Cash Home Buyer | Do You Want To Sell Fast And For A FAIR price?

I just submitted a form to Watson Buys: What happens now?

Shaun here (I’m the goofball in glasses or GBIG for short…)

Let me say thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you – maybe even buy your house. 

Please give us your email so we can send you what we find out (I will not share or sell your email info). 

Did you watch the video?

It takes you through our behind the scenes process. 

When we buy houses we do so in a very transparent manner. That’s why we share this info with you.

For more details on how we work out our cash offer for your house watch the next video. 

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Hi there, this is Shaun AGAIN. 

Thanks again for giving us this opportunity.

So– as you probably just read now, we will enter your address into our 4 step Mile High Method so that we can get back to you super-fast. 

Ultimately, our goal is to help you sell your house fast and give you a cash offer on your home that you accept. 

So the first step is PLAN.

In this step, we will look for other houses and homes in your neighborhood that recently sold.  We will also gather information on the condition they were in. For example:

  • How old was the furnace?
  • Was the basement finished?
  • Had there been any recent renovations like a bathroom upgrade or kitchen remodel?
  • Was the property a rental or someone’s primary residence?

As you know, these things all affect the value of a house. To summarize what we just did… we ran “COMPS.”

We record all this information so that we can share it easily with you. That’s part of why people trust us. They trust us because we are transparent. We will share and show everything.

Before we go on to step 2, let me say this. You are never obligated to sell to us. No matter how much we talk together, we are just happy to help. So don’t feel obligated. You are in control at all times. O.K?

On to step 2: PREPARE

This step can start in less than a couple of hours from the time you first email us. We move fast. 

This is when we gather all the information together and prepare to contact you. We want to talk to you about what we found. More importantly, we want to know what you need. 

So we will give you a call at a convenient time and share the comps in your area with you. We will also ask you some questions to verify the information about your house. The verification questions will include:

  1. How many beds, baths, and car spaces are there?
  2. What have you upgraded recently?
  3. How old is the roof, furnace, a.c, and water heater?

After we talk about the comps and your place’s condition, we can move on to the next step. 

Step 3: PRICE

How much do you want?

This is a fair question now. We have shown you what other homes sell for. We have also shown you how those sold homes compare to. So what’s a fair cash price?

This is where you get to negotiate with us. This is where you make your house shine. Convince us that we should pay top dollar for your home. Of course, the cash price we agree on has to work for both of us. WIN-WIN right?

Last but not least…


This is where we perform all the tasks necessary to buy your house. We have negotiated a price based on what you have told us. Now we have to check the house quickly to make sure it is what you say it is. We involve a legitimate title company to make sure the money and the deed are transferred legally. This protects you and us. 

The team at Watson Buys does all the other things that must be done for you. You sit back and wait to get paid. Maybe a couple of documents that need your signature, but after that, it is done.  You have sold your house to Watson Buys

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