Sell House As-Is Guide [PLUS a Terrifying Example You Won’t Believe!!!]

How to sell my house as-is – A really good guide!

Believe it or not the person who owned the house with the chimney above sold it just like that.

How do I know? 

I will tell you in a sec. But first…

Selling your home as-is is like a box of chocolates… You never know what you’re gonna get 

(hmmm, where have I heard that before?!?) Did anyone say shrimp?


Will the offer be any good? Maybe an investor will try and low ball you OR in the end you have to fix a bunch of stuff anyway!

This guide will help you understand what you need to do to sell your house as-is. Selling a house that needs repairs (and not having to do them) is all about convenience if you ask me. 

AND believe it or not, it is becoming more popular. 

I think this is because selling houses is very stressful. AND research shows that a lot of that stress is around spending money fixing stuff. 

After you have repaired your home and made it all nice and fancy then you have to wait for someone to buy it to get your money back! 

Selling a house as-is eliminates all that stress. It eliminates it because you don’t spend all that money, and you let the new owner deal with all the repairs. Sounds good to me!

So by the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of selling a house that needs repairs without doing them yourself.

We will cover many topics about selling a house as-is including:

  • What does as-is mean when you sell a house. Can I really sell it without making repairs?
  • Certain things you still have to do like real estate disclosures. 
  • Options to sell as-is. Who will buy my house as-is, right?
  • Benefits of selling your house as-is.
  • Negative aspects of selling a home as is.
  • Conclusion: Sell my house as is…What’s next?
If you have any questions after, I invite you to reach out to me. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might still have. 

I buy houses as-is

My name is Jenn. I am a real estate investor and have purchased many homes in “AS-IS” condition. It’s what I do.

Throughout this article, you will see photos (before and after shots) of houses I bought as-is. 

I am including these photos as evidence that I have legitimate experience in the “Sell My House AS-IS” space.

I really am an expert when it comes to buying and selling homes as-is. 


I want you to know that when it comes to buying and selling a house in any condition not only do I talk the talk but I walk the walk! 

In my experience, many people who post stuff online are just a bunch of hot air!!! They write about topics they have no experience in. How can you trust what they write?

Don’t you agree?!?

In regards to the photos and videos: You are very welcome to copy and/or share any of them. However, I would ask that if you do, you give us credit. The easiest way to do that would be to link the photo to our home page (


Before and after photos of as-is house that we bought

Here is the first proof of my expertise when it comes to selling a house as-is.

Below are photos of a property that was sold to me in “AS-IS CONDITION”. 

It needed extensive repairs, including a complete kitchen. We had to fix all sorts of things. We bought it as-is, fixed it up and then rented it out. 

What do you think of the transformation?

sell house as is

Super helpful resource

A big part of selling a house revolves around fixing, or not fixing things, to increase the value of your house and ultimately make more profit.

Because of this, if you are trying to make an informed decision on what to fix or what not to fix when selling a house I invite you to follow that link over to a local home buyer that has built a reputation on honesty, transparency, and integrity. 

The Guide includes:

  1. Top 10 tips on what not to fix
  2. PLUS a fabulous video on something every homeowner, can and should repair, if and when it’s necessary. 

Of course, I would hope that you come back and continue reading our content too :-)fi

What this article is not…

Have you noticed articles online are getting longer and longer and don’t really make sense?!? This is not one of those articles! 

Have you noticed articles are covered in adverts. Then when you leave the article those same ads follow you all over the place?

This is not one of those either.

Finally, I am going to do my best to not bore you with unnecessary details and real estate BS and jargon just trying to make myself sound smart.

Sound good?

However, what I am going to do is…

What I am going to do is help you sell as-is by sharing everything I have learned over the past couple of decades in the real estate industry. This is everything I know about how to sell a house as-is.  

I will provide you with updated information for 2022 on selling without fixing a thing (the real estate market is changing really fast!)

ALSO, I am going to share practical advice. Practical advice being stuff you can actually use! 


