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We have a property for you to call your home now.

We have a property for you to call your home now.

Looking to Rent a New Home?

Indianapolis– 3 bed, 2 baths, 2-storey Duplex, Only $869

Walk to downtown Indy.


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House for Rent in Indianapolis Near East Side Neighborhood.

Indianapolis house for Rent | 3 Bed, 2 Bath ONLY $869.00

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$1000.00 referral Program – Don’t forget that one! You could find one house a month and have free rent and then some!!!

That’s all for the rental properties available.  This video shows you how serious we are about buying houses in Indianapolis. If you would like to learn more about Watson Buys, check out this sweet presentation. You find a house, and we are ready to buy it now!

 How to sell my house fast in today’s market


Did you Google search for cash home buyers?


Are you looking for companies that buy houses reviews?

The answer to the first question is yes. The simple answer is yes. You can sell your house fast. However, to sell your home fast, you must understand the process. If you know exactly what to do, you will sell your house fast, and sell it for a great price. AND we have all the information you need right here. We tell you how to choose an agent, how to price your home, and tell you exactly what to fix, and what not to fix. Don’t miss out – keep going… However:

If you are done reading, then just make sure you completed the form above. Let us know, and we will do all the work for you…

The second question: So you are looking for a cash home buyer or reading companies that buy houses reviews on Google. Watson Buys has plenty of Google Reviews. Therefore if you have a house for sale in Indianapolis, Indiana, and you want an honest, trusted, and transparent company, we are your choice. If you want cash now offer, we are your solution. If you are thinking of selling your house in Indianapolis, we are ready to buy your house today.

We can buy your house today. We buy houses, and we buy ugly houses. We buy houses in AS-IS condition. If you have a bad tenant and want to sell the property now, we can help you. We can help you stop foreclosure. If you have a property and want to get it sold, we want to buy it from you. We want to help. No obligation at all. We will tell you exactly what your house is worth. We will give you a cash offer. Just fill in the form above – we will do all the heavy lifting.

How much is my house worth in Indianapolis, Indiana?

If you are thinking about selling your home, it is important to know what it is worth. This just may be the most important step. If you click the orange button, you will be on your way to finding out the real up-to-date value of your home.

Do you want to know the value of your house?

Check our FREE Online Home Value Calculator.


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What is My House Worth in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Answer your question: What is My House Worth in Indianapolis, Indiana? Using our free online calculator.

PLUS Don’t miss this quick video showing you how easy it is to find out your house’s value in today’s housing market. Real estate agents call it a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA for short. To work out what your house is worth in Indianapolis, Indiana, we compare it to other homes that sold. If your house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a garage, then we find other houses that are the same. We compare the condition. We look at the price. If your house looks the same and has the same updates,, it is worth the same amount of money.

Wonder what your house is worth in Indianapolis, Indiana? It is an easy step by step process to work it out.

You really can do it yourself. Then call us, and we will give you our thoughts. We are local to Indianapolis. We buy houses in all sorts of conditions. We buy ugly houses. We buy an inherited house. If you need to sell a house you inherited or go into foreclosure, we can help you. If you search on Google for we buy houses for cash reviews, you will find we have plenty. That’s because we live here, we are local, and therefore we can help you work out exactly what your house is worth.

Remember running comps can be a little tricky. Sometimes being on the other side of a busy road makes a big difference. Cross the White river from downtown Indianapolis to Haughville or Stringtown, and prices can change dramatically. The same can be said when you drive from Fountain Square into South Fountain Square or Arsenal Heights.  All of these neighborhoods in Indianapolis are changing fast. It is called gentrification.

Gentrification in Indy has house values going up in places that never used to be abandoned.  Just look at the Coke Bottle Factory Project called Bottleworks. Over $300 million is being spent there.  It is transforming the value of properties and real estate to the north and east of Fountain Square. New neighborhoods are being born and re-named. Christian Park, Irvington, So-Bro?  Real estate professionals, like the team at Watson Buys, know all the Indianapolis neighborhoods. This is because we are a local Indianapolis Company with an office right here in Indy! We are local. The money stays in our community. Trust us. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss out.

Everything you need to know to get your home sold quickly is right here.

This guide will show you the steps you need to take to help you sell your house fast and for a great price. We have got all the best ideas from the internet that you can start doing right now. We spoke to real estate agents and local experts in competitive markets like Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. They give you many professional tips and ideas.

