Denver Colorado Real Estate News: Foreclosures Will Impact Denver House Prices Soon


Denver housing foreclosure rates will increase significantly in the near to medium-term future as pressure on lenders to halt foreclosure proceedings in the Mile High City is Reduced.

Well, that’s my humble opinion anyway… AND HERE’S WHY.

Introduction To Current Foreclosure Status in Denver Colorado.

Since the global pandemic struck Denver has seen a significant reduction in foreclosure rates.

While this has been welcomed by many homeowners who have been struggling financially over the past 12 months I believe that sometime in the next 2 years this will have a significant impact on Denver Colorado house prices.

AND just what will the delay of foreclosures do to the value of houses in Denver?

In my humble opinion, it will result in a significantly larger number of foreclosures all at once that will drive down home prices in Denver both as a result in increased supply and as a result of consumer (buyers confidence) being rocked some. 

SO what is all about.

This will be an ongoing piece of research on the Denver housing market and foreclosures and how they will influence each other over the coming years. 

I will discuss everything from the basics of the foreclosure process to real-life stories of how people have been affected. 

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Hi there, 

My name is Shaun and I am a real estate investor based in Denver, Colorado.

I hope this article gives you some valuable insight into the current and future state of the housing martin in Denver.


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Table of Contents

Denver Colorado History of Foreclosures

Process of Foreclosure in Denver Colorado

How Many Foreclosures are in Denver Currently?

Why Are Foreclosure Rates in Denver Currently So Low?

Will Denver Foreclosure Rates Increase in The Future?

What Impact Will Denver Foreclosure Rates Have On House Price In The Future?