Scared of the Dark? Transform Any Spooky Basement or Crawl Space Instantly With These Easy Practical DIY Tips

Scared of the Dark? Transform Any Spooky Basement or Crawl Space Instantly With These Easy Practical DIY Tips

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Scared of the Dark? Transform Any Scary Basement or Spooky Crawl Space Instantly With This Advice

This is what I do to make Scary basements and dark crawl spaces less spooky. 

This article explains what I do to make the dark less scary. These tips help make spooky basements less spooky for me. This advice is what I do when I have to go into dark scary crawl spaces.

I am not a psychiatrist. I am a real estate investor that ends up in these spaces all the time… more on that later….

I am afraid of the dark! I am not a fan of spiders! Small spaces scare me!

A spooky basement or dark crawl space terrifies me yet as a real estate investor I am constantly having to go into them!

Today I am going to give you some practical tips that will instantly transform a scary basement or frightening crawl space into a space even a scaredy-cat like me is comfortable entering.

Who am I and how do I end up in scary basements and spooky crawl spaces?

My name is Shaun. I am a real estate investor based in Denver, Colorado.

People call me because they want a simple, convenient way to sell their home for cash. We talk about their plans for the house they are selling, discuss upgrades they have done and then run comps to determine what it is worth.

After this I give them a cash offer and of course hopefully they accept it.

If they don’t accept it straight away there may be some negotiating, some wiggle room if you may. Once we have nailed down a fair price the next step is to visit the home.

It is during this home visit, often called an inspection, that I end up in dark scary basements and spooky crawl spaces filled with spider webs, and other Halloween goodness. Attics, while never as bad as dark damp basements, can also be a haunted part of the house.

Therefore feel free to apply any of these tips to transform a spooky scary basement to the attic too!

Ok, so that’s who I am and why I am often venture into nasty crawl spaces and dank basements. So what do I do about them?!?

What have I learned over the yeas to de-spookify these dark areas that scare me?

Here we go…

My top 3 practical tips that will make any dark basement less scary or any nasty crawl space a more friendly place to visit.

If you don’t have a lot of time to read this article  – i.e. you are about to go into a spooky crawl space of dark potentially frightening basement, here are the 3 tips that will make that scary basement a little less spooky.

But I highly recommend that you read the entire article. If nothing else it’s entertaining. I am sure you will laugh, maybe at me, maybe with me…

Tip # 1 is a scary basement is way less scary if you light it up.

The summary here is the more lights you buy and use when you are in any scry space the less scary it will be. AMEN!

Tip # 2 to make a dark basement or crawl space less scary or spook is carry a big stick.

I use the big stick to knock down spider webs more than monsters. I mean come on. If there really is a big scary monster in the basement is a stick really going to help? More details about how a stick is an awesome tool in frightening places in a bit. 

Tip # 3 My final piece of advice to make a scary basement less scary is to wear protective gear.

The protective gear includes a facemask, eyewear, gloves, and knee pads. The idea for me is that with these items I can move really fast – even through spider webs – if need be.

Long sleeves and pants are a good idea too. Finally, steel-toed boots are what really pros wear when they are truly scared but any kind of full covering show will do. 

Now you have the summary lets dive in and learn just how to utilize each tip effectively. 

Tip # 1 More light means less scary

Let me start by saying these tips work for me. They may not work for you. And these tips, while making the crawlspace less scary, don’t make it a place I want to hang out in forever, or even for longer than I need to.

Now that’s clear tip number 1 for making a basement more palatable is…

Light, light and more light!

The more light there is in any space makes it less spooky for me.

I think I mentioned already that I am scared of the dark. AND what do basements, crawlspace, and attics have in spades???


If I can’t see what going on in the corner my imagination starts running wild!

Therefore I have invested in some badass LED lights that really light up the place. I have 2 basic kinds of lights that I use.

Light number one is my light saber-esk, directional very bright LED torch that I keep with me. It has a wide beam and is powerful. If I am in a typical sized basement (think unfinished ranch style home in Colorado or crawlspace) and I am standing on one side the light will easily light up the opposite side of the room.

The second kind of light that I have is less directional and I utilize it more regularly in a crawl space than the basement. I think of it my breadcrumbs to find my way out. I own 3 of these (think along the lines of a light you might have at a campground to light up an area) and as I crawl through a crawl space I will turn one on and leave it there so that if I look back that area remains light up.

Of course, this does increase the time I am in the dark space. This is because I have t set and then pick up the lights. But this is ok because with the lights on it’s not really a dark space anymore so I am way more comfortable with my predicament – AND YES PEOPLE IT IS A PREDICAMENT!!!

