New Survey Reveals Secret Weapon to Sell Your House for More Money & Fast


New Survey Reveals Secret Weapon to Sell Your House for More Money & Fast

If you are about to embark on the journey of selling your house don’t you deserve the best ideas?

The best selling ideas will help your home stand out form the crowd. This in turn will help you sell faster and for more cash. 

Isn’t this what you want?

If so then keep reading as we unveil the latest findings about what Denver residents want when they buy a house today. 

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My name is Shaun with Watson Buys and I have been buying and selling real estate since 2008. I want to share the great ideas people have shared with me for your benefit. 

This article will guarantee you are successful in your next real estate endeavor. If you are buying a house or selling a home, needing to sell fast or wanting the best price. We have you covered!

Shall we get back to the survey?

That’s why you are here. 


I dont think I mentioned this but at the end I will also share with you what this Denver home owner did…

PLUS BONUS Secret Tip: This home-owner did this and received 23 Offers in 12 hours! Don’t miss it at the end. 

In a hyper-competitive real Estate market like Denver don’t you want every weapon available to ensure you sell your house successfully?

The right words, ideas, or amenity will always nudge a buyer to take the right action – and this will result in more offers on your house.

What do more offers mean?

Well, more offers do mean a bidding war!

AND a bidding war means not only do yourself your house fast but you get the maximum amount for cash in your pocket!

Who doesn’t want more cash?

Whether you are selling a Condo or apartment in Downtown Denver, or a single-family in one of Denver’s communities like Lakewood, Arvada, or Golden, this overlooked secret will help you sell for more.

So do you want me to expose the secret our survey revealed?

Ok, let’s do it!


Survey Reveals Secret Weapon to Selling Your House for More Money

At Watson Buys we are constantly looking for the latest edge to help us sell our houses fast. Also, we are always looking to see value buy houses in Denver. That’s why we invest so much in these surveys.

But wait….

WHY would we share this information with you? Why would we reveal our secret sauce?

Here’s why.

At Watson Buys, we truly believe there is plenty for everyone. We want everyone to have easy access to the best information. As we are cash home buyers local to Denver we come across these tips and tricks regularly. But we recognize we are working on real estate all day every day. We don’t have time to do other things, just like you!

We know you are all very busy, leading fast-paced lives. Therefore quick access is best and fast sales are key. That’s why we have chosen to share these tips, guides, and inside secrets. 

That said, what did our survey ask the good people of Denver?

Our survey was very specific. We wanted to identify a new idea that could put properties ahead of others. We wanted to know:

What would sell a house faster?
What could sell a house for more money?

After much brainstorming we decided to ask a group of Denver residents the following question:

Would you pay more to live next to a good neighbor?

The interesting thing about asking this question is it quickly raised a subset of questions. 

Were we talking about renting or purchasing?

Of course, we were initially focused on whether a potential home buyer would be willing to pay extra to live next to a good neighbor. BUT the rental situation made us think.


It made us think because:

  • Watson Buys is all about exposing untapped value.
  • Because we own rental properties.
  • We work with out-of-state investors to find off-market deals.
  • We help investors find great deals too.

So be sure to tune into our survey on how much more a potential tenant would pay to live next to a good neighbor.

We will release this in May 2021.


Do you want tips and tricks to sell fast?

Need to Sell Fast?

Or just have a question?

How can you capitalize on a great neighbor when selling a home?

When selling a house there a several variables, or goals, the seller must consider including:

Do you want to sell your house fast?
Are you looking for the maximum price?
Maybe selling as-is is the goal?

Regardless of if you want the fastest sale or the best price highlighting positive aspects of your property is key to success.

So before I go further I want to ask you this question…

Would you pay more to live next to a good neighbor?

I know I would

The funny thing is this.

We don’t often hear stories about good neighbors. Normally we only hear stories about terrible neighbors, right?

For example, did you hear about the person who trained his three dogs to poop on the neighbor’s lawn because of an argument?

Can you imagine buying your dream house only to find out this is your neighbor?

Now let’s turn that around.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your neighbor was so awesome that every week they mowed your lawn and washed your car!

Obviously that’s very unlikely but my question to you is would you pay more for such a neighbor?

My point here is that if you did happen to have a neighbor that mowed your lawn and washed your car wouldn’t you want to tell potential buyers about it?

Only if you knew buyers would pay for it, right?

So our survey was born.

How we did our survey.

We employed a third party company to perform Outreach for us we provided this company with one question the question was:

Would you pay more for a house if you would if you knew the neighbor was a good neighbor?

We asked that they try and reach out to a thousand people in Denver.

So what secret did we uncover that will help you sell your house fast and for more money?

Denver Residents Will Pay More for a Good Neighbor


It was a clear majority as you can see.

79 out of every 100 people asked said they would absolutely pay more money when buying a house if they knew they were getting a good neighbor.

That is 79% percent.

The survey that was conducted received responses from 871 residents of Denver. Of these 688 said they would pay more or 79%.

That is a pretty significant number. Wouldn’t you agree?

So how can you sell your house for more money if you have a great neighbor?
How can you use this information to sell your Denver property fast?
There is a very simple answer to this!

When you list your house to sell, tell potential buyers about it. If you have a new roof would you advertise it? If you had a new furnace would you advertise it?

I hope you said yes.

Those are 2 items about your house people will pay more for. They will help you sell your house quickly too!

The survey revealed that people would also pay more for great neighbors so advertise it. When you or your realtor writes about your home be sure to include your neighbor.

Regardless if you need to sell a home fast or if you want top dollar you need to put your homes best foot forward. A great neighbor is an asset to your home and is absolutely something you can advertise.

Do this (maybe with your neighbors permission) and I guarantee your home will fly off the shelf and you will get a great price too!

Bonus Tip.

Did you think I forgot?

This ingenious idea helped a Denver resident sell their house for top dollar very quickly. They also used another tactic which helped them create a bidding war situation.

I would love to share this with you so send me your email and I will fill you in. To do this just fill in the form below.

Do you want tips and tricks to sell fast?

So what was the first trick this person did to sell their home?

This is a true story that I was told about roughly four weeks ago my good friend of mine. She is a top real estate agent in Denver so gets a lot of neat stories. This one is very relevant to this article about great neighbors so I wanted to share it with you.

So what is this ingenious secret idea that this homeowner did when selling their house?

Not only did they advertise that they had a great neighbor but they got together with their neighbor and made a short video.

In the video they talked about all the fun times they had had. They went on to talk about how excited the neighbor was to have someone new move in. The neighbor went as far as promising the winning bid freshly baked cookies for a month!

After they put their house on the market they received over 20 offers in the first 12 hours! Now granted their home was in a desirable neighborhood just south of downtown Denver, and it was beautifully renovated but compared to similar homes that were listed they easily got more offers faster than anyone else.


It didn’t cost them a thing!

What do you think about that?


Don’t forget about the other thing they did to create a bidding war. Send me your email and I will be sure to share it with you!

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