Second Genius (and unique) Tip to Sell your House Quick.

Best Way To Sell My House For Cash

People Will Pay to Live next to your Neighbor!

Neighbors are important. We can’t live without them…literally! They are an integral part of our life. 

And having good neighbors is a blessing! 

So if you are blessed with good neighbors who love you and your house, it’s high-time to brag about them in the house selling ad!

You need to tell buyers not only… 

  1. The house you are selling is awesome


  1. The neighbors are amazing too!

In fact in a recent survey we found that buyers will pay more for a house if they know that the neighbors are great!.

Yip, people will actually pay to live next to your great neighbor!

So if people are willing to pay your CASH MONEY to live next to a good neighbor why wouldn’t you tell them about yours?

Now is that a genius idea and tip you have ever thought of?

How to involve your neighbors in story?

Well, there are two ways. First you need to talk to your neighbors and convince them to appear in your story about the house. 

Of course, it has to be a good experience but let them tell it in their own words. Help them get started offering ideas like:

  • Talk about why you love the street
  • Can you remember a funny story that happened between us?
  • Do your children play together?
  • What is your favorite holiday and why?

They may talk about bonding with you and your house in the story.

If for some reason you can’t rely on the neighbor you can always write about your neighborhood by yourself. Share sweet neighborhood experiences, events and amenities. Again use your own words, keep it real and get these stories in front of your buyers. 

Maybe you could leave it as a letter from your house to the buyer in a prominent place for them to read when the see your home. 

If you go to this effort be sure the buyers agent knows about it so they can direct the buyer to it. 

Go one step further still and make a short movie! You could write, direct and star in it and maybe convince your neighbors to appear too!. How fun would that be!

Who said selling a house can’t be fun!

With the help of a script, it will be easier for them to share the experiences in such a way that it helps you in attracting buyers. 

Sell Your House Fast


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