You don’t have to take my word for it.


Because this information is backed up with expert advice from many real estate professionals all over the country!

To good to be true? I guess you will have to keep going to find out.

Here is more proof that I have experience buying and selling houses as-is. I call this the
"Terrifying red brick chimney death trap"
The video is about half a screen down.


Do you remember the picture of the house with the chimney above? 

Below is a video of a property my husband and I purchased as-is. 

I still shiver when I watch this video! I call it the “Terrifying Red Brick Chimney Death Trap”.

As serious as this situation is, it is hard not to laugh. Then once I have stopped laughing I am overwhelmed by total and utter disbelief. Disbelief that a contractor would leave a 3 story brick chimney like this!

Laughing and disbelief aside, I have had nightmares of this kind of thing falling on someone and causing serious harm!”


What did you think about that chimney?

I don’t think you are going to find many people to buy a house if it had a chimney in that state of disrepair!?!

I will tell you that as soon as we bought the property we removed the “red brick chimney death trap!” We took it out one brick at a time and used the bricks to make a gorgeous patio in the back yard!

Can you imagine a little kid playing in this basement? I know when I was a kid there is a good chance I would have tried to knock out a brick just to see what happens.

Ok, enough with the chimney, Jenn! 

Let’s move on.

Table of Contents

What "as-is" means when you sell your house

What does selling house as-is mean? 

When you want to sell your house as-is what exactly can you get away with?

Does this mean you really are going to sell it and not fix anything at all?

Can I really sell a house as-is?

We talked to Alex Cappozolo, a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, based in San Diego, CA to understand just what “AS-IS” means. 

“If the homeowner chooses to sell their home in as-is condition then they absolutely do not need to make any repairs or fix anything when they sell it,” he said. 

“If you are someone buying a house as-is you should still do an inspection to identify any issues. But remember that the seller isn’t going to fix any of the things that you find. The inspection is purely so you (the buyer) know what you are getting into.”

Alex continued, “I must warn anyone wanting to sell their house as-is. There are still some rules you must follow. When you list a house that needs repairs you are required to tell potential buyers of the things that do need to be fixed. But don’t think of this as a bad thing. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to build trust.” 

I have to agree with Alex. Trust will help you sell any house in any condition. If the buyer trusts you the deal will get done!


Back to Alex’s expert advice.

He also said, “In my opinion, creating a list of items that you believe will need to be repaired is actually a really good strategy. It shows the buyers you are honest and transparent. It shows you are not hiding things from them. It tells that buyer you know what selling a house as-is is all about. This can be particularly useful if you end up selling to an investor.” Great advice Alex! I have to agree 100%

So if you sell your house as-is you are required to tell people what items need to be repaired. 

Telling buyers what is wrong with the property is known in the industry as “Real Estate Disclosures”. 

AND most states have laws about disclosing certain things. 

Let’s talk about real estate disclosures and other things you must do, even if you are selling your house in “as-is condition”

But first, more proof of my expertise.

More proof of my experience with houses being sold in as-is condition

we buy denver houses in any condition
20211029 131947 scaled

Here’s a Denver property we bought as-is. 

There was a fire. 

Obviously, this resulted in the property needing many repairs! 

The owners called us wondering if we would buy it like it was (as-is). Not only did we buy it as-is but they were excited how fast we bought it too (10 days to close).

Photo 1: Fire damaged house we bought as-is

Photo 2: Black and white photo with a lot of the demo done

Photo 3: Simple tasteful remodel ready for someone to call home!

Shortly I will go over the benefits of selling your house as-is. However, before that, I must tell you about some things that you still have to do, even if you don’t plan to fix anything.

Real estate disclosures: Tell the buyer what needs to be fixed

Just because you are selling your home as-is doesn’t mean you can be sneaky about it.

In fact, there are laws that say you have to tell people what is wrong with the property you’re trying to sell. AND if you don’t abide by these disclosure laws there are some really harsh penalties!

