Genius Idea number 3 to Sell Your Denver house more quickly than everyone else (AND get the best price, right?)


Offer a Price to the Winning Bidder

To stand out among other house sellers our third genius idea is to offer a prize to the winning bidder. Who doesn’t like to win a prize? I know I do!

Make the prize thoughtful and unique brainstorm a number of ideas and choose the best. II have sold many Denver properties in the past and have used things like:

  1. Art work from a local artist
  2. House warming party paid for and organized by me (helps the new owner get in touch with the neighbors)
  3. Gift voucher to the local nursey to buy and plant a forever tree in their new home.

There are many more idea out there. If you think of a good one please be sure to share it in the comments section below!

Genius Ideas to Sell Fast are About Personalization and Customization

As you have read the 3 genius ideas to sell your house fast have they got the creative juices flowing? 

Do you see how these ideas are different from other common house selling ways? 

Don’t be afraid to come up with more yourself. They may seem small but I promise they will make a difference. 

Not only will you sell more quickly but you will have fun doing it!

Through your personal stories and experiences, you will make the buyer feel acquainted, related and comfortable. You will create that emotional connection we talked about earlier. 

These ideas will make your house stand out and sell fast. By implementing these ideas, you will not only benefit yourself but also will create a comfortable space for your buyers.

Personalization and customization will create a difference. 


Please let me know what Genius Ideas you come up with too!

Just leave a comment below. 

Sell Your House Fast


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