Are you looking for a website that you can guest post on? Looking for somewhere to share your original content? 

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Guest Posting Opportunity on Real Estate Website is a we buy houses/real estate website that is 100% legit and active and we are accepting guest posts currently.

You can guest post on

We are accepting guest posts on our website

If you would like to write a guest post for you may contact us via the form.

The form is further down the page.

You can write for us but to guest post it has to be great content

We have tried so many times to guest post on other people’s websites over the years. The one thing that is common with content that is accepted for publishing is it is unique, original, informational, and entertaining. 

You can write an article to post here but...

Make it stand out and make your writing memorable.

For us to accept your guest post the writing or article must meet certain criteria including:

  • The Guest post must be 1500 words or longer
  • The writing must be original or unique
  • The article that you write must not be spammy (subject to our scrutiny)
  • We will be expecting an image and preferably one every 300-500 words.

Those are the basics.

Look, we are looking for entertaining and original content for our visitors to read. I know we all started out writing thousands of keyword stuffed posts trying to get backlinks but going froward we wont be accepitng that content.

We want writing from you on our site that is original. AND don’t you?

Because if you receive a do-follow link from a website with a high DA score that is relevant to your industry from crappy content that’s ok.

But if you write an awesome article then present it to us Google and the other search engines will love and respond to that link even more. Plus an extra bonus for your guest post is if it is well written some other sites might pick it up (i.e. link to it too) making the link to you even stronger! 

Guest posting useful resources.

Here are a couple of articles to read on how to write an awesome guest post. I would also suggest you go to websites that advertise as writers for guest posting and read some of their material. 

  1. How to Write a Blog Post
  2. The 10 Ingredients of Great Content Writing
  3. How To Write A Real Estate Blog People Want To Read

There are 3 to read – a couple from SEO experts, one more specific to real estate. Of course just search on line for “How to write great content real estate” or “how to write content for guest posting” and you will come up with a ton of results!

You are not allowed to copy it but it can help you develop your own style. 

When reading take note that paragraphs arent normally more than 3-5 sentences.

How do sentences flow from one to another?

You don’t even need to be reading guest posting content that is about real estate topics. Just take the opportunity to learn something each time you write. Especially if you are looking for a solid place to submit your content to.

Guest posting topics we are accpeting currently.

We are accepting guest posts on pretty much anything that falls under the umbrella of real estate.

If you want to write a guest post and it’s not specifically about real estate, but you can somehow relate it to real estate, then feel free to submit that to us to also.

If you are unsure about the topic you want to write about, feel free to write a summary to us via the form.

At the end of the day, if you’re willing to put the work in, you will be able to publish an article or a few articles on

It may take a few revisions to get it right and published but we always like to reward hard work.

SO the next step to getting your content published right here is fill out the form. We will respond asap and look forward to collaborating with you now and in the future.

Thank you.

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