Guide to Finding the Best Roofers and Roofing Company Near Me

How do I find roofers near me can I trust to make roof repairs on my property?

Finding the best local roofers and local roofing companies can be broken down into simple steps that we will show you.

Local roofing companies near me, in Denver, must understand the harsh weather conditions the Mile-High city presents my house and its roof. The Best local roofing contractors can clearly explain how a roof protects my home, how they will assess and report on my roof, and finally be able to clearly explain what needs to be fixed and why. Furthermore, the  roof repairs contractors must provide great service , be honest and trusted.

How do I find roofers near me can I trust to make roof repairs on my property?

Finding the best local roofers and local roofing companies can be broken down into simple steps that we will show you.

Local roofing companies near me, in Denver, must understand the harsh weather conditions the Mile-High city presents my house and its roof. The Best local roofing contractors can clearly explain how a roof protects my home, how they will assess and report on my roof, and finally be able to clearly explain what needs to be fixed and why. Furthermore, the  roof repairs contractors must provide great service , be honest and trusted.

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Here you will learn how to find the best roofers and Roofing companies near you.

I am a homeowner in Denver, Colorado. I live in Lakewood, just to the west of downtown Denver, near the Lakewood-Wadsworth Station. As a homeowner, I have several houses and had to sell my house in Denver. As a result of owning property in Denver, I have experience finding roofers near me. I wish to share my experience in finding a roofing company near me. I will share how I determined they would perform good roof repairs and how I worked out they were roofers I could trust. I will also share with you information on determining you are being charged a fair price by local roofing contractors making roof repairs on your roof.

How I started my search for the best roofers near me in Denver.

The first time I had to find a roofing contractor was a couple of years after we bought a house in Denver. The first step was straightforward. I typed into Google roofers near me, and a bunch of different roofing companies came up. I also searched for a couple of other topics to see if the same companies were revealed. I searched for a roofing company near local roofing companies and me near me. From these searches, I was able to see the same companies showing up on the Google search results. From previous experience locating trusted businesses in other industries, I have found companies that do good work take care of their online appearance. Showing up on Google is an indication that the roofing company is taking the time to present themselves in a good manner. You may have to go back a few pages. That’s ok because roofing contractors’ competition is fierce.

Next step in finding roof repair contractors I can trust.

I created a spreadsheet with details of all the local roofing companies nearby.

I included the phone numbers of the roofing companies. I also included columns for their website, Google reviews, Facebook page, and Yelp reviews. When determining a company to fix your roof or make repairs, it is important to do due diligence by looking online and seeing what other people say about them. Not online will you see the reviews on Google and what people say about them on Yelp, but if you choose to call the roofing company near you, you will understand who they are. When you talk to them, they should present themselves in the same manner. If they come across quite differently, this could be a reason to move on to the next company. It becomes a bit of a gut feeling that last suggestion.


Customers who have a bad experience are twice to three times more likely to write an angry review than customers who had a great experience are to post a happy review. Therefore, allow the roofing company to explain any bad reviews. Take all reviews with a grain of salt. It is just one part of finding the best local roofing company to help you in your next roof repairs.

Another source to start your search for a roofer is referrals from family, friends, and neighbors.

You can get great referrals and recommendations when it comes to finding your next roofing contractor by talking to family, friends, and neighbors. You could even drive your neighborhood and talk to people who have recently had a new roof installed. Ask them questions like “Did you use a local roofing contractor?” and “Did you like the service the roofing company you hired gave you?” If you find a person who liked the roofing company, be sure to ask for the company’s details and add them to your spreadsheet.

Next Step: Time to call the local roofing companies in your spreadsheet.

Now you will call the roofing contractor, talk to them, ask them plenty of questions, and get a sense of who they are and if you think you can trust them.

Now that you are speaking to the roofing contractors, you need to have some specific criteria that are important to you. For example, I believe the commitment to quality is significant. Quality roofers will have certifications, industry experience, a willingness to listen to the customer, and confidence to steer them toward the best solution. An example of certification you could be looking for is from the International Code Council (ICC) who provides a National Standard Roofing Contractor Certification. The ICC’s mission is to provide the highest quality codes, standards, products, and services for all concerned with the built environment’s safety and performance.

