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The Vail Wolf Pack Bike Team Presents:


Alex Barcza, a long time Vail Valley resident, biking enthusiast, husband, dad to a beautiful family, and Banking Guru (residential lender in the valley with BOK Financial) has come up with an amazing sponsorship package for the Vail Wolf Pack Special Olympics Bike Team. I am sure he has to pass this with his legal department but I wanted to put it out there anyway. Alex, on behalf of the Wolf Pack we are so grateful to you. You are very kind. Be sure to check back with more details as we announce them. 

Ride-A-Thon 2020

A Fundraising Extravaganza

Sponsor Your Local Athletes Now

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To help your athletes even more check out all the event sponsors below. Click on their logos to visit their websites. Share their generosity with friends, family and your entire network. By doing this you will guarantee sponsorship in the future.

Stay Tuned for Athlete Bio’s – coming SOON!

Stay Tuned for Athlete Bio’s – coming SOON!

Team Apparel by Pactimo. Support your athletes by wearing the kit. email [email protected]  subject line Wolf Pack Team Rules!

Furthermore, please share this event with all your family, friends, and your entire network on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Cheer on our Athletes. All messages are greatly received. Your participation makes all the difference.
  • What: Ride-A-Thon Fundraising Event

In August 2020 their will be a Ride-A-Thon to raise funds for Vail Valley’s own Special Olympics Athletes. These funds will be used to give your local athletes the opportunity to participate in Special Olympics events throughout the year. Afew such events are biking, swimming, skiing and bowling.  Their goal is to obtain sponsorship from local businesses, family, friends, and anyone else they believe would be a good fit as a sponsor.

  • Who: The Vail Wolf Pack Bike Team.

The Vail Wolf Pack Mountain Bike team involves almost 100 people. Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Family, and Friends get together weekly for training. This involves warm-ups, skills, endurance, and strength workouts specifically tailored to improve their riding prowess. This program is part of a bigger “Fit-5” program designed by the Special Olympics Organization. In the Vail Valley, this is implemented, in part, by two fitness coaches, Kayla Bruntz and Tim Sackbauer. Not only are they our fitness coaches but they are also superstar athletes in our team. Tara Picklo, who introduced this program to the Vail valley works closely with Tim and Kayla to help out as needed.

  • When: August 2020 – Exact Date to be Decided because of Corona-Virus.

The entire team is very aware of the current global pandemic and want to remain safe. Therefore the exact date hasn’t been decided. We hope this will occur at the same time as the athletes are competing at the Colorado Special Olympics State Championships. GO TEAM!

  • Where: This will occur in conjunction with the Special Olympics State Championships (Corona-Virus Dependent)

If the state champs dont happen, due to COVID-19, we will have this event locally. Obviously we hope to be at States, but this would also be super fun.

  • Why: Do I really need to tell you why your athletes love to ride bikes?

Don’t we all love to get out and blast along the bike path? Are there many things more exhilarating than skiing on a powder day? Well, our athletes will all tell you that doing these things is fun. However, they may just go on to ask you… “Have you ever competed on the bike for a gold medal?” Honestly can’t say I have. That’s all the thrills plus some Gold! Comradery? Adrenaline? Excitement, maybe some ego too? All good reasons as to why our athletes get out and get after it!

  • How did it happen?

I have been a coach for 3 years so my history is limited. But here is what I know… Tara Picklo (superstar generous person) took on the bike team almost a decade ago from other members of our community. Since then it has grown significantly and now involves over 100 athletes, coaches, family, and friends who have become a wonderful network of people. The bike team has developed relationships with other disciplines that athletes compete in such as skiing, swimming, and bowling to name a few. Many of the athletes compete in all of the available events and are even eager for more. “When are we going to add track!”

Event Sponsors:

We reached out to these businesses because members of our team, athletes, coaches, family, and friends have had personal experience with them. They found these businesses to align with what the Vail Wolfpack Mountain Bike Team embodies. Please help us even more by sharing this event and these sponsors with your family, friends, and your entire network. By sharing, you will guarantee future sponsorship for all Vail Valley Special Olympic Athletes. 

Thanks to you and our amazing sponsors.


Everyone involved with the Vail Wolfpack Mountain Bike Team and other Vail Special Olympic Teams (Skiing, Swimming, Bowling, and more.)

Gold Level Sponsor

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Silver Level Sponsors

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Bronze Level Sponsors

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