navigate sewer line inspections when selling

Post Inspection Repairs

One downside to selling your home traditionally is the post-inspection repairs.

When selling your house to a traditional home buyer, they will want to run over your house with a fine-tooth comb and then ask you to fix everything.

You are not obligated to fix Items that need repairing that were identified during the inspection period. However, if you disagree with the buyer, the contract may fall apart. Your negotiation skills come in handy here. Repairs can become expensive. The inspector may call out the shingles on your roof. This could require a roofing company to come out and inspect the roof. We spoke to Rebecca T. She was selling her Denver house in June and had this story. “The inspector for the buyer said my roof was old. It was actually only 10 years old, and I had put an expensive 50-year shingle on it. So I looked for roofers near me and, after checking reviews, settled on one. They were called BCZC Roofing and Exteriors, a local Denver company. Nice people, anyway, so after finding a roofing company near me, I had them come and inspect and report on the roof. They determined the age of the roof, the condition of the roof, and combined with the permit from the city that showed when I had put the new shingles on, that the roof was not only in great condition but had decades of life left.”

Lesson learn on making repairs

The lesson learned here is always double-check everything, and just because someone that is buying your house asks for something in the inspection period doesn’t mean you have to fix it. Remember, inspectors do a great job, but they are general inspectors, not specialists. So any item they identify, be sure to verify with a professional.

As Rebecca gave BCZC Roofing and Exteriors such a fine review, we decided to reach out to them. We spoke with Carolyn E. “BCZC Roofing and Exteriors is International Code Council National Standard Roofing Contractor Certified. It’s a big deal, and we are proud to be certified at such a high level. We combine our dedication to meet the highest criteria with a passion for providing honest, transparent, and trusted advice to make sure our customers and their roofs get the proper treatment. Now, sometimes, we do have to give homeowners bad news. Sometimes they will really need to get a roof replaced. In these cases, we can give them our best price. Other companies may come in and offer cheap band-aid solutions, but cheap isn’t always cheaper, as I like to say. After making band-aid repairs, we are often called by the customer saying their roof is leaking again. They liked us because we told them upfront that they needed a complete and proper solution. This often brings us trust and loyalty, and the person invites us back to replace the entire roof. I like to think that honesty and transparency still is the best business practices.

Final Prep to Move Out

You are in the final stages. Your house is almost officially sold—time to pack up.

Once you have accepted an offer and signed the contract, use set the closing date. And unless stated otherwise, closing day is the day you must be out of your house. Make sure you have everything out of place— triple check closets, cabinets, and attic spaces.

Clean the house one last time for the new owners.

Leave any extra keys and garage door openers somewhere in the home. You can let the buyer’s agent know where they are.


A lot of people forget to forward mail, notify subscriptions, and even tell family and friends. Be sure to let everybody know how to contact you and where to find you.

Closing Time

When you sell a house, the last step is closing.

Once the documents are checked and signed, you have now successfully sold your house.

On the closing day, you can choose whether you want to be there. Most people do attend the closing. It is when you sign all the documents. “Closing is when the buyer sits down, does a final check on all the documents, and then signs them. You can perform a closing remotely if you choose.”

Let’s get back to the original idea for this post. How to sell my house fast. We have laid out each step to selling your house. We have highlighted parts that will help your house sell fast. Selling your house is a lengthy process that involves a valuable asset. Be sure to plan out all the stages to ensure success.

Stay safe and Happy Selling.

But wait… There’s more.

BONUS CHAPTER: 3 Genius DIY Renovations for Less than $300


You can do these renovations easily today and add $1000s to your home value!

Did you know that if you spend an average of $10,000 for a roof, it will only increase the value by $8000?

Do not go overboard on major remodels— you probably will not get your money back. Instead, focus on small upgrades that will fascinate buyers. Particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, where you are most likely to see a return on investment.

Paint a Room or the Entire Interior

Painting a room can dramatically transform it. Lighter paint color can make the room feel larger. Jenn, an interior designer in Denver’s neighborhood of Lakewood, shares her advice. “My go-to color is White Duck. It is light, warm, and creates a feeling of space.”

A can of good quality paint can cost less than $30. It takes less than a day to apply, and it has been known to increase the sales price of a house by $10,000!

Replace Bathroom Handles

New bathroom handles or kitchen handles breathe new life into a bathroom or kitchen. Adding a more modern handle can elevate the space and cause buyers to want your home.

Make the Windows Shine

Most sellers underestimate the value of 100% crystal clear windows. Clean windows allow in more light, which creates a feeling of space and openness in your home. Also, clean windows draw the buyer’s attention outside, helping the buyer imagine themselves walking in and out of their new home. It works, so make it shine! A bottle of window cleaner and some rags are less than $20.

Final word from Shaun

Shaun-the-real-estate-investorHi, My name is Shaun. That’s me on the right.

I am passionate about learning, innovating, and I love helping people. Real estate investing lets me do all of this. I am determined to provide content that is beneficial to you, your family, and your friends.

There are so many adventurous avenues in Real Estate for me to explore. There are also many practical ways to help the community by providing houses for people to call home or by teaching people the many options and ways they can benefit in the world of real estate.

My mission is to grow communities by providing people opportunities to make a great living, places to live, and ultimately providing security and options for themselves and their loved ones.

You also have an option to leave a comment. I will be sure to reply.

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