Ride-A-Thon Half-way Update

Update of my rides on Day 17

Above is summary of my ride on Day 4 above – still can’t work out how to embed so just a screenshot.

Below is a running tally for the week

Day 17 ride video diary...

After 16 days of riding, I have logged 54,860 ft of elevation gain. Therefore I am on track to get to 100,000 for the month of March. 

I am sleeping really well, and lacking a little motivation which I believe is the result of riding a little too much, for who I am currently, but that is to be expected. Typically I might ride one longer ride per week than all rides of roughly an hour each. 

I definitely attest to higher quality training versus more volume. I know different strokes for different folks. 

HR and power stays consistent so not in any kind of hole that I will need extended rest to get out of. 

I can’t believe it is the 17th of March already. It is crazy how fast time flies by. 

This month has been a great month with the ride-a-thon going on. Also, we are remodeling our Master bedroom which is a really big deal for us. Work has been crazy busy in a good way.

AND The best part is we have been having some consistent snowfall in the mountains over the last couple of weeks. This has meant, for safety reasons I have been doing some rides on the trainer using Zwift and tracking my elevation gain this way. 

On Zwift I get a little less elevation for the effort but that’s ok. 

Thanks for your support. 


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