“When selling your house as-is, I see the disclosures section as an opportunity to get ahead of the game and build trust with the buyers,” said Carolyn Hargrove, realtor, and agent in Ohio.

“Providing potential buyers with a list of things they will need to repair when they buy your house as-is, in my experience, actually makes selling the house faster and easier. I really believe this is because trust has been built between the buyer and seller.”

Below is page one of Colorado’s real estate disclosure form that you must complete as a seller. Even when you sell house as-is you have to let people know about the things that need to be repaired. It’s the law!


Some examples of items that you must disclose are:

  • The roof is leaking and needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Structural problems – maybe a cracked floor joist
  • Damage due to termites or other pests
  • Damage due to extreme weather (think hail damage)
  • The furnace or AC is working properly
  • Zoning issues

For most people who are selling a house as is their agent will guide them through this.

If you choose to sell your house on your own, you should still disclose any issues, but the rules do change. 

Finally, when selling as-is, there is a huge benefit to finding a buyer who is experienced in buying houses in any condition. We will talk more about this in the section on options to sell as-is. 

House I bought with a bit of a leaky roof

we buy houses as is with leaky roofCode Embed: Cannot use CODECITY as a global code as it is being used to store 30 unique pieces of code in 32 posts

Colorado " srcset=" 707w, 265w" sizes="(max-width: 707px) 100vw, 707px" />

I had to chuckle when I saw this photo. The owner told me they had a bit of a leaky roof.

This is what we found when we got up there.  I reckon it was more than “a bit” of a leak they were experiencing. 

What do you think?

Needless to say, we priced out the repair, made a cash offer, and ended up buying the house – leaky roof and all!

Include AS-IS in the property listing

To save yourself having to deal with people who want a “move-in ready” home I suggest you make it clear the property is being sold in “AS-IS” condition. You can include language like:

  • Selling my house as-is
  • Fixer-upper
  • Handyman special
  • Selling without making any repairs
  • Buyer beware!

The last one is me trying to be funny. You don’t want to scare them away, right?

Damon Fielding, agent and real estate investor in Tampa, FL said, “If you are serious about selling your house as-is then make it clear to potential buyers. The best way to do this is by including “as-is language in the listing. 

While you don’t have to go overboard, you will save yourself a lot of time, if you make it clear that you will not be fixing anything when you sell the house. It will weed out many tire kickers. AND it will help you connect with the right buyers.”


Damon went on to say, “I tell my clients to add the following sentence to their listing.”

I am selling my house as-is.  I have taken care of my home. However, I recognize there might be some things that need to be repaired. I am happy to discuss the things I think need to be fixed with you.

“My clients and I, that are selling a home as-is, have had a lot of great success when we included a statement like this in the listing. In my opinion, selling a house as-is is all about transparency and honesty.

Nail these two factors and your home will sell like hot cakes, WITHOUT YOU FIXING ANYTHING! 

Create a list of things that need to be repaired

If you give a potential buyer a list of items that need to be fixed it builds instant trust and credibility as a seller. It tells the buyer that:

  1. You have nothing to hide
  2. The house you selling needs repairs, but it is priced accordingly
  3. Makes selling your house faster because they don’t have to find all the problems themselves.

There are several ways that you can put a list of needed home repairs together. You can:

  1. Walkthrough your house on your own and write down all the things you think need to be repaired. These can include known issues, like a leaky roof, through to small items, like a loose outlet.
  2. Have your agent walk the house and put together a list of things they see need fixing.
  3. Pay for a pre-listing inspection

Should I do a pre-listing inspection if selling as-is?

Whether you pay for a pre-list inspection is totally up to you. There is absolutely no requirement to do one. If you do then expect to pay anywhere from $200-$500. AND an inspection will take anywhere from 2-6 hours.

The benefit of paying for a company to come in and inspect is that they are an unbiased 3rd party. This can build even further trust with the buyers.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about pre-listing inspections. I question the true value and believe the written words of an owner bear more weight. ALSO, in my experience, the buyer will end up doing their own inspection anyway. Unless of course, you sell your house to a legitimate cash buyer.