Wouldn’t you want a roofing company to have this certification?

Other qualities to look for in a professional roofing contractor should be how they evaluate your roof. For example, do they look at it from the front yard, or does the roofing company get up on the roof and perform a step-by-step Sarah investigation?

Another question I will ask the roofing company on the phone is how they will report my roof’s condition. They should be able to clearly explain to me what I should expect after they look at my roof. How will they report to me any damage or repairs that may be required?

When I talk to the roof repairs contractors, I will ask if they have any previous customers and clients willing to talk to me. I don’t always follow up. However, if a roofing company is resistant to talking to previous clients, it may suggest they haven’t provided good service in the past. This is just another way to give you a little more insight into whether they are one of the best local roofers nearby or a company you should pass by.

Does the roofing company carry the necessary licenses and insurance?

Each city and state has different licensing and insurance requirements. Regardless of whether insurance is required, the roofing company you choose must have insurance just if they make a mistake. Be sure to verify that this insurance will cover you. You could get their insurance details and give their insurance company a call. Any good roofing contractor will be more than willing to give you these details. Roofing licenses can be found either at this state city or County level. Ask your roofing contractor who requires licensing and who they are licensed with. Get details from them, and be sure to verify this on your own. It just takes a few seconds and will help you ensure you find the best roofing company near you.


Remember, even the best sometimes make mistakes. Remember the fantastic American gymnast Simone Biles. As amazing as she is, she doesn’t score a perfect 10’s. When talking to roofers, keep in mind that sometimes mistakes are made. However, the best roofers will identify a mistake and provide great customer service in providing a timely solution. Ideally, the inconvenience to you will be minimal.

Other questions I like to ask on the phone.

There are many other questions you can ask the roofing contractor on the telephone. These are the questions I focus on. From these, I typically then choose three companies to come to my property and inspect my roof. Please note there performing a roof inspection does take time and money. There is potential that even the best roofing companies will charge you for this professional service. Maybe you can negotiate with them that if you choose them as your next local roofing contractors, they will put the assessment fee toward the repairs or new roof’s price.

What about roofing material knowledge?

Be sure to do a little homework on roofing materials and what type of material you think you would like. There are all sorts of shingles, and those are most commonly what you see on roofs today. There are many brands, and they all provide great products. Atlas, Owens Corning, GAF are three that are popular. The best companies may have a favorite and be able to explain why. They are all great products, so be a little flexible on this front.

Time to meet your local roofing contractor.

Now you have asked 3 roofing companies to come and assist your roof. First impressions last, and pictures tell 1000 stories. When the roofing contractor shows up, I believe they should show up on time and wear the appropriate clothing. Being late, dressing unprofessionally, and using inappropriate language is not, in my humble opinion, what the best companies do. of course, it’s a personal Joyce and one that you must take on as to how much weight you will put on these factors.

When I’m face-to-face, I ask the roofing company’s typical safety measures to make sure everything goes to plan, and nobody gets hurt when they’re making repairs or replacing my roof. I personally don’t know all of the standards, but I do have good common sense, and I apply this as I listen to the answers. If you want to read more details, you could go to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website. there you will find information For every industry imaginable


Are you getting a fair price from the roofing company?

It is important to remember legitimate businesses have costs that other businesses may not have. For example, in roofing, you want to choose a company with ICC certification.

ICC certification, insurance, proper safety equipment, and quality materials certain costs. The best roofing companies typically can cost a little more than bargain People performing the service on the weekend. You may be tempted to choose a discount person. However, your roof is so gosh darn important. If they make a mistake, it could cause a lot of damage. In this situation, I am reminded of the quote, “cheap isn’t always cheaper.”

If you have performed the prior steps, then the three companies that have just inspected your roof will give you a quote and clearly explain your roof needs and why. If you performed these steps correctly, the quotes should all be a similar price. If one price is much higher or lower, ask the company why it is high or low. Allow them to explain. If they truly are one of the best local roofing companies near you, they will be happy.

That’s how I find roof repairs contractors and local roofers near me that will provide the best service. Other sources of finding the best roofing company could be talking to a local building supply company that sells shingles. Alternatively, you could talk to local Denver real estate investors or buy houses companies to know a roofing company that does good work.  Be inventive, be patient, and even try and have a little fun. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you go forward in your search to find the best local roofing company to help you with your roofing needs.