How did I become scared of the dark and afraid of spooky basements?

I blame my Dad. First, I love my Dad and in fact, he is in my top 2 of “best guy friends”. My BEST BEST BFF friend is my wife Jennifer (married 12 blissful years – love you honey!) and then after her comes Jonas and my Dad. My two favorite guy friends. Are you following me?

So, I love my Dad. He is a super good man but when I was a lot younger he let me watch the movie Aliens. Mom was probably out because I don’t think she would of been happy. She didn’t even let me watch WWF wrestling. Ti si back in the day with Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake the Snake, and ravishing Rick Rude!

For a young kid that is terribly scary. Aliens not WWF although those wrestling names are kind of scary too right?

So back to Aliens. Ever since watching it, I see scary things in the shadows.

If I need wood for the fireplace and its night time I hesitate to go outside. Dark is scary. Dark means Aliens.. maybe…well it does to me!

Now I don’t think I need to see a shrink about this,  but that’s my story. That’s how I become afraid of the dark.

Tip # 2 My second tip for making a spooky basement, a haunted attic space, or scary dark damp crawl space easier to be in is….

I always take a stick with me. The reason for taking a stick is to bang around and create noise to scare of any monsters ghosts, demons OR more realistically to knock down spiders webs.

There is nothing worse to me than having to crawl through spiders webs. Well coming face to face with a monster would be worse but the reality is spiders are all I have ever encountered.

Now my stick of choice is actually a plastic broomstick that I took of a broom I took ownership of many years ago when I bought a house (for cash) from a family in Denver that they had inherited. As I bought the house as-is there was a bunch of stuff left inside including some lamps (which I put in the attic during the rehab) and some really cool suitcases (I still own and travel with them) and finally a broom that had a perfect knock down spider webs stick attached. (see photo of me and my broom stick).

This picture is actually of me about to go for a run on South Table Mesa in Golden – in the daylight.

If you look at the next picture you will see why I wanted to take a stick!

Now the third piece of advice to make a spooky basement less spooky or dark crawlspace less scary.

Tip # 3 My third tip is to wear safety equipment any time you are entering a scary dark spider infested basement

I am talking about a facemask.

I am talking about some nice protective eyewear

The last two items I put on are knee pads and gloves (knee pads and gloves are for when going into a crawl space – not so much if I am entering a scary basement that I can stand in).

The nice thing with knee pads and gloves is that it makes my adventure into that spooky realm that much more comfortable also. I’m not old but I am older. If I am on my hands and knees it hurts. Knee pads and gloves relive this.

So those are my 3 practical tips for those of you out there that find dark spaces less than fun places to venture into. These are the things that I do and they absolutely make a sooky space less spooky.

I would love to hear if you have an idea that works for you. I am always looking for better ideas so submit your comment below!

FAQ SECTION about scary basements

What’s the difference between a scary basement and a haunted basement?

Well, a haunted basement can be scary however a scary basement doesn’t have to be haunted.

For a basement to be haunted the space must be perceived as being inhabited by a ghost – or some other kind of another dimension being, dead person demon, etc.

For a basement to be scary it doesn’t have to have a ghost – it might just be dark. Maybe there are spider webs and you are scared of spider webs.

Just because it’s dark and there are spider webs don’t necessarily mean a ghost lives there, right?

If a ghost or monster does live in my basement are they considered a bad neighbor?

That is totally up to you.

Do they keep you awake at night? Are they annoying? A ghost is only a bad neighbor if they are in fact a bad neighbor. Just because they are a ghost doesn’t make them bad. 

If, however, they are annoying then be sure and you need some advice we have a ton of great tips (and personal experience) on how to deal with bad and noisy neighbors that you can read.

I live in a house with a scary basement – how do I fix it permanently?

If you want to fix a scary basement peramanetly this is what you must do.

Add lots of light and paint it white.

Light is really cheap to add today. And you can add battery-powered light or if you are somewhat handy you can hardwire in some LED lights very cheaply and very quickly.

Now, why the white paint?

The white paint will double down on the light situation and reflect or amplify the brightness making the scary basement even brighter and even less scary!

Now painting basement walls white is not as straightforward as painting the wall in your bedroom or living room. Often basement walls are brick. Maybe they are damp. There are other things you may need to address.

Actually here are some great articles on how to paint a basement wall for you to read. AND while I am at it here are a couple of resources on how to add lights to your basement.


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