Are you ready? Do you want to answer the question “HOW DO I SELL MY HOUSE FAST AND GET A FAIR PRICE?”

If you answered yes, then you are 100% in the right place. Here we go. Don’t miss out. Keep reading.

Expert Advice from Indianapolis Local Pro!

That advice was repeated by Carmen L, a real estate agent from the fast gentrifying neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

“You must learn how to sell your house first. And the first question you must answer is, why do I want to sell my house fast? If you know why you want to sell fast, you will be able to make good decisions then later.”

How to Know if I Can Sell My House Fast?

What does it mean to sell your house fast? Who can I sell it to?  I did a Google search, and there are so many options! Is Watson Buys the most trusted? Are there cash house buyer reviews?

If you want to sell your house, start here.

Zero Obligation | Best in Class

How long does it take to sell a house in Indianapolis?

According to a National Real Estate Provider, the average DOM for Indianapolis is 101 days. If you need to quickly sell your house, I am not sure 146 days would be fast enough. What do you think?

We asked a representative of a local real estate company in Denver, Colorado. Sornie S describes how fast people can sell their houses, “When we buy houses, we can buy them in less than a week. Our process cuts out all the costs and time which other companies charge. So, when someone asks us how fast I can sell my house, my response is– we can buy your house today.”

It seems regularly selling your house will take months. But, if you need to sell your house faster than that, there are other great options!

Here’s Your Guide to Effectively Sell Your House Fast

So, you want to sell your house fast? Follow the easy and inexpensive tips from this guide, and you will get an offer in no time!

Take time and watch the bonus video first!

Why Do I Want to Sell My House Fast?


Ask yourself why you want to sell your house.

Before you decide on selling your house, ask yourself, “Am I ready to sell my house?”. Also, think about the following questions:

  • Have I acquired enough equity in the house to sell?

If your mortgage is more than the amount you can sell your house, you should call your bank and ask for other options. Meanwhile, if you did not acquire enough equity yet, it is best to wait to sell your house.

  • Can I afford the costs of selling my house?

Typically, the closing costs, fees, and commissions add up about 10% of the sale price of your home. To sell your house fast and get a top dollar, you need your house to be perfect. Are you ready to do several repairs and upgrades?

Adam C commented on the cost of selling a house, “Many people want to sell their house fast. But fails to understand that they will not only incur a 10% fee and commissions. They should know that to sell quickly and get a great price, they have to make their house nice, and it costs a ton of money!”

  • Am I ready to leave my house?

This is the part where you need to keep your emotions in check. Our house is our refuge, and we have invested so much in it. That’s why you have to make sure you do not have any emotional attachments, and you are ready to let go.

“If you are attached to your house emotionally, you may make bad decisions when selling your home,” states Valerie A, a  real estate agent in Phoenix, AZ.

She adds, “If you are still attached, but you need to sell your house fast, it is probably a good idea to find a company that can buy your house for cash at a good price. Make sure they can explain how they come up with their offer. They should be comparing your home to others that are sold nearby.”

  • Is buying a new house a smart financial move?

Do you need space? Are you sure you will be able to buy a new house to solve functionality issues? Maybe a renovation upgrade is a more financially-wise decision.

“Banks will provide loans to help you expand your current house,” said Sornie. “In the long term, renovations might make more sense financially.”

What is the Best Time of the Year to Sell My House?

Is summer better than winter? Do autumn colors bring cash buyers? Does the renewal of springtime bring joy to buyers’ hearts and offers to me as a seller? There the right time to sell my house? Yes, there is! Choose the right time to get your home sold quickly.

If you want to sell your house fast, the weather will make a difference. For example, in Indianapolis, IN, spring, and summer seasons are commonly the best time to sell your house. Meanwhile, in Phoneix, the summer months are scorching.

“Spring and summer are when you will get the best price and the most buyers. However, maybe you can’t wait until then because you need to stop foreclosure proceedings. Maybe you need a cash home buyer in Indianapolis now.

When you list with a real estate agent, you will get the highest offer, but you will not sell your house fast than calling Watson Buys. Also, you will pay 10%mof your sales price in bank fees, closing costs, and commissions!

