Fastest Way To Sell Your House in Denver AND Get A Good Price!

So what is the fastest way to sell your house in Denver while still getting a good price?


Did you know the average time to sell a house, including the time it takes to repair and prepare before listing it is well over 4 MONTHS!

AND did you know if you want to fix it up before selling the average price for a kitchen is $12,567 to $34,962??!!

AND did you know the rule of thumb for the normal home-owner is for every $1000 you spend fixing, repairing, and renovating your house for sale, it will take 1 week to complete! 


None of this sounds like it would lead to the fastest way to sell your house in Denver. In-fact what I am seeing is that if you are wanting the quickest way to sell you need to avoid repairs and fixing things as much as possible!

Video Content: Mile High Method will...

The Mile High Method is a step by step guide to help you get your house sold as quickly as possible. Check it out!

Fastest House Selling
Method 101

And by 101 I mean I am going to give you a little more info to digest.

So we have worked out that making repairs or rehabbing is not going to make for a fast sale.

BUT what is fast? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY how fast do you really need to sell your place?

If you are reading this my guess is you need to, or want to, sell your house pretty quickly and conveniently. And therefore my question to you is how fast do you really need to sell.

For example, if the bank is going to sell your house at auction in 20 days then you need to sell it in 19, right?

Determining just how fast you need to sell is a very important step. This brings me to the crux of this little piece of content.

5 Steps to help you sell your Denver house in the fastest way.

5 Steps to Sell Your Denver House the Fastest Way

Table of Contents

Research and Decide on a Selling Strategy

You can sell with a realtor. On average this takes 63 days plus the time to fix and repair. You can list FSBO which can take over 100 days.


You can sell your house using the fastest method which is hands down selling to a cash buyer like Watson Buys. 

As a local Denver company we understand the true value of your property so can make selling your house fast a reality. As a cash buyer, we have funds ready to go so no waiting around for bank loans or mortgage docs. 

We are the fastest way to sell your Denver house. 

AND the best part?

We give you a good price based on fair market value. 

Research a Price that will Sell Your House Fast

It doesn’t matter which selling method you choose you should always know what your house is worth.

This way you know what price will get it sold the fastest. 

Also, you will understand if you are selling it for too low of a price. 

Prep Your House for Sale Accordingly

If you want the fastest way to sell a house in Denver then I have to say, keep prep to a minimum. 

Generally, when people talk about prep they are talking about cleaning and fixing stuff. Maybe they are even thinking about taking on a renovation!

Again, if the quickest method to sell a property is what you want avoid renovations at all cost. AND here’s why.

Renovations cost a lot of money and a ton of time. Once again a real estate investor, like us, will purchase your home as-is. Selling as-is is a process that you want to understand before undertaking it but it is something you should consider.

This means no fixing the leaky faucet. No repainting the inside or outside. We are even cool if the gutters are filled will leaves!

Sell to us is not only the quickest way to sell but also the most convenient. 

Even if you don’t choose us be sure to find a buyer that takes care of everything for you!

Contact the Best Cash Buyer Near You

So we clearly understand that a cash home buyer is the fastest way to sell a house in Denver and that if you choose Watson Buys you will still get a good price. 

However, why trust us? 

If you want to sell fast then research the best we buy houses for cash companies near you. 

Read some reviews online. Check out the website to make sure they are legit and not some fly by night, here one day, gone the next, company. 

You will notice a lot of websites are pretty simple looking and a lot of them look the same. Just make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company that makes sense to you. 

Negotiate Like a Pro

Before you start negotiating I highly recommend you watch a few YouTube videos. Take down some points. 

Then be sure to have a number in mind that you want to sell for. 

BUT remember to sell fast you may need to discount it a little just to get interested. That said no need to give it away!

So I hope this has helped a little. 

Good luck selling your house!

Please reach out with any questions you might have. We are here to help. NO OBLIGATION at all!

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Need to Sell Fast?

Or just have a question?

If you are still trying to find a cash home buyer that you can trust then just give us a call at Watson Buys.

Our mission is to give you all the best information and provide a safe place to learn about all of your options. 

Of course, we are ready to purchase property near you right now. So if you call up and say how much will you offer me to buy my house now then we will jump to work. 

We will run comps, ask you some questions and get you the best cash offer we can!

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