Sell House as-is. What are my options? I am asked this question all the time!

In-fact many homeowners admit to believing there is a specific MLS designed specifically for selling a property that needs repairs. Others are afraid of just how complicated and convoluted the process may become. 

Let me put your minds at rest. Selling a house as-is, when done right, is actually a super simple, stress free, and fast way to sell your home. The key is choosing the right option

AND what is the right option?

The two most common paths are either:

  1. Use an agent and list it on the MLS as a SOLD AS-IS property. OR
  2. Sell your house to someone who pays cash for houses.

Let’s talk about listing it as-is with an agent.


Sell as-is with an agent

Maybe your house isn’t a total write off and you want to risk trying to sell it on the open market. There are many people out there that consider themselves handy, right? Maybe buying a fixer-upper is exactly what they want.

As long as you take into consideration, the current condition of your home, then selling it as-is with an agent shouldn’t be a problem. 

However, if you choose to go this route there are some things you must understand. If you don’t, you will waste a lot of time AND be terribly disappointed.

You must discount the list price

To avoid wasting a lot of your own time, and that of potential buyers, it is very important that you price your home correctly. The way to work out the value of your home is by running comps

When you run comps you will inevitably be looking at many homes that were recently renovated. They will sell for top dollar. THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE!!! Don’t forget that you are selling with a bunch of things that need to be fixed. 

Therefore list the house at a realistic price. An experienced agent will be a key element here. 

Find an agent with experience selling homes as-is

Practice makes perfect and this is no different when selling a house without making repairs to it. 

To ensure you sell your house for a good price and in a reasonably fast time frame it is imperative you use an agent that knows how to sell as-is homes. If you hire the wrong agent you could end up not selling it at all!

“To sell houses as-is you need to know your stuff which includes understanding rehab costs, vetting buyers, and pricing the house right,” said veteran agent and investor Khali Wright, of New York, NY. 

“A great agent will spot “ify” buyers and tire kickers. The right agent will price the house correctly, and hold out when the buyer tries to beat the seller up on the price through the inspection period. Finally, an agent with experience selling these kinds of properties that need work will be able to give the seller confidence that they are making the right choice and help them get a fair deal.”

“Many buyers see selling as-is as an opportunity to get the home under contract, and then really put the pressure on the seller during inspections. It is here that the savvy/sneaky buyer will try to force down the price beyond what is fair. This is another reason why you need an agent that is tough and understands how to sell a house as-is”.

PRO TIP: Sell house as is or fix up

I know this is all about selling a house as-is but i feel that I wouldn’t be giving you all the facts if I didn’t include this pro tip section. Even though this can require some work for you (the seller) this tip is a real gem! 

AND don’t forget how valuable gems are, right?

Make quick fixes with high dollar returns!

I want to let you in on a little secret.

Real estate, buying and selling, is all about return on investment (ROI). 

Remember, I make a living buying houses that need repairs. I buy the house as-is knowing exactly what needs to be fixed. Some of these items are easier to fix than others. AND more importantly, some of them increase the value of the house more than others.

Making some minor repairs is a strategy I would absolutely tell you to do if you plan to sell with an agent. It just makes sense. A lot of these things are about first impressions. 

Here are a few items that, despite your desire to sell as-is, you should consider taking care of:

Curb appeal. 

Curb appeal is a cheap and fast win when you sell a house as-is. At least mow the lawn and pick up any trash floating around. It is amazing what an hour in the front yard can do to add value to your home!

Clean the place but not a deep clean like all the “experts” say.

Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. Anything that is meant to be white, make it white! Scrubbing the tub, cleaning the toilets, and putting a quick vacuum on the place can pay huge dividends.

Many articles and “experts” suggest a deep clean, you know getting in all the nooks and crannies. Dusting behind everything. I absolutely think a deep clean is a waste of your time and money!