Comparing Indianapolis with a southern market like Phoenix. In the summertime, Phoenix is scorching hot. The heat is so high it can keep buyers at home. Many professionals in the Arizona and Texas markets prefer spring to summer. All markets vary a little and can be different than here, so be sure to talk to someone with local knowledge and expertise,” said Valerie A.

Can a Real Estate Agent Help Me Sell My House Faster?

Will a real estate agent help me sell my house fast in Indianapolis, IN? If I decide to use an agent, how do I choose one? Who will I hire to sell my house fast?

When hiring a real estate agent, you have to ask them a lot of questions. Do not be afraid. Selling your home is a big deal. So, you have to be sure you have the right person whom you can trust. After trust, the agent must have a detailed knowledge of your neighborhood.

Adam C shares his thought about real estate agents, “Local knowledge is key. Market conditions change from zip code to zip code. The location of the house you are selling matters. Neighborhoods like Fountain Square, Haughville, Little Flower, Carmel, Irvington, Broad Ripple, Bates Hendrix, Arsenal Heights, Windsor Park, Friends, and Neighbors, Riverside, Mappleton-Fall Creek, Crown Hill.

Right now, the Sherman Drive Corridor on the Near East Side is house to house. Gentrification is happening fast, but fast could still be 12 months away.  Over on the near west side, Haughville, or Riverside Indianapolis, there are several houses and great deals. You can get many houses and land over there for just a fraction of the cost of a single-family home in Fountain Square, Bates Hendrix, or some of the old money neighborhoods like Old Northside or down the Meridian corridor running from downtown Indianapolis all the way North. Some of the home son Meridian is spectacular – a couple very close to the center of Indianapolis and a few more north near Broad Ripple really tickle my fancy. We know this as we are a local Indianapolis company, and we work with other great companies with sound knowledge like Watson Buys.”

See? Expert knowledge is important for a real estate agent if you are trying to sell your home quickly.

Also, Valerie A has more to say about hiring an agent. “As an agent, my job is to understand and explain clearly to our clients how we will work together to sell their house fast. I will show them how the prices vary. I have to create a great plan for them.” She adds, “That’s why it is important to ask around for a great company. You can ask from family and friends for recommendations, or you can do it yourself by looking at Google reviews.”

Finding a trustworthy, knowledgeable agent with great qualifications can give a hundred percent difference in selling your house fast!

Wendy T of Centennial, a community in the south of downtown, shares. “I need to sell my house fast. I interviewed 8 different agents. It was crucial for me to be comfortable with them. In the end, I actually choose a We Buy House Company, Watson Buys. They are not agents, so they saved me a ton on fees and commissions. Plus, they closed a deal at my house in just 5 days!”

If you decide to use an agent, make sure that they have a wide scope of local knowledge about Denver, Phoenix, or the city you are in. If the company you choose has great local knowledge, you will definitely sell your house fast!

Does the Price I List My House Affect How Fast My Home Will Sell?

Yes, to sell your house fast, you must price it right.

The house price when you list your home is a major factor in how it can sell fast. Thus, pricing it right is very important! When you list your house at a high price, it would definitely not sell fast. Price it too low. You will leave money on the table! So, how will you price your home correctly?

Thankfully, Adam C gave us more information about house pricing. “Denver is divided into several great neighborhoods. Such as Lakewood, Littleton, Aurora, Broomfield, or even the outliers like Castle Rock. If you ask me how do I sell my house fast in Castle Rock, I will have a different answer than those who need to sell their house fast in another area in Denver. One of the biggest differences will be the house price!”

To price your home right, ask a professional. Professionals can explain how your house value came up with that price. The best practice is to perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

Sornie explains how they work out on house value, “We look at your house and compare it to other houses that are the same, in the same neighborhood, and their condition. We can determine whether a house will be sold fast or whether it took a long time to sell. These factors allow us to work out exactly how much your house is worth.

Does Staging and Promoting Help Sell My House Faster in Indianapolis?

Absolutely! If you want to sell your house fast, you need to present it perfectly. Once the house staging is ready, you must absolutely promote your house in the right places.

“Staging your house is about helping potential buyers see themselves living in the house,” said Valerie.

It will help the buyers engage and fall in love with your home. However, how well you have staged your house will not matter if no one knows about it. That’s why you have to promote it.

