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Video: Great Reasons to Use a Drone for Real Estate

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Video: Great Reasons to Use a Drone for Real Estate.

Is your Drone Service Professional, F.A.A Certified, and Insured?

The Best Drone Services Available: An Introduction.

Drone Service Horror Story: DO NOT miss this.

FULL GUIDE TO The Best Drone Services for Real Estate

Curb Exposure
Sky Pro Studios
Sold By Air
LCP 360
West 360 Digital
Colorful Virtual Tours
Timeless Aerial Photography

3 Things a Drone Service Must Have

When trying to find the best drone services available, it quickly became clear there are two drone companies’ classes. The “haves” and the “have nots.”

If you want to be considered as the best drone services available for real estate professionals, you must have:

✓ Premium visual content

✓ Abide by the law

✓ Carry Insurance

Let’s consider what makes a drone service the best for real estate agents, real estate investors, and homeowners wanting to sell their houses.

The best drone services available today.

These drone services met all our standards to be the best, exceed all customer expectations, and well… do a damn fine job.

(In no particular order…)

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Creativity in Motion.

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Zero Hassle Real Estate Marketing Solutions.

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Real Estate Aerial Photography and Video

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Striking Photography for Property Listings

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Committed to Provide the Perfect Aerial Visuals

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Make Your Virtual House Tours Colorful and Lively

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“Where quality comes first.”

Drone Service Horror Story

Before we dive deep into drone details, I want to discuss drone services pricing. Choosing a drone service on price can cost you a fortune!

When using one of the best drone services, expect to pay $200 or more. Come-on man, for an asset that could be worth $200,000 or more, paying $200 to draw in buyers is 100% worth it, I guarantee. Drive for show, Drone for Dough $$$.

Now let’s talk about my great friend Travis. (I will say upfront – the moral of the story is to hire a company with insurance and certification.)

Here is his horror story…

There once was a real estate investor named Travis. Travis had just finished a fabulous remodel in a beautiful community. The property was large, so he decided to hire a drone service. He went online, and after looking around, he went with a drone photography service that charged $75. It is not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive, either. “When searching on Google, I focused on drone services near me and drone services pricing. The company I hired said they were the experts in real estate drone services,” said Travis. His story continues…

I was excited. Things were perfect…until they weren’t. The guy showed up on time, set up his gear, told me the “flying weather” was perfect, and proceeded to fly the drone. Five minutes in the “S*@T” hit the fan. The pilot of the self-proclaimed “real estate drone service expert company” crashed his drone into the neighbors living room “picture window.” Smashed it – the window that is. Not sure what happened to his drone. No-one was physically hurt, thankfully. However, the neighbor, the H.O.A, the local authorities, and my insurance (as I had hired the company) all got involved.

Notice I didn’t mention the drone photography service being involved anymore. He had no licensing, no insurance, no anything, and was nowhere to be seen. Long story short, all liability landed on me. (excuse the pun – but I laugh now). It ended up costing me over $10,000. It cost me about 27 hours of my time. It was a nightmare. Learn from this Drone Service nightmare horror story of mine. When hiring drone services for real estate listings, or probably for anything, for that matter, make sure they have all the necessary paperwork. We all have these stories, you know, we tried to save a buck, and it went wrong. Learn from this one of mine, please— happy investing all.

Travis, Denver, CO



Best Drone Services for Real Estate

The best drone services will capture everything in that first moment. Homebuyers, real estate agents, and investors are excited alike.

Sky Pro Studios

“Creativity in Motion”
(850) 896-3292

Sky Pro Studios is a professional, full-service, one-stop-shop for all of your real estate visual requirements. The creative team has years of experience in photography, cinematography, video production, and design. They use professional-grade state of the art drones and camera equipment to get “THE SHOT.”  They use the best equipment and operators to ensure their clients get the most impressive aerial images available today

They know how to tell a story, elevate your property, and get your house sold fast with their amazing visual content.

The photographers at Sky Pro Studios are all F.A.A licensed professional drone operators and are fully insured.


Curb Exposure

“Zero Hassle Real Estate Marketing Solutions”
(888) 376-6311

The founder of CurbExposure merged two companies in 2017, CurbView and CeXposure. Now, they are currently rebranding FlashitFirst. With the company products and services merged, they never failed to prove their professionalism and expertise with their excellent photos and videos.

CurbExposure provides its clients with stunning high-definition aerial still photos and videos for their listings. With more than 10 years of experience providing drone services to the real estate industry, they understand precisely how to show a property.

CurbExposure offers drones services nationwide, and they are known to provide professional media services to:

All of their drone operators are fully insured and FAA Certified.


Sold By Air

Real Estate Aerial Photography and Video

Sold By Air focuses entirely on the real estate industry. This focus has given them a complete understanding of producing exceptional visual content for real estate agents, investors, and homeowners.

Sold By Air is a nationwide provider of real estate drone services. They verify all pilots are FAA certified and insured.


LCP 360

“Striking Photography for Property Listings”
(877) 658-0433

“Lights, Camera, Pixels!” LCP 360 is a national digital marketing company that works intimately with real estate professionals. Their professionalism and unique approach guarantee all of your visual marketing efforts are elevated to the highest heights. LCP 360’s focus is primarily larger-scale projects, including Multifamilies, Senior Living, and Commercial Real Estate.  Just poke around their website, and you will see the level of pride and sophistication they bring to the table.


360 West Digital

“Committed to Provide the Perfect Aerial Visuals”
(732) 546-1567

A committed digital photography agency is what every real estate agent needs. West 360 Digital provides aerial photography and videography to their real estate clients. With their specialty, they become a reliable drone service company that greatly helps real estate marketing companies. They work with real estate agents, commercial real estate, businesses, and multi-family properties.

Aside from their skills and service, they ensure that your hiring them would be worth it. They have drone insurance and FAA Part 107 Certification.


Colorful Virtual Tours

“Make Your Virtual House Tours Colorful and Lively”
(303) 434-08223

Crisp and colorful photographs from an amazing local photographer in Denver, Co! Paul Maynard of Colorful Virtual Tours is a past realtor– he knows what you need! As a past realtor, he knows how to help buyers understand the property, and he obviously understands his fellow realtor’s budget needs!

Don’t you know Paul is the only iGuide Virtual Operator in the State of Colorado? With his 30 years of experience as a professional photographer, you can see how dedicated he is to photography. You can look over his portfolio at:
Instagram: @colorfulvirtualtours

Since 2008, Paul began his full-time business in photography, and he has captured ground photography for more than 4,000 properties. Paul is an FAA Part 107 Drone Certified Pilot. He can seamlessly maneuver the drone and take crisp aerial photos! He has delivered more than 250+ properties for his aerial shots.

Are you excited to see his masterpiece? Well, you do not have to hold your excitement for long! He delivers images on the same day.


Timeless Aerial Photography, LLC

“Where quality comes first.”
(419) 610-8171
[email protected]

Quality drone services come from those who see drone photography as an art. Timeless Aerial Photography allows their drone pilots to shoot up to 400 feet above the ground. They produce compelling aerial shots that are not reachable by standard cameras.

As they work with real estate photographers and videographers, they capture the local landscape, charming landmarks, and tracts of lush farms that attract potential property buyers. They provide high-quality drone content to help you maximize your time and investment in content production.

What you are looking for in a drone service company is in Timeless Aerial Photography:

✓ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certification
✓ With drone insurance that cover liabilities
✓ Professional training and portfolio
✓ Relevant experience with real estate agents and firms

Let real estate buyers connect to your properties as they view your visual content. Produce epic content by investing in quality real estate drone services.


Sell Your House Fast