In my opinion, your as-is house will sell just as fast and just as easily with a fast clean. Besides, after the buyer closes on your house they are going to have to make all the other repairs, right?

AND do you know what happens when you have to fix things in a house? 

You make a mess! The dust that you just cleaned will be quickly replaced when they have to tear down a wall to fix some plumbing problem! 

Make sense?

Paint the house on the inside. 

Painting is another huge positive ROI for a home you want to sell without fixing anything.

You can do this yourself but it is a messy job that takes a while. To get a pro to do it will cost you around $2000-$5000 depending on the size of your house.

If you have the energy, paint the house yourself. If you have a few thousand bucks get a professional painter to do it.

Either way the house will absolutely sell faster and for more money, if you are selling as-is on the open market. TRUST ME – this is what I do for a living! 

MY GO-TO PAINT COLOR: Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams. CODE SW7008. 

That’s really the extent of it. Some other upgrades that can turn the image of a beat up property are kitchen cabinet handles, or maybe replacing a bathroom faucet.

However, be warned! You are entering the realm of professional real estate investors and a rabbit hole that may result in you spending more money than you will ever get back. 

Probably the best advice is that if you want to sell your house as-is then do just that. Keep it simple and get it sold without making any repairs and move on!

Sell House as-is to cash home buyer

To many people, buying a house that needs a bunch of stuff repaired seems like a bad idea. They just wouldn’t do it. 

In fact in a recent survey, 80% of American’s would prefer to move into a home that requires NO REPAIRS! These numbers vary, depending on the age of the buyer which can be seen in this report on generational trends. 

AND many sellers are also in the same mindset.  The majority of sellers don’t believe they can really sell as-is. I have talked to many people needing to sell as-is. They can’t imagine anyone that would want to buy their house in its current condition! 

I mean who want to pay all that money only to move into a house that needs lots of things to be fixed?


The professional home buyers are also known as, (AKA) Cash home buyers, AKA real estate investors, and flippers (think fix and flip). Another popular term for this kind of home buyer is “fix and flippers”.

Professional home buyers are not worried about buying a house that needs repairs. 

Leaky roof? NO PROBLEM! Windows are old and drafty? They will absolutely take on those repairs for you.

In fact, many of these real estate investors, prefer buying houses that need repairs.  

Another sell house as-is example. We bought this cute place in Barnum (just to the west of Cherry Creek, Baker and Valverde - all within a few minutes of Coors field). We bought is needing repairs, then fixed it up and "flipped" it.

we buy houses as is

This is a cute place we bought in Barnum (just west of Downtown Denver). It had been vacant for several years. The list of repairs was long! Roof, kitchen, bathroom, all had to be replaced. New windows, floors, paint inside and out. Then we also go into the basement and added a third bedroom. 

With a list of things that needed to be fixed this long, it was no wonder the home-owner was looking to sell it as-is. 

A really cool thing was after we fixed it up real nice, several people who lived nearby, told us how happy they were. They told us that the house was an eyesore and was attracting unwanted attention. Now it was nice they felt their whole neighborhood seemed better. Pretty cool aye!

PRO TIP: If selling a house as-is on the MLS then have someone photoshop the sky. It is super cheap and really makes the house seem nicer.

"I prefer to buy houses as-is, It's how I make money"

We talked to a professional home buyer in Denver, Colorado. James Pollock has been purchasing homes in any condition, across the Front Range for over 2 decades. 

“We seek out run down properties and we buy those houses as-is, in any condition, that needs repairs and this is why. 

We buy houses as-is because after we purchase them we fix them up, and then rent them out or resell them. This is how we make money. In effect, we are putting “sweat equity” into the house. However, we do this for a living.” said James. 

“We typically can rehab a house for less money and more quickly than the average home-owner. So as long as we can buy it for a price that if fair we will take on pretty much any house, in any condition.”

So companies that pay cash for houses like to find houses that need repairs, they fix them up and then resell them. It’s what they do!