How can I promote that I want to sell my house fast in Indianapolis? To tell people, you have to post your house list on social media and share it with your friends and family.

You can also present your house in photos, 3D pictures, videos, live video showings, or even drone photography! Cool, isn’t it? You can ask for drone photography services from 1Up Drones.

“Technology is changing how we buy and sell houses in Indy now. I am sure it’s the same in every housing market. It’s making our lives easier, and the homeowners’ lives easier. We even had the person selling their home do live video walkthroughs for groups of 5 or more people. If you want to sell fast, using technology is the greatest way to show lots of people your house all at once,” Sornie shares his thoughts about technology and house promotion.

If staging, promoting, and expecting several walk-in visits are not an appealing idea for you, then maybe you should change your ways. Why not choose a company that will do it all for you?

Such companies are those that buy houses. An example of this company is Watson Buys. Watson Buys is a local company with two locations in Denver and one in Indianapolis.

“We buy houses based on fair market value, for cash and as-is. In fact, because we get asked how much is my house worth? All the time, we created a house value calculator for people to use for FREE,” Sornie said.

“Our calculator combines technology and local knowledge to give you an accurate estimate of how much your house is worth in Indy today. We keep it up to date, so it is accurate in Carmel, Broad Ripple, or Meridian-Kessler or further south in Indianapolis like Bates Hendrix, Fountain Square, or Southport.”

The more people who know your house is for sale, the more likely you will find someone interested. Also, the nicer you present your house to people, the more offers you will get and the faster you will sell your house.

Are There Any Other Ways to Sell My House Fast in Indianapolis?

What if I need to sell my house fast in Indianapolis? Or Phoenix? Are there other options there, too? Did you search on Google? “I want to sell my house fast for cash,” or “we buy houses Indianapolis”? If you did, you would find several national companies that tell you they are the BEST option.

Make sure when you choose a company, pick the one that understands the value of your house. In fact, do some research yourself. Find out how much your house is worth using an online house value calculator. Look through the search results to find a local company, like Watson Buys, a location on the Near East Side. It’s the modest place, but it’s ours because we love Indy!

We buy houses from our office just to the east of downtown Indianapolis,” Sornie, a representative of the real estate company, happily shared. Watson Buys the value of your house. They will give a cash offer based on the current market value.

Watson Buys to makes the process very easy!

All you have to do is:

  1. Contact Watson Buys.
  2. Have a chat with their representative. Why do you want to sell your house? How fast you want your home sold?
  3. Negotiate a price. Watson Buys base all of their offers on the current market values in Indianapolis, Indiana. Watson Buys office is located at:

307 N State Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201

“We have a real office in Indianapolis now. Having an office in Denver and Indianapolis makes it really convenient for our team and the people we work with,” said Shaun, CEO of Watson Buys. Me and my team are committed to Denver, Colorado and Indianapolis, Indiana. We love Denver and Indy so much.

Once you have negotiated for a fair price, Watson Buys will do the rest. They organize and pay for everything. They buy your house as-is. Yes, you do not have to worry about repairs and renovations. They will pay you fast and straight in cash.

 Testimonies about Selling House Fast

“We pride ourselves on completing deals as fast as possible. Therefore, to keep the process moving, we offer our best cash price upfront using our own money. Also, because we live in Denver, we buy the house resulting in the house, property ownership, and the money stays in the Denver community. It is not transferred overseas as many larger companies do with their assets and profits.” said Sornie.

“Repairs, inspections, property showing, the pressure, stress, and anxiety make it hard for homeowners who want to sell their house,” says Michelle R, an agent of the Western side of Denver. She specializes in the neighborhood, such as in Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, and Westminster.

Michelle continues, “I know, I have been there. As an agent, you would think that I would always recommend hiring an agent. However, there are certain situations when you need to stop foreclosure and selling your house faster than the normal might take.

She even assures, “I have seen it work out nicely for people that inherited a house. After probate, oftentimes, people just want to sell their house without any hassle. I have recommended these people to call Watson Buys to offer a fair price based on the current market. Also, they take time to explain to my referrals exactly how they came up with the offer.”

Whether you are in financial hardship, about to relocate, or just want to sell your house fast, a company like Watson Buys is a great solution for you. They will take the time to answer all your questions. They base their price according to the current market value, and they pay you cash.

Sell Your House Fast


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