How to Sell an Ugly
Property for Cash?

Selling an ugly property
just got easier


How to define ugly property? Needs new roof, new siding, yard un-kept. Is this a house that is ugly or what!

But guess what?

Doesn’t matter how ugly your house or property may be Watson Buys will pay you a fair market price for it. 

Simply fill out the form for a free evaluation and cash offer on your bad looking house today!

Sell Your House Fast


How to define ugly property

The definition of an ugly home will vary from person to person. WHY?

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, some common traits of ugly properties are:

  1. A roof that needs replacing 
  2. Ugly paint on the side of the house
  3. The siding material of the house is ugly
  4. Maybe the yard has not been cared for
  5. Inside you will find old ugly decorations
  6. The kitchen cabinets are ugly
  7. The paint color is an ugly green or purple!
  8. the bathroom may be an ugly pink (or is it pretty?) 

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One man’s treasure is another’s trash right? 

What do you think about the pink bathroom?

BTW We have another awesome article if you have time you don’t want to miss that goes into more detail about selling your house or condo as-is. 


Is selling a bad looking house more difficult?

That depends!

Sorry for that answer but it really does.

If you are selling something that is ugly, not pretty bad looking, and you want to sell it for cash then you just have to price it right.

You have to set your own expectations lower than if you were selling a house that wasn’t ugly, right?

Does that make sense?

So, how do you set your awful looking properties sales price?


You run comps to determine what your house is worth. Running comps is not a hard process however like anything it takes practice.

You find houses that sold nearby recently. You look at the condition of those sold properties and compare them to yours.

If a comp has a new roof and yours is 30 years old then your house is worth $10,000 less (give or take). Now repeat this for each bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Take out the cost of all the renovations to turn your diamond in the rough into a beautiful MLS Retail listing. 

Now you know what your house is worth and if you list it at that price then it shouldn’t be so hard to sell. 

Can I sell an ugly property with a real estate agent?

You certainly can sell an ugly property with a realtor however many home buyers that are represented by realtors want a house that is “move-in ready”.

By this I mean the house has been renovated completely. Or if not completely there are only minor ugly things to fix that the new owner can see themselves as able to do without to much hassle.

Can I sell an ugly home FSBO?

Selling an ugly home FSBO will be more difficult than with a realtor as you have fewer resources to determine how to do it. Especially if you are new to buying and selling houses. Let alone ugly ones!

If you have an ugly property, maybe a beat-up rental or tired old inherited property your best bet is probably selling for cash to an investor.

Yes, you can! Cash home buyers are always on the lookout for ugly homes that they can buy. AND THE BEST PART?!?

You can sell as-is and for cash. Not only that but if you find a legit and honest investor (like us at Watson Buys) you will be able to sell it and still get a reasonable cash amount. 


There are no fees or commissions to eat into the net profit. 

When selling an ugly property the sold price will always be lower so eliminating fees and commissions is perfect!

What are the steps to sell an ugly home cash?

The steps to sell your UGO house for cash are simple and are as follows:

  1. Find a legit cash buyer like Watson Buys who are buying houses near you (we buy houses all of Colorado, Indianapolis, and more!)
  2. 2. Reach out and talk with them. Talk about the condition of your house and have them run comps.
  3. Negotiate a price for your property
  4. sign a purchase agreement.
  5. Let them verify just how ugly the place is and that it is still a fair price.
  6. SOLD! Sit down across the table and sign the closing docs.

If you choose to sell to us it really will be this simple, I guarantee. 

What are the steps to sell an ugly home as-is?

See above!

VIDEO: The Mile High Method is a step by step plan that will help you sell an ugly property successfully every time!

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