So now to the more important question…

If you want to sell a house as-is to one of these cash buyers, how do you do it?

How to get a cash offer

Getting a cash offer on a house that needs fixing up is actually quite simple. Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Search online for we buy houses, sell house as-is, or cash home buyer.
  2. Check out some of the businesses that show up.
  3. Fill out an online form for a “NO-OBLIGATION CASH OFFER NOW!” (that seems to be what most of the forms say, right?)
  4. Talk to them about what you need.
  5. Accept a cash offer to sell your house as-is.
  6. SOLD!
To sell a house as-is, for cash, can be that simple. TRUST ME!
BUT, how do you know if the cash offer is legit? How do you know they will REALLY buy your houses as-is?


How to find a legit company who buys as-is for cash

For the typical person, it might seem unlikely that someone would pay 100’s of thousands of dollars for a beat-up house. On top of that who has that kind of cash?

Is this for real? Could it be a scam?

I mean, who would pay cash for houses that has some major flaws like structural issues, leaky plumbing, an old roof, or drafty windows!

To buy such a house, would need some serious money in the bank! 

There are legit as-is cash home buyers near you, I promise!

Believe it or not, there are people and businesses out there who will buy your house as-is for cash. AND even better…

There are companies that are honest, reputable, and trustworthy. 

While finding a legitimate home buyer isn’t the topic of this article I will give you a couple of things that every reputable company that pays cash for houses (and buys it as-is ) must do for you.

  1. Give you a cash offer that clearly states they will purchase your house without you having to fix anything. 
  2. The company must abide by all rules and regulations in the industry.
  3. The offer must include earnest money.
  4. No matter the condition the house is in you must feel that the offer is fair.

Here are some other useful resources all about companies that you can sell as-is too.

After you have found a legitimate buyer, selling a house as-is will be simple. 

Speaking for myself, when a homeowner contacts me, my goal is to make the sale of their home as fast and easy as possible. 

In my experience, this means quickly finding out what the seller needs and then giving it to them! I think you might be surprised just how often a WIN WIN deal fro as-is houses happen!

Pros and Cons of selling your home as is


An article about how to sell a house as-is wouldn’t be complete without a PROS and CONS list, right?

Do the benefits of selling a house as-is outweigh the negatives? 

Should I sell my house as-is? Is it bad to sell a house as-is?

This section will highlight and compare selling as-is and selling after you have fixed everything.

BE WARNED, you are about to see some numbers that get pretty gosh darn big.

For example, according to Home Depot, a small kitchen remodel will cost you $24,000! A major remodel $69,000 and an upscale one $136,000!



Benefits of selling your house as-is

In a nutshell, when you sell a house as-is you will sell faster, you will pay nothing out of pocket and selling will be really easy. Well, if you sold to me anyway, wink wink.

Let’s list out the benefits of selling without renovating or repairing anything:

  1. You don’t have to deal with contractors.
  2. You don’t have to pay for anything out of pocket.
  3. Selling as-is is a faster way to sell.
  4. If you sell to a professional home buyer you don’t have to deal with showings and indecisions.
  5. Sell as-is to a legit pro and you can be sure they will close (see below for a story about a guy who we bought from who went under contract 2 times before finally selling to us!)
  6. If you sell without making repairs you won’t get delayed by the repairs taking longer than expected.
  7. ON average people that sell as-is have a much better selling experience (including less stress and anxiety) than those people who sold their homes the traditional way *** (will touch selling the traditional way on this briefly in a minute).
But first i want to go into detail on a few of the benefits of not making repairs when you sell i.e. sell house as-is!

Avoid contractors

Dealing with contractors can be like trying to herd cats. It can be almost impossible!

Seriously, I have been buying houses as-is for a long time, and then having to find contractors to make the repairs. 

To get the repairs done on time, and on budget requires an awful lot of organization and time on the part of the “rehab-ie” i.e. the one that is getting the work done.

Answer the following questions and after you do so I will be able to tell you quite easily if you should sell as-is.