Taking care of your roof is very important. It protects your entire house. If you are thinking about buying or selling a Denver property, there are many other things to consider. Take a look at the complete guide to selling your home today for some great information.

BONUS: House Flipping in Denver, Colorado.

Flipping a house in any city is hard work. Flipping houses in Denver is uber-competitive. Learn the first few steps from Denver local fix and flip expert right here.

The home renovation and rehab ideas and principles laid out for you are flipping houses’ ideas. When Flipping houses, you must have a plan, understand what adds value, stick to a budget, and work with other home renovation contractors that are experts.

Flipping houses are seen on many shows and are often portrayed as fast cash. However, fix and flip. Another example of house flippers are the We buy houses, we buy ugly houses, we buy houses near you type companies. We spoke to long-time Denver local house fix and flip expert Juan R. “We buy Denver houses primarily to fix and flip. It’s a tricky but rewarding business. The words you find here are a great place to start. Take your time. Ask lots of questions. Expect everything to go wrong.”

Flipping, fix and flip, flipping houses, and flip it for cash are all terms meaning the same thing within the real estate industry. Flipping houses for cash is the process of buying, rehabbing, or renovating, and then selling a house fast, for profit. Typically the real estate investor needs to sell the house fast to keep costs down.

Flipping houses is performed in every real estate market across the U.S. In each market, the process remains basically the same. There may be some slight differences associated with local or state rules and regulations. As we are in Denver and have done this for many years in Denver, this is where we will speak to mostly.

Flipping houses in Denver is very competitive. The Denver housing market over the past decade has received a lot of attention nationally. More recently, the positive pressure put on Denver’s market has been attributed to lack of inventory, low mortgage rates, and net positive migration, which many believe is associated with people’s lifestyle choices today. By lifestyle choices, we are talking about the outdoor activities that Denver has to offer. Denver is somewhat the gateway to the fabulous Colorado Rockies.

The first thing I believe you must learn when flipping houses in Denver, you must understand what houses are worth in Denver’s different areas. You can have the same single-family house, but one is in Montbello, one Lafayette, one Lakewood, and one in Thornton, and each house will be valued differently.

Understanding what a house is worth before you renovate it and what it will be worth after you have done the renovation (or fixed it) gives you the spread and the starting point on how much you can spend and still expect to make money. A great place to get an understanding of house values is Zillow.

If you search for Zillow Thornton CO, you will come to a page with extensive information on homes in Thornton, CO, that are currently for sale. On this Zillow Thornton Colorado page, you will be able to filter for homes recently sold too. You can select each house in Thornton on Zillow and see photos that were recorded by the seller. From this, you can start to build your knowledge on house values and potential ARV’s or “after repair values.”

Zillow is what I like to call a MEGA site. Not only is there a Zillow Thornton CO page, but there is a Zillow Lafayette CO. Zillow Arvada, or Zillow Arvada CO will land you with all the starting info you need for homes in Arvada. Thinking of looking at flipping Denver homes in Lakewood? You guess it. Search for Zillow Lakewood or Zillow Lakewood, Colorado, and you will once again be rewarded with a wealth of information.

Information can be found on Zillow’s competitors also. Redfin Denver, Redfin Lakewood, Redfin Boulder, or again Redfin Arvada will allow you to access all the data Redfin has on homes for sale and recently sold in Denver.

Flipping houses in Denver can be rewarding but can be very stressful and costly. This is just scratching the surface. In the future, I will layout more steps. Take your time as your research house flipping. I imagine you believe fix and flips in Denver will lead to fast cash. On a good day, fix and flips in Denver can be very profitable. However, if you get it wrong, the Denver housing market, as stated, is very competitive, and the uber-competitive Denver fix and flip scene can spit you out with the other end without your shirt.

Good luck with your real estate investing career. If you are thinking about flipping houses in Denver, feel free to reach out to me.  I do not profess to know everything. I have made many mistakes. However, I am willing to share my Denver fix and flip knowledge with genuine and hardworking people. You never know – you might get so good at generating cash income through buying and selling houses in Denver through the fix and flips that I could ultimately learn some things from you.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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