Client Review of House We Bought In Denver, Colorado.

I am really proud of the team at Watson Buys for the latest property we purchased in Denver, Colorado.

We received a stunning review about our services and I want to share it here on our site because, well it’s just awesome!

It is more evidence that, as cash home buyers in Denver, we really do get the job done. We provide an easier, faster, and simpler way to sell a house. 

We are transparent and honest and this latest review really highlights these qualities in Watson Buys!

I will point the camera at the screen and read it out to save your eyeballs.

Happy listening. 

The full transcript is below too.

Well done team!

So, without any more delays below is a video of some photos of the house we bought and the condition it was in and me reading the review.  Pretty dry stuff but should give you an idea of how we buy houses and how people feel about our service when they sell to us. 

Andre Peterson

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Hello, I don’t often write reviews and admittedly it’s normally only when something is really bad.

However, this is an experience that was extremely good and I wanted to share it.

  1. I wanted to sell my house quickly in Denver as property taxes were due soon.
  2. The house was very run down (had inherited from my great uncle).
  3. I researched many options including cash home buyers and selling with realtors.
  4. I came across Shaun and who were open, honest, and transparent.
  5. did everything they said they would.

Their process to buy my house was easy, it cost me nothing, and I was able to sell it amazingly fast!

Now for the long version.

This is my story…I contacted a few we buy houses companies in Denver because I wanted to get rid of a property that I inherited a while back. It was run down and quite overwhelming really. I did not know what to do with it.

Some friends told me to fix it up and sell it but when I talked to some contractors the cost was going to be huge.

In my search I had come across an article about how light rail can affect house prices in Denver. The house I wanted to sell was about 3-minute walk from a station in Lakewood. It was written by Shaun.

I found the article to be professionally written and good information. He was not trying to sell anything. In fact, he was trying to work out if houses near light rail in Denver were selling for more. Information I could use.

I filled out a form, watched a video about what happens next and before I expected a response, I had an email from Shaun with some more information about my house, what other houses were selling for nearby in Lakewood (Belmar to be exact) and also some questions.

He suggested we talk on the phone if that was ok, so we set up a time. I found Shaun’s manner to be empathic toward my problem. He was generous in his time, he answered all my questions and was very open about their process too.

After talking with him I really felt I could trust him. Next, he sent over an offer, it was a simple contract, not to much jargon, and I agreed in principle that if that’s what he would pay me for my house, without me having to fix anything, I would sell to him.

This really took a lot of pressure of me. I felt like a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders. The cash price was truly fair considering the amount of repairs they would have to do to rent it out or sell it.

I was nervous over the next few days because he said they needed to verify the condition of the house. I let him go over there by himself on a couple occasions. They spent about 4 hours on 3 separate occasions. Each time he told me what they were doing, sewer inspections on one time, things like that. After each visit he gave me a quick call l basically saying yip, exactly how you said so cash offer still good.

He kept the communication lines open the whole time. I really appreciated the ongoing calls and emails, so I knew what was going on. After about 5 days from having first contacted Watson Buys, they were ready to close.

His team had run title in the background to make sure there were no liens or legal issues with the house. I didn’t think there would be but honestly had no idea as I had inherited this property from my late great uncle.

I had done some background work of my own over those 5 days. I had looked up the comps Shaun had sent me to make sure they were legit.

I talked to other cash buyers and I had received cash offers from 2 other companies. Both offers from Shaun’s competitors were terribly low! Shaun could justify his offer and it made sense.

So, I did sell my house to Watson Buys. They gave me the best deal. They had the most transparent process. They spent a great deal of time and effort talking with me, answering questions and explaining the process.

Many thanks to you Shaun and your entire team at I will definitely recommend you to anyone I come across who is looking to sell a house fast and wants an easy way to sell it.

I also look forward to any photos you send me on how it turns out. That would be neat. Best Wishes.

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