  • Do you need to sell your house fast? YES/NO
  • Do you want to sell your house easily? YES/NO
  • Do you want to avoid the stress that most homeowners have to endure when they sell their home? YES/NO

If you answered yes to any, or all, of those questions then you really should consider selling as-is.

Pay nothing out of pocket

When you work with a legit cash buyer you will pay nothing out of pocket. AND to me, this is a great reason to sell a house as-is.

Many people think that they can fix their house up really nice and then sell it for top dollar. However, nothing in life is guaranteed!

I have come across many owners who spent tens of thousands of dollars, only to have their home sit on the market for months!

Finally, they had to reduce the price. It was a nightmare for them!

If you sell your house as-is for cash you will know exactly how much you are going to sell it for. It’s written right there on the purchase agreement AKA the cash offer the buyer gave you. 

Also, you will know exactly when you are going to sell it. This is because reputable home buyers will let you pick the closing date!

Sell house faster

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Traditional way to sell your house. A quick summary of how it will go down.

*** The traditional way of selling a house is:

  1. Find an agent.
  2. Fix all the things that are wrong with the house.
  3. List it after you pay for de-cluttering and a deep cleaning.
  4. Show it to a bunch of random people (many who might just be nosey neighbors!)
  5. Haggle with the buyer of the list of inspection items.
  6. Wait for the buyer to obtain financing (you would be amazed at how many home sales fall through because the buyer can’t get financing! SO FRUSTRATING!)
  7. Wait, anxiously, for the bank to appraise, title to clear, and for the buyer to finally decide that, yes they will buy your home.
  8. Sit down at closing and sign all the docs.
  9. OH WAIT! I forgot to mention the final walk-through. This is when the prospective buyer stomps through your house a day or so before the closing and finds more stuff that you have to fix.

As a real estate investor who knows what I want in a house, you can probably tell I am not so fond of selling a house using the traditional method.
I have been burned so many times by the buyer making a last-minute decision to walk away. When the buyer does that I am back at square one! AND I have to go through the entire process again!

*** The traditional way of selling a house is:

  1. Find an agent
  2. Fix all the things that are wrong with the house.
  3. List it 
  4. Show it to a bunch of random people (many who might just be nosey neighbors!)
  5. Haggle with the buyer of the list of inspection items.
  6. Wait for the buyer to obtain financing (you would be amazed at how many home sales fall through because the buyer can’t get financing! SO FRUSTRATING!)
  7. Wasit, anxiously, for the bank to appraise, title to clear, and for the buyer to finally decide that, yes they will buy your home.
  8. Sit down at closing and sign all the docs.
  9. OH WAIT! I forgot to mention the final walk-through. This is when the prospective buyer walks through your house a day or so before the closing and finds more stuff that you have to fix.
As a real estate investor who knows what I want in a house, you can probably tell I am not so fond of selling a house using the traditional method.
I have been burned so many times by the buyer making a last-minute decision to walk away. When the buyer does that I am back at square one! AND I have to go through the entire process again!

Downside to selling as-is

The biggest downside if you sell a house as-is can be summed up in one word.


Owners who sell houses as-is often leave EASY MONEY on the table. They don’t realize they could make some simple repairs and fix a few basic items to increase the value of the house they need to sell. 

Of course, I say simple, but I have been doing this for years. But the reality is if you fix the things that we talked about earlier you can get a really good home value price bump!

Conclusion: What's the next step?

Sell House As-Is: The final word!

You came here wondering what it means to sell a house as-is. Now you know.

Possibly you wanted to know your options for selling as-is. We discussed that too. 

Or maybe you wanted to weigh the good and the bad of selling a house as-is.

I reckon I knocked the PROS and CONS out of the park with a comprehensive list and explanation in detail of some of the more important items, right?

So now you have all the answers what do you do next?

If you are serious about selling as-is I highly recommend you contact some professional home buyers. Talk to them about your plans to sell. If it feels right ask for a cash offer. 

If they are reputable there will be no strings attached. 

