Foreclosure help in 2020: 3 tips to protect your house

Don’t stop foreclosure – avoid it altogether!

Don’t stop foreclosure – avoid it altogether!




3 simple tips you must know to protect yourself from experiencing foreclosure.




How do I protect my house and finances in a recession?


FACT: There were over 5.6 MILLION foreclosure filings in 2009 and 2010 combined!



Who really knows what is going to happen?

I am asking these questions too!



 My name is Shaun. The current “crisis,” as I said, is making me nervous too. Jobs, the economy– heck, even toilet paper… Right?



Over the next few months, there is a lot of uncertainty.



If you follow these tips exactly. 

You will never lose your house.

You will not experience selling your house fast.

You will have a bank that will lend you money for the rest of your life.

You will set up your family for financial success (kids to college, awesome vacation).

Your credit score will get better and better…


Please don’t hate me, people, they ain’t fancy, but these 3 tips really work! 


They are not “get rich quick” It’s boring but do it, and you will come out the other end of the next recession ready to rock and roll!



Do you want to know how to 100% absolutely recession-proof your finances?


 Let’s get started…

Are you nervous right now – Corona, stock market, etc. 

 I am too! 


But… I have learned that most of my stress comes from knowing if I can pay my bills. 


However… My Dad taught me these 3 tips in the ’80s


They worked in 87, 90’s and early and late 2000’s and they will work again now!



Entering a market downturn is the perfect time to start this, knuckle down and get serious about securing your family’s finances.


Here are the tips: 

(you gonna hate me, they are boring… but please read them. Share them. They work!)



Assess your spending habits NOW.



Talk to your bank today.



Live below your means, i.e., be frugal. What the heck is being frugal, you say? – I will explain, I promise.




These 3 tips will help you avoid financial ruin over the coming months. They are not fancy tips. They won’t make you rich. You will still have to work. However, they will save you, your family, and friends from financial stresses like foreclosure.


FACT: Most people behind on payments were too embarrassed or scared to talk to lenders. 


Do these 3 tips that are proven you will do great. 



Assess your spending habits NOW.


FACT: Average American Spends $18,000 a year on non-essentials. 



We all spend too much on crap! There, I said it. If you have just one year where you buy less crap, make it 2020. A little belt-tightening now will go a long way in the future.



Talk to your bank today. Call your bank and ask about refinancing.  

 Now, this is very important. (I will explain why later.) Tell them you want to refinance your loan and if you can take out an additional $30,000. 

 Next, tell them you want to put that money into an account in the bank.  Tell them that you will only use that money if you get behind on payments.  



 DO IT!!


 If you are truly sincere about keeping your family financially stable, do it.


Take the money and leave it in the bank for 2 years or 4 years. Save to keep for a couple of years until you don’t need the safety net. 


This is your very own “rainy” day fund. The only thing you can use it for is the mortgage! Nothing else.


Say it loud. My rainy day fund is for my mortgage – repeat it 5 times. 


FACT: For the average mortgage, this will cover over 4 years of payments!


I know, I know…. Yes, you pay a little interest. But you don’t risk losing your house. You can sleep at night. You can focus your energy on staying on top of the bills now. 


FACT:  Less stress = better health = more money.


FACT: If you present this to your banker, they will respect and love you.


 If you actually do this, you will have a lender for life!!!


Another Super Benefit: In 4 years, when the worst is past – your credit score will be amazing. 


Maybe even over 720


AND EVEN BETTER… Yip, there are more people… 

You will still own your house. You will be ready to rock and roll into the next recovery!

 Please – I beg you – take this to someone you know that you trust. Please take it to your banker. They will agree. It is a very responsible thing to do. 


Tip Number 3.

Live below your means.

 Do you really want financial stability? Are you ready to take care of your family? Then you must do this! 

However, combined with Tip 1 and 2, this will 100% guarantee your financial stability over the next few years. 


Don’t be like everyone else. They all lack discipline. You can do this. 


In today’s world, we are bombarded with crap we should buy. 


They make it really easy for us to buy it. 



 living below your means is key to your long-term financial success. 


If you regularly spend less money than you make, you will guarantee financial success. 


You can do it. Just try one little thing. Maybe this week, buy one less coffee at Starbucks.


Then do it again…

And again…


Now you are doing it…


Now re-assess – maybe cut out 2 coffees?


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