If you have any questions about this or any other topic in and around real estate feel free to drop me a line too.

[email protected]

Of course, if you have a house in Denver, CO that you need to sell, and you want to sell your house as-is,  then please complete our form and we will gladly put together our best cash offer. Hopefully, we can make a deal!

Thanks for your time and have a great day!



People Also Ask

Here are the 3 most common questions that I am asked when people contact me to buy their house as-is. I think I might have already answered them but here we go. 

Is it bad to sell a house as is?

The real answer is, IT DEPENDS.

It depends on what your goals are for the sale.

Do you need to sell fast or do you want to get the highest sales price possible? 

Do you want to hire contractors or does selling without making repairs sound like a less stressful way to go?

There are both good and bad sides to an as-is home sale. Understanding what you want out of the sale will help you decide what is the best optoin.

Let’s go over both sides quickly. 

The bad:

  1. You will leave some money on the table. If you fix up the house and make all the repairs you will sell your house for more.
  2. When you list a home to sell as-is you are going to attract a number of low-ball offers. 
  3. Unless you can find a reputable home buyer, that can show you what your house is worth as-is, you may get taken advantage of it.
  4. When you list a house as-is you may be conveying to buyers that your house is in really bad condition (even if it only needs minor repairs). This in turn can result in a lower sales price or the house not selling at all!

Now for the good.

It is a good idea to sell a house as-is if:

  1. You need to sell fast. When you sell a house as-is you avoid delays because of construction. No delays from the banks or financing falling through. Also, cash buyers close faster, and this is the most likely option if you sell without making repairs.
  2. You don’t want to go through the hassle of fixing things before you list. Also, you don’t want to have to deal with a long list of repair items during the inspection period. 
  3. You don’t want to endure the stress of selling your house the traditional way (see the link to see all the annoyances you will avoid.

So, if you want to sell for top dollar and you have time and money to burn on a renovation, then selling as-is could be the wrong choice.

If you need to sell your house fast and don’t want to spend any money when you sell, then I think you should sell your house as-is.

What is the best way to sell a house as-is?

There are two main ways to sell a house as-is. These are:

  1. Find a realtor that has experience with as-is home sales. Have them list it on the MLS and then find a buyer that way.
  2. Sell your house to a company that specializes in purchasing as-is properties. 

There are pros and cons to both options which you can see in detail here.

Is it easy to sell a house as is?

Yes, it is easy to sell a house as-is. 

However, to sell without making repairs, you will need to find a trustworthy buyer that has experience buying houses in any condition. 

These buyers are often referred to as:

  1. We buy houses companies
  2. Real estate investors
  3. Cash home buyers OR
  4. Fix and flip companies.

They specialize in buying property in any condition. 

To sell your house to them all you need to do is talk to them. I would suggest talking to 3 or 4 different buyers. Be sure to ask plenty of questions. Look at their reviews online too. 

If you are comfortable with any of them, simply request a cash offer on your house. Be sure to let them know you want to sell your house as-is. 

Any legit home buyer will know exactly what to do. They’ll buy as-is, pay you cash, and close on your schedule.

So once again, it is easy to sell a house as-is. In fact to sell a house as-is all you have to do is fill out a form!


Can I sell my house as is?

Yes you can sell your house as-is. AND believe it or not it is becoming increasingly popular.

The easiest way to sell without fixing stuff is to find a buyer that specializes in purchasing homes in any condition. 

Typically these buyers go by the names:

  1. Real estate investors
  2. Cash home buyers
  3. Fix and flip companies
  4. Rehabber
  5. We buy houses as-is

A quick search online will give you a myriad of home buyers that can help you out.

Watson Buys is one of those companies. We buy houses as-is. After buying them we tastefully remodel them and then rent them out or resell them. 

Not only do we purchase houses in any condition, we actually prefer it this way!

If you would like to talk about selling a house in any condition do not hesitate to call us on 720.418.8670. Alternatively, fill out a form and we